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Chapter I

Just Outside Cocoyasi Village.

"So that's whys she's with this Arlong Nojiko-chan?" Asked a young man with blond hair brushed over the left side of his face, covering his left eye and a curly eyebrow, wearing a black suit, a blue pin-stripped under shirt with a black tie, and a cigarette in his mouth sitting down on the ground wide eyed.

With him was a slim, somewhat dark-skinned teenager with medium-length black curly hair and a long nose, wearing an olive green plaid bandanna, along with goggles on his head, brown overalls with a white sash and no shirt a blue and white striped armband on his left arm, carrying a yellow satchel over his shoulder, standing by Nojiko deep in thought.

Laying underneath a tree, is an average sized, man with lightly tanned skin, green cropped hair, three identical gold earrings on his left earlobe, a blue button-up shirt left open showing his bandaged chest, with a green haramaki around his waist, black pants tucked into his black boots, and a black bandanna tied around his left bicep, holding a sword with a white handle, and sheath, in his right hand. He opens his eyes and looks up to the sky in thought.

"Yes Sanji, she spent the last eight years stealing from pirates to buy back the village." replied Nojiko an average-sized young woman with short, light blue hair, with a red ribbon tied around her head, and tanned skin. With a tattoo on her right arm going across her chest, a bracelet on her right wrist, wearing a beige sleeveless shirt, blue pants, purple sandals and pink lipstick.
"And all while drawing maps for Arlong and his crew" She said softly."So you see?." Nojiko said with a with a stern look."As long as you stay here, saying your Nami's friend, they'll start getting suspicious...So please, leave." She said seriously to the trio.

Ocean a few miles out.

A young man about six feet tall, and average built was sleeping on a small boat, wearing a black bandanna on his head with the kanji for 'maelstrom' in white, some blond hair sticking out, three whisker like marks on each of his cheeks, wearing a red short-sleeved trench coat with black flame design on the bottom, a blue muscle shirt, a necklace with a green gem hanging from it, black pants, with a pouch tied on his right leg, and black combat boots.

He open his eyes showing their where blue he sat up stretched look around, and spotted a island "Thank Kami, land! I was starting to think I would never get off this boat." Fixing the sail, he started sailing towards the island.

With The Others.

Nojiko was getting ready to leave when she heard someone yell "HEY!" She and everyone turn, and saw young man jogging towards them, wearing a black bandanna on his head with the kanji for 'maelstrom' with some blond hair coming out, three whisker like marks on each of his cheeks, wearing a red short-sleeved trench coat with black flame design on the bottom, a blue shirt, wearing a necklace, black pants, with a pouch tied on his right leg, walking up to them he asked."Hello, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, could one of you please tell me where I am?" He asked.

Nojiko gave him a friendly smile."Hello, my name is Nojiko." She replied while shaking his hand."Sanji." The blond haired man Introduced himself with a wave."Zoro." The green hair man said."The famous bounty hunter Roranoa Zoro?" Naruto asked."Yes, I've also heard of you too." Zoro said while crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Uzumaki 'maelstrom' Naruto, one of the strongest bounty hunters in the East Blue." He said with a hint of respect in his voice."You've also never failed to bring in a bounty." Sanji said while stepping on his cigarette."Oh, stop your making me blush." Naruto exclaimed rubbing his head."And I'm Captain Usopp!" The man with black hair, and a long nose, exclaimed in his greeting.

"Well it's nice to meet you Nojiko, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp." Naruto said with a smile."Could one of you show me where to get something to eat? I'm starving." As if on cue Naruto's stomach growled, he blushed in embarrassment, and chuckled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

Nojiko giggled."Sure, follow me." as she started walking towards the village, with Naruto following her with a quick thanks. The others stayed behind, talking about what to do about with the situation with Nami, and Sanji commenting how hot Nojiko is.

Cocoyasi Village.

Naruto and Nojiko.

Naruto and Nojiko were sitting at a table in a restaurant, both just finished their meals, and Nojiko was laughing at a story Naruto was telling her about his pranks he did in his childhood."Ha-Ha..You..You really dyed the guy's clothes pink!?" She asked while trying to hold in her laughter.

"Yeah, the guy was a real jerk." Naruto said as he finished his drink, wearing only his blue shirt, his trench coat now laying behind him on his chair."He tried to hit a little kid for getting his clothes wet when she jumped in a puddle when he was walking by, before I stopped him, he had it coming." He said seriously.

