Legacy of Travas

Chapter 1: Awakening and Denial

The vast storms continued to rage on amongst the horrific green, ghastly skies within the depths of banished dimension that lied upon the land of Nosgoth. Inside the dimension, a hard, yet long awaited battle is being fought by the Hylden General, or the "Sarafan Lord" many have called him, and a veteran vampire named Kain. Taking place in the dimension to which the Hylden, a race that was long banished by their vampire adversaries' aeons ago, remain stuck and awaiting to return to their former homeland. However, at the moment the soul reaver blade was no longer in the hands of the Hylden Lord, an ancient winged, blue-skinned vampire named Janos Audron appears before both Kain and his enemy.

"You", The Sarafan lord said as he was in slight shock in seeing his enemy.

"Yes, your prisoner, from whose blood you built your evil plans", Janos replied coldly

"For what could be more righteous than to take our revenge and your freedom from the same source. Tortured aeons of suffering aren't too good for you, Vampire", The Hylden General replied.

"But not for you, Hylden, who has dared to set a corrupting foot upon this world after your banishment. Return to the demon dimension for which you belong", Janos ordered.

"But by what right, cursed one, did you send my kind to that place of evil", The Hylden General asked.

"By what right did you lay on us the curse that drove us from the light and made us predators of human kind", Janos shot back with his own question.

"It was justice, for our banishment from the world. You see what it is made of our once fair race", Stated the Hylden General with hatred in his tone.

"I see you have taken your true form at last", Janos shot back as he now approaches the Hylden General. When he jumped to attack him, however, he was clutched upon by his enemy's sharp hands.

"Then go, and see what it makes of you", he eagerly stated to his vampuric adversary as he grips on his neck harder. However, Janos begins fighting back against the Hylden adversary for as long as he could, though last a few brief seconds.

"Kain, *ugh* the sword", he calls to him as he was now struck down by their adversary. With this, Kain grabs onto the sword by telekinesis and clutches onto the blade before Janos is once again at the hands of the Hylden General.

"Now I sentence you to the hell of your own making, a prisoner… for all time", He says to him as he throws him into the depths of the dimension that the Hylden had suffered in for eons.

"NOOOOOO… KAIN", He yells in agony for he is cast down from the battle, to suffer for all of eternity of the hell that he was about to bestow upon. Janos began to lose consciousness from his defeat and continues to fall into oblivion… until something happened that is. A beam of energy has been cast from Janos' unconscious state and began to teleport him towards an unknown, distant land, thus preventing him from suffering the fate of falling to his own apparent oblivion inside the Hylden Dimension.

*Alopex S.S. Cemetery, near Veron Opus, 2:30 p.m., April 3rd, 992*

It was a dark day for many of its Alopex residents, including a grieving military-oriented family known as the Starfox's. To the Starfox family, they had both lost their son, Travas Avery Starfox, to three felin thugs according to their only witness, Scarlet Ann Starfox, thus the event itself had unknowingly planted a seed of hatred for the felin species deep inside her. Now, they sit in front of their only son's and brother's closed casket soon to be buried into their family crypt.

"Dear heavenly Maker, we come and pray to you to ask that you bless the Starfox family with comfort from this horrible tragedy that has come upon them losing their only son, Travas, who was taken away from them by a murderous event some time ago and that they may someday be reunited with him for when the time comes," A young pastor said. "In the maker we pray, Amen", he continued as he comes to the family to provide them and their friends with hugs and the casket carriers ready themselves to take the casket into the family crypt.

"*Sobs* Travas", the young vixen child, Scarlet says as she cries and sobs uncontrollably while her family comforts her. Her mother, Victoria Starfox, tries to comfort Scarlet as she carries a sleeping toddler vixen kit named Erica Starfox in her arms.

"Scarlet… *Sobs*", Victoria spoke while choking back on a sob as the family and others head to their vehicles to leave the Veron Opus Cemetery. As they do so, the casket carriers take Travas' casket into his family crypt, where his final resting place will be set.

In the car that the Starfox family is driving, Scarlet looks out the window and begins to wonder about how she will be able to cope with her brother's death.

