A/N: Relatively short little ficlet but it has a future as a full length one, tell me what you guys think? Anyway enjoys!

Flash Harry watched Kelly Jones with that look in his eye again.

She was a damn tease and nothing more. He could spot her almost anywhere – at the funeral of Mr Darcy, he made her out by the railing.

He'd watched her all the time, kept his eye on her, and things didn't change after she graduated St Trinians. He was her back up, her support system.

He had his eyes on her all the time as she pulled heist after heist – slowly they became a team, he was her eyes, and he pulled her out of unfavourable situations. That's what happened in Rio; he cradled an unconscious Kelly in his rented favela house and was cleaning the blood from a cut on her head.

When she came round, Flash was packing up their bolt bags and cleaning down anything with their fingerprints on it.

"What happened Harry?" The dark haired woman attempted to sit up for Flash to push her back down.

"Well you must be confused if you're calling me Harry." He snickered and sat beside her on the mattress. "We're all ready to scramble out of town but you're not moving your butt from that bed until I believe you'll cope and not throw up." Harry handed her a glass of water and it was only then that Kelly realised her head was pounding.

"No Flash, what happened?" Kelly groaned, fingering the bandage wrapped around her head.

"We're gonna spend the next two days minimum driving so I figured you should get some sleep while you can." Flash pulled her questing fingers away from the bandage as she glared at him. "We've got a sixty something hour drive, I will explain all when we are on the road but for now Kelly, you are going back to sleep." He pushed a somewhat grumpy Kelly back into the threadbare pillows and she yielded to his touch.

"We're going back to St Trinians." She whimpered and listened to his soft chuckle when she closed her eyes.

"Anything for you Kelly Jones." He whispered.