Legacy of Travas

Chapter 35: Return of the Kitsune Master

The night was calm, yet it was not silent at all. Somewhere in the land of Nosgoth, a Were-kitsune continues to lurk about in search for a familiar foe. As the creature continues to search, he looks around various trees and cities for the ambitious vampire. Although blood-thirsty, he stays his hand-paw from slaughtering any of Nosgoth's residents that the creature passes by during his search. But once he finishes searching about the woods near the ruined Pillars, the were-kitsune continues to search southward.

Somewhere not too far from where the were-kitsune was searching, the ambitious vampire continues to hide within some sort of ancient, abandoned temple. But based upon what he sees within the interior, he notices that the building may have possibly been built sometime within the golden age of the Sarafan. Soon, he finds a stairway downward and decides to take it, only to find out it leads to a dead end… or so he thought when he discovers a section of the wall blowing small amounts of air through the cement. With discovering this, Kain pulls the suspected section of the wall back and enters the secret room.

At the moment he enters, the ambitious vampire discovers that he was inside some sort of sacred tomb. There, he finds seven tombs, with their names encrypted on top of their coffins. Their names were listed in this circular order: Zephon, Malek, Melchiah, Raziel, Rahab, Dumah, and Turel. He carefully examines each one closely until he finally recognizes the location he currently resides in.

"Not possible… is this the tomb of the Sarafan priests?" Kain thought before examining each one closely, walking around and looking at the nine hundred year-old tombs closely. At first, he wasn't sure of what to make of this discovery, but then he notices Malek's grave and stares at ti with loathsome disgust. "Of course, and this is the proof I need to ensure this is the Sarafan Tombs", he thought before placing his left hand onto Malek's coffin. "Malek, who was one of the members of the circle, was the same warrior Vorador slaughtered four centuries ago. You were merely nothing but a pathetic wrench that stood in my path for vengeance", the ambitious vampire mocked before relieving his hand from the stone coffin and continuing to examine the tombs.

As he continues to examine the Sarafan tomb closely, Kain also decides to use his time to walk off the injuries he's sustained and try to pass the time. But when he touches the top part of Turel's tomb, his right side began to jolt painfully, causing him to grunt and grab a hold of the same side. To at least try and reduce the pain, he leans back against the wall and slowly collapses onto the floor, sitting onto the cold stone surface while breathing slightly heavily.

"Damnit… Travas' were-kitsune transformation must've done a bigger amount of damage than I have anticipated", Kain spoke softly while breathing calmly, tilting his head down only slightly. "If I am going to fight against his were-kitsune form for a second time, I'll have to gather an army of vampires just to stand a chance. But there's another problem. How am I going to find the right vessels if Travas and the Vampire Resistance will try to stop me at any cost…" he asked softly before tilting his head up rather hastily. "Unless…" he thought before suddenly getting up and looking about the room. And with this, a soft smirk begins to form on his face. "Yes… I will raise the Sarafan priests from their tombs and have them at my side, perhaps raise them as my vampuric sons if I so choose", the vampire said before walking towards the heart of the chamber and summoning forth whatever energy he has left.

Within a matter of seconds, his body becomes engulfed by the powerful energy within his body. Soon, he raises his arms and begins to coil six of the tombs with his energy, allowing him to smirk wearily with his work. As the spell continues its work, he turns to face the tomb of a familiar enemy of his.

"Although I now have the ability to bring back vampires from the grave, I only have enough magic to resurrect only six at the very most", Kain claimed before smirking towards his deceased enemy's coffin. "Then again, why should I resurrect someone who caused me nothing but trouble during my lifetime?" he wondered softly before the glow around the coffins began to fade, causing the vampire to shut his eyes. "There, it is finished. However… it will take time for their skeletal bodies to become ripe and reawaken from their slumber. It may perhaps take a few years for their bodies to regain their flesh", he thought while limping slightly towards the same spot he was at a few minutes ago. "I would flee this place if I could… but my body is too weary to leave at this time. Perhaps some rest might be best for me right now…" the vampire spoke softly before he drifts off into a deep sleep, allowing him to rest his weary body until he regains the strength to leave the tomb.


While Kain continues to take refuge inside the Sarafan Tomb, Janos and the others continue their search for Travas, who apparently transformed into the were-kitsune earlier that night. Strangely enough, they expected the transformed vulpin-kitsune to leave a bloody trail behind or at least a destroyed town or something. But to their surprise, the only thing they did find was the monster's footprints and nothing more, which seem to lead directly towards the canyons. With this knowledge, they immediately follow the path Travas had apparently provided for them, hoping that they would be able to find the transformed vulpin-kitsune before he would commit an act he would regret.

Somewhere within the Canyons, the monstrous were-kitsune continues to roam about the rocky environment in search for Kain. Massive chunks of the mountains were pulled off and other parts of the Canyons were demolished by some sort of energy blast. Soon, he ceases his destructive behavior and looks towards the full moon once again, getting on top of the highest available canyon possible. Soon, he spreads his arms and arches his back before howling into the night. But within a few moments, the monstrous were-kitsune ceases and tilts his head down, turning to his left to see Janos and the others arrive before him.

"Travas, what are you doing?! You have to stop this madness", Janos shouted, causing the were-kitsune to turn and face him, growling at the winged vampire and seething his teeth out of anger. Then, the monstrous kitsune raises his right hand-paw and hurls it towards the vampire below.

"Janos, watch out!" Misty shouted before sprinting towards him and tackling Janos before the were-kitsune could strike the vampire. In that moment, the were-kitsune growls loudly and horrifically angry before facing the two again. From there, Vorador knew that they had to do something before one of them gets killed.

"Damnit", Vorador cursed before getting into battle position. "We have no choice but to strike back! Doyle, Aramantha, I need you to come with me and create a diversion for Travas! Celestia, go to Janos and Misty and tend to them right away!" he ordered before he, Doyle, and Aramantha immediately jump on the canyons towards the were-kitsune's left.

As the transformed vulpin-kitsune turns to face Vorador and his group, Celestia takes this opportunity to sprint hastily towards Janos and Misty, whom in which were making preparations to counterattack the fiend. But the monstrous kitsune was no fool. In fact, he fires a powerful bright red blast from his mouth, which Celestia barely manages to have enough time to create a barrier to surround the group. Yet just after the attack was blocked, the were-kitsune raises his left arm and hastily strikes the trio. Although Janos and Misty were safe, Celestia takes the blow and was violently hurled towards one of the canyons nearby.

"Hey! Get the hell away from her!" Doyle shouted before throwing a couple of energy blasts from his hands, hitting the massively sized vulpin-kitsune's back. In response, the were-kitsune sets his sights on his new target, facing Doyle before seething his angered teeth again. With this, he immediately sprints towards the vampire with haste and engages in battle with him.

At the moment the were-kitsune starts battling against Doyle, Janos and Misty continue their preparations for the attack that might be the answer to their prayers. Vorador and Aramantha continue to remain on the sidelines, although they stay close to their companion as Doyle fights against the massively sized kitsune. At first, the male vampire was managing to put up a good fight against the kitsune, with dodging every attack the monster made and also striking him occasionally. But within a moment, the kitsune catches on to Doyle's strategy and uses his senses to counterattack the vampire's plans. And before he knew it, the were-kitsune manages to strike a powerful blow against Doyle, striking him with his claws and almost fatally wounding the vampire.

"Oh dear God no…" Vorador said softly with shock and horror in his tone, looking at the fatally wounded vampire with widened eyes.

"Doyle!" Aramantha shouted before jumping down towards the wounded vampire. And as she heads towards Doyle's unconscious vampire, Celestia begins to regain consciousness and rubs her head, groaning in pain. Then, she notices Aramantha heading towards Doyle's unconscious body and gasps in shock, causing her eyes to widen at the sight.

"Oh no… DOYLE!" Celestia shouted before getting back up and teleporting towards his unconscious body, seeing his chest wounds bleeding almost heavily. She places her hands on the wounds and begins applying pressure to them, hoping to stop or at least slow the bleeding down. "Doyle, don't die on me!" she said before tears slowly began to stream down her face. But within moments, the were-kitsune turns to face the two and prepares to summon another energy blast from his mouth.

"I don't think so, you damned fiend!" Vorador shouted from behind before managing to strike a ferocious fiery aura punch on the were-kitsune's face, which the attack surprisingly sends the monster flying nearly fifty meters from Celestia and Doyle's positions. However, the ferocious were-kitsune doesn't stay down for long, for he manages to get back up quickly and turn his sights towards the green vampire nearby. "That's right… come at me", he thought just before the monstrous kitsune darts towards him and begins attacking the green vampire.

While Vorador starts to battle against the ferocious were-kitsune, Celestia teleports Doyle and herself away from the battle and towards Janos and Misty. When they arrive, they notice the female kitsune beginning to finalize the attack that would hopefully stop the were-kitsune from causing any further trouble. But while she begins finalizing the attack, she and Janos turn to face them, noticing his fatal injuries and looking towards him with shock.

"My God… what happened?" Janos asked with shock.

"He was fatally wounded by Travas' were-kitsune form", Celestia tearfully answered. "We have to stop him now and get Doyle help before it's too late", she continued with a slight sob in her tone before wrapping her arms around Doyle's unconscious body.

"Don't worry, Celestia… we'll get him help as soon as we can", Misty reassured before turning to face the were-kitsune, who continues to battle against Vorador not too far from their position. "But right now, we need to focus on the matter at hand. We need to stop Travas and turn him back to normal before it gets any worse" she continued while continuing to finalize the attack.

On the other part of the Canyons, Vorador continues to battle against the blood thirsty were-kitsune with everything he knows. Although he's been doing well for most of the battle, it seems the monstrous kitsune is starting to overcome the vampire's strength. And within a matter of a few short minutes, the transformed vulpin-kitsune strikes the veteran vampire with his right hand-paw, knocking him down like a baseball player hitting the baseball out of the park. All Vorador could do now is lie there on the rocky surface, waiting for what the ferocious kitsune had planned for him.

"I'm sorry, my friends… I've failed you", Vorador thought before the monstrous vulpin kitsune raises his right foot-paw and placing it over his injured, broken body. And in that moment, Misty knew that the time to strike has come. It was now or never.

"Janos, now's out chance", Misty exclaimed as she manages to finalize the attack at last, thus aims her and Janos' arms towards the were-kitsune. "FIRE", she shouted before she and Janos fire the powerful beam towards the vulpin.

At the moment the beam makes contact with the were-kitsune's body, he growls painfully as his body becomes covered with electrifying energy. And within a matter of seconds, the electrifying energy explodes, covering the monstrous vulpin-kitsune with a heavy, massive cloud of smoke. Celestia takes this chance and teleports towards Vorador, bringing him back to the others as the cloud of smoke continues to spread. Indeed, none of the vampires expected the attack to create such a big cloud of smoke like that. But within a few minutes of waiting anxiously, most of the smoke cloud clears and Janos sighs in relief in response to seeing Travas back to normal, though he was injured and unconscious.

"Oh, thank God", Janos said calmly. But within a moment after the rest of the smoke, he also notices Travas still having his nine tails. "Misty, will his nine tails be permanent", he asked. But the female kitsune has other things to worry about at the moment, with getting Doyle some immediate medical attention as her top priority.

"I'll explain later, Janos. Right now, we need to teleport to the Citadel and get Doyle medical attention right away", Misty replied before looking towards Celestia. "Celestia, can you teleport us to the Citadel?"
"Yes", Celestia answered while helping Janos pick up Travas' unconscious body, although she was angry at him for almost killing Doyle.