"How did you pull that off?" She asked as she calmed down from her laughter."Now now Nojiko-chan they didn't call me the 'Prank Master' for nothing." Naruto said as he waved his finger at her."I can't give out my secrets now can I?" He asked teasingly."Why don't you tell me about yourself?" He asked. She started telling him her life in Cocoyasi, and about how her sister Nami, and herself takes care of a tangerine grove their mother Belle-mere started.

On the streets.

meanwhile a teenager about 5'7 walking down the street wearing short blue trousers, with his hands in the pockets, along with a sleeveless red vest, and wearing sandals. He also has a scar with two stitches underneath his left eye and short black hair, wearing a straw hat with a red band around it. He notices everyone around him looking at something. He looks to where they are staring and saw a man with scars all over his body, wearing a police uniform with short sleeves and pants, and a pinwheel in his hat, leading a bunch of Marines.

The Marine beside the man wearing a police uniform has the appearance of a rat. He has whiskers on his cheeks, and rat ears attached to his marine cap. He also has brown hair. Unlike the other Marines he has a grayish-blue button up coat that goes down to his feet, with a black belt and blue shoulder pads.

"That pinwheel." The teen thought, staring at the man in the police uniform's hat as the group passed him."It's so cool!" He thought with a big grin as he continued walking down the street.

Nojiko and Naruto.

as Nojiko and Naruto continued talking, Nojiko noticed a Big group walking past the window."Genzo?" She thought while looking at the man in front wearing a police uniform. She noticed they were going in the direction of hers and Nami's house."I have a bad feeling about this." She thought with a small frown.

"What's wrong Nojiko-san?" Naruto asked after noticing her mood and her sudden focus outside the window. He looked out the window and notice the big group as they just went out of sight."Huh, I wonder what the Marines are doing here?" He asked thoughtfully."I'm sorry Naruto-san, but I have to go." She said in a hurry while getting up and running out the door and heading in the directions that the Marines went.

Naruto's narrowed his eyes while looking outside and watching Nojiko run in the direction of the marines. Standing up and putting on his coat, paying for his and Nojiko's meals, he tightened his bandanna walked outside and disappeared into the crowd.

With Nami.

Meanwhile, just outside the village inside a small house, with a tangerine orchard outside sat a young, average size girl, with short orange hair, and light brown eyes, wearing a green sleeveless shirt, black shorts, high heels, a tattoo on her left shoulder, and her left hand bandaged."I almost have enough Berries to buy back the village from Arlong, just one more job ought to do it, soon Cocoyasi will be free, I'll be free." She thought while looking out the window, she got up and and walked out the door.

She stretches once she steps outside looks out at the grove with a small smile when suddenly she hears footsteps, looking to her right she see's the marines and Genzo walking towards the house."What are Genzo and Marines doing here?" She thought. The marine with rat ears on his hat walked forward."Are you the 'pirate thief' Nami?"

Nami just gave a blank stare."Our sources tells us you've acquired a lot of stolen money from pirates." He continued while Nami's and Genzo's eyes widen."And by law all stolen property belongs to the government." He said with a cruel grin.


Naruto was sitting down at a table outside a building with a young woman. She had short brown hair, blue eyes wearing a pink dress with high heels and looked to be around her early twenties."So this Arlong is ruling the village, and charging $100,000 berries per adult, and $50,000 per child." he said as he rubbed his chin."Is that right?" He asked the young woman."Yes." She replied."Nami, a girl who lives here is saving to buy it back from him." she said as a waiter brought her her tea."She doesn't know that we found out she's saving up the money though." She said."If she knew that we know she would never leave his crew if things got really bad" She said sipping on her tea."Poor girl also part of his crew forced to draw maps." She said with a small frown while crossing her arms under her chest.

"Do you know where she lives?" He asked."I talked to her sister Nojiko, and she just ran off I want to make sure she's alright." He said worriedly."Sure just go down this road, take a right, and it's the house with a big tangerine grove." she said pointing in the direction behind her."Thank you." He said standing up and started heading down the road.


"Sir I've found something!" A Marine yelled as he dug up an old looking box. Nezume walked over there and open the box."Incredible I'm impressed you've gathered this much." He exclaimed as he looked at the gold and old looking money."And a percentage of this is mine." He thought as he picked up some of the money."Stop it." Nami said softly as she began walking towards him."Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!." She yelled and started running towards him."Nami!" Nojiko and Genzo yelled. Nezumi pulled a flintlock pistol out of his pocket and aimed it at Nami, just as Genzo grabbed her arm and Nojiko got in front of her. Nezume pulled the trigger.


