Hello readers! Icefire149 is back with something new. This is my first fanfiction for Doctor Who. I hope you all enjoy it.

This is after the Doctor leaves Rose in the parallel universe with Tentoo. It's supposed to be a diary like entry where he writes his reasoning to Rose.

Dear Rose,

I am never going to see you again, and I'm afraid that I am not going to survive it this time. I lost you once and I burned a sun just to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. They're dreadful. I usually do everything I can to avoid them or make them as quick as possible. I thought of every way to destroy the universe to get you back, but there is not a way. Everything would collapse. And despite all of this, you found me.

Never before in my entire life had I been happier than to turn around and see you standing there. But now, I must do the right thing. It hurts me every day, but it had to be done. Back on that Dalek ship, I saw the truth. I am like a poison that destroys your human lives. Not right away, but over time. No matter how much I just want to show you the stars, I'm changing you. Hurting you. You become soldiers and ultimately killers. You don't want that blood on your hands. You can't! I will not be the cause of it. I will not hurt you any further.

I know you promised to stay forever and I would give anything for that. I shouldn't be alone. That's when I get ideas.

I thought of all the places I planned to take you once you returned. My new human self would be with us as well. I can only imagine to arguments I would have with essentially myself, but you and I would make him into the better man you made me into. But I can't let you change any more.

I hope you have a happy, human life. My human self is the greatest gift I could have given you. I know you will turn him into a good man, and I know he will do anything for you. I know he has all of my thoughts and memories, but since he has become his own being he will make his own. With you. I wish I knew his memories. Rose Tyler, I-