"Good. But when we return to the Citadel, we must place Travas in the holding cell near the Underground Chamber", Janos suggested as everyone nods in agreement. And within moments, Celestia summons forth her teleportation magic and teleports back to the Citadel, where Misty and the others begin tending to Doyle's life threatening injuries.

*Inside the Sarafan Tomb, Morning*

The night was intense, and many of Nosgoth's people grew anxious regarding what all of the convulsion was in the outdoors. But the morning was silent, as was many of the people of Nosgoth. But inside the Sarafan Tomb, the ambitious vampire awakens from his much needed slumber and surveys his surroundings. Although he was still injured, he manages to recover enough to the point where he could walk about.

"At last… it is over", Kain said softly before walking down towards the same entrance he came through. But just as he gets to the door, but before exiting, he begins to hear some sort of soft rustling noise coming from one of the coffins nearby. When he turns around, he begins to notice the coffin bearing 'Raziel' on top of it moving about. "What in the hell…?" he wondered before slowly approaching. "Has the spell managed to revive one of them already… or perhaps it is some sort of pest roaming about the coffin interior?" the vampire thought before approaching the tomb cautiously, unsure about what it was causing the noise.

But like any other question asked, it was soon answered when he breaks the lock to the coffin and opens the door. And there, lying inside the coffin was another recently revived vampire, with slightly pale skin, but that appears more like-like than Kain's. The vampire also has yellow colored pupils in his eyes, almost similar to what any vampire might have. His hair was a dark brown color which slightly leans towards black. And within a moment, the vampire looks into the eyes of the one who brought him life once more.

"Where… where am I?" the male vampire asked before pushing himself up slightly. "And who are you?" he asked before turning away from him, rubbing his head with both of his hands as if he had a migraine headache.

"You are inside the Sarafan Tombs as we speak", Kain answered. "I am Kain, and I'm the one who brings life into your body once more", he continued before placing his hands in his pockets. "Do you have a name, young one?" he asked before the male vampire faces him once more.

"Yes…" the male vampire answered. "It's Raziel…" he said before the vampire softly smirks towards him.

"I see…" Kain spoke softly with a smirk on his face. "Raziel… do you know your true nature?"

"Yes", Raziel answered while opening his mouth, revealing his fangs to the other vampire near him.

"Tell me child, what do you desire?" Kain asked, again with the same smirk on his face.


*Inside the Underground Chamber, the Citadel*

The chamber was dark, and nothing could be seen within the interior. But within a few moments, the darkness begins to subside as the vulpin-kitsune begins to open his eyes and groan in pain. Once he was fully awake, the vulpin-kitsune notices he was in some sort of holding cell along with wearing a pair of black pajama pants and nothing more. Then he tries to stretch his arms, only to discover his wrists being chained in shackles. Now he was wondering what the hell was going on, and he needed to find someone… quickly.

"Ugh… what… what happened…?" Travas grunted before tilting his head up and looking around. "Hello! Is anyone there?" he asked while examining the other side of the cell, but before grunting in pain due to some of the injuries he's sustained in the battle last night. "Shit… I must've taken a lot of damage from the battle last night. But why am I in here…?" the vulpin-kitsune thought while tilting his head down again. But within a few short moments, the door at the other side of the room opens as Janos and Vorador enter the room, noticing their serious, angered look on their faces. "Guy's, what's going on? Why am I in here?"

"I believe we should be the ones asking you the questions", Janos said calmly, but with a slight hint of anger in it as well.

"How in the hell were you able to transform?" Vorador asked with a slightly louder tone in his voice.

"Transform? What are you talking about?" Travas replied, unsure what the vampire was talking about.

"Do not test my patience, Travas!" Vorador shouted. "How in the hell were you able to transform into the were-kitsune last night?!" he rephrased before grabbing a hold of the bars on the cell door.

"Vorador, I don't know what the hell you're talking about!" Travas yelled before the green vampire begins growling and immediately breaks the cell door open, grabbing a hold of the vulpin-kitsune's fur and yanking him up towards his face.

"Answer the God damn question, Travas!" Vorador shouted before striking a punch on the vulpin's face. But before Vorador's temper goes completely off, Janos grabs a hold of Janos and pins him to the wall.

"Vorador, that's enough! We do not need this any of this discord from you", Janos exclaimed before turning around to face the vulpin, who was spitting out a small porting of his blood.

"Shit… talk about a rude awakening", Travas spoke softly before facing the winged vampire. "Mind telling me what the hell's going on?"

"You don't remember any of the events that happened last night, do you?" Janos asked while Vorador begins to calm down enough for the winged vampire to release his hold on him.

"The only thing I remember was getting a major ass beating from Kain and looking up at the full moon", Travas answered before tilting his head down and facing his feet-paws. "But other than that… nothing…" he continued before tilting his head up, allowing him to face Janos as he kneels down in front of him. "Janos… I need you to tell me what happened".

"Well…" Janos started before the door opens again, with Celestia and Misty entering the room. Although the female vampire looks at him angrily, along with her face being tear-stained, the female kitsune looks at Travas with a worried expression on her face.

"You don't remember any of this, do you?" Misty asked softly before shaking her head.

"No… but can one of you tell me what happened?" Travas asked again before the female kitsune sighs calmly and nods.

"It's not easy to explain… but I'll try to tell you as simple as I can", Misty replied before giving out another calm sigh. "When you looked at the full moon for exactly three minutes, your body absorbed the energy from the moonlight and caused your body to undergo a transformation. You became the were-kitsune after your body absorbed enough energy from the moonlight", she continued before the vulpin-kitsune starts shaking his head.

"No… that can't be-"

"But it is, Travas!" Celestia yelled. "And Doyle nearly died because of you, you SON OF A BITCH!" she shouted before Travas tilts his head up and faces her with shock.

"What…" Travas said softly out of shock.

"Celestia, that's enough!" Janos ordered before turning to face the female kitsune. "Misty, can you go acquire some more medical herbs within Nosgoth's heartland?" he asked before the female kitsune nods and heads out of the door.

"Sure", Misty answered", I'll be back as soon as I can", she claimed before turning towards Celestia. "Celestia, I need you to watch over Doyle until I return with the herbs".

"I can't…" Celestia replied.

"Celestia, we do not need any further trouble from you at this time. Do what Misty asks of you and keep Doyle's unconscious body company until Misty returns", Janos ordered before the angered female vampire closes her eyes and sighs in frustration. But nonetheless, she nods while Vorador leaves the vulpin-kitsune's cell and stands by the door.

"Alright… alright…" Celestia said before she leaves the Cell and heads back to Doyle's room, where he lies on his bead unconscious after what happened last night. Then Janos stands up and faces the imprisoned vulpin-kitsune.

"I'm sorry, Travas… but we cannot release you from your prison until such a time comes", Janos said before closing the cell door. Within a short moment, the winged vampire closes his eyes and starts walking towards the door. But before he exits, he spots Serenity waiting outside to see her father. He kneels down and places his left hand onto her right shoulder before sighing calmly. "You may see him now… but I can only grant you ten minutes and nothing more. Am I understood", the winged vampire asked calmly.

"Yes, sir…" Serenity replied calmly before the vixen toddler starts walking towards her father, but quickens her pace when she draws near. Then she starts looking at him with a saddened expression on her face when she grabs a hold of the bars on the cell door. "Daddy…" she spoke with a lump on the back of her throat before tears start to slowly stream down her face. She couldn't help but tilt her head down and grip onto the bars tightly.

"Hey, Serenity, don't cry", Travas spoke softly and comfortingly despite his guilt after finding out what happened last night. As his daughter's tears continue streaming down her face, the vulpin-kitsune uses one of the closest tails he has to dry her tears. As he does, Serenity gently wraps her small arms around her father's tail, resting her head on the tip and rubbing her cheek against it gently.

After ten minutes passes by, Janos re-enters the room and kneels next to Serenity, allowing her a bit of time to dry her tears with Travas' rightmost tail. Then she turns to face Janos and follows him out the door. But before exiting, she turns to face her father once more and wave at him.

"Goodbye, Daddy…" Serenity said with a soft, saddened tone in her voice before leaving the room. And once Serenity leaves the room, Janos turns to face Travas once more, seeing him tilting his head down and shutting his eyes out of remorse and sadness.

"I'm sorry, Travas… but this is the only option we have to keep the others safe", Janos claimed, causing Travas to nod softly before the winged vampire turns around and leaves the room. Now the vulpin-kitsune doesn't even know which is worse anymore. The guilt he's facing regarding what the others told him, or the fact that he was prevented from seeing his daughter until a solution to his problem could be found.

*At Nosgoth's heartland*

Within the heartland of Nosgoth, Misty continues to survey the grasslands and bushes to find the right herbs required to treat Doyle's wounds. So far, however, she's only managed to find a few of the herbs needed since many of the others only serve a specific purpose. Some of the herbs were merely to use as an antidote for various poisons while others merely serve to relax the body and mind. As a response, the female kitsune shrugs out of annoyance and stands back up, thus turning to face the western part of the heartland in search for more.

"Jesus…" Misty spoke softly with an annoyed tone in her voice. "I can't find all the herbs I need to nourish Doyle's body with. Looks like I'll have to search the western part for more", she continued before walking towards the western part as she said. But then she feels some sort of odd wind blowing through her body, with a strange but familiar scent flowing through her nose. In that instant, her eyes shift their sights towards another eight tailed male kitsune figure nearby.

"Were these the items you were looking for?" the male kitsune asked before misty shifts her sights towards the herbs in his right hand-paw for a moment before looking back at his face. Although she could not see his features, due to the sun shining on him and making his body like a silhouette, she recognizes the voice and gasps with shocked familiarity.

"It's you… you've returned", Misty asked with her muzzle cupped in her hand-paws.

"I have", the male kitsune replied before handing her the rest of the herbs Misty needed. "Tell me, my child… what happened during my absence from Nosgoth?"

"Much has happened, Master", Misty said before bowing quickly. "I don't even know where to start…" She claimed before the male kitsune places his left hand-paw onto her head, causing her to look at him curiously.

"It's alright, my child", the male kitsune said with a smile on his face. "Close your eyes, I wish to see all that went on through your mind", he spoke, with the female kitsune closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Likewise, the male kitsune shuts his own eyes and begins to examine the events that went on while he was gone. What caught his interest were the events in which Travas transformed into the were-kitsune and the stuff that followed that same night. Then, he reopens his eyes and looks at her with a calm smile on his face while she does the same with hers.

"Master…?" Misty asked curiously.

"I have seen enough", the make kitsune claimed. "Now, tell me about the one called Travas".

*Inside the Citadel*

While Misty continues to search for the herbs needed, Celestia continues to watch over Doyle in his chamber. Although they managed to stop the bleeding last night and patch up his wounds, he still hasn't awakened after he was struck by the were-kitsune. She continues to sob on his chest while holding him dearly, frightened if whether or not he'll awaken from his slumber. But within a matter of a few minutes, the female kitsune returns with the herbs they needed to treat his wounds. Thus, the female vampire turns to face the kitsune at the door

"Misty, thank god you're back!" Celestia said with a sigh of relief and a sob before hugging her dearly. But then she also notices her eager expression on her face. "Misty?"

"I'm alright", Misty replied before setting the herbs into the bowl on the table, where she begins mixing them in quickly. "Where's Janos? I need to speak with him right away!" she asked while quickening the pace to her herb mixing.

"He should be in the Main Chambers with Vorador", Celestia answered while wiping the tears off of her face. "Why do you ask?" she asked just moments before the female kitsune finishes mixing the herbs together.

."I found a solution to Travas' problem", Misty claimed before turning to face her. "If I tell Janos and the others about the news, then Travas might be able to cope with his kitsune form", she continued before Celestia looks at her curiously.

