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Chapter LXXIX.

Last Time.

Naruto picks Brook up waking the musician, but Brook screams after seeing his dummy, which wakes Big Mom up. Thinking the fly is still there, Big Mom grabs Prometheus and throws it onto the ground where Naruto and Brook are. However, Jinbe runs into the room and grabs them both, bringing them into the Mirro-World right as Prometheus hits the floor and explodes.

Big Mom and her special homies fall back asleep, and the Sanji Retrieval Team celebrates their success in retrieving Brook.


Luffy, meanwhile, continues looking around through the third floor when he is suddenly pulled into the infirmary by Reiju, who locks the door to prevent his pursuers from getting in. Luffy tells Reiju that he needs to warn Sanji about Pudding's deception, but Reiju reveals that Sanji found out about it just a little while ago.

She also explains that she told him to flee the island, but he is concerned about the threat of Zeff and the Baratie being held hostage. Luffy proclaims that he will go to defend the Baratie if they are in trouble, and with his hunger strike for Sanji on his mind and knowing that he did everything to help his cook, Luffy leaves the Chateau by jumping out the window.

He lands on top of someone's house and destroys it. He struggles to move due to his hunger as he heads back to the spot where he promised to wait for Sanji, but Luffy is confronted by Chess soldiers along the way. He continues fighting his way back to the spot before being attacked once he got there before seeing Sanji running towards him holding a basket.



Pedro apologizes to Brook for putting him in a dangerous situation where he ended up in Big Mom's clutches, but Brook simply responds by opening his skull and taking out the copies of Big Mom's Poneglyphs. He states that he knew he had to complete this mission now, as they would otherwise have to start a war with the Big Mom Pirates if they wanted to try again.

The Sanji Retrieval Team is astounded that Brook managed to get into Big Mom's most tightly guarded room and emerge with the printings. They congratulate him, with Brûlée and Diesel being shocked to learn of Brook's actions. With one of their objectives completed, the Sanji Retrieval Team prepares to complete their other goal of finding Sanji. However, none of the mirrors around them see Sanji, and he is not in his room.

Nami then suspects that Sanji is outside in the field where he fought with Luffy, and the mention of their fight shocks Chopper. Jinbe understands why a fight might have happened, knowing that Sanji likely came to reunite with his family for a reason. However, he states that they should find Sanji quickly, as there is a plot going on that will unleash chaos during the wedding tomorrow.

He reveals that Pekoms was caught up in this scheme, causing him to be shot by Bege, although he was saved from death in the ocean by Jinbe and his crew.

Outside Sweet City.

Bobbin is pursuing Sanji but is suddenly shot down via a bullet. A mysterious gunman comes stands in the shadows and shoots him from the shadows. Sanji reaches the outskirts of Sweet City and searches for Luffy among the fallen combatants of Big Mom's enraged army. After a long search, he remembers how Luffy threatened to starve to death as he waited in this spot for Sanji's cooking.


Sanji shouts for Luffy before falling into despair. However, he hears the sound of a grumbling stomach and locates the unconscious Luffy leaning against the corpse of Kingbaum. He walks up waking Luffy who smells food before being handed a ruined bento box from the rain. He quickly starts to eat the food as Sanji treats him coldly before asking him to leave when he ate the last bite. "Come with us!"

"Don't make me repeat myself! I'm not going back!" Sanji yelled as he sat on a Chess Soldier.

"Why?" Luffy asked having Sanji raise an arm showing the bracelet before raising a finger.

"First. I insulted my captain who came for me and did my best to hurt you even while you didn't fight back. That's why I can't go back to your ship now. Second. That damn geezer who I'm deeply indebted to and the sea restaurant Baratie where I grew up… Have been taken hostages in case anything goes wrong. That's why I can't escape from the wedding. Third. My evil biological family has been trapped by Big Mom."

