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Chapter LXXXI.

Last Time.

"That's awful. I have no flesh to burn off. Yohohoho!"

"Along with that chattering, I'll burn the marrow off your bones!"

Brook smiled at that. "You have a good sense of humor."

Naruto ran around taking out the soldiers and dodged attacks from Smoothie. "Oi! (Hey!) I said I wasn't a leg man!" Naruto yelled before looking over at the Vinsmokes then used Haki to knock out all but Perospero while dodging another strike.

He then saw Luffy stretch his arms up after getting stuck in mochi showing Big Mom the broken picture. She grabbed it and tried to piece it together as tears welled up. "Mother!"

Big Mom then let out a devastating scream that overwhelms everyone in the venue, and only the enemy alliance members can move around thanks to their earplugs. As Daifuku recoils and his genie disappears, Sanji runs toward his family, activating Diable Jambe and performing a spinning kick into the top of the table. This causes Perospero's candy to shatter, freeing the Vinsmokes as Chopper gives them earplugs while Carrot and Nami give them their Raid Suits.

Elsewhere, Vito and Gotti come out of Bege's body with their KX Launchers at the ready, and Smoothie cries out in shock in anger as she sees what they intend to do. "Oi! (Hey!) Someone stop Bege and the others! Bege! How dare you betray us!"

"Goodbye, Big Mom!" Bege yelled holding a launcher and aimed it at Big Mom.


Whole Cake Chateau.

Naruto punt kicked a solders head as he ran past him before seeing Morgans taking a picture of him before jumping up to grab the head of another soldier in his arm and dropped down. "Janpingu Kattā! (Jumping Cutter!"

Naruto then rolled onto his knees before looking to see the rockets fly at Big Mom.


Only for Big mom to scream out and had the rockets blow up.

"Oh, son of a bitch!" Naruto cursed standing up.

He then looked to see Katakuri send mochi to his family's ears before he started running and opened his gates. Naruto looked up to see Caesar then flies Brûlée and the mirror down into the venue to help the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates to escape. However, Big Mom's scream shatters the mirror, leaving the pirate alliance trapped on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau as the Big Mom Pirates come for them.

Naruto screamed as he opened several gates up. "Keimon! (Gate Of View!)" He then started to secret a blue sweat that immediately evaporated creating a blue aura around him. "Kyōmon! (Gate Of Wonder!)"

He quickly ran around knocking soldiers down as his shirt ripped before bringing a knee up on the last one. "Go!"

"Nani? (What?)" Nami asked as Naruto dodged a swipe from a family member.

"Go! I'll be alright until you get far enough away!" Naruto yelled back before seeing Bege raise his pinky and middle fingers.

Bege then transforms his entire body into a gigantic, heavily armed, and fortified fortress-like golem, towering over even the massive Big Mom. The golem has a large number of cannons at various points on its body.

"Rūku In Fora Gurēse: Biggu Fāzā! (Full-Scale Rook: The Big Father!)"

He opened his mouth and had a bridge roll down. "Allies! Let's take shelter in the castle for now!"

The Straw Hat Crew then ran in as the Fire-tank Pirates covered them before Naruto saw Caesar rocketing towards them before pushing him to the side. Naruto then jumped in last and landed in a roll as he closed his gates and panted. And was then hit in the head by an irate Nami. "You wanted to stay behind?!"

"I can handle myself before retreating." Naruto said seeing Katakuri save Brûlée

Meanwhile, Du Feld manages to acquire some mochi earplugs to protect himself from Big Mom's scream. He goes to steal the treasure in the Tamatebako, but to his horror, Big Mom's scream blows the chest off of the Chateau roof.

At the Vinsmoke Family's table, several of the Big Mom Pirates approach them intending to complete their intended assassination, and Sanji sees his crewmates in danger. The Vinsmokes decide to put on their Raid Suits. Niji uses Dengeki Blue to catch bullets at blinding speed and some bullets and arrows are neutralized by Reiju's Poison Pink.