"Wait, how will Travas be able to cope with his kitsune form?" Celestia asked before Misty smiles at her.

"Because I know someone who can help him", Misty said with confidence before handing her the mixed herbs, which were now liquefied enough to have a medical ointment like texture to it. "And before I leave, be sure to apply this to his wounds, it'll help hasten his healing and prevent any infections on his injuries", she claimed before darting out of the room, setting her sights towards the Main Chambers.

Inside the Main Chambers, Janos and Vorador continue to nourish themselves with bottles of Nosgoth's finest blood. But within moments, they notice the female kitsune entering the room and stopping in front of them, leaning her back forward and grabbing her knees while catching her breath. As she does, the two vampires take another whip of their blood. They set the bottles down and stand from their seats, facing the female kitsune as Misty continues catching her breath.

"Janos, I have some good news!" Misty said between breaths. And within moments, she manages to get enough air and tilts leans her back up, thus facing the two vampires in front of her. "I found a solution to help Travas solve his problem", she claimed.

"You have?" Janos asked.

"Tell us", Vorador said eagerly.

"While I was searching for some herbs in Nosgoth's heartland, there was a man that came to me with the rest of the herbs", Misty started as Raziel enters the Main Chambers from the balcony. "He was one my former master from several years ago before I was taken by Aerocrothe to serve him. And it was said he was one of the most powerful kitsunes in all of Nosgoth".

"The Kitsune Master", Raziel added before Misty turns to him.

"Yes, and he's the one that can help Travas' problem", Misty replied before looking at the pale-blue skinned demon curiously. "How did you know about him?" she asked before the demon sighs calmly.

"I knew him as one of my masters while I was still a vampire", Raziel started before tilting her hand away from her slightly. "But just a century before I was thrown into the abyss, Kain raided his home in the eastern mountains and assassinated him", he claimed, causing Misty to gasp in shock upon hearing what he said before he turns back to face her. "However, that was in my timeline in the future… and it might be possible that the event won't come to play", the pale-blue skinned demon claimed reassuringly, causing Misty to give a soft smile before nodding. Then she turns to face Janos and hands him a scroll regarding the Kitsune Master.

"Janos, can you take this to Travas and release him from his cell?" Misty asked. But although Janos and Vorador were rather curious of who the kitsune master was, he nods to her and takes the scroll from her.

"Alright, we will release him from his cell", Janos answered before looking at her with serious eyes. "However, I require you to accompany me there and ensure his kitsune instincts are kept in check", he said as Misty gives him a nod in agreement. Then, he and the female kitsune start walking towards the cell below to release Travas from his imprisonment.

Down in the cell, the vulpin-kitsune looks down towards the floor and sighs out of depression. Besides, he could help but feel guilty about the events that happened last night despite him not remembering much about it. But within a few minutes, he begins to hear the sound of keys unlocking the door, turning to face it as Janos and Misty enter with the key to his cell. Although he sees the key in Janos' hand, he wasn't really happy to see either one of them in here. But then, he sighs calmly as the winged vampire unlocks the cell door and enters, with Misty kneeling next to him and unlocking his shackles.

"Travas, we've got some good news", Misty said as she finishes unlocking his shackles, allowing the vulpin-kitsune to rub his wrists with his hand-paws. But then he stands up and faces her, not entirely happy to see either of them inside the cell, nor was in the mood to talk to any of them. Yet despite this, he shrugs his annoyance off and looks at the female kitsune calmly.

"What is it?" Travas asked calmly, but with his eyes shut and not wanting to look at them. But then Janos places his right hand on his left shoulder, causing Travas to open his eyes and face him.

"We have a letter for you", Janos claimed before handing the scroll to the vulpin-kitsune, with Travas opening it and reading it closely as the vampire moves his hand off of his shoulder. Once he finishes, he looks back at them both with curious eyes.

"What is this?" Travas asked before he starts re-reading the scroll.

"It's the answer to your problem", Misty answered before the vulpin-kitsune lowers the scroll in order to look at her curiously. "The Kitsune Master is summoning you to his place in the east. He is to help you cope and control your kitsune instincts".

"And who's this Kitsune Master?" Travas asked calmly while looking at her with serious eyes. As he does, she sighs and shuts her own eyes before shaking her head slightly.

"Alas, I am not allowed to speak anything about his identity", Misty claimed before reopening her eyes. "However, you will find him within the eastern mountains in Nosgoth. His home resides there", the female kitsune claimed before turning to face the door. "But when you get to the mountains, you will be tested with three things".

"And what are those three things?" Travas asked almost suspiciously as the female kitsune shrugs and turns back to face him.

"Look, I don't know everything, Travas. The tests are different with each kitsune… and you'll find out as toy get to his place", Misty claimed before turning to face the door. "Now if you'll excuse me, I must tend to Doyle's injuries at once", she said before leaving the Cell Room and back to Doyle's Quarters. Soon, Janos begins to turn and face the door as well.

"Travas, I know it may sound confusing at this time… but I suggest you begin packing some clothes and blood for your trip", Janos suggested before he, too, leaves the room. Although Travas wasn't sure how to take it in, he sighs calmly and heads back to his room.

When he enters, the vulpin-kitsune heads to the dresser near his desk and begins packing some of his clothes, while trying to find him an outfit to wear before he departs. Within a matter of minutes, he was dressed in a pair of dark sanded blue distressed skintight jeans with a slight boot-cut on the bottom. He also wears a gray tank top underneath his black slim V-neck T-shirt. And within a matter of moments, he slips on his black leather motorcycle boots and zips them up. And within moments, a person knocks on the door and enters, seeing it was his daughter entering his room.

"Daddy", Serenity yelled before running towards her father, where the vulpin-kitsune picks her up and holds her in his arms.

"Serenity", Travas replied softly with his eyes shut before rubbing his cheek on his daughter's forehead. "I'm happy to see you again", the vulpin-kitsune continued before facing his daughter with a soft smile on his face. But telling by what her father was wearing, she knew that he wouldn't be around for long.

"Daddy, where are you going?" Serenity asked as her smile fades into a slightly saddened expression on her face. But then her father sighs and faces her once more.

"Look, sweetie… I'm about to head to the eastern mountains within a few minutes. It looks like I was summoned to go meet the Kitsune Master not too long ago", Travas answered, seeing his daughter's eyes well up with tears. But then he softly smiles and rubs her head gently. "But don't worry, sweetheart, I'll be back before you know it. And as soon as I return, I'll spend as much time hanging out with you as I can", he said with a reassuring smile, cheering his daughter up slightly, despite her not wanting him to go.

"Okay… but please come home soon", Serenity pleaded before her father stands back up, carrying her with his left arm and his duffle bag with his right as he starts walking towards the Balcony upstairs.

"Tell you what, I'll hold onto you until we get to the balcony. Is that alright, Sweetheart", Travas asked before Serenity wraps her arms around his neck.

"Yes, Daddy", Serenity answered while resting her head on his shoulder for the remainder of the small trip. And just about three minutes later, the vulpin-kitsune sets his daughter down in the Main Chambers and kneels.

"I guess this is where I depart from, Serenity…" Travas said before closing his eyes. "I gotta get going…" he said softly before turning away from her. But before he could attempt to get back onto his feet-paws, his daughter jumps and wraps her arms around his neck gently.

"Daddy, please don't go! "Serenity pleaded, with tears beginning to well within her eyes once again, causing him to turn his head and face her. Then he places his left hand-paw on the back of her head and hugs her with his right as Serenity buries her face onto his shoulder.

"Serenity, I have to go to the Kitsune Master and get my kitsune senses under control", Travas claimed before tilting his head back to face her, where his daughter leans her head back and faces him as well. "But don't worry, sweetheart, I'll be back as soon as I get my kitsune senses where I need them to be", he said with a reassuring smile once again, allowing his daughter to dry her tears again.

"Okay…" Serenity replied softly while wiping away her tears with her right arm. Then Travas sets her daughter down on the couch and kisses her forehead.

"That's my girl", Travas said before rubbing her head one more time. Then he turns to face the eastern mountains outside. Then, he begins to summon his teleportation energy and cloaks his body outline with the bright white aura. "I'll be back soon", was the last thing he said before he vanishes out of the room, leaving Serenity inside the Main Chambers as she faces the eastern direction.

"Please come home soon…" Serenity thought as she continues to stare at the eastern direction, hoping her father would come back home safe and sound once his kitsune senses were under control.

*Within the city of Willendorf, near the Eastern Mountains*

People within the city of Willendorf continue to roam about the streets like pedestrians in a shopping center. But within an alleyway near a food shopping district, the vulpin-kitsune arrives by teleportation and begins walking towards the streets. Upon exiting, he shifts his sights towards the east and discovers the mountains nearby. However, his stomach starts growling and spots a fruit stand nearby. This, the vulpin-kitsune immediate heads for the fruit stand and buys various amounts of fruit for the trip.

After he buys the fruit he needs, the vulpin-kitsune turns his sights back towards the eastern mountains for the second time and walks towards them. As he roams towards the mountains, he continues looking at various numbers of shops located around town. But within a short minute, he accidentally bumps onto another person and falls backwards, dropping his duffle bag while the other person drops his basket of fruit.

When he recovers and looks at the other person, he notices the muscular male as that of another kitsune within his twenties. However, the kitsune had one distinction: he contains eight tails instead of nine. His fur was dominantly white with the secondary being a black color, with his biceps having black rings as well. He also contains blonde hair that was a bit longer than shoulder length, but with it brushed back in a similar style as Kain's hairdo. And once the kitsune recovers, he begins picking up the fruit and places them into the basket as quick as he can.

"Oh I am so sorry about this, man! Here, let me help you" Travas apologized while helping the male kitsune with placing the fruit back in the hand-crafted wooden basket.

"It's alright, lad. It tends to happen to me often", the male kitsune replied with an Irish accent in his voice before he and Travas place the rest of the fruit in the basket. "I thank you for your assistance, mate", he continued before getting up onto his feet-paws.

Once the male kitsune was back onto his feet-paws, Travas notices that the male kitsune's height was somewhere between six feet two inches and six feet eight inches. He also wore a dark green slim fitting T-shirt, which shows off some of his muscular torso and a pair of skinny boot-cut jeans containing a black leather belt. Another thing Travas notices was the kitsune's dark brown boots with a gold buckle on each one. Upon seeing his style, he couldn't help but grin admirably at the kitsune's choice of dress.

"Nice", Travas complemented softly with a grin on his face.

"Thank you", the male kitsune replied while tightening his grip on the basket handle. "I am curious, young man. Is there a place you're heading to at this hour?" he asked curiously, noticing the vulpin-kitsune picking up his duffle bag and placing it over his shoulders.

"Yeah… though I don't think you'd believe me if I told", Travas answered calmly while smiling softly and rubbing the back of his head.

"I doubt that, young man?" the make kitsune replied with a soft smile on his face. "So tell me, what kind of journey embarking on?" he asked.

"Well…" Travas started before closing his eyes and giving out a calm sigh. Then he reopens them and faces the curious kitsune. "I know it sounds weird, but I received a scroll from some guy named the Kitsune Master not too long ago. And right now, I'm making my journey towards the eastern mountains so I can find the help I need to deal with my kitsune senses… since they weren't acting really well on me?" he explained, causing the male kitsune in front of him to blink at the vulpin-kitsune curiously.

"Oh? How so?" the male kitsune asked.

"It's… because I wasn't originally a kitsune, but transformed into one at some tournament I attended", Travas explained before tightening his grip around the strap of his duffle bag. "I can't explain it that well. Thank you for listening… but I must get going", he continued before he starts walking towards the eastern mountains. But then he feels a hand-paw grab a hold of his shoulder gently, causing him to turn and face the male kitsune once again.