"Goodbye, Travas…" Scarlet spoke as she quietly sobs to herself. Her parents look at her and her sister, worried on how things are going to end up becoming in the future as new emotional scars have formed from the aftermath of the tragic event they had recently suffered.

*Inside the Crypt, Three days later, April 6th, 992*

Throughout the day, everything inside the Alopex S.S. Cemetery seemed quiet after the funeral for Travas Starfox; a vulpine janitor was leaving after he finished cleaning up the Crypt due to his monthly Crypt cleaning shift he had. But just about five minutes after the worker left the Crypt, however, a lighting ball of energy had appeared and began to spark inside the Starfox family resting place. It was then that the same vampire, Janos Audron, had bestowed upon the Crypt after the energy from his body teleported him from the Hylden dimension to this location. Shortly after his accidental arrival to the Crypt, he awakens to find himself at a location he had never seen before.

"Where… where am I? Was this the hell the Hylden had bestowed upon after they were banished from the very heart of Nosgoth", He says with a mood of suspicion However, after a bit of roaming into the Crypt, he notices that there had been symbols that he had never seen before, including one that seemed to be a shape of a red fox head on top of a gold triangle. He looks upon the strange insignia and thoughts begin to course within his mind.

"Strange, I believe that I have bestowed upon the hellish land that the ancient vampires had created from their magic to banish our Hylden adversaries from Nosgoth. Though I never saw this insignia before, I believe I may be at their own Crypt" He continued on as he looked around for clues upon where he is located.

After about another five minutes of wandering around, he realizes that he's not at a Hylden Crypt, or in their dimension for that matter, but at what seemed to be a family one… and from what he has discovered, there has been a funeral just recently due to photos being placed on the person's casket. He looks at the photos and, to his shock, sees that they were not of Hylden decent, but what seems to be that of animals with human like qualities.

"My god… what are these mysterious creatures from which they contain elements from those of both animals and humans alike. Was this the work of the Hylden race… or was it the work of another", Janos asked himself. "Now that my mind has begun to put the pieces of this puzzle together, have I truly bestowed upon the Hylden Adversaries' banished land… or have I bestowed upon another land that was neither the creation of the ancient Vampires' nor of our adversaries", he continued as he looked around his surroundings a bit more thoroughly. But then he senses some sort of pure energy coming from within a nearby casket recently made.

"What is this mysterious energy? It's similar to that of a corpse having energy to become a vampire. But this… this is different… for it is pure… and uncorrupted", Janos wondered to himself as he investigates the casket. Then he finds the name of the body encrypted on the metal casing attached to the tomb.

"Travas Avery Starfox", He wondered once more as he places a hand on the coffin, opening the casket door to reveal a young male anthromorphic fox somewhere in his early twenties, wearing a black and white suit. The body itself contained black fur on his lower left leg, ear, and forearm while the rest was an orange color with the white eye patch fur on his right eye. Upon examining his wound, he notices that he had died by being stabbed in the heart and a slash wound on the right side of his neck, both upon which seemed to be caused by a struggle.

"*sighs in sorrow* Killed at a young age and by the hands of such criminals… how terrible and dreadful, for this to happen upon an innocent man", he said to himself as he wonders upon whether or not he could bring the foxlike man back to life.

"I've heard many tales and theories about using this kind of magic to bringing back vampires differently. It has supposedly been theorized that this new vampuric breed was to be more efficient and slightly stronger than normal vampires. But more importantly, they were to be completely alive and not amongst the legions of the undead. However, no one had ever succeeded in using this spell with the proper means, for it required a specific kind of energy for the spell to succeed. Now that it courses my mind, this may possibly be the specific energy that is required for spell to work… just as I have heard from a fellow vampire guardian many aeons ago in Nosgoth's ancient history", Janos thought within his mind as he began to remember something that one of his fellow ancient vampire guardians had spoken to him about.

*Flashback *

A long time ago within Nosgoth's ancient history, an ancient vampire walks upon the balcony of the Vampire Citadel while looking upon the Pillars of Nosgoth in the sun setting horizon. As the vampire looked on, he feels a sense of worry within him as he sees the Pillars themselves corrupted for the failure of its nine guardians to serve them. As he turned to face the entrance of the Main Chambers, three fellow winged vampires wearing ancient Greek-like robes enter the Balcony and looked upon his worried expression.