Nojiko stiffen as the bullet grazed her right arm. Genzo and Nami looked at Nezumi and saw him holding his arm that had a throwing knife in it and the gun on the ground."Well, that's not nice... Pulling a gun on a unarmed lady." A male voice said behind them. Genzo, Nami, and Nojiko now holding her arm to stop the blood flow looked to where the voice came from and saw Naruto there by the house arm stretched out."Naruto!" Nojiko exclaimed her eyes wide."Nojiko you know this guy?" Nami asked looking between her sister and Naruto.

"I just met him earlier today." She said."Who the hell are you?" Nezume asked while pulling the knife out of his arm glaring at Naruto."I'm Uzumaki Naruto Jackass." Naruto said glaring right back walking forward."I've heard of you 'maelstrom' whats a bounty hunter doing protecting a thief like her?" Nezume asked."The only thief I see here is you." He Said."You do know attacking a Marine captain is a criminal offense right?" Nezume asked still holding onto his arm."I should arrest you for this." Naruto just stared at him."Like you could all I see is a corrupted, weak Marine captain who's just doing a pirate's dirty work for him." Naruto said folding his arm in front of his chest having heard their conversation before intervening.

Nezume gritted his teeth in anger."Men, Arrest him!" He yelled the Marines all rushed Naruto intent on taking him down. Naruto just calmly stood there."Naruto!" Nojiko yelled out in concern seeing him just stand there. Naruto just smirked and grabbed two Marines arms and threw them at the house. They hit the house with a sickening 'crack'. He proceeded to beat the other Marines with quick punches and kicks. In seconds all the but a few Marines were on the ground unconscious, the others writhing in pain.

"You...you won't get away with this." Nezume said a little scared with how easy Naruto took down his men. Naruto just glared at suddenly appeared beside Nezume and grabbed his arm."Leave, now." Naruto said putting pressure on his arm until.."CRACK.' Nezume screamed holding his now broken arm."Before I do something worse than just break your arm." He said angrily."You...you'll pay for this you hear me?" Nezume asked painfully while he and the other Marines now holding up the unconscious ones ran away. Naruto just continued to stare at them til they where out of sight.

"You okay Nojiko-chan?" Naruto asked turning around to look at her."I'll be fine Naruto-san." Nojiko replied standing up holding her arm."Nojiko we should get you to the doctor to get that looked at." Nami said while looking over Nojiko's wound."It may need stitches."She's right we should head over there now." Genzo said looking over to Naruto he bowed."Thank you for saving Nojiko life, and Nami's money." Nami spoke up"Yes thank you very much I'm Nami Nojiko's sister." Nami extended her hand to shake his, which Naruto did."So your Nami?" He asked."Nojiko been telling me all about you, I'm Naruto." He said with a smile."Oh nothing embarrassing right?" Nami asked nervously.

Naruto got a mischievous glint in his eyes."Well... She told me about how you would always run around the house in the nude when you where a toddler after your bath, and how her and your mother would have to chase you around the house and hold you down to put your clothes on." He said with a big grin. While Nojiko and Genzo burst out laughing. Nami face went bright red."NOJIKO!" Nami yelled at her sister Naruto also burst out laughing Nami just crossed her arms with a huff. After getting their laughter under control they started to head into town to find the doctor Nami trailed behind them fuming over Arlong breaking his promise.

Luffy Cocoyasi Village.

Luffy was sitting under a palm tree thinking a bout the pinwheel on Genzo's hat."That pinwheel." He thought with his eye's closed and a big grin."I just thought up a new move." He though excitedly."What happened Nojiko?' He heard someone said. He looked over and saw a group crowding around Nami, that police guy he saw earlier, Nami's sister, and a blond guy.

"It was a Marine working for Arlong." Genzo said angrily while the doctor an an elderly man, with a wrinkled face, grey hair, and a grey mustache and goatee, along with grey eyebrows. He wears a bandanna with a red cross, and sunglasses he's wearing a striped light green and dark green shirt, under a doctors coat with a red cross on the side on the right arm and striped shorts looked over Nojiko.

"They would have stolen the money if it wasn't for Naruto here."He said pointing to Naruto."He never intended to keep his promise." He finished angrily."That Bastard!" One villager said angrily and clenched his fist."That means he lied to Nami." Another villager said worriedly while she looked over to Nojiko sitting down at a table getting treated. Nami just stood there eyes shadowed clenching her fists.