"I understand well, sir", the male kitsune said with a soft smile. "However, is you are training under this 'Kitsune Master'… then I think it might be best for you to change into something more appropriate for when you arrive to his home", he claimed before pointing towards one of the sheds near the outhouses. "You may use the shed to change your clothes", he suggested. And although Travas was rather curious of why he suggested it, he merely nods and heads for the shed nearby, entering it and closing the door behind him.

Within about five minutes passing, the vulpin-kitsune exits the shed with a new set of clothes on. He now wears a black martial arts uniform with the sleeves cut off from the shirt, with the Solarfox Strikeforce insignia stitched on the back. The belt he wore around his waist was that of a blood red color. To finish the outfit, Travas' forearms and legs were covered in white colored bandage wraps, with the male kitsune smiling in response.

"It suits you well, young man", the male kitsune claimed with a smirk on his face. "I believe you're ready to meet this 'Kitsune Master'", he claimed before turning to the east. "I have other duties I need to take care of, but it wouldn't hurt to give you a lift and take you to the suspected location", he continued before walking towards his pickup truck a few meters away, unlocking the door and starting the ignition. "Hop in the back", the male kitsune said before Travas grabs a hold of his duffle bag and jumps in the back of the pickup truck. And within moments, the male kitsune drives off towards the eastern mountains with haste.

Within a matter of ten minutes, the two males arrive to the suspected place where the 'Kitsune Master' was claimed to be. He parks his truck near a trail as Travas jumps out of the back of the truck. Then the vulpin-kitsune walks towards the male kitsune as he rolls his window down to face him.

"Thank you for taking me here, sir", Travas thanked while searching his duffle bag for his wallet, where he grabs at least fifty bucks from it and hands it to the driver. "Here, take this", he said before the male kitsune raises his hand up politely in refusal.

"I appreciate the offer, but I cannot accept it, young man", the male kitsune replied with a soft smile on his face. Then he turns to face the road in front of him. "Now then, I must be off. Good luck on your quest", he said before he drives off towards the road, leaving Travas at the trail as he places the money back into his wallet. Then he places his wallet back into his duffle bag and begins walking towards the trail in front of him.

As the vulpin-kitsune walks through the trail, he begins to survey the area and keep a close eye out for anyone that might be following him. But as he does, he notices most of the trees being void of life, with only a few being full of it as well. Then again, it was the corruption that lays waste on Nosgoth since Kain refused the sacrifice, which is the leading factor that plays a part in the land today. But despite this, he continues to follow the trail with caution.

But somewhere within the woods, a figure wearing a black cloak continues to follow Travas quietly whilst remaining in the shadows. The figure was obvious that of a brown timber wolf, but his face was covered by the shadows of his hood. He continues to watch the vulpin-kitsune curiously while following him towards his destination. And within a matter of minutes, he arrives to a field where nothing but vast numbers bamboo poles of various heights act as a bridge between him and the next part of the trail. Upon seeing this, he shrugs and examines the bamboo sticks with a rather aggravated mood.

"Jesus…" Travas muttered softly with an aggravated tone. "Thank God I'm capable of teleporting from place to place", he thought before smirking and pressing his hand-paws together, preparing to summon forth the energy he needs to teleport to the other side. But for some strange reason, his attempts failed as the energy doesn't start flowing through him, causing him to open his eyes out of confusion. "What the hell…? Why can't I summon my teleportation energy? It's like its being blocked off…" the vulpin-kitsune thought again before shifting his sights back to the bamboo sticks. "Shit… looks like I have no choice but to go this way", he thought before he starts darting towards the bamboo poles.

When he gets to the poles, he stops and begins to examine them closely, seeing that they appear stable enough to walk on. The vulpin-kitsune then takes a deep breath before walking on some of the bamboo poles. At first, his assumptions were right regarding them being stable to walk on. But when he gets to the middle of the bridge, he starts noticing them bending in various directions as he steps on the top of them. And within moments, Travas begins to hear the sound of laughter when he starts losing balance, causing him to turn and face the black cloaked wolf nearby.

"Oh, you pathetic little vulpine, do you really think you can get to the Kitsune Master with balance such as yours", the black cloaked wolf shouted before jumping onto the bamboo poles some fifteen feet away from the vulpin-kitsune, who continues to struggle at retaining his balance.

"And who the hell are you, lupin?! Whoa-" Travas yelled while trying to retain his balance. And within moments, he finds enough stability to look directly towards the wolf.

"Quite feisty here, aren't we?" the wolf said before removing the hood off of his face, revealing his tied back fur matching long hair and amber yellow colored eyes to him. He also has a five inch long, slash-like scar going diagonally from top right to bottom left between his eyes. "The name's Dane, the Wolf of Stability. And I assume you must be the legendary Travas Starfox".

"I am", Travas answered before he suddenly starts losing his balance. However, he quickly manages to regain his balance and look back at the wolf with curious, but serious eyes. "But what brings you here, Dane?"

"It's rather obvious, don't you think", Dane answered while simultaneously getting into battle position despite him being on the bamboo poles. "However, do not think this is some ordinary battle. You must defeat me while using the bamboo poles to stabilize your body", he said while looking at the vulpin with serious eyes.

"And if I don't?" Travas asked with a smirk on his face.

"Then you shall not pass", Dane answered before sprinting towards him, using the bamboo poles to retain his balance.

"Then it looks like I have no choice", Travas replied before jumping towards the wolf pole after pole.

"You don't", Dane agreed before he jumps towards Travas as he does with him.

Within a matter of moments, both warriors' fists collide against each other like two warriors striking their blades hastily against one another. Moments later, they jump backwards and land back onto the bamboo poles, with Dane landing perfectly like he were on the floor, but with Travas landing onto them and quickly losing his balance. However, the vulpin-kitsune manages to grab a hold of the bamboo stick with both his hand-paws and feet-paws, preventing him from falling towards the deep, almost bottomless pits below. He quickly jumps up and manages to land onto the flat parts of the bamboo poles, though not as perfectly as he intended. But by the time he recovered, the wolf manages to get a running start towards him like a bullet and unsheathes his claws.

Although the wolf was ready to strike at the vulpin-kitsune, Travas quickly looks towards him and starts jumping backwards away from him, using his toes to jump from pole to pole. But then when he jumps nearly fifty feet in the air, the wolf also follows him and strikes his chest. Although unharmed, his shirt was sliced open and starts falling towards the ground once again, leading towards a large gap between the bamboo poles. When he gets close to one of them, he quickly grabs a hold of it and holds tight, bending it backwards and waits. And when the wolf gets close enough towards him, he releases the bamboo pole and grabs onto another one, whacking Dane at the abdominal region and causes him flies backwards.

Within moments, he lands at the same side of the bamboo bridge the vulpin-kitsune came through, hitting the ground hard like a car crashes into a ditch. But when the wolf recovers moments later, he notices Travas jumping into the bamboo poles with ease, seeing him pull them back and jumping onto the rounded flat surface with his toes. Just as the vulpin-kitsune gets into battle position, the wolf manages to get back on his feet-paws and smirks at his opponent.

"Ready for more", Travas asked with a smirk on his face. But then, his smirk fades into a curious look when he sees the wolf close his eyes and raise his hand-paw out of refusal.

"Though I admire your will and enthusiasm, I have to refuse your offer", Dane said before lowering his hand-paw and reopening his eyes. "You have finally mastered the art of stability as we speak", he claimed before he closes his eyes once more. "You may pass. But remember this; your fighting skills alone will not lead you to victory. But with balance at your side, anything can be achieved", the wolf said with a smile on his face before the vulpin-kitsune nods back at him.

"Thank you", Travas replied before turning around and jumping directly towards the other side of the bamboo pole bridge.

Once he gets to the other side, the vulpin-kitsune immediately starts sprinting onwards through the eastern mountain trail, hoping it leads to the home where the Kitsune Master resides. But once the vulpin-kitsune was out of the wolf's sight, Dane's ears began to perk and move about in various directions. Then, he turns around to see a vampuric figure with slightly pale skin and dark brown hair leaning towards black. And the next thing he knew, he sees a bright white light before his eye sight shifts to nothing but pure, black darkness.

*Within the Trail up ahead*

About ten minutes after Travas defeated the Wolf of Stability, the vulpin kitsune continues to follow the trail that hopefully leads to the Kitsune Master's home. But within a matter of seconds, he stumbles upon a dark cave and cautiously enters, where he starts walking hastily about the interior. As he roams about the cave, he notices candles being the only light source lighting the path inside. But within a matter of moments, the flames in the candle flicker and burn out all of the sudden, darkening the room to the point where the vulpin-kitsune could only see parts of the cave inside.

"What in the hell…?" Travas thought while examining his surroundings. "I can hardly see a damn thing in here…" he continued thinking while looking about the dark cave. But within a matter of moments, he begins to hear some sort of hissing sound coming from his left. He turns to face his left, only to see a dark figure nearby.

Although he could barely make out who the unidentified being was, he did notice him being some sort of snake-like being. In fact, he notices him as that of a cobra, with his eyes containing a sinister looking yellow color slits in them. The snake himself was dressed only in a black leather vest along with a pair of leather wristbands. While he had muscular arms with a stronger built than Travas' own, his body contained no legs, but functions like any other snake would. And within a matter of moments, the snake begins to smirk towards the vulpin-kitsune as Travas starts getting into battle position.

Just as the vulpin-kitsune throws a powerful punch towards him, the cobra dodges swiftly and fades into the darkness, causing Travas to punch a cone shaped rock instead. Again, the only thing Travas could hear was the hissing sound along with his slithering movements. Usually, the vulpin-kitsune would be able to pinpoint where his opponent was in dark areas. But this time was different. In fact, it was almost as if the creature as all around him despite him only being at one place.

"It seems that I have the upper hand here, Travas", the cobra claimed as his voice echoes the dark cave, with the vulpin-kitsune turning his head at various directions in hopes of spotting him somewhere.

"Who are you?! And how do you know me?!" Travas shouted while trying to find the slithering creature.

"The name's Abbadon, the Cobra of Senses", Abbadon answered while moving about from place to place in the darkness. "And who doesn't know you, Travas. You were the one who defeated Alastair Ballantine at the Lake of Serenity some seven years ago", he claimed.

"Yes", Travas replied. "I've also defeated the Wolf of Stability, and I will defeat you!" he claimed just before the snake starts hissing behind Travas, allowing the vulpin-kitsune to spot him and try to strike him with his fists. But both hits miss when Abbadon moves swiftly and within the darkness. But despite this, Travas continues to keep a sharp eye out for the snake, even though he senses he's everywhere.

"Not if you cannot see me, Travas", Abbadon claimed, with his voice echoing about the cave. "You only see what is right in front of you; however endowed you are with the ability to trace your opponent's energy signal. But in this case, I am everywhere to you", he claimed while Travas continues to look for him. "If you wish to find your opponent, you must go beyond what you see without tracing their energy signal", the snake claimed before pulling up behind the vulpin-kitsune. "You cannot trust your eyes in situations such as this", he claimed before striking towards the vulpin-kitsune with his fangs. However, Travas manages to dodge in time before Abbadon's fangs could strike him.

At the moment Travas dodges the fangs, Abbadon begins to strike at the vulpin once again, using his claws to strike against the vulpin-kitsune. Again, Travas continues to dodge his attacks with ease, despite him not being able to see. Yet within a mere moment, the cobra suddenly strikes him on the back and knocks the vulpin-kitsune towards the cave wall some ten meters away from him. While he's sustained a bloody nose and muzzle as a result of the crash, he manages to recover and look towards the direction where Abbadon struck against him. But by the time he does, he discovers that the snake was no longer there, but back into the darkness once more.

