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Chapter LXXVII.

Last Time.


In Brûlée's house in the Mirro-World, she and her henchmen gather around a giant pot homie filled with boiling water. Carrot is tied on a rope above it, and Brûlée's group looks forward to cooking and eating her. Chopper tries to claim that she will not taste good, but he is ignored and told that he will be added to Big Mom's collection of rare creatures.

However, this situation is just what Chopper has planned, and he made sure to get captured in Heavy Point so that he could escape from his chains. Enough time has passed for him to be able to activate Monster Point as well, and he waits to execute his plan.

Prison Library.

The Big Mom Pirates, now joined by Perospero, open a book to the page Naruto, Luffy, and Nami are in and position Big Mom's Den Den Mushi in front of them. "It's been awhile Straw Hat Luffy! You've finally made it this far." Big Mom spoke to Luffy.

"Is that Big Mom?" Luffy asked before leaning forward. "Let me out! I gotta go back! I'm going to get out of here even if I have to destroy everything!"

"Mama-mama! Whoa-whoa, you've still got that kind of spirit. Since you didn't bring your whole crew, I thought you'd forgotten what you said to me in Fishman Island."

"Yeah, I'll kick your ass someday! But we just came to get Sanji back this time!"

"Enough with the bluffing! You're just gonna rot away helplessly in there. Straw Hat, you're already doomed!" Big Mom taunted with a laugh.

"Urusai! (Shut up!) If you wanna fight, show yourself, Big Mom! I'm gonna fight you right here, right now!" Luffy yelled glaring at the Den Den Mushi having it take a slight surprise look.


Prison Library.

The Crew sat as Luffy tried to get free with Nami explaining to Big Mom she had me Lola and that's who gave her the Vivre Card. That only angered Mom as she explained Lola had rejected the marriage she set up having Nami remember Lola and the zombie that got her shadow was very marriage happy with wanting to marry every single man she had met.

Later, after Luffy yelled at her, Pudding came in wanting to talk to the trio in the book cell.

Treasure Repository.

Pedro was clearing out the halls outside of the room Big Mom's Crew is in before running in front of another group. He then dashed around slicing guards then pulled a stick of dynamite and lit it with his cigarette and threw it at a door.


Only for nothing to happen to the door. He then threw several more at the door.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He then jumped back as Smoothie and Tamago walked out to see the unconscious soldiers. They then started running down the halls as Brook hid in a room that they passed. Pedro continues his assault through the corridors of the Whole Cake Chateau, slicing through guards before they can raise their weapons in defense.

He sped throw and blew soldiers away, before using explosives to take out multiple opponents at once. As his rampage continues, Tamago and Smoothie race to corner him as they keep tabs on his location. However, Tamago wonders about Pedro trying to steal the Poneglyphs and then realizes that Brook had evaded their security just like Pedro did. Smoothie then goes back to the Room of Treasure.

Up ahead with Brook, he's at the entrance taking out several of the guards there, and when the rest of them try shutting the doors and locking him out, he speeds his way into the room. The doors remain locked as Smoothie comes to the room, and with those being the only way out, she lies in wait for Brook to come out.

She then heard Tamago on her Den-Den Mushi. "Big Mom will want him for her collection. Hurt him but don't kill him."

"Got it."

Inside the room, Brook is confronted by the guards inside. "(Sigh!) I can't handle any more soldiers!" Chess soldiers then ran at Brook having him sigh again. "I see… Through Big Mom's ability, you are all fused with human souls. That means you chess peacekeepers are…" He trailed off and pulled his guitar out. "Driven by soul!"

However, the soldiers attack and overwhelm him before he can strike the right chords on his guitar, and they all converge on him. However, Brook manages to start playing and blow them away with a burst of soul energy, blasting their souls out of their bodies as a demonic soul specter manifests behind him.

"You don't know my other name, do you, baby? It's Soul King!"


In Brûlée's house in the Mirro-World, Brûlée prepares to submerge Carrot into a pot of boiling water, and her hungry crewmates are anxious to finally eat her. However, Chopper thinks back to when he and Carrot were attacked by their mirror clones, Brûlée's team just captured one of Carrot's mirror copies, which was a frog transformed into her reflection. He looked up to the ceiling as the real Carrot is in Brûlée's attic, projecting her voice to make it seem like the frog clone is speaking.