Yonji uses Winch Green to catch and crush two boulders thrown at him, and Judge creates a whirlwind with his spear that blows Tablet, Mascarpone, and Joscarpone away. Basskarte then launches fireballs at the family, but Ichiji uses Sparking Red to blow away the flames with an explosion.


When Perospero attacks the family with a candy wave, Ichiji punches him aside as Niji attacks Oven with an electric kick. Yonji confronts Saint-Marc and easily overwhelms the large pirate with his strength as he spins him around before slamming him into Daifuku's genie. Yonji then subdues the genie by slamming his outstretched hand into the back of its head.

Reiju kicks Smoothie in the arm, infecting the Sweet Commander with poison and Luffy hits Dacquoise, Laurin, and another Big Mom Pirate away from Bege's entrance. Bege then turns his attention to Big Mom, who is still weakened due to her breakdown. He tries shooting at her with his cannons, but Perospero blocks the shots with a candy wall.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bege then brings out tank treads and rolls toward Big Mom, planning to shoot her with all the ammunition he has. However, Katakuri plugs up the cannons with mochi, which causes them to explode.


"Father, the cannons are destroyed!"

Refusing to give up, Bege rolls toward Big Mom again in an attempt to run her over, only for Perospero to hold him in place with his candy entrapments. Bege then declares the plan to assassinate Big Mom as a failure and tells his crewmates and allies that they will have to fight under siege from the Big Mom Pirates.

Outside, The Big Mom Pirates besiege Bege as his Big Father form continues to be trapped, and Smoothie wrings out the poison that Reiju attacked her with. Katakuri confronts Brûlée about her role in the enemy alliance, and she assures him in a panic that she was a victim. Meanwhile, Bege manifests inside his body and notes that this was the first time one of his assassination plots failed.

He explained that they do not have much time to think of a way out, and immediately afterward, Big Mom stops screaming and regains her senses.

After Katakuri tells her about Bege's betrayal, she flies into a rage and begins attacking him. Bege reveals that since the Big Father fortress is his body, he will die if it is destroyed and everyone inside him will be expelled right in front of the Big Mom Pirates lying in wait. This is soon demonstrated when Big Mom hits Bege and destroys stone that could normally resist cannon fire, and inside, Bege takes injuries and writhes in pain from the damage.

Big Mom climbs on Bege, peering through a window, and peers in. "Come out, Bege! Straw Hat!"

The Fire Tank Pirates become panicked as they try thinking of ways to help Bege, and Chiffon rushes to the window to plead for Big Mom to spare his life. However, Big Mom becomes enraged upon seeing her due to being reminded of her twin Lola, and Big Mom believes she conspired with Bege as she attempts to attack her.

"Look out!"

Luffy and Naruto pull Chiffon out of harm's way before Luffy decides to go out and attack Big Mom. His crewmates stop him, reminding him that they did not come to fight, but Luffy wants to help Bege. Bege states that he does not care if the crews he allied with perishing during this, but will continue protecting them to keep his family and crew safe.

He then reveals his plan to escape. His exterior body will return to normal, with everyone remaining inside, and Caesar will come out and fly him to the coast of Whole Cake Island. However, Caesar protests this idea, believing that the Big Mom Pirates would easily kill him despite his Logia powers. Naruto, meanwhile, glanced over to the Vinsmokes as he heard Judge speak up.

"Sanji… Why did you save us? We're hateful enemies to you and we totally fell; into the trap!"

"Because my father would be sad… If I had stuck to my resentment from my old days… He'd be disappointed in me for becoming such a small-minded rat… Who'd laugh at your blood family's death... I don't wanna live a life in which I'm too ashamed… to face him!" Sanji then took several steps to stand in front of Judge. "Vinsmoke Sanji who escaped from Germa died once at sea… And that's what you wished for."

He then grabbed Judge and pulled him down face-to-face. "So admit this! You're not my father, Vinsmoke Judge! Don't ever show yourself in front of us again!"

"Very well…" Judge got up and turned to walk away. "I promise... I won't approach you… Or the East Blue!"