"What… where did he go?" Travas asked within his mind while trying to survey his surroundings for the snake.

"You cannot trust in your ears", Abbadon said while the vulpin-kitsune was trying to find him. "I can be anywhere", he finished a second before Travas closes his eyes, focusing on nothing but the darkness around him. As he does, the snake starts slithering towards the vulpin-kitsune in front of him some ten meters away. But when he got close, Travas grabs a hold of him and pins him onto the floor.

"Got'cha!" Travas exclaimed with a smirk on his face before wiping the blood off of his muzzle with his left forearm, with Abbadon hissing in surprise as the candles start to light up, brightening the room enough to where they can see. Then, the vulpin-kitsune releases his grip from the snake and stands up, allowing the cobra to get back up and dust his vest off.

"Excellent work, Travas. You may proceed. Just remember to look beyond what you see if you cannot track your opponent, even with the use of your energy tracing capabilities", Abbadon said before disappearing into the darkness ahead.

Once the cobra was no longer in sight, a secret cave door opens some ten meters to Travas' right as the vulpin-kitsune looks towards the exit, seeing a bright light and following it outside. And within moments, he exits the cave and returns to the outdoors once more, with the trail continuing to lead upward towards the location where the Kitsune Master claimed to be. He immediately sprints towards the path provided for him like a player follows a trail on the board. But back at the cave exit, a familiar vampuric being exits the cave and smirks at the pathway Travas continues to follow. With this, he continues to follow walk the path the vulpin-kitsune follows and walks silently, having no intention of being seen by anyone else.

Up ahead, the vulpin kitsune continues running towards the pathway that supposedly leads to the place where the Kitsune Master is suspected to be. Yet as he does, he couldn't help but sense something coming from behind him, as if someone was following him within the shadows. And when he stops, he turns around and surveys the area behind him, only to discover nobody there. Upon discovering this, he shrugs and turns back around, allowing him to continue onwards to the Kitsune Master.

After about a fifteen run towards the trail, he spots a wooden bridge over a river leading towards a waterfall. The river, no doubt, led to the waterfall in which fills Lake of Serenity with life. Despite this, he shakes his head and walks towards the bridge. Then suddenly, he notices the bridge descending into the water like an elevator, causing him to look at it curiously. Then, he turns to his left and notices an orange and black striped tiger with his arms crossed some ten meters from his position.

As he examines the tiger, he notices him being about at least seven feet six inches tall along with a bulky muscular body. He also had the appearance to that of someone in his late thirties. Yet despite his age and appearance, he also wore a black leather vest with a pair of black boot-cut leather pants, with a loincloth attached to them. And telling by his appearance and intimidating look on his face, the vulpin-kitsune automatically figures out what his business was regarding his presence before him now.

"Are you another one of my 'tests'?" Travas asked while looking at the tiger with serious eyes, causing the unidentified male to chuckle and smirk towards him.

"You can say something like that, young man", the male tiger answered, uncrossing his arms and clenching his hand-paws into fists. And as he does, he notices Travas getting into battle position and smirks in delight.

"And I suppose you're not gonna summon the bridge until you are defeated, am I right", Travas asked.

"Yes", the male tiger answered before he himself gets into battle position.

"So what is the test this time?" Travas asked, looking at him with a smirk on his face.

"You must use your strength and your knowledge of combat to defeat me. And once I am defeated, then I shall summon the bridge to guide your way", the male tiger claimed. "Oh, and before we begin, my name is Angus, the Tiger of Strength", Angus introduced before widening his smirk only slightly. "And I'm guessing you must be this legendary Travas Starfox I've been hearing about, am I right?"

"Yes", Travas answered.

"Good… now then, let us begin!" Angus said before darting towards Travas like a bullet.

"With pleasure", Travas replied before he also darts towards the tiger with haste.

As the battle starts, Travas jumps towards the tiger in the air and tries to deliver the first punch against Angus. However, the tiger easily blocks the attack and strikes the vulpin-kitsune with his knee, automatically taking the breath out of him before striking his back with his clenched hand-paws. In response, the vulpin-kitsune crashes onto the ground like a crater crashing onto the earth. But to Travas' surprise, he felt as if he were almost out of energy.

"Damnit… how the hell was he able to attack me with so much power?" Travas asked before groaning in pain.
Not too far from his position, Angus lands on the ground with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Again, he began to chuckle as a response to seeing the vulpin suffering as if he were injured in a recent gang fight or a near fatal car accident. However, his chuckling stops when he notices the vulpin-kitsune starting to regain his stance. Yet for some reason, he couldn't help but smirk not out of annoyance, but with pride and proudness in him as well.

"Excellent", Angus said with a smirk on his face. "It is not often that my opponent manages to recover from my first attack. But you seem to be a different case", he claimed before getting back into battle position. "Now tell me, why are you here?"

"To find… the Kitsune Master…" Travas answered before managing to recover and get back into his battle stance regardless of his weariness. But then, Angus relieves himself from his battle position and snickers when the vulpin-kitsune starts to lose his balance.

"How pathetic…" Angus muttered before turning his back against him. "You're not going to get anywhere in the condition you're in. Just go home", he suggested before walking away. But within a few moments, he stops when he begins hearing Travas growl in a kitsune like fashion, causing him to turn and face him.

"Is that so…" Travas growled with his head tilted down, yet contains a wicked smirk on his face. And as Angus looks at him, he starts to sense some sort of fire resonating within Travas' body. He couldn't explain it… yet for some reason; he became intrigued by it and gets back into his battle position.

"Now that's the spirit, lad", Angus said to himself before sprinting towards the vulpin-kitsune like he does with him. And within a sudden moment, they strike against each other's fists as powerful force waves start resonating within the area. With each strike they make against one another, the force waves become increasingly intense to the point where some of the mountain tops start to crumble and begin causing small boulder avalanches. Alas, it was not enough to grab their attention… just yet.

As the battle continues to progress towards higher standards, Travas continues to fight against the Tiger of Strength despite the condition he's in. But within a matter of moments, it appears Angus was beginning to have the upper hand against the vulpin-kitsune, where his attacks start to become fiercer with every strike he makes. And in a matter of a few short minutes, he had Travas at his mercy when he strikes him on his back, sending him plummeting towards the ground rather quickly. After the sudden impact, the tiger descends towards the ground and right next to the spot where Travas crashed.

"I must admit, Travas. You have done well battling against me. It's not often for warriors to stand a chance against me", Angus said with a smirk on his face before it fades into a more serious expression. "However, it seems you've lost this battle, young man. Now, get back up and gather your things… it's time for you to go home", the tiger spoke while crossing his arms. But as he did, Travas' eyes widen when he notices a powerful wave of boulders coming towards them from the top. Better yet, they were aiming directly at the tiger himself as the vulpin-kitsune quickly gets back up and sprints towards Angus.

"LOOKOUT", Travas shouted before he quickly tackles the tiger out of harm's way, just before the boulders could crash onto either one of them. Then, Travas looks up to the top of the mountain and discovers a massive wave of boulders coming down towards them like an avalanche. Despite the vulpin-kitsune's injuries, he quickly gets into battle position and flies towards the avalanche like a bullet

"What in the hell…?" Angus asked with some surprise in his tone, not just seeing the vulpin-kitsune back on his feet-paws, but also seeing him fight against the rocky avalanche coming towards them both. "How is Travas still able to fight despite the injuries I caused on him?" he wondered while watching him strike various boulders with both his hand-paws and feet-paws, striking against them with powerful punches and kicks.

Although he was doing well with the first part of the avalanche, he begins to notice bigger ones hastily rolling and bouncing down towards him. Travas simply looks at the boulders with serious eyes and darts towards them, using the broken bits of smaller ones to jump towards the others. And within moments, he starts destroying them with his fists and feet-paws, although it took more effort in destroying them. But within a mere minute, he notices a massively sized boulder that was at least ten meters in diameter. And just as he punches the massive object with his left hand-paw, the boulder immediately pushes him down and causes the vulpin-kitsune to crash onto the ground again.

"Travas", Angus yelled before running towards the crushed vulpin-kitsune. But when he gets close enough, he notices him managing to stop the boulder from crushing him by using his left knee and both hand-paws to hold it. "Travas hang on!" the tiger yelled again before grabbing onto the bottom of the boulder. But then, Travas, although he understood Angus' helpful posture, he glares at him with serious eyes and stops him.

"Angus, I got it!" Travas exclaimed while trying to push the massive boulder off of him, which was, to his surprise, heavier than it appears to be. But nonetheless, he continues trying to shove the damn thing off of him without the tiger's assistance.

"Travas, listen to me!" Angus yelled while clenching his fists. "You're body cannot withstand the-"

"I SAID I GOT IT!" Travas interrupted loudly while trying to push the massive boulder off of him.

While he continues trying to get the boulder off of him, he starts seething his teeth and growls while his biceps began to bulge slightly from the effort. Despite this, the weight soon starts to become too much for him to bear… but that doesn't mean he was gonna give up that easily. In fact, his pupils quickly turn into slits while shifting from their emerald green color into a sinister bright red complexion. Then, within a sudden moment, his growls grow severely louder and gets back up, thus throwing the boulder some three hundred meters in the same direction where the Lake of Serenity was located. Finally, he turns to face the Tiger of Strength while breathing softly out of slight exhaustion, seeing Angus smirk with admiration before the vulpin-kitsune gets back into his battle position.

"Now then, where were we?" Travas said with a smirk on his face, despite his body being slightly weary from what he's been through. But then, his confident smirk fades into a more curious one as he notices Angus closing his eyes and raising his left hand-paw, seeing him refusing the offer to fight. In a similar manner, his bright red colored eyes shift back into their emerald green complexion along with the slits turning back into their circular shape.

"I've already seen enough", Angus claimed before reopening his eyes and smiling towards him. "You have proven to be a lot stronger than I have realized. Therefore, you may pass", he continued before he raises the bridge from the water containing it. And within a moment, the bridge was raised and ready for Travas to use.

"Thank you", Travas said with a smile before walking towards the bridge. But before he could pass Angus, the tiger places his hand-paw onto his shoulder, causing him to turn and face him curiously.

"I think you'll need these for the rest of your trip", Angus said before handing him a couple of bottles filled with Nosgoth's finest blood. "Your friend, Janos Audron sent these to me before you entered the cave. He expected you to take a reasonable amount of damage during the test of strength, and I must admit he was true to his word", he claimed before pointing towards the north-eastern direction, where the vulpin-kitsune pops open one of the bottles of blood and begins drinking from it, with his wounds also healing in response. "Follow the trail to the north-east. It will lead you to the Kitsune Master's Shrine at the heart of the Eastern Mountains", the tiger said before Travas places the cap back on the bottle and smiles back at him in response.

"Thanks again, Angus", Travas thanked before wiping the small drops of blood off of his muzzle. "I'll see you around", he said before he starts crossing the bridge with haste, with the tiger watching him progress with a smile on his face.

"Good Luck, Travas… May the lord be with you on your journey", Angus thought before closing his eyes and clenching his hand-paws together. He summons forth his teleportation energy as his body outline becomes engulfed in a bright green colored aura. And within a mere, sudden moment, the tiger transports himself away from the place he once stood, allowing him to journey else ware and take care of whatever else he was required to do.

Once the Tiger of Strength has left the board, a familiar vampuric being reappears from the shadows behind the trees. Again, he smirks in delight in response to seeing the pathway he needs to continue following his target. Although eager to kill, he stays his hand and continues to follow the vulpin-kitsune to wherever the trail leads him to, remembering to remain silent and to stay in the shadows.