"In a few hours from now, they'll all be killed." Sanji then stood before continuing. "To my biological father, older brothers, and younger brother… I have no obligation. I have nothing but resentment for those scumbags! But I…" He started to tear up before finishing. "Can't turn my back on them!"


Lightning cracked as Luffy stared after standing up as well. "For those three reasons, I can't go back with you guys! If you understand, get lost."

Luffy jumped in front of Sanji ad punched him into Kingbaum's body. Luffy walked over before staring down at the cook. "Say what you really want!"

Sanji starts to weep and after a big effort, he manages to confess to Luffy that he wants to return to the Sunny and the crew, though he cannot bring himself to abandon his family. In response, Luffy smiles and promises to help Sanji crash the wedding tomorrow. As the two reconcile, the storm dies down as dawn breaks.


The group looked around at the mirrors before Chopper picked one up. "I found it!"

"You sure?! Cho-Aniki? (Cho-Bro?)" Carrot asked as the others ran over.

"Can they hear us?" Chopper asked before Nami spoke.

"The mirror we were using broke in Kingbaum's head."

"So there may be a part of it there," Naruto said as he crouched down.

Chopper started to call out Luffy's name and got his attention before they talked to each other about Luffy getting Sanji and Brook getting a copy of the Poneglyph. Luffy then explained they're going to attack the wedding to save Sanji's family.

"Fuck me," Naruto said rubbing his face as Luffy just said he wanted to fight Big Mom as the others cheered. "Did you miss the part where he wants to fight a Yonko? (Emperor?)"

Nami ignored her husband before speaking to Sanji. "For terrifying me like that… I'll never forgive you! But I'll leave that for after the tea party. I'm gonna get you back no matter what Sanji!"

Jinbe explained that those they've fought so far are nowhere close to how strong Big Mom is especially as there are only nine or 11 counting their hostages to fight Big Mom. He then explained to Luffy about having Bege help them out due o being in Big Mom's family after marrying one of her daughters and is planning to kill Big Mom at the wedding. He also reveals it was Bege who got Pekoms before shooting him into the sea where his Fishman saved Pekoms.

A Few Hours Later, Fire Tanks Pirates Base.

Luffy and Sanji stopped at the castle by a cliff before Vito opened the door. "My hero! Vinsmoke Sanji of Germa!"

"Where's everyone else?" Luffy asked Vito. "Are you Bege?"

"No, he's not."

They saw Naruto in black suit pants, shoes, and button shirt before he continued putting his ring on. "Everyone else is fine. There wouldn't be a building here if that was the case." He finished as a wet Chopper in shorts walked out with a carton of milk and ran up to Sanji.

Later, all of them are sitting on a couch in a room with Bege, his men, and Lola's twin sister Chiffon who was holding a baby boy with a pacifier that looked like a cigar.

Naruto had on a black coat over his shirt sat beside Nami who had a very short red dress on.

Luffy also had a red shirt and shorts over a black button shirt with a pink ascot on with a fedora over his hat.

Sanji just had on his white shirt and black pants.

Carrot has a white hat with a pink flower and a white and black dress.

Chopper has a purple dress shirt on with a yellow ascot.

Brook has a vertical red and black striped shirt on with a yellow ascot, black pants, and fedora.

Pedro has a green suit and fedora on over an aqua blue shirt and a red ascot.

And Jinbe has a yellow kimono with flowers and an orange cape.

Bege begins by saying that he considers the Straw Hats to be pests and wonders why he should not kill them. Sanji just points out that killing him would prevent the wedding and ruin Bege's plot, which Bege concedes to. Luffy sits in silence for a while before he finally recognizes Caesar Clown, who has slicked up his hair and is sitting with the Fire Tank Pirates.

Caesar gets scared when Luffy recognizes him, remembering how Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates broke into the lab he was in. Bege had taken the position of guarding Caesar and offered him a chance to escape and work for him, coercing Caesar with the scientist's disembodied heart. Caesar was brought to work on a weapon and was appalled when Vito informed him the Straw Hats would be coming to meet them.

