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Saturday 31st July 1:00am

I haven't written in here for four months. The triplets have been driving me mad. I'm sooo bored at home when they're asleep though. There's only so many times you can clean the house, and it already looks like something from a Flash advert and the kids look like Persil children. Dave's always out at gigs and all my mates are at work. Apart from Jas. She's expecting twins, but she's got some complications so she's not allowed to work for the six months before and year after the twins are born. I'm spending vair vair much time with Jazzy at the moment. I heard through Radio Jas that Jools has been quite ill lately. Complications after her second abortion. Jas tried to give her the 'talk', saying she's being very stupid and why can't her and Rollo use protection? Which immediately makes everyone in the room blush scarlet as you can't not hear Jazzy Spazzy.

Anyway, me and Dave have kind of been drifting apart because he's always at gigs and I won't, you know, go the whole way again with OFL so young. I occasionally wonder whether we're going to grow any closer, because after Rosie's last birthday shindig we haven't really talked properly.

Speaking of RoRo, she's preggers! Another one of the ace gang 'knocked up' as Dave says. She's expecting a little girl in less than a month. She's further than Jas, but she (much like me) is better at hiding her baby belly. And her wedding date has finally been confirmed! She's getting married next week, Wednesday the fourth of August. It's been the talk of everyone. Jazzy's getting married two months before the twins are born.

I feel like Dave and I are going backwards. Eternity, children. What's next? Marriage then engagement? I wish I could talk to someone about it. Vati died at fifty. He had a heart attack. Mutti commit suicide. And god knows where Liberty is.

Speaking of OFL, one of them is crying again. This is why it's brilliant for them to have different rooms. If one starts crying she doesn't set the other two of, which is a blessing I have to thank Baby Jesus/Sandra for.


Boring life. Boring day. Nothing to do. No ice cream. Davey has done nothing but been on my mind today, because he said he had a trip up the snogging scale planned for later. I was doing everyone's head in talking about.


Took the triplets out for a quick walk. It's settled them down no end. It's quite nice in a crisp, freezing cold kind of way.


Took the shortcut home, put the triplets to bed and walked into mine and Dave's bedroom.

I should explain where we all live now. I live in a flat with Dave, as does Jas'n'Tom. RoRo and Sven live above their shop, and, weirdly, Ellen, Mabs, Jools, Dec, Ed and Rollo all live in a huge seven bedroom house together. They all chipped in to buy it. They have a room each and a guest room.

Anyway, I walked into our bedroom and, least to say, I'm surprised to see what's before me.

"How could you?" I cry, a big fat tear rolling down my cheek.

A.N. What's happened?

This is the sequel to 'For the love of PANTS!' so it's not very likely to make sense if you haven't read it. I know I said this wouldn't be published for ages, but this idea came to me earlier on, and I thought, "why not" to writing it.

Thanks to my reviewer for 'For the love of PANTS!'

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