*Within the Trail up ahead*

As the day starts to progress towards the evening, the vulpin-kitsune starts to sprint hastily along the trail, hoping to get there at least before sundown. But at the rate he's going, it looks like he might not make it to the Kitsune Master's shrine until sometime near ten o'clock at night. To make matters worse, his trail comes to an end at a mountain that was nearly ten miles high. And in response, he shuts his eyes and tilts his head down, shrugging heavily before reopening them and tilting his head back up.

"You've gotta be fucking…" Travas cursed under his breath, but doesn't finish and starts grabbing a hold of some of the edges on each one.

For the next fifteen minutes, the vulpin-kitsune continues to climb about the tall mountain with a rather quick pace. But as he continues climbing, he begins to notice that the edges he's grabbing onto apparently, yet coincidentally seem to function like steps to a set of stairs. In that moment, an idea pops into his head and begins to smirk, seeing another cliff he can support himself on and climbs towards it. And once he manages to climb on top of the cliff and stand on his feet-paws, he looks back up and continues to smirk in delight.

"How convenient", Travas thought before placing his hand-paws onto the rocky surface and moving his feet-paws back, preparing to launch towards the steps up above. "It appears these smaller cliffs function like a long set of stairs. Now I might have a chance to get there sooner than I anticipated, just as long as I jump from step to step carefully", he thought again before he launches himself towards the first step some fifty feet above him.

With the small cliffs functioning as a set of stairs, Travas continues to jump from one step after another, jumping onto steps well within twenty to thirty feet high to quicken his pace. Again, he couldn't help but smirk as he continues to jump hastily on each step using the tips of his feet-paws. He lets the slightly cool wind blow through his fur as the vulpin-kitsune shuts his eyes and continues progressing towards his destination.

Down below, the vulpin-kitsune's pursuer manages to arrive towards the mountain Travas continues to jump through. The vampuric individual grabs a pair of binoculars from his bag and looks up towards the vulpin-kitsune high above. He discovers him beginning to near towards the top and smirks in delight, lowering the binoculars and placing them back into his bag. Again, the vampire couldn't help but smirk in delight in response to seeing Travas nearing his grasp. Although eager, he starts jumping onto the steps at a slower rate than the vulpin-kitsune's pace, ensuring that he doesn't get caught by him or anyone else that might be watching.

Up above, Travas continues to jump from one step to another, with each one he lands on being nearly twenty to thirty feet higher than the previous. But after another minute passes by, he decides to take it up a notch and jump towards the steps that exceeded higher than seventy feet than the one before. Within a matter of two minutes after he starts jumping at this rate, he begins to see the highest peak of the mountain along with a flat surface to land on. Yet for some strange reason, he stops at the next step and holds onto some of the other edges for support. When he does, he starts looking down towards the bottom of the mountain with curious, yet stern eyes as his fur almost starts sticking up like a cat ready to strike the attacker.

"Something isn't right…" Travas thought as he starts growling in a kitsune-like fashion, seething his teeth while looking down towards the bottom of the mountain, despite the ground barely being visible. Soon, however, his seething ceases and looks down towards the ground below for another fifteen seconds. Then he turns back to face the mountain top several hundred feet above him and shrugs. "I don't have time to be dealing with this", he thought before he continues jumping towards the mountain top above.

About a few miles below, the vampuric being continues to hide underneath one of the cliffs, remaining as quiet as he possibly can in order to remain hidden from the vulpin-kitsune's eyes. But once he turns to his right and looks up, he gives a sigh in relief upon discovering his target no longer being there. While this may seem to be the case, he decides to take his time jumping from one staircase edge to another, going at a slow enough speed to avoid being spotted by Travas or anyone else possibly watching his moves.

Within about ten seconds passing, Travas finally reaches the uppermost cliff of the mountain and gives a sigh of relief. As he surveys the area, he begins to notice something within the distance, so far that it was nearly the size of a pea when someone holds it as far from their face as possible. But based upon a few of its features, despite its small size due to its distance, he recognizes it as a Shrine of sort. And upon discovering this, he gives a soft smile and starts sprinting towards the place with the path provided. With the temple in his sights, he knew for sure he's arrived to the sanctuary where his kitsune problem would be solved.

"Oh, thank God", Travas thought before he shuts his eyes and starts grinning happily, with his teeth also showing due to excitement. "Yes! I'll finally be able to take care of this problem once and for all!" he continued thinking while quickening his pace towards the Shrine up ahead.

After about ten minutes of vampuric sprinting, Travas finally arrives within the threshold of the Shrine, walking through the Torii and goes up the medium-long set of stone stairs. Once he was up the stairs, he walks amongst the Sando leading towards the temple in which the Kitsune Master is believed to be in. While walking along the path, he notices the decorative stone lanterns lighting the way, despite it being sundown in the west. To his left, the vulpin-kitsune notices two wooden poles that were nearly ten meters apart from each other, most likely being used to practice the art of balance. And to his right, he notices a flowing river coursing next to their home, with a generator set near the Shrine to provide hydroelectricity.

"I've gotta admit… the Kitsune Master has quite a nice environment", Travas thought while walking towards the three story Temple in front of him. "I think it might be best to knock on his door before the full moon rises", he thought before rushing towards the door. But once he gets there, he wipes his feet on the rug outside and knocks on the wooden parts of the screen door. "Hello? Kitsune Master, are you home?" the vulpin-kitsune asked while knocking a few times. After waiting for about a minute or two, a female eight tailed kitsune answers the door and looks at the vulpin-kitsune curiously.

Once she fully opens the door, Travas' eyes slightly widen in surprise upon seeing her in a black spaghetti tank top and a pair of dark gray string bikini bottoms. But what catches his interest was that her fur patterns were exactly identical to the male kitsune he met earlier that day. In a similar manner, he notices her hair also being blonde and having blue colored eyes. However, there was one distinction regarding her hair style, where part of her long bangs was leaning towards the right side of her face. As questions began to form in his mind, the female kitsune continues to look at him curiously before placing her barely clenched right hand-paw over the front of her muzzle.

"Oh God, I am so sorry, Ma'am… I… didn't mean to stare at you", Travas said while covering his eyes and blushing heavily despite the questions forming in his mind. But nonetheless, the female kitsune begins blushing while looking back and forth between him and the left side of her house.

"Oh, no, no, um… it's alright", the female kitsune reassured with an Irish accent before she sighs calmly and out of shy-fullness. "May… I help you with something?" she asked curiously, despite her shy behavior towards the muscular vulpin-kitsune.

"Um… is the Kitsune Master home right now?" Travas asked calmly, but with a slightly nervous tone in his voice as well. Alas, the female kitsune shakes her head as a way to answer.

"I'm sorry… but my brother's not home at this time", the female kitsune answered before looking at him curiously. "Do you happen to be Travas Starfox by chance?" she asked.

"Yes… that's me", Travas answered slightly nervously before rubbing the back of his head. In return, the female kitsune couldn't help but giggle at his nervous posture and steps to the side.

"Wonderful! My brother should be home within the hour. Would you like to come in?" the female kitsune asked curiously, allowing Travas to nod in response.

"Oh, um… yes, please", Travas answered slightly nervously before walking into the Shrine, where many luxurious furniture and portraits surround the walls. Then the vulpin-kitsune sits down on the cerulean blue colored sofa with golden brown wooden frames on it.

"Would… you like a glass of water… Mr. Starfox?" the female kitsune asked curiously.

"Oh, um… sure… I'd like that", Travas answered while nodding, placing his duffle bag on the seat next to him. "But please, call me Travas, Mrs.-"

"Leona… just Leona, Travas", Leona replied with a smile on her face before shutting the water off and walking back with his beverage. Then she sits next to him and hands him his water. "So how long ago were you transformed into a kitsune?"

"Well… I discovered that I transformed into one yesterday, just after I awoke from a month long coma", Travas answered before sighing calmly and taking a sip of his drink. "But I underwent the transformation while I was unconscious and suffering from both a massive fever and unusually fast heart rate", he explained before setting his glass down and looks to Leona, who was nodding in understanding.

"I see…" Leona replied softly before turning her head towards the right a bit. But within a prolonged moment, she turns her head back to face him. "But who was the one responsible for your transformation?" she asked curiously before Travas gives out a calm sigh.

"Aerocrothe was the one responsible for my transformation", Travas answered before turning away from her, facing the coffee table and sets his beverage down. "He struck me with the were-kitsune curse at the Sacred Skies tournament just before he died. I wasn't aware of its full potential until one of my friends told me I transformed into the were-kitsune after staring at the moon for about three minutes", he explained before sighing slightly heavily. "Then when I woke up this morning, Celestia snaps at me for almost killing her boyfriend, Doyle on the same night. Now, I was summoned here by the Kitsune Master, claiming he can help me with my kitsune problem", the vulpin-kitsune explained further, causing the female to nod in understanding as they both take a sip of their beverages.

"I understand", Leona replied before they set their drinks down on the coffee table.

Just about a moment later, Travas hears the sound of a door opening from the vulpin-kitsune's right, which was right next to the kitchen entrance. And within a few seconds, another female kitsune, although slightly more endowed than Leona, the other female kitsune's hips were as wide as hers. Her hair was slightly shorter than Leona's, but her bangs were longer and pushed to both sides. She also wore a short bath robe that covers her torso and hips with the exception of her cleavage being partially exposed along with her toned legs. Travas starts to blush at the sight of how the women dress at the Kitsune Master's home.

"Jesus… are all of the women here dressed like this", Travas thought before turning his head away from the second female kitsune. But then the same kitsune starts to softly growl at Leona and narrows her eyes at her.

"Leona, I thought I told you to be properly dressed for when out guest arrives!" the second female kitsune said with a serious tone in her voice. "Anyways, I suggest you get in the shower and come back when you're properly dressed", she suggested sternly before Leona shrugs and heads for the stairs nearby.

"Sorry, Mother", Leona replied while walking up the stairs, heading for the bathroom as the motherly female kitsune walks towards her room nearby. But when she gets to the door, she turns to face Travas and sighs.

"My apologies, sir, I did not mean to have my daughter make you feel uncomfortable with how she dressed", the motherly kitsune apologized.

"Um, no, not at all, ma'am. It's alright, really", Travas answered while blushing shaking his head and hand-paws. The motherly kitsune couldn't help but giggle at his shy gestures while grabbing a hold of the door.

"My name is Ava, young man", Ava introduced before turning to face her room. "Allow me a minute or two to get changed and I shall meet you back in here shortly", she said before entering her chambers and shutting the door, leaving the vulpin-kitsune to wait within the Shrine's living room.

As the vulpin-kitsune continues to wait for Ava, he starts examining some of the decorated items around him while remaining in his seat. But within a short couple of minutes, the motherly kitsune returns to the living room sporting a dark gray tank top and a black pair of skintight shorts, which were just about seven inches above knee-length. She then approaches the male vulpin-kitsune and sits next to him, turning her head to face his.

"I suppose you must be the legendary Travas Starfox many people mentioned about", Ava asked while crossing her legs and looking at him curiously.

"Yeah… that's me", Travas answered calmly, but in a slightly nervous tone as well. "And I'm assuming you must be his mother?"

"Yes", Ava answered. "Tell me, young lad… When did you start having these problems?"

"I've been having them since yesterday", Travas answered before sighing softly. "It started when I found out I transformed into a kitsune after awakening from a month long coma. But the transformation began just after Aerocrothe fired an electrical beam of sort before dying at the Sacred Skies Tournament. I suffered an unusually fast heart rate along with a fever that went up to or possibly beyond two hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Heh, talk about unusual, huh", he explained before leaning back against the sofa with his head tilting upward and closing his eyes.