"Janos, I can sense that you are worried deeply about the binding, are you not", the first vampire asked calmly as Janos looked upon him.

"It seems that you have found my humblest concern upon which worries me gravely, Julius. I fear that the binding may fail because of vampires no longer being born… due to our infertility caused by our adversaries' blood thirsty curse", Janos explained worryingly while glancing downward as the other two looked upon him calmly.

"I know it worries you deeply, Janos… but it has come to the point that we nine guardians have to die", Julius the Energist replied while placing his right hand on his left shoulder, thus causing Janos to look upon him. "I know it troubles you strongly, but it is the price that we guardians must pay for our failure to serve the Pillars", he explained as the other two vampires walked towards the direction of the Pillars, patting his back as they passed by. "Orzach, Morlock, I shall follow you both in time, for I must have a word with him alone", he asked as he relieved his hand from Janos' shoulder while they turned to face him.

"Very well, Julius… we will meet you upon the heart of the pillars shortly", Orzach the Druid said as he flew towards the pillars. At the same time, Morlock turned to face Janos as he calmly approached the worried vampire.

"Janos… I know that this is hard on you. However, it is the best thing for us to sacrifice ourselves in order for new guardians to take over", Morlock the Paladin said as he turned towards the direction of the Pillars once again. "All I can hope is that the new guardians may make better work of the Pillars than what we have done upon them", he continued as he began to fly towards the corrupted Pillars. Within a few seconds after he took off, a younger, wingless vampire with black hair and blood red robes enters upon the Balcony and sees Janos and Julius before him.

"Vorador…" Janos spoke softly as Vorador turned to face him.

"My Sire, what makes of the Pillars at this time? And why are you not with the other guardians at this time, Julius", Vorador asked.

"I am supposed to be on my way towards the Pillars at this time. However, I believe that it is time that the both of you follow me towards the Sacred Chamber at once", Julius said as he headed for the Sacred Chambers within the southern section of the Citadel with Janos and Vorador following him at the same time.

After about a minute of walking towards the southernmost section, the vampires enter upon the Sacred Chamber. Inside they could see a garden containing a well within the heart of the Chamber itself as the setting sun shined beautifully through the clear glass and upon the plants growing inside. Shortly then, the vampires find a marble table and sit upon its luxurious marble benches provided for them while Janos and Vorador looked upon Julius.

"We all understand that the binding is crucial at this time… but there is something important that I must tell you before I make my sacrifice upon the Pillar of Energy", Julius spoke calmly with a sense of importance in his tone. "However, there has been a vital discovery that I have made during my resurrection research", he explained further as Janos and Vorador looked upon him with sudden curiosity.

"What was it that you have so recently discovered", Janos asked.

"What did you discover that had made it so desperately vital", Vorador asked as well.

"I can see the eagerness within the both of your curious eyes", Julius said while chuckling briefly. "During my research concerning a vampire's resurrection, I had noticed that many of our vampires that we have resurrected have been shown to be amongst the undead. But with this particular subject with pure energy within his deceased body, I have discovered that he had been brought back amongst the living, though only for a brief moment", he continued explaining as Janos and Vorador's eyes slightly bucked open upon his explanation.

"Among the living, you say…?" Janos asked.

"But how is this possible", Vorador also asked.

"As I have said within a few moments ago, I have resurrected the man containing pure energy and that somehow bought him back as one of the living instead of the undead. It may be possible that by using our resurrection magic upon a deceased individual containing the purest of all energy with the right means, we may have actually found a way to bring back individuals as vampires amongst the living… or, if you so please, coin this a 'living vampire'", Julius explained as the other two vampires looked at him with widened eyes.

"A living vampire, you say", Janos asked in an intrigued manner.

"But what has made of this new 'living vampire'", Vorador asked as Julius looked down slightly and shook his head.