The Vinsmokes then go up to Bege, offering to head out and defend him and Caesar from the Big Mom Pirates. They head toward the gate, and Caesar is coerced to go along as Bege threatens his heart, and as Bege returns to his normal form, the Vinsmokes and Caesar fly out toward Big Mom.

"Germa! Start attacking!"

After Bege reverts to his normal body and Caesar and Germa 66 emerge from it, Bege and Caesar are left out in the open, and the Big Mom Pirates quickly take the opportunity to shoot at them mercilessly. However, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju shield them from the bullets. Caesar then grabs Bege and flies off with Germa accompanying him, and Katakuri foresees that they are trying to fly over the wall and escape from the wedding venue.

Judge attacks Katakuri but misses, and the Big Mom Pirates leap up to attack their enemies. However, Big Mom stops them as she throws the sun Prometheus that turned into a fireball toward the enemy pirates. "Hebunrī Foiā! (Heavenly Fire!)"

Reiju takes the brunt of the blast, and is eventually overwhelmed and falls onto the ground. Luffy wants to leave Bege to help Reiju, but his crewmates hold him back.

Mascarpone and Joscarpone, two long necks in togas attempt to attack her while she is down, but Reiju quickly responds by kicking them in the necks and poisoning them. Smoothie comes to remove the poison from her siblings, while Big Mom prepares to attack Reiju with a cloud that she pulled down and had turned into a storm cloud called Zeus.

However, Naruto, Luffy, and Sanji leap out of Bege and block the attack, and both Sanji and Luffy are annoyed that the others came with them. Hey then dropped on their feet as Sanji looked back at his sister. "Let's go Reiju!"

"Hai! (Yeah!)"

They turned to run, with Sanji grabbing Luffy as Big Mom gave chase reminding Luffy what he said on Fish-Man Island and when he was captured. "Luffy!" Naruto said looking over. "We haven't trained enough to take a Yonko.(Emperor)."

Luffy just ignores him before jumping over and bit into his arm. "Gia Fōsu! (Gear Four!)" He then threw his arm back. "Gomu Gomu no Kongu Gan! (Gum Gum Kong Gun!)" He then threw a punch at Big Mom who coated her arms in Haki ad blocked it with her forearm.

Luffy landed and bounced in front of her as Nami yelled at him. Naruto then dashed around kicking Big Mom's sons and daughters as they pointed guns up at Bege. His eyes widened as for a millisecond, he saw Katakuri attack him before backflipping from a strike from the commander as Sanji's Sibling gained his attention having Naruto dash away.

The Big Mom Pirates' assault continues as Oven leaps up right in front of Caesar and heats his fists. However, Yonji intercepts the attack, allowing Caesar to fly away. Oven makes his fists too hot for Yonji to handle, forcing Yonji to separate from him as they confront each other. Daifuku then summons his genie to confront Caesar, but Niji steps in. Niji meets the genie's halberd with a kick, and their massive clash causes the genie to dissipate.

Smoothie then jumps up, preparing to squeeze Caesar and Bege, but she is stopped by Ichiji. The two dodge each others' strikes, and Smoothie grabs Ichiji's leg as he attempts to fly away, but he manages to increase his jet power enough to escape her grasp. The Big Mom Pirates continue their pursuit, and Bege's subordinates attempt to shoot them from inside his body, but Judge arrives to take them down.

Caesar gets very close to the wall and freedom, but Perospero erects a candy wall that converges down on him. However, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji come rushing in and combine their abilities in an attack on the wall that completely shatters it, and the Straw Hats cheer on Caesar as he nears the home stretch. Naruto followed by using Sukai Wōku (Sky Walk.)

He dropped on the wall to attack anyone that tried to follow as he stared at Luffy and Big Mom.

Meanwhile, Du Feld is relieved that the Tamatebako landed on a ledge of the Whole Cake Chateau only a short distance below. He prepares to go get it when he is confronted by Stussy. During this encounter, the frosting under Du Feld gives way, causing him to fall onto the ledge where the Tamatebako is. He excitedly goes to open it, only to be shot by a sharp compressed air shock wave.