"Perhaps… but this wasn't the first time we've encountered something like this", Ava claimed, causing Travas to turn his head towards her. "We've had people who claimed they were turned into kitsunes after awakening from month-long comas", she explained before the vulpin-kitsune leans forward and faces her. "Tell me, young man, did you ever look at the full moon for three minutes and transformed?"

"Yes… last night", Travas answered before sighting slightly heavily. "It happened while I was fighting another vampire named-" he started to explain until his ears suddenly perk up, causing him to turn and face the front door. Again, he seethes his teeth and begins growling deeply and in a kitsune like fashion when he recognizes the energy signal he suspiciously detected earlier.

"What is it, Travas?" Ava asked curiously, seeing his fur stick up similarly to that of a typical housecat.

"Someone's out there", Travas answered calmly with a growl. Then he stands up and starts walking hastily towards the door, grabbing the wooden frame and opening it quickly. And once he was outside, he notices a vampuric figure waiting slightly over fifteen meters from the Shrine.

Although he was far from the vampuric male, the vulpin-kitsune does notice him wearing a black sleeveless shirt along with a pair of black skintight leather pants with the leg openings tucked into his golden metal boots. Two golden gauntlets were attached to his forearms, with the right one having a long hole for something to attach it with. He also notices him having a bit of slightly longer than average dark brown colored hair, with the bangs pushed to both sides. His skin tone was slightly pale, but still had color to it as if he were still alive. While still growling towards him, he slightly cocks a brow towards him… almost as if there were something familiar about him.

"What in the hell…?" Travas thought before his growls subside; now eying the vampire with more confusion as he approaches the Shrine. But as he draws near, he steps off of the porch and gets into his battle position. "I don't know who he is… but something tells me this isn't going to be a peaceful meeting", he thought again as the vampire stops just ten feet from his position and chuckles.

"So, you must be the legendary Travas Starfox Kain told me about", the vampire started while smirking towards him. But when he spoke, Travas' ears perk while cocking a confused brow at him, looking at him with a sense of familiarity in it.

"Yeah, what about it", Travas asked with a raised brow.

"Of course, Kain told me you would act so naively when I've met you", the vampire claimed. "How ironic, for one who has powers rivaling Kain appears to be no challenge at all. Yet I have to confess, you've proven to be excellently skilled in the art of combat after witnessing you battle against those fiends ", he claimed before he, too, gets into battle position. "But don't let that raise your hopes up, Travas. Your journey ends here".

"We'll see about that", Travas replied before the male vampire smirks and teleports from his position, only to reappear behind him and strike his back. But the vulpin-kitsune wasn't an idiot however. In fact, he manages to block the vampire's attack and performs a back-flip kick, knocking him towards the air as Travas flies towards him like a bullet.

While the male vampire and Travas continue their battle in the skies, Ava continues to watch in shock regarding how the vulpin-kitsune's opponent was able to find their Shrine. In fact, she didn't know the right way to express her shock regarding how they were not able to track him in the first place. But at the moment the vampire knocks Travas towards the ground, Leona, now dressed in a dark gray T-shirt and a pair of black pajama shorts; exits the house to discover the battle taking place in their own front yard.

"Mother, What's going on?! Who is that man?!" Leona asked with a shocked tone while watching the battle taking place.

"I don't know, Leona… but something tells me this isn't going to turn out for the best…" Ava replied before shaking her head, seeing Travas losing against the mysterious vampire.

But at the moment the vampire tries to strike the vulpin-kitsune using his right foot, Travas manages to grab a hold of his ankle before the impact and throws him towards the ground. The vampire didn't even expect him to counterattack so quickly, and because of this, he crashes onto the ground face first. And in that same moment, Travas jumps backwards and gives himself some distance between him and the vampire. Yet in the next ten seconds, the male vampire begins to recover and stands back up on his feet. He quickly turns his sights on the vulpin-kitsune and wipes the blood off of his face, hissing out of anger and annoyance.

"Who the hell are you?!" Travas shouted before the male vampire's growls turn into chuckles, with his angered look turning into a smirk in correlation to it.

"My name… is Raziel", the vampire, Raziel answered, causing Travas' eyes to widen in response to hearing his name.

"Raziel…?" Travas exclaimed within his thoughts while eying the vampire with shock. But then, his eyes slightly widen some more upon recognition. "Oh no…Raziel wasn't supposed to be brought back to life for at least another four to five decades from now. This is not good… definitely not good", he thought again before doing whatever he could to calm down.

"Aw, what ails you, Travas? Does my presence bring horror on your face", the vampire, Raziel asked sarcastically. And within moments, the vulpin-kitsune manages to calm down enough to focus on the matter at hand.

"I have to admit, Raziel, I am surprised to see your presence here at this moment. I wasn't expecting you to be resurrected by Kain for at least another few decades", Travas admitted as the vampire looks at him in an odd manner.

"What do you mean", the vampire, Raziel asked while cocking a brow at him, looking at him both suspiciously and curiously.

"What I'm saying is that I foresaw the moment you were resurrected by Kain. But you weren't the only one who was resurrected by him", Travas answered.

"Hold on, who else was resurrected after me?" the vampire, Raziel asked demandingly just as the vulpin-kitsune gets back into battle position and smirks.
"Then perhaps you should ask him yourself", Travas replied before teleporting from his position, causing the vampire to look at his former spot with surprise. But before Raziel knew it, the vulpin-kitsune manages to strike the vampire's back with his feet, knocking him towards another part of the mountain some hundred meters away. The vampire violently crashes onto it and shatters a good portion of the mountain nearby, but then manages to recover quickly and teleports towards Travas. And as he does, the two warriors began to engage into battle once again, exchanging fierce punches and kicks as most of them cancel one or the other out.

While the battle continues to progress, both Leona and Ava continue to watch the battle with shock because of the vampire being able to find their home. But despite the shock, they continue to cheer on for their guest as Travas continues putting up a fight against the vampire, Raziel. Soon, however, their eyes widen at the moment he uses some sort of exploding attack against Travas. Although he wasn't harmed, the vulpin-kitsune was not covered in a thick cloud of smoke, which the cloud itself shrouds at least fifteen feet in diameter around him. In that moment, the vampire knew he had the vulpin-kitsune at his mercy… or at least had a higher advantage over him.

"How pathetic!" the vampire, Raziel said while chuckling towards the vulpin-kitsune, in which he could not see anything within fifteen feet in diameter. In fact, he wasn't even able to sense the vampire's energy signal because of how bad the smoke cloud was. "How can you defeat your adversary if you cannot see him?" he asked before teleporting away from his opponent. Yet at the moment he said that, Travas immediately remembers what the Cobra of Senses said to him earlier.

"If you wish to find your opponent, you must go beyond what you see without tracing their energy signal".

In that moment, Travas knew what he had to do. The vulpin-kitsune closes his eyes and clears his mind from every thought coursing within. He isolates every single sound around him, and the environment around him disappears within the darkness. And within moments, he spots the vampire coming towards him from his right. Thus, he grabs a hold of the vampire's neck and pulls him slightly close, where their faces were about a foot away from each other.

"Got'cha!" Travas exclaimed calmly, but with a smirk on his face as well before throwing Raziel towards one of the pine trees some thirty feet away from his position. The cloud of smoke subsides as Leona and Ava cheer on for their guest, seeing him obtain a higher advantage against their vampuric intruder. But within a moment, however, Raziel recovers and quickly darts towards the vulpin, tackling him before crashing onto one of the mini shrines on the right side of the main one.

After Raziel tackles Travas and crashes on the mini shrines, Leona and Ava quickly run from the front porch and dart towards the two warriors. But thankfully, they knew to keep their distance since they knew the battle was about to get intense. Their senses did not lie, for the vulpin-kitsune gets back onto his feet and strikes the vampire's head, knocking him towards the sky and follows him. Travas then teleports behind him and strikes his opponent's back, but the vampire quickly grabs a hold of his hand-paws and stops him.

"Do you honestly think I would fall for the same trick for a second time?" the vampire, Raziel asked before grabbing a hold of his left arm and throws him through the roof of the main shrine, where he violently crashes into the living room. Both Leona and Ava gasp in shock before turning to face the vampuric being above, with their eyes shifting from their blue color towards a more blood red pigment.

"Argh, you pestilent fiend, HOW DARE YOU", Ava shouted angrily before she darts towards the vampire on the roof. But the vampire smirks towards her and grabs a hold of the female kitsune by the neck, raising her up in the air before turning to face the other mountains nearly a hundred meters away.

"MOTHER", Leona shouted before she also starts jumping towards the roof and tries to attack him. But before she could strike him, the vampire, Raziel strikes her with the back of his free hand, knocking her towards the ground violently. Then he turns his head back to face her.

"Now then, where was I?" the vampire, Raziel asked with a smirk on his face. "Ah yes, I was just about to do THIS", he yelled before pulling his arm that holds Ava back. But before he throws her, Travas manages to teleport in front of him and strikes the vampire's abdominal region, causing him to drop the motherly kitsune in response.

"YOU KEEP THEM OUT OF THIS, GOD DAMNIT!" Travas shouted while looking at the vampire with blood red colored pupils. "DON'T YOU DARE GET THEM INVOLVED IN OUR BATTLE", he shouted again before grabbing his neck and throwing him towards the same mountains the vampire intended to throw Ava towards. And after he throws him, Travas follows him with powerful speed as the motherly kitsune tends to her daughter's wounds.

"Leona, are you alright?!" Ava asked just as her daughter was managing to recover. She then wipes the blood dripping from the side of her muzzle in response to crashing onto the concrete walkway.

"Just a bloody muzzle… but I'm alright", Leona replied while turning to face the ongoing battle not too far from their position. But within a few moments, she closes her eyes and turns away from the battle. In response, Ava wraps her arms around her daughter and tries to do whatever she can to provide comfort for her.

Not too far from their home, Travas continues battling against the vampuric being like two god-like beings fighting in a cage fight. Their fists continue to clash against each other like their kicks continue to strike against one another. In correlation to their attacks, the environment starts to shake almost like an earthquake, but only enough to send powerful vibrations throughout the area and nothing more. But within a matter of moments, they find themselves on the top of a bamboo forest, using the flat surfaces to hold their balance as the vampire smirks in delight.

"Well, doesn't this look familiar", the vampire, Raziel said while running along the bamboo terrain swiftly, with Travas running on the opposite side of the area.

"It does", Travas replied with a serious look on his face. "And now that we're away from the Shrine, we can now fight with our full potential", he said with a smirk on his face. And like him, the vampire, Raziel smirks and nods.

"Agreed", Raziel replied before he darts towards the vulpin-kitsune hastily.

As the vampire, Raziel continues to shoot towards the vulpin-kitsune; Travas darts towards him and attempts to strike him using a powerful energy blast he formed in his right hand-paw. However, the vampire manages to block the attack with ease, but becomes shrouded in a cloud of smoke. But when it subsides, he realizes that the vulpin-kitsune was no longer there. And by the time he spots him from behind, Travas fires another energy blast at the vampire, managing to get his face and send him flying towards one of the mountains.

Although the vampire was surprised by how Travas was able to pull a trick like that, he manages to recover and sprint towards him quickly. He starts attacking the vulpin-kitsune by throwing a series of punches towards him. But Travas merely dodges every single one of them with ease. In fact, it was so easy; he wasn't even breaking a sweat. But then, the vampire starts growling out of anger and annoyance before pulling back about thirty feet from his position. And within seconds, the vampire starts summoning a red colored sphere of energy and pulls his arm back, aiming it directly towards Travas.