This caused him to slightly change his appearance, and in the present, he says he is "Gangster" Gastino, but his disguise fools no one but Luffy and Chopper. After this exchange, Bege asks if Luffy wants to form an alliance or not. In response, Luffy tries to punch Bege for shooting Pekoms. Gotti and the Fire Tank Pirates immediately become hostile, and Jinbe tries blocking Luffy's punch, warning him strongly against fighting.

However, Bege sits in anticipation of the attack and Jinbe is unable to stop Luffy as Bege intercepts the punch with Caesar's heart and he and Luffy scuffle briefly.

Naruto had his hands locked together over his knees before looking to Bege. "When this is over, or if Luffy does not take your offer to join. I will kill you for harming my wife."

"Is that a threat?" Vito asked reaching for his pistol.

"No… It's a promise. If I see you after this is all over again. I'll do everything in my power to end you or have the Marines capture you." Naruto said before Nami put a hand on his shoulder.

Sanji interrupts to inquires as to how Big Mom can be assassinated. Bege says that they will have a five-second window to kill her, but it will not come easily, and any slip-up will cause them to be overwhelmed by Big Mom's top crew members. However, they will be able to do it with the help of Caesar. Caesar gets mad when he hears Bege using his real name and warns him to keep his agreement to return his heart after the assassination, or else he will kill Pez.

Chiffon simply asserts that Bege will keep his promise, and as the Straw Hats laugh at him, Caesar goes to show them his new invention. He unveils the KX Launcher, which on detonation will inject a very deadly substance into the body and is guaranteed to kill anyone upon penetrating their skin. However, Bege states that even this weapon cannot penetrate Big Mom's tough skin, which has not been wounded by bullets, cannonballs, or sinking ships.

He reveals, though, that Big Mom keeps a portrait of a mysterious disappeared woman known as Mother Carmel and puts it across from her during every tea party. During the previous one, a servant accidentally knocked it off the table and slightly damaged it, which caused Big Mom to go into a breakdown and emit a shriek that paralyzed everyone.

She also unleashed her Haki, but when she fell to her knees during this, she noticeably scraped them. Thus, the plan to kill her during the wedding ceremony will center around destroying the portrait. The alliance will have earplugs to protect themselves from the shriek, and the interval during Big Mom's breakdown will allow them to shoot her with the KX Launchers. However, the portrait will not be reached easily, and so Bege asks Luffy to cause a distraction and disrupt the wedding. Despite his crew's protests, Luffy agrees to this.

"Think about this Luffy, he's asking you to have a target on your back," Naruto said from his spot.

"I just came up with an awesome way to show up at the scene!"

"Sounds good. Then, I'll be counting on you." Bege said having Luffy nod.

"Hai! (Yeah!)"

"Now, do you know when to break the picture?"

"When Sanji kisses Pudding, right?" Luffy asked crossing his arms.

"Baka! (Idiot!) I can't kiss her!" Sanji yelled over getting Chopper's attention.

"Nani? (What?) You won't kiss her? Why?"

"Didn't you hear what Brook said?" Jinbe asked with his arms crossed.

"The wedding kiss will draw everyone's attention." Brook started to explain again. "That's exactly the moment… Pudding-san will shoot Sanji-san!"

"I'll dodge the shot. So the gunshot is the cue." Sanji said as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"OK, that's easy!"

"OK, let's go over the plan," Bege said getting everyone's attention.

He explained that after the shot, Luffy will appear and break the picture. As Big Mom screams, they'll put on their earplugs to block her shriek and the other Straw Hats will rescue the Germa family while his crew shoots the missiles at Big Mom. "We'll finish in 10 seconds, tops. Any longer than that and we'll risk dying."

"A race against time," Pedro said from his spot.

Bege and Caesar explain that Caesar will use a mirror nearby with Brûlée so they can escape that way and appear on the Sunny. They all then left to get ready with Sanji using Sukai Wōku (Sky Walk) to get back in his room.

