Welcome to this first book in a new multi-crossover series entitled Daughters of Aevíl. I had originally wanted to write this story in episodic format, but that just was not working. In the end, after several weeks of thinking about it, I decided to write it as a trilogy instead. As well as this trilogy, there will be a number of spin-off stories; several of which will basically be re-workings of various series' as if they're set in this universe! Kim Possible and Naruto are examples of this.

Every Harry Potter fanfiction author has an OTT Harry story, this one is mine. Many of the plot devices will be translated into other stories in the future, so this is also pretty much a testing place for them. This is mostly a PWP story, but the details of that are below. This story will get rather crazy, from time to time.

In this story Harry will become God-like, so anything can, and possibly will, happen!

Story format

Book 1 of this series will follow Harry from before Hogwarts till the end of his second year.

Book 2 will cover years 3-5 and start to get darker.

Book 3 will cover years 6-7 and will considerably darker, as the war begins and takes shape.

As well as these books, there will be a few short-stories. These are basically chapters in the series that do not fit in the book (for the series follows the Point of View of Harry and Company). The first one being when Aevíl goes to Konoha (Naruto).

As mentioned above, I will also be re-working a few other series' as if they were set in this universe. Though these won't happen for a while yet.

Plot Summary

There are two main plots that underpin this whole story, which I do not mind revealing to you now. The first one revolves around the Goddess Aevíl, one of the ancient Earth based Goddesses, who's main responsibility revolved around fertility, reproduction and sex. She's been an active deity for many millennia (in her various guises). During this time, she has had many 'human' incarnations with the sole intention of finding a man who'd give her many children; she loved being pregnant. She only gave birth to females, many of whom when on to become prominent women in their own right.

Over time, most of these 'lines' of hers lose all knowledge of their 'grandmother', and their kinship to each other. When the Goddess hears of a prophecy pertaining to a 'mail' being born to one of her lines, she becomes ecstatic. Years later, when he's finally born, she knows that the time will be close at hand, when her children will finally be reunited.

The second major plot-line revolves around Harry's maternal grandfather, Jason Evans. He was the Casanova of his time who, with the help and support of his wife, (who was a 'confirmed' lesbian before she met him), had sex with scores of women, as they travelled around the world. Some of these women, unknown to the Evans', later found themselves with child. So basically this other plot revolves around searching for these children of James Evans.


This is a provisional list of some of the worlds who's characters will be featuring in this series (in alphabetical order) = Alex Ryder, Avalon: Web of Magic, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Chuck, Girls Bravo, James Bond, Kanon, Kim Possible, Naruto, NCIS, Numb3rs, Sekirei and Spooks. There will probably be a few others, but these are the only ones I can think of, right now!


In this story Harry will find himself with a massive harem. Other than some of the usual suspects, I am not going to mention who these females are, for I have not yet finalised the list. If you have ideas for females to include, please let me know; esp. If those characters only have sisters, are only children, or can be easily turned female. I will consider all suggestions, unless I really have no clue (or don't like) the world that these characters come from. That said, I am always on the look out for new Anime and TV series to watch!


This whole series is rated M for a reason. Harry won't be having intercourse until after he's thirteen, though there will be plenty of groping and fondling, as he and the girls explore their developing bodies. During the first book though, there will be a lot of sexual activity among the adults.

Nudity will be a common theme in this story, especially as the Granger parents and Aevíl prefer to be without clothes. Also, the descendants of Aevíl are natural exhibitionists, most of the time, for they are generally comfortable with their bodies and who they are.

There will be Dom/sub relationships in this story, as well as Master/slave, though neither Harry nor Paul will force any of their women into those roles, it will be purely voluntary. As well as this, there will also be: lots of Yuri and group-sex. This series will also contain incest.

Because of the actions taken by the moderators of this site, in deleting stories with sexual content (often without warning), I won't be posting any sex that's too descriptive. Those scenes will stop before any penetration occurs, or it becomes too rough. I will eventually be posting an unabridged version of this story to my a account. The version on that site will be far more sexually graphic, than this version of the story.


The length of time for updates to this story may vary, though at the very least, I aim to update at least once a month. I have created a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account, where I'll be posting updates of how this and other stories are progressing. Links to these accounts will be posted to my profile.


I will try to always respond to any reviews given. The only times I will ask for a review is when I've written scenes that I'm really not too sure about, in regards to how they turned out, especially if I've never written anything like it before. Unless I have specifically requested it, like I have with future harem members, please do not suggest any plots of scenes. Though feel free to mention any suspected plot wholes that you may have discovered. Flamers and trolls will be ignored; the too aggressive ones will be named, shamed and reported.