Luffy came over grinning."Nami what's wrong need help now?" He asked walking up behind Nami. She turned around and looked at him angrily."What are you sill doing here?" She yelled at him while grabbing his vest."Why don't you just leave our island?" She asked while shoving him and running away."Whats her problem?" Luffy asked with a annoyed look on his face while dusting himself off. Naruto came over to him."Don't take it personally she just angry Nojiko-chan was shot, and a Marine tried to steal her money on Arlong's order." He said standing next to him."Who are you?" Luffy asked staring at Naruto.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto introduced himself holding out his hand."And you are?" he asked."Monkey D. Luffy, the next King of The Pirates." Luffy said shaking his hand"Nice to meet you Luffy."

Arlong Park.

A bunch of fishmen were talking amongst themselves. One sitting in front of the others is a large, muscular, and light blue saw-shark fishman whose most distinctive trait is his saw-shaped nose. He has long, black hair sprouting from the back of his neck, reaching down to his shoulders, under a brown ushanka, covering his head. He has a fin on his nape, surrounded by his hair, and gills on both the sides of his neck. A sun tattoo is on the left side of his chest, while another tattoo is on his lower left arm.

He's wearing a short-sleeved, unbuttoned yellow shirt decorated by many black lightning-like spots, brown bermuda shorts a purple sash around the waist and simple sandals. He also wearing a lot of jewels: he has a golden chain bracelet around his left wrist and two golden bracelets around each ankle, with straw-like decorations hanging from them. On his hands are what appear to be rings, decorated by colorful gems.

"ARLONG!" They heard someone yell. The one sitting down looked over to the entrance and saw Nami glaring at him."What's up with the look Nami?" Arlong asked."A bunch of Marines you bribed just came up to steal my money." She said as she walked over to him and grabbed his shirt."What happened to that crap about never breaking a promise dealing with money!" She yelled at him angrily.

Arlong grabbed her face."Tell me Nami." He said looking at her with a blank stare."What promise did I break? shahahaha" He said laughing."Jerk!" Nami yelled pushing his hand down from her mouth."What are you going to do now leave?" He asked now holding her by the neck. Nami's eyes widens remembering Genzo's word from earlier.

"If you do I'll kill everyone in the village." He said with a dark look. Nami slapped his hand away and ran toward the village."Should we go get her?" A octopus fishman, with six arm said. He has pink skin and a grey hair styled with five spikes. He has a muscular build and has suction cups on each arm. He also has a tattoo in the shape of a sun on his forehead.

"No Nami won't go anywhere." Arlong said."She cares too much about the villagers to do anything stupid." He said with a grin."Beside I'll keep my promise when Nami is finished making maps of all the oceans she'll be free shahahahaha." He finished with a laugh.

"That's really heartless chu." said a muscular fishman, with thick lips and blond hair. A tattoo on his right shoulder. wearing a necklace, striped blue vest, dark-brown leather pants, and sandals."Yeah Chu it'll be a long time before she gets that much money again." Arlong replied. They all started laughing."Yeah decades even." A random fishman said.

Zoro Sanji and Usopp.

"Well, we should start looking for Luffy now." Usopp said while standing up"Maybe even Naruto too if he'll help." He looked over to Sanji and notice he was just sitting there with a small smile on his face."What's up?" He asked." Just thinking of good things and sending them over to Nami." He replied while lighting a cigarette with a match.

Usopp just stared at him."I bet that's not all you're thinking of 'ero-cook'." He accused. Sanji stood up." I'm fighting for Nami is that so wrong?" He asked annoyed."Well, yes." Usopp said."We're not just doing this for just Nami, but the whole village." "Enough." Zoro said grabbing his sword and standing up."Let's go."He and the others started heading into town to look for Luffy.

With Villagers.

Genzo and Nojiko who now had her right arm bandaged were standing with the other villager's all holding makeshift weapon's and swords."For eight years we've lived under Arlong'srule." He yelled."We promised to not start anything for Nami's sake, but after trying to break his promise to Nami we can no longer stand by!" He continued getting shouts of support from everyone."Yeah let's kick his ass for Nami!" A villager yelled.

"What if he sends another Marine, or Nezumi comes back with more men to steal all of Nami's money?" Genzo said."We need to stand up and fight!" Genzo finished raising his sword in the air."Yeah we may not win but we'll give them one hell of a fight!" Another villager said."Everyone wait!" A voice said. Everyone looked forward, or behind them in Genzos and Nojiko's case and saw Nami walking towards them smiling.