"Unfortunately, the living vampire had only lived for a brief moment in time, for I mustn't had the proper means to raise him entirely from the dead", Julius spoke as the others nodded in understanding while he began to stand upon his feet once more. "However, it is time that I journey to the Pillars at once. I fear that the hour has come for the nine guardians to sacrifice themselves to keep the Hylden Locked away from the land of Nosgoth. However, I do humbly ask that you both accompany me to the Balcony in order for me to say my last goodbyes to you both… and a summoning guardianship for you, Janos", he continued as Janos looked upon him curiously.

Though questions began to course his mind, he, like Vorador, began to walk towards the Balcony by means of accompanying the vampire guardian to the start of his final journey. Within a minute of walking once more, Julius enters the Main Chambers and begins to acquire something within the golden case. Once he acquires the item, Julius comes back out with a wavy-like sword with a Skull heft containing two sharply curved blades on the sides. Thus Janos looks upon the sword with a shocked expression upon his face.

"The Soul Reaver… but why are you handing me such a blade of magnificent forging", Janos asked as Julius held the sword by both the handle and the blade, thus reaching towards his direction by means of giving him the sword and kneeling before him. However, Janos had not taken the blade as Julius looked upon him calmly.

"This sword has been known to us as the key to our salvation because of the Reaver's magical powers. As it had been used in the war between our race and the opposing one not so long ago, it had been also used to drain the victims of their life blood. However, the main reason I give you this sword is that the time has come to summon forth a tenth guardian of the pillars", Julius claimed as Janos looked upon him in a shocking manner.

"Another guardian of the Pillars", Janos asked.

"Not just any guardian, Janos… but one that shall be the keeper of the Reaver for many aeons to come. The binding is what keeps the Hylden out of the land of Nosgoth, for the pillars themselves are the lock…" Julius claimed.

"…And the Reaver is the key", Janos finished.

"Yes, and you shall be the one to inherit this 'key' and keep the Hylden locked away for all of eternity. Now… take this and guard this sword with your life… and to sustain all that is righteous to Nosgoth itself", Julius spoke as Janos took the Reaver in acceptance as the guardian stood upon his feet and looked towards the Pillars. "Now then, it is time that I journey towards the pillars and complete the remainder of the work that the other guardians have already done." He continued as he headed for the Pillars.

"The binding must be secured at whatever cost necessary to keep the Hylden off of the land of Nosgoth… now then, we all wish you farewell and thank you for all that you have done to help us, fellow guardian", Janos said as Julius turned to face him once more, thus smiling upon him in a thankful manner.

"I thank you for the fond memories that we have shared with the other fellow vampires. I know that someday that you would do the right thing… to bring back a vampire that will hopefully be different from the rest of the legions, and become the answer to all of Nosgoth's prayers", Julius spoke as he turned towards the Pillars once again. "Farewell, my friend… I hope that we all reunite with each other within the other world someday. Until then… goodbye", Julius spoke as he flew off towards the Pillars, upon which the binding would be secured by the final sacrifice needed to restore balance to Nosgoth.

A moment after Julius had left the Citadel; Vorador approaches his sire and places his left hand amongst his right shoulder by means of comfort. Janos, in response, turned to face him as he nodded to ensure that he was going to be okay. With this, Vorador enters within the Main Chambers as Janos stands upon the Balcony with many thoughts about his future coursing through his mind.

*Flashback End*

Upon returning back into reality once more, Janos began to think about what his once fellow guardian had spoken many aeons within Nosgoth's ancient past. Soon enough, he began to look upon the deceased body of Travas once again as he continued to sense pure energy coming from within him. With a sudden thought coming to mind, Janos looks upon the body and finalizes his plan as a serious, but eager, expression began to form upon his face.

"Very well, I will be the next vampire in aeon's time to attempt the spell Julius had once used before. It may be a strong gamble, but if this magic works properly, then he will return as a vampire just like me. Unlike the other vampires, however, it would seem that he would be among the living instead of that of undead. On another note, I will make sure that he is taught by the wise in order for him to become the very thing that all vampires of Nosgoth could not… a protector of human kind and not a predator", Janos stated while he begins to make preparation for the spell. Within a moment of brief hesitation and preparation, he began to perform the spell as Travas' body began to glow a bright white-colored light around his body shape.