A Few Hours Later, Whole Cake Chateau.

The rest of the Vinsmoke Family approaches the gates to the wedding venue, but they are stopped by the Fire Tank Pirates, who tell them that they will need to go through a body check. The Vinsmokes reluctantly hand in their weapons upon demand but are taken aback when they are told to also hand in their Raid Suits.

Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji consider forcing their way through the security, and Niji and Bege nearly clash, but Judge stops them. He decides to comply with the Big Mom Pirates' wishes, and Bege welcomes them to the Tea Party.

Inside Bege's body, the Straw Hats go over the wedding venue map to plan their attack, with Luffy running around with a net. He says he is ready, assuring his crewmates that everything will turn out alright.

Outside the Whole Cake Chateau, Big Mom's Tea Party guests arrive just in time by a pig-drawn carriage. Out of the carriage are the Emperors of the Underworld.

The first is a rotund man with large ears, nose, and lips, and a scar between his eyes. His hair is arranged in cornrows, alternating between blonde and dark, and he wears a small pair of glasses and he has a cigar. He's wearing a vivid purple suit with a rose attached to his left breast, as well as a dark purple fur coat.

This is Du Feld the 'Loan Shark King' also known as the 'God of Fortune'.

The next is a young woman with short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, red lipstick, and red-painted fingernails. She's wearing a salmon-colored dress with a purple end, with pink diamond patterns on the bottom, a small white cape showing her dress is backless, a sunhat with a flower on it, and high heels shoes with ribbons on top. She also has a pink handbag with her.

This is Stussy, the 'Queen of the Pleasure District'.

The next is a large man with very puffy light hair resembling a lion's mane, who's wearing a metallic mask over the top of his face that has red star markings over the eye holes. He also has a light brown jacket with four pockets and the numbers "499" above them, pants with the same pockets, an orange tie, and a belt. He also has a dark arm strap with some kanji for "Death" written on it and he's holding a scythe.

This is Drug Peclo, the 'Major Undertaker'.

The next is a very tall human albatross hybrid with small eyes and a large beak. His body is covered in white feathers, and he has a large tail and wings that resemble human arms. He's wearing a blue top hat with a large striped feather in it, a light blue button-down shirt with a yellow bow on the top, red and white checkered pants, a dark cape, and shoes that fit his bird-like feet.

This is 'Big News' Morgans who's also president of the World Economic Journal.

The next is an older man whose back is slightly hunched. He has a big white mustache and wears a tall striped hat on his head covering it. He's wearing a striped suit and pants.

This is the Warehouse Kingpin Giberson 'The Hider'.

And the last is an older man with bags and age spots under his eyes. He has long black hair, a beard, and curled mustache, and he's wearing a large bicorne with an anchor on the front and three feathers sticking out of the left side. He has a brown coat over a ruffled white shirt, a yellow scarf, and wrinkled pants.

This is the Shipping King 'Deep-Sea Currents' Umit.

They all walked up to the building where Perospero was waiting for them before creating a candy escalator for them.

At the venue, the tea party celebration gets into motion as the emperors arrive. Smoothie greets them and offers them drinks, and she squeezes a liquid out of a giraffe.

Outside, an organ trader named Jigra tries to get past the Fire Tank Pirates' security without going through a body check, saying that he was invited to the previous tea party, but went to his mother's funeral instead. However, as he reveals that Big Mom sent him his hospitalized father's head in a box. He is suddenly shot through the head by a jelly bean. Bege and his crew look up to see a man sitting on top of the gate.

He is is an extremely tall, large, and muscular man with short spiky crimson hair and two symmetric scars on both sides of his face. He stands at nearly three times Luffy's height. He has long legs, with his thighs being equally as long as his lower limbs. He has sharp, intense, crimson eyes, highly arched eyebrows, and prominent lower eyelashes under each eye.