"It's all right I'll just go on another job." She said."I still have the money it won't take long." She continued hoping to stop them from fighting."we won't be living under Arlong's rule for long." "No we need to fight him now he'll just do something else to keep you from raising the money." Nojiko said with a frown. "No I won't let you!" Nami yelled pulling out a knife. Genzo walked up to Nami and pulled her in a one armed hug.

"It's all right." He said softly."You one so much for us." He continued."Let us do this for you." Nami just froze as Genzo, Nojiko and the rest of the villagers ran past her. Nami fell to her knee's and looked hatefully at her tattoo, remembering Arlong's promise eight years ago. She pulled her knife and started stabbing her tattoo. A hand grabbed her wrist before she could continue stabbing. She looked up behind her and saw Luffy.

"You're still here?" She asked while tears fell down her face hand covering her mouth."Yep." Luffy said calmly."I told you to leave didn't I?" She asked a angrily while digging into the ground."Yes you did." Luffy replied with his hat shadowing his eyes.

"Well I don't need you here just leave." She said throwing dirt back at his feet."Leave, leave, just lea..." She stopped."L-Luffy I...I need your help." she said sniffing a bit. Luffy stared at her for a second. Finally he took his hat and put it on Nami's head. She stared up at in surprise at what he did. She grabbed the hat and remembers back to the fight with Buggy."Don't you ever touch my hat."Luffy said to Buggy."Of course your my friend and that's what friends do for each other." Luffy said as he started walking."HE'S GOING TO PAAAY!" He yelled to the sky.

Looking Behind her she saw Naruto leaning against a Building with his arms crossed in front of his chest, Zoro sitting down at a table legs crossed holding his sword, Sanji standing smoking a cigarette, and Usopp sitting on the ground arms crossed in front of his chest, goggle over his eyes looking down.

"Let's go."Luffy said as he continued walking."Right!" They replied. All of them started walking towards Arlong park.

In front of Arlong park.

"Let us in!" Genzo yelled. The villagers were standing in front of the gates but two people, sitting on the ground blocked their way in with their swords, bleeding, and bruised."No way." The one on their right said. An average-sized man with somewhat tanned skin. He wearing a pair of sunglasses and has a black tattoo on his left cheek of the kanji for "sea". He has short, black hair and is usually seen carrying his sword. His eyebrows seem to be pointing down to make a scowl.

He's wearing a blue jacket over a dark shirt, light colored pants, and boots."When we heard about what happened to Nami-aneki we rushed over here to kick Arlong's ass." He finished."Yeah but we got our asses kick but just by a hair." The one on the left said. A sightly tanned man replied wearing a black shirt with a green coat and red headgear over his shaved head. He also wearing plaid yellow shorts over his unshaven legs, and dark shoes.

"We have business inside with Arlong." Genzo said hoping to make the two men move. "No can do." The one with dark hair said."You see we're waiting for certain men to come." The one wearing the headgear continued."Who are these men?" Genzo asked."Don't you worry if these men can't defeat Arlong then all hope is really lost." The one with dark hair answered. The Men suddenly stood up "Here they are!" They exclaimed. The villagers looked behind them and saw Naruto, Zoro, Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp walking towards them.

"Huh, who's that with them?" The dark haired one asked pointing to Naruto. Nojiko's eyes widened."Naruto!" She exclaimed making the two men's jaw's drop."You mean Naruto as in Uzumaki Naruto?" The shaved haired one asked."Yes." Nojiko answered."Ok now if he can't defeate them then we should really give up." The dark haired one said. "Naruto is like a living legend."

"Move out of the way please." Luffy said as the group walked up to the crowed. He continued walking over to the gate, he looked at it for a second and pulled back his arm.

Inside moments earlier.

Arlong and the other fishmen were all laughing."Do you think those two losers were with Zoro's gang?" Arlong asked a fishman beside him. The fishman wearing a dark blue gi with a black belt a sun tattoo on his right chest and fins on his elbows replied."No way they were way to weak." They continued laughing till they heard.

BANG! They all looked at the gate and saw a dent on one of the doors. Arlong's eyes widened. BANG! Another dent."What the hell is that?" He asked. Then with a final BANG! the gates came crumbling down. They saw a teen with a red vest, blue shorts, and sandals, leaning forward with one arm stretched in front of him.

"Which one of you is Arlong?" The teen asked straighting up glaring at them.

To Be Continued.

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