Though as a bit of time passed and his chest and neck injuries soon healed, he did not, unfortunately, awaken from his recent eternal slumber. With a sigh of defeat, Janos depressingly shuts the casket and heads towards the nearest exit he could. Within about ten seconds after closing the coffin, however, Janos began to hear sounds of the Coffin shaking about. He instantly turns around and at the moment he looks at the coffin, Travas breaks the coffin door into nothing more than shattered pieces scattering around the floor.

In that moment, Travas screams in agony as his arms rise horizontally and legs lower vertically, thus forming into a cross shaped gesture for a brief half a minute. Janos stares in disbelief at it had actually worked … he had finally created the first successful living vampire in existence. With Travas slowly calming down, he lands and curls up as he lies on his sides and shivers in shock and in a chilled motion. Janos slowly approaches him and kneels to his side while placing his right hand upon his left shoulder.

"Hello there, young one… you have nothing to fear from me, for I am not your destroyer, but the one who resurrected you from your eternal slumber, for I was the one who brought you back into the land of the living. I am not going to harm you in any way whatsoever", Janos spoke while calming Travas down as much as he could.

In response, Travas looked up to see the vampire's face, noticing that he is not of their home, the Alopex Space Station.

"Are you alright, young one?" Janos asked while Travas' eyes opened slightly wider.

"What…? Who… who and what are you", Travas asked while in shock. "And…" he paused as he sighed in a shivering motion while shivering his arms. "I could've sworn that I was stabbed in the heart by a group of thugs… but how did I survive…?" he continued to ask the winged vampire. But it took Janos about a few brief seconds to come out of his own disbelief before he could answer his question.

"You never did…" Janos explained. "You have died from your struggle you had so recently suffered", Janos answered as Travas' eyes shot wide open in shock. "However, you were brought back from the dead as a vampire like me… though not among the legions of the undead… but to that of the living", he answered as Travas crawled away from him in shock and fear.

"NO!" Travas screamed as he runs outside and tries to flee from the winged vampire. However, Janos carefully follows him to wherever he was going. Within mere minutes, he ended up following Travas towards an underground route in which had taken a great deal of time to go through. However, the route had lead directly into his bedroom of the former home he once stayed in before his untimely death.

Even though Janos sensed nobody was home at this time, he still kept an eye on Travas closely, but waited for him in the Underground Route to finish changing before he could do anything else. Though Travas had shown the symptoms of the Vampires blood thirsty curse, he tries to regroup and change into a different set of clothing. Soon enough, he gets into a pair of sanded blue skin-tight jeans, a black tank top tucked in his jeans with his silver studded belt, a black slim fitting Solarfox Academy military hoody with the Solarfox insignia on his right shoulder, a pair of black leather fingerless motorcycle gloves and his black and white converse shoes.

Once again, Travas began to hear his own heart beating, with his muzzle eager to catch a taste of blood for the first time. But under the circumstances, however, he chose to go towards a drawing his little sister, Scarlet, did for him upon his arrival home that he placed on his bed just before leaving to the station, taking her to see the jets. Then within a moment, his memories come to play as he headed towards the entrance of his home within the living room.


Through the smile shown on the vulpin's face, Travas was returning home from passing the piloting test among the top ten percent. Amazed with his achievements, he unlocks the door in an eager, but calm manner; he enters the house and heads to find his parents.

"Mom, I'm home!" Travas said with calm eagerness as he also happened to brighten the mood of a certain birthday vixen.

"Travas is home?!" Scarlet spoke eagerly upon seeing her brother enter the house, then runs to him happily. "Mommy, Travas is Home! Yaaaay…!" she continues as she runs towards him.

Travas now places his left hand onto his face, trying to cover his eyes even though they were in vain. Though in a strange manner, he begins to copy the exact same movements he had done upon his return home on that day.

"Mom… Dad…? Hey, I'm back and got some great news!" Travas called for them as Scarlet arrives next to him, thus looking down upon his excited sister as he smiled.

"Travas, Travas! Look What I drawed for you", Scarlet spoke eagerly while showing him the pic.

"Hey there SAS, how's my baby sister doin' today?" Travas replied with a soft smile on his face.