Brûlée then has Randolph cut the rope holding the frog they believe is Carrot over the pot, but as Randolph prepares to do so, Carrot hurls a rock at him and knocks him backward. Brûlée is surprised at Randolph's fall and fails to see Carrot climbing down to her mirror clone until one of the men points it out. Carrot keeps her duplicate under control as she swings on the rope, and as Randolph attempts to cut it again, Carrot falls toward the side of the pot and kicks it at Brûlée, tipping it over and dousing her in boiling water.

The Big Mom Pirates fall into chaos, and Chopper joins the counterattack as he returns to his normal form to escape from his chains and eats a Rumble Ball, allowing him to activate Monsutā Pointo (Monster Point.) "Time to start out counter charge!"

Whole Cake Chateau.

Inside a room in the Whole Cake Chateau, the Vinsmoke Family, except for Reiju, sits and drinks tea. Judge states that Pudding will live with them in the Germa Kingdom after the wedding, as he wants to use her as leverage to prevent the Big Mom Pirates from taking advantage of them in their new partnership.

Niji wonders if the Big Mom Pirates will try to do the same thing with Sanji, but Ichiji reminds him that they do not care for Sanji's well-being. This causes the brothers to chuckle, and Niji looks forward to living with Sanji again.

In his room, Sanji prepares a bouquet of flowers for Pudding as Eggplant Soldier comes in with the ingredients Sanji requested. He reveals that Luffy, Naruto, and Nami are currently being detained, and Sanji is initially worried but reminds himself that Big Mom agreed to let them go after the wedding. However, he is concerned when he hears of Brook still rampaging in the chateau and tells the servant to stop talking and give him his ingredients.


In Brûlée's house, chaos abounds as Brûlée's henchmen rush to attack Carrot, but she balls up Erekutoro (Electro) in her hands and slams it into the floor, creating an electric blast that shocks her attackers as well as the writing Brûlée. "Erekutorikaru Runa! (Electrical Luna!)"

Meanwhile, the Noble Croc notices Chopper standing behind him in Monsutā Pointo (Monster Point) but cannot do anything before Chopper picks him up by the table and flips him over, smashing his back into the floor. One man is left standing.

He is a tall man with rather thin legs and a tiny mustache. His most prominent feature is his giant hat resembling a chimney which is blowing smoke, as well as wheels on both sides of his body. He also has unusually long arms, with an extra elbow joint on each revealing he's from the Long Arm Tribe. He's wearing a dark suit with a giant pink bow tie, dark pants, and a dark mask over his eyes.

This is Diesel.

He then runs from the house at a great speed to report this attack to Big Mom spinning his wheels with his hands. However, Carrot manages to catch up to him and covers his eyes, causing him to run towards a wall. When Diesel regains his sight, he is unable to stop in time and crashes into the wall. Chopper and Carrot then celebrate their victory and prepare to use Brûlée's power to explore the Mirro-World and find all their crewmates.

They tied up Brûlée, took her with them, and ran around using a cart that Diesel was forced to pull and looked through random mirrors, scaring those that were looking at the mirror on the other side.

Treasure Room.

In the Room of Treasure, Brook finishes off all the Chess Soldier homies with his soul power and turns his attention to the non-homie guards inside the room. They charge him, but Brook counters their attacks as he defeats them all with swift sword slashes as the air got cold. "Kasuriuta Fubuki Giri! (Song Of Scratches Blizzard Slice!)"

Brook appears behind the group and sheathes his sword. "I've already cut you." He said as ice formed on their backs and they fell over and saw keys on one man's belt. "The keys." He then turned to see a large guard running before Brook jumps towards the man and performs a very swift vertical downward slash that cuts and freezes him. "Suwarō Banduroru! (Swallow Banderole!)"

Brook then takes the keys to the cages containing the Poneglyphs and goes off to transcribe them. However, as Smoothie deduces that all the guards were defeated and prepares to break in, Big Mom suddenly comes in telling her daughter to move aside as she shatters the door to the room, and confronts Brook as he transcribes her Road Poneglyph.


Meanwhile, Reiju sneaks through the chateau and approaches a room with a door homie, but then turns back. She then creeps around outside, only to come face to face with a gun. Reiju turns and recognizes the person behind the gun in shock.


She is shot in the leg and was able to get away before leaning on the wall for support as she limped. She then came across Pudding who took her to her room for treatment.

Courtyard, Pedro.

Inside the chateau, Pedro is pushed into the third-floor courtyard by a battalion of Chess Soldiers. There, he confronts Baron Tamago. "It's been a while-Bon! I am surprised to see you back here after you had so stubbornly clung to life the last time you came to Totto Land five years ago and got 50 years of your lifespan removed."