"I've had just about enough of your annoying schemes, Travas!" the vampire, Raziel exclaimed before finalizing the flay projectile. "DIE", he shouted before throwing the projectile towards Travas, where he tries to dodge the attack. But the sphere acted as a homing device and follows him, thus managing to hit the vulpin-kitsune within a few seconds. But instead of excavating the flesh from his blood-stained bones, his body turns into energy and darts towards the direction behind Raziel. "What in the hell?" he asked in shock before turning around, seeing the vulpin-kitsune and two other clones of himself.

"Hey there", Travas playfully greeted before he and his clones start chuckling in delight while waving at the vampire. Because of their jokester-like behavior, the vampire starts to growl and clench his fists angrily.

"What trickery is this?! How in the hell did you pull off a technique such as that?!" the vampire, Raziel asked before Travas and his clones' chuckling begins to subside.

"Just an ass kicking technique I've mastered a few years ago", Travas and his clones simultaneously answered before they smile and chuckle, causing the vampire's growls to grow louder due to their prankster behavior. Then again, aren't kitsunes naturally tricksters in their blood?

"You… vile-" the vampire, Raziel tried to speak until one of the clones suddenly teleports behind him and strikes his back using his feet-paws. The vampire was instantly hurled towards the mountains in response, but manages to recover in mid-air and flies back towards the same clone that attacked him. Then he throws another series of flay projectiles towards the clone, in which he manages to dodge them with ease. But one of them, however, manages to get him and dissipates his body into energy, thus giving it back to both Travas and the other clone.

Despite one of the clones being destroyed, the other clone smirks and starts to fight against the vampire himself. Again, Raziel begins throwing flay projectiles towards the clones in hopes of getting the clone. But unlike the first clone, the second manages to dodge every single one of the projectiles without harm. Raziel was starting to become infuriated like hell because of the clone's behavior. And soon enough, he starts to attach some sort of ax-shaped blade onto his right gauntlet before facing him again.

"I grow tired of your games, vile creature!" the vampire, Raziel yelled while sprinting towards the second clone, keeping the ax-like blade prepped as he draws closer. "And my first order of business shall be to rid the last of your clones, and then of you, Travas", he claimed before jumping towards the clone like an athlete leaping towards the farthest point in a long jump. And before the clone knew it, the vampire slays him as he turns into energy and gives it back to Travas. Now the vampire sets his sights on the vulpin-kitsune as he does to him.

Back at the Shrine, Ava and Leona continue to watch the battle with eyes as clear as a digitally remastered movie. As they do, they notice the vampire destroying the last clone of their guest. There was one thing that was making them wonder: How was Travas able to perform a trick such as that? But despite their curiosity, they continue to watch the ongoing battle between him and the vampire.

Near the Shrine, Travas continues battling against the vampire, Raziel as if he were in a tournament. Soon, the fight gets to the point where Travas is hardly using any effort at all, thus managing to block his opponent's attacks with ease. But the tides soon begin to turn against him, where Raziel finally becomes fed up with him and fires a telekinetic blast against him. In response, the vulpin-kitsune was thrown towards the bamboo poles down below, but quickly manages to grab onto the top of one of them and pulls it back. And when the vampire gets close enough to the vulpin-kitsune, Travas releases the bamboo pole as it strikes the vampire's face painfully, thus hurling him back to the Shrine where Ava and Leona are at.

The moment before Raziel crashes onto the ground near the Shrine, Ava and Leona quickly move out of the way and manage to get at least twenty feet away from him. Within seconds, Travas, too, also returns to the Shrine and strikes the vampire with both of his feet-paws, knocking the air out of his lungs in response. Then the vulpin jumps into the air and performs a backflip towards the two female kitsunes and lands near them. Then he turns to face the two kitsunes and kneels next to Leona.

"Leona, are you okay?" Travas asked, causing the female kitsune to turn and face her.

"Yeah… I'm alright", Leona answered, despite her rubbing her muzzle. "Thanks for the help", she thanked before the vulpin-kitsune turns to face the vampire nearby, seeing him starting to regain his balance.

"Well don't thank me yet", Travas replied before getting back into battle position. "Cause it's not over yet", he continued before the vampire, Raziel turns to face the vulpin-kitsune nearly five meters away.

"I've had it with your pestilent schemes, Travas!" the vampire, Raziel yelled angrily before unsheathing his claws from his hands, also preparing his forearm blade attached to his gauntlet. "It's time for you to DIE!" he shouted before sprinting towards Travas. But before he could progress any further than a few feet, the vampire feels something grabbing a hold of his left arm.

As a response, he immediately turns his head around only to see a male kitsune with features like the other female kitsunes. In a similar manner, Travas also turns to face the male kitsune constraining the vampire, Raziel. And in that moment, his eyes widen in response to seeing him, recognizing him as the same one who drove him to the beginning of the trail.

"Wait a second… isn't that the same one who took me to the Trail?" Travas wondered within his mind while examining the male kitsune's features. But as he does, the vampire continues trying to break free from the kitsune's grip. Yet unfortunately for him, he wouldn't budge, thus infuriating the vampire and growls at the one who's constraining him.

"Unhand me, you insolent little-!"

"I don't think so, young lad", the male kitsune replied calmly despite him looking at the vampire with serious eyes. "You dare come to my Shrine and attack my family while I was gone?! And now you come here and fight Travas Starfox?!" he yelled before throwing the vampire towards the forest where the entrance was. But before the vampire could get to the Torii, the male kitsune teleports to his location and catches him with ease, almost like a pitcher in a baseball game. And the next thing he knew, he was nearly five hundred feet in the air, with the male kitsune following pursuit.

As the fight was going on, the vulpin kitsune continues to watch with amazed eyes. Now that he was seeing the battle, he was beginning to wonder. Could the male kitsune he met earlier be the Kitsune Master all along… or perhaps was he another one of his students? But before he could answer, he temporarily ignores it and turns his sights towards the two female kitsunes, allowing him to tend to their need despite the situation. But within a matter of moments, he turns back to the battle and notices the male kitsune grabbing his legs and spinning him around hastily, causing him and the two females to shift their attention to him.

"Now how about you do me a favor and STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY", the male kitsune shouted before throwing the vampire towards the direction where Willendorf lies. And within a few seconds, the male kitsune descends towards the ground while watching the vampire crash towards a forest deep in the ground below. Then, he turns to face the trio some twenty feet from him, where he sees Travas and the others approaching him quickly. "Are you lads alright?" he asked before Leona and Ava grabs a hold of their beloved family member.

"Oh, big brother", Leona exclaimed before rubbing her cheek on his. Then she lets go of him and heads back inside the shrine as he turns his sights towards Travas, who in turn was looking at him with curious, surprised eyes.

"Wait, I remember you… you're the one I bumped into back in Willendorf…" Travas claimed before he starts to slowly approach the male kitsune. "You're the Kitsune Master, are you?" he asked, causing the male kitsune to softly smile and chuckle.

"I am", the male kitsune answered before placing his thumbs in his pockets. "I've been watching you since the start of your first test", he claimed before approaching the vulpin-kitsune, causing Travas to stop and look at him curiously. "And you have done well, young man".

"Who are you?" Travas asked.

"My name is Lionmane, and welcome to my Shrine, Travas", Lionmane said with open arms, also turning around until his right arm was pointing to the left side of the Shrine. And there was another shrine that was a story tall, where the kitsune was pointing at before lowering his arms and faces him. "I wish I could train you at this time. However, it is late and you must gather your rest", the male kitsune suggested. "However, I think it might be best if you stayed in your kitsune form for at least a couple of days, just enough time for you to adjust to your newfound senses. Then, we shall begin out training", he said before he and his family head to the main Shrine.

"Lionmane, wait!" Travas exclaimed, causing him to turn and face the vulpin-kitsune curiously. "I need to 'Whisper' my daughter and a friend of mine and let them know I got here safely", he claimed before Lionmane approaches the vulpin-kitsune calmly, but smiles nonetheless.

"I am aware, Travas. Misty told me all about it earlier today", Lionmane claimed. "I understand you wish to contact your friends and family, but I cannot risk anymore intruders who have the ability to sense energy signals to track us", he continued, but then gives a re-assuring smile to him before turning his head towards the smaller shrine. "However, there is a phone for you to call your family and friends with", he said before turning to face the main temple. And once Lionmane starts walking towards the main shrine, Ava turns to face the vulpin kitsune and approaches him.

"Travas, perhaps it might best if you get yourself settled in the smaller shrine and take a long shower. I'll have dinner ready in about thirty minutes", Ava claimed with a soft smile on her face, causing the vulpin-kitsune to nod in return.

"Thank you", Travas replied before Ava continues walking towards the main shrine. And as she does, the vulpin-kitsune starts walking towards the smaller shrine on the left trail. But just as he gets halfway, Leona grabs a gentle hold of his hand-paw and pulls him closer slightly, causing Travas to turn and face her. "Huh?"

"Travas… you forgot this", Leona said with a blush before handing him his duffle bag.

"Oh, um…. Thank you", Travas replied while rubbing the back of his head with his left hand-paw and grabbing the duffle bag with his right. Then he notices Leona looking down and pulling the bottom of her tank top down slightly with her left hand-paw while covering her muzzle with her right. Then she looks up back to him and sighs calmly,

"Thank you… for keeping Mom and I safe while Lionmane was out", Leona thanked before pulling him into a hug. Then a moment later, she releases him and looks upon his emerald green eyes.

"Oh, um… no problem, Leona", Travas replied calmly, yet slightly bashfully while blushing. In response, the female kitsune giggles and turns back to face the main shrine, where she meets with her mother and elder brother back inside. In a similar manner, Travas turns to face the smaller shrine and continues walking towards it. Within a moment, the vulpin-kitsune enters the smaller shrine and sets the duffle bag right next to the bed some ten feet away from the entrance.

Inside the smaller shrine, it consists of three main rooms: the main room/bedroom, a small storage room to keep his belongings in, and a bathroom where the shower resides. When he spots the storage room, Travas picks the duffle bag up and places it inside the storage room on his right. Along with this, he notices a small refrigerator big enough to fit a few dishes along with some drinks inside. Upon seeing this, he places the bottles of blood in the fridge and closes it, thus allowing him to keep the blood fresh before turning his sights towards the bathroom, which was located directly across from the storage room. With this, he shuts the door and strips into the nude and enters, allowing him to turn the shower on and clear his mind in the soothing hot water.

"Thank god I'm out of this mess…" Travas thought with a sigh of relief. "There's just too much going on in my mind right now", he continued before tilting his head lower and opening his eyes, where he starts looking at the shower wall while placing his right hand-paw on the neck of the showerhead. "Speaking of which, when did Kain resurrect Raziel from the Sarafan Tombs…? And could it be possible he could've done the same thing with the other five?" the vulpin-kitsune thought with slight suspicion while trying to relax in the shot shower. "I don't know what's going on… but I might wanna call Raziel and tell him what happened as soon as I get done eating dinner", he suggested within his mind before pulling his bangs back and tilting his head back, allowing his face to soak in the soothing hot water. All he could do now in that moment was try to relief himself from all that happened that day, hoping to find the answers he needs to know before something else unexpectedly happens.

It appears Kain has resurrected the former sarafan priest, Raziel, from his tomb. However, Travas also discovers he was the monstrous kitsune that attacked Nactholm while searching for Kain. Yet despite all the problems, he's managed to find the solution to his problem thanks to Misty meeting with the kitsune master. But after fighting against three warriors along the way, along with the vampuric version of Raziel, he manages to meet with Lionmane. However, Will this be a permanent solution to his problem, or will more problems be created from this? Find out in the future installments of 'Legacy of Travas'.

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