"Good! Daddy took me to my new school and Erica made a mess in the Kitchen that Mommy had to clean up! Did you have your test today? Did you do good? Are you gonna fly?" Scarlet eagerly asked as Travas' smile slightly grew.

"Yup, Yup, and Yup, your big bro's going to be a head pilot", Travas responded as he smiled towards his sister proudly.

*End Flashback*

With the flashback over, Travas comes back into reality as he kneels down with his head on the floor and his hand-paws covering his eyes. He also began shaking his head in shock on what happened just a week before his resurrection. As he did this, soft cries of agony and sadness could be heard from his saddened voice.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no..." Travas whimpered mournfully while his heart beats heavily, eager for the vampuric blood intake. Though he continued to ignore the curse, Janos appears before him and Travas looks up into his face.

"It is towards my assumption that this must be where you and your family have lived throughout your former life?" Janos asked as Travas looked upon him curiously. Then suddenly, Travas finally recognized who the mysterious winged being was as he stood up and nods in response.

"Yes, I lived here until the events of my murder took place back at the station… where I took my flight test and to take my sister, Scarlet, to see the ships… and I now recognize who you are. You're the legendary Janos Audron, one of the most ancient vampires in Nosgoth's History. I can also assume that you know my name since you have visited my former resting place… and what did you do to me?" Travas asked him calmly as he placed his right hand-paw on his chest with pain while Janos looked at him shockingly, but then the winged vampire cuts open his own wrist using his left index finger.

"Before I ask upon how you knew my name, it is essential that you must feed upon my life's blood… and quickly. This will help rejuvenate your strength for a good time being until it is necessary for you to feed once more", Janos told Travas as he looked upon his slit wrist cautiously.

As Travas was unsure if whether or not he should drink the blood, he makes up his mind while he carefully begins to suck on Janos' blood, beginning to feel slightly stronger than he was before. Then within a moment, he begins to have another flashback about the event that took place prior to his murder.


As the day continued to progress on Alopex, Travas continued to drive the hover car towards a surprise location that his sister, Scarlet, had been eagerly wanting to go. He turned to see his happy sister on the passenger's seat as she was humming to herself happily.

"Travas, Can I take this off now", Scarlet asked her brother as she is wearing a blindfold.

"Not yet, SAS, but you can once we get to your surprise location", Travas answered in a calm tone as he drove his car towards the station, where his sister's surprise would be located.

*End Flashback*

Once Travas finishes drinking the blood he needed, he immediately wiped the blood off of his muzzle and puts his hood over his head to avoid anyone seeing and recognizing him. However, he felt within his mind that he is needed to head to the ships in where he took Scarlet to see, which also happened to be the location where his murder had taken place. Travas then runs into the garage and grabs the hover motorcycle while handing Janos a dark grey colored hoodie for him to wear.

"You might wanna wear this to avoid any unnecessary attention from the locals in the Alopex Station", Travas advised to Janos as he looks at him in a dumbfounded manner.

"Alopex Station…? What do you mean by this, Travas", Janos asked curiously as Travas looked upon his confused face.

"It's a Space Station that's been orbiting around the planet, Alden. It took about a hundred years to build something like this, and I can't really explain right now", Travas answered as he put on his gray hockey mask over his face to avoid anyone recognizing him while starting the engine at the same time. Once they leave the Garage, Janos sees the technological advances this race had have and was the first time he saw outer space and understood what Travas meant by the term "Space Station".

"In all of my aeons living as a vampire, I never knew of any race can contain such technological advances that would not be possible in Nosgoth, or at least not anytime near Nosgoth's future. But I can also see their home planet through their glass shields that holds their own artificial life inside. And if I think about it, it looks almost exactly like my earth I had teleported from not too long ago. Could this be another dimension I had bestowed upon… or have I simply traveled far into Earth's future? I wonder", Janos thought within his mind as Travas began to drive towards the station where his untimely murder took place. And once they arrive to their destination, many things would come to them and clarify some of the answers they both strived to discover.


Travas, Scarlet, Victoria, Erica, and pieces of the "Solarfox Prelude" (c) Shawntae Howard
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