The confrontation triggers a reaction in Tamago's left eye, remembering it was taken out in his battle with Pedro five years ago, and things start heating up as Pedro reveals his own left eye, which had also been taken out.

"I'm willing to lay my life down. I'm not expecting to go back alive!" Pedro yelled out before electricity covered his blade as he dashed at Tamago who dashed and spun his legs to block the attacks revealing they're electric proof.

Tamago pulled his cane sword out and dashed at Pedro and clashed blades. Tamago then flips upside-down and spins rapidly like a top, delivering a flurry of kicks at Pedro. "Sanīsaido Reggu! (Sunny-Side Legs!)"

Pedro blocks most of the kicks before being shot back and spun his tail to hover before flying to Tamago and was kicked back. He remembered Big Mom taking 50 years of his life instead of the 70 by taking out his left eye and stood up remembering the Straw Hats saving Zou before dashing to and sliced Tamago bisecting him having an egg yolk fall out. "I'm not gonna die now…"


Sanji walked outside as it rained and came up to Pudding's room and looked to see Pudding whose hair is out of the way revealing she had a third eye. She laughed at Reiju and explained she didn't like Sanji and was like her mother and planned to shoot him and his family as soon as they said her vows and that she told the three captured Straw Hats as well.

She then reached for Reiju's head and pulled a film strip out showing Reiju's memories before pulling a pair of scissors and cut the part that she just explained out erasing Reiju's memories by having a random soldier shooting at her.

Treasure Room.

Brook stands firm against Big Mom who had a storm cloud and a raging sun Homie beside her. Looking for an opening to get past Big Mom, Brook does not see any but takes off as he runs up the wall. He then runs around the circumference of the room, his sheer speed causing Big Mom to struggle to keep up with him. However, when he manages to get behind her and attempts to attack, Big Mom quickly sees him and repels him with Prometheus.

The two weather homies assault him with powerful attacks. Brook then tries to overpower them with his soul power as he did to the Chess Soldiers, but although his music does give them great discomfort, they come out of it unaffected. They then injure him further with more powerful attacks, seemingly defeating him, but as Big Mom tries to grab him to take for her collection, he crawls away and slowly gets back up.

Zeus and Prometheus get into an argument as to who should finish him off, causing Brook to spot an opening on Big Mom and rush in to attack her. However, Big Mom's bicorne homie Napoleon releases a sword hidden within it and slams into Brook. Big Mom then asks the nearly-defeated Brook if he has had enough, and is surprised to see him get up again.

"I know that Sanji is likely here to sacrifice himself, and it's unlikely he'll come back with us. Thus, if Luffy fails, I want this mission to be fruitful by acquiring your Poneglyphs."

Big Mom wonders why Brook does not consider the possibility of his team dying in this mission, but Brook retorts that no one considers the possibility of death in their quests.


In the Mirro-World, Carrot tickles Brûlée to force her to guide them to the mirrors in the Whole Cake Chateau. Brûlée cannot take it anymore and relents, revealing that although she does not immediately know which mirror leads where Carrot and Chopper can ask them and they will respond. The duo starts to ask which mirrors lead into the castle, and the mirrors started identifying themselves.

They then ask if any of them have seen any of their comrades, but the mirrors are unable to identify their comrades by name. To identify their comrades, Carrot prepares to draw them, claiming herself to be a good artist.

Prison Library.

In the Prisoner Library, Luffy tries to free himself by spinning around to tear his arms off arms, despite Nami's constant attempts to stop him. Opera then confronts Nami, revealing that Big Mom ordered him to get Lola's location out of her while it is still nighttime. Nami refuses to sell out Lola, and Opera goes to get a crossbow, telling her that he will shoot her every five seconds until she gives an answer.

Luffy promises to free himself in five seconds, causing Nami to become even more hysterical when suddenly Jinbe enters the library. Opera is confused since Jinbe is not currently allowed in the Chateau, but Jinbe simply apologizes as he hits Opera in the chest. "Gosenmaigawara Seiken! (Five Thousand Brick Fist!)"

To Be Continued.

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OK, this is the reason why I've been a little late in updating anything, a mass update for all of my stories. Another reason is Oct-Nov I have friends and family who uses their time off/sick days for 3/4 day weekends and I usually visit them or they visit me/need help with something and that also cut into my free time on weekends not counting the errands/chores that get pushed onto the weekends.

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