Stussy held up a finger gun and smiled down at the man. "Tobu Shigan… (Flying Finger Pistol…) We, the World Government, will have the Tamate Box… How silly." She said looking down.

Formerly: 'Queen of the Pleasure District' Stussy, An Intelligence Agent of CP-Agis 0.

"Of course I'll lay the blame on you. You'll write a story like that, won't you? Morgans." Stussy turned to see Morgans was behind her trying to hide before walking up.

"Sure but can I at least get a scope on what's in it?!"

"Hai, (Yes,) you can take pictures. You're quick to understand. That's because you're a manipulator of information." She said as Morgans glared.

"No, I run a newspaper! I'll sue you!" Morgans yelled as Du Feld's body pushed the box down the cliff.

"Nani?! (What?!)"


Luffy Vs Big Mom.

"Once I take down Kaido… You're next!"

Luffy exclaimed before he attacks Big Mom with a two-armed strike. Big Mom manages to repel him, and her blow causes Luffy to deactivate Gia Fōsu (Gear Four), forcing Sanji to grab him and run away. "Kaido? Mamama! He can't be taken down by you guys... And you temes… (Bastards…) How can you even dream of getting out of my territory?!" Big Mom as she races toward Luffy.

Judge comes flying in and attacks her, expressing his shame over the fact that he was duped in his quest to restore the glory days of Germa. However, Big Mom catches his spear in her teeth and destroys it. Judge unsuccessfully tries attacking her again, and she grabs him, saying that he can be assured she will use his scientific technology to bring peace to the world. She then uses Zeus to strike him to the ground with a massive thunderbolt.


"Raitei! (ThunderBolt!)"

Naruto turned to bring his knives out as he stared at Katakuri. "You were so-!" Katakuri stopped as he leaned back from Naruto's strike and let Caesar go.

"Get out of here!"

Caesar flew off as Naruto stood in front of the commander.


Naruto smiled before he was quickly grabbed and slammed into the wall, crashing through the door. Naruto sat up and spat out blood before slowly getting up and opened his Gates again. And had Ichiji attack Katakuri having Naruto slide under the Sweet Commander's legs and take off running.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Reiju, and Luffy are confronted by Smoothie, Daifuku, and Oven. With Luffy still tired from using Gia Fōsu (Gear Four), Sanji and Reiju go on the offensive. Sanji unleashes attacks against Oven and Daifuku, while Reiju tangles with Smoothie and successfully poisons her again. However, Smoothie punches her into some rubble and squeezes out the poison again.

Galette then binds Sanji, Reiju, and Luffy in place, allowing the Big Mom Pirates to attack and subdue them.

Up ahead, Ichiji is unable to land a hit on Katakuri, and the Sweet Commander grabs him by the arm and knees him. Ichiji uses Sparking Red to build up energy and unleash a devastating explosion that engulfs the two of them.


However, Katakuri reforms without taking damage and grabs Ichiji by the neck before punching him in the face.

Meanwhile, Yonji struggles to withstand Big Mom's strength, and Niji kicks her in the head using Electric Blue. Big Mom, barely affected by the voltage strikes them both down with Zeus.

Elsewhere, Caesar is confronted by Brûlée, who has turned into a mirror image of him, and as he looks behind him, he realizes in shock that all of his allies have been defeated and the Big Mom Pirates are surrounding him, ready to shoot. With no options left, Bege concedes, and the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirates prepare to go out and fight as Big Mom gleefully prepares to start their execution.


However, the Tamatebako lands at the base of the Whole Cake Chateau, it cracks open and explodes. The resulting explosion rocks the Chateau and damages its base, causing it to collapse. Chaos erupts inside the Chateau, and the people in Sweet City flee from its impending fall. At the wedding venue on top of the Chateau, the Big Mom Pirates begin to fall along with it as well.

Big Mom tumbles all the way off the venue and is sent plummeting toward Sweet City a great distance below. Morgans takes pictures of the event as he and Stussy wonder how the Tamatebako could have possibly caused this. While Brûlée weeps as her family and crew are all sent tumbling to their doom, and Bege laughs gleefully at this reversal in fortune.

To Be Continued.

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