He's wearing a massive light ragged scarf that covers his mouth and reaches his shoulders. He also has a torn leather vest with "CHARLOTTE" on the back that exposes most of his torso, dark gloves and pants, a belt with a skull-shaped buckle, and spiked boots with spurs. His torso is very defined, having prominent abdominal muscles covered in pink tattoos, and he's wearing spiked bracelets on his arms as well as knee pads with a single spike on them.

This is Charlotte Katakuri. He is the second son of Big Mom and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Flour with a 1 billion and 57 million Berry Bounty.

"Sweet Commander Katakuri, may I ask why did you shot him?"

"This is what he was going to say. 'Do you know what she sent me afterward? It was the head of my hospitalized father. I'm here for revenge' Then he takes a pistol and shoots two of your men. Is it wrong for me to throw a jelly bean at him before that happens, Luke Bege?" Katakuri asked Bege.

Bege frowned knowing that Katakuri was able to master Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) to a state where he can see slightly into the future instead of just being able to know where an attack was coming.

"Tell Mama it was my call," Katakuri said flipping a bean in the air like a coin. "This is what you're gonna say. 'I see. Alright then."

'He'll be the biggest pain in the ass at the party.' Bege thought to himself. 'His bounty is over a billion. He's a monster!' He then sighed before repeating the words to Katakuri. "I see… Alright then."

"50… No, 100 raiders… Are coming!"

"Nani? (What?)"


A group of men rushes onto the scene. Cursing Jigra for not waiting for them, they begin to attack, and Katakuri foresees the Fire Tank Pirates being overwhelmed by them as the organ dealers withstand their volleys of bullets. Once this happens, Katakuri shoots one of the organ dealers with a jellybean as two men appeared.

The first is an extremely large and muscular man. He has a very thick neck, and hair that is arranged into three curved sections, as well as a short, spiky beard. His hair color is a gradient that resembles something being baked, starting blond and turning into a dark orange. His skin has a light pink tint. He's wearing a high-collared orange cape which ties in the front in a yellow bow, short gloves, a thick belt with a circular buckle, capris, striped socks, and loafers.

This is Charlotte Oven, the fourth son and fifth child of the Charlotte Family. He is also an officer of the Big Mom Pirates and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Browned Food with a bounty of 300 million berries.

The next is an extremely tall and broad man with a shaved head with short blonde hair, and some wrinkles on his face, as well as a small mustache. His eyes are yellow, and he has a hard-faced expression. He's wearing a dark blue-colored coat with very large, blue and white striped shoulder pads that are lined with fur on the inside and around the base, and a yellow cape hangs from his shoulders.

His hands are covered in orange gloves, and he has boots of the same tone. He also has hooped earrings and a thick belt with a depiction of a genie's lamp on it around his waist.

This is Charlotte Daifuku, the third son and fourth child of the Charlotte Family. He is also an officer of the Big Mom Pirates and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Beans with a bounty of 300 million berries.

The organ traders look forward to harvesting the Big Mom Pirates' organs, and one of them wraps chains around Oven, but Oven heats his body and melts the chains as he hits one of the dealers with a hot fist and melts the weapons of everyone nearby. Fearing the brothers' power, the organ dealers begin to escape, but Daifuku scoffs as he summons a massive genie-like figure that deals a massive blow powerful enough to take them out, and the organ dealers are left in awe, calling the brothers 'monsters'.

Seducing Woods.

Luffy chases after several animals with his net. He initially loses sight of them, but two monkeys fall out of a tree when their branch breaks and Luffy excitedly moves to capture them.

Meanwhile, the tea party guests brace for Big Mom's arrival, and she steps into the venue, eagerly ready for the festivities. However, both she and Sanji know the malice that is about to take place.

Inside Bege, Naruto was talking to Nami in another room. "Did you mean what you said to Bege?" She asked him having Naruto smile as he clipped his holsters on.

"Of course." He replied before pulling her into a kiss and groped her ass having her dress ride up flashing back panties.

To Be Continued.

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