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Chapter XCV.

Last Time.

"And he realized… How big the world is! Now that the Akazaya samurai are dead, someone has to inherit Oden's will! That's why… I'm gonna open up this country!" Yamato took off the mask and ripped the sleeves off the kimono revealing she was a woman with a rather large bust.

She has long, white hair that is bound between orange rods into a ponytail at the back, which fades into aqua green and then blue the further down it goes and ends in rectangular locks similar to Kaido. She also has large, orange eyes with prominent eyelashes, gold hoop earrings on both ears, and horns on the top of her head which are mostly red, but gradually become more flesh-colored toward the base.

Kaido's Daughter, Self-Proclaimed Kozuki Oden, Yamato.

"You are…" Luffy trailed off as Yamato looked down.

"Let me fight alongside you!"

"You said you were Kaido's son."

"Kozuki Oden was a man, right? So I became a man, too. You're really strong. You weren't going all out when you fought me, were you? You remind me of Ace."

"Nani?! (What?!)"



"You know Ace?!"

"Hai! (Yeah!)" Yamato nodded at that. "He came here once to take Kaido's head. He talked a lot about you."

"I see… When he and his group were leaving, I wanted to go on an adventure with them!

"Why are you still here?" Luffy asked raising an eyebrow as Yamato looked down at her shackles.

"There's a reason why I can't go."

Back Entrance, Onigashima.


Law's group, Samurai and the Minks looked up at the sky before Bepo looked at his captain. "Captain, we won't fight alongside them?!"

"I have my purpose. Come with me now!"

"Aye-aye, Captain!"

"Law-dono! Arigato (Thank you) for everything. I wish you the best of luck!" Raizo said before they left as Bepo looked over his shoulder.

"Good luck!"

"Everyone, are you ready?" Raizo asked before Viper spoke.

"Of course! I'm glad that I made it!"

"One cat isn't so great a reinforcement," Duke spoke up at that.

"Nani?! (What?!)" Viper asked pulling out his arm and revealing a gun in its place. "Can you-gara say that after seeing this?!

"Nani (What) is it?"

"Isn't it cool?!" Viper smiled bringing it up. "This will fill Kaido with bullets!"


"Kiku, I have so many travel stories to tell you," Izo said to Kiku who nodded.

"Yes, so do I…"

"But… We must take down Kaido first!" He said as they turned to the building.


"Our lives were saved by Oden-sama… Let's wager those lives tonight!" Raizo yelled out raising his hand.

Nami, Carrot, And Shinobu

"Stop! I won't let you get away!"

Prometheus yelled out as he chased the three after meeting with Big Mom "If you get caught, he'll take you to Big Mom!"

"No! I'm sure I'll get chewed out!" Zeus yelled out after Nami

"Help me, you guys!"

More Homies came out to help stop the group. "Nani (What) are those monsters?!"

"They're yokai! The fictional creatures from the Land of Wano ghost stories!"

"Sandā Burīdo Tenpo! (Thunderbreed Tempo!)"

Nami attacked one that attacked Shinobu with a bolt of lightning "Arigato! (Thanks!)"

She looked back to see the two caught before feeling dread.

They were all sliced as Naruto ran in with his sword coated in Haki.


"I, as Kozuki Oden… Thought you, Ace's brother, would let me on board your ship so I gathered info on you."

"Oi (Hey!) Everyone loves Kozuki Oden! You can't just be him!" Luffy said to Yamato who grits her teeth.

"I know you're more Oden than me!"

"Nani (What) do you mean I'm more Oden than you?!" Luffy asked her calming her down.

"Although I'm Oden, I'm not free… Because of these cuffs! I wanted to set out to sea along with Ace and the others… But I've been held captive on this island since I was eight!"

"Aren't those for prisoners?!"

"Hai! (Yes!) My father said they'd explode if I left the island. To be honest, I think he might've lied… Because what kind of a parent would blow up their son?! But when I think of the worst-case scenario, I feel weak at the knees. Because my father is that jerk!"

"Do you want me to take them off?" Luffy asked having her blink.

"Nani? (What?!)"

"Do you really wanna fight alongside us? Even if you're there, I'll be kicking Kaido's ass right in front of you!"

"I wish I could do it myself! I don't know how many times I've been beaten by him since I was a kid! Every time I challenged him, I got defeated!"

"I see. OK, I'll take them off for you!"

"Take them off? They've restricted my freedom for years… It's not that easy to…" She trailed off at that as she heard Kaido.

"It's been two years since the Paramount War against Whitebeard!"

"It's footage from the Performance Floor!"

"The world has finally started moving! They decided to abolish the Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) not because the Government went nuts! It's a sign of their confidence that they can bring us under control with the Navy HQ's new force. But while the World Governments are convinced of that, we'll collect the most powerful forces in this world, the Ancient weapons!"

The two then pushed a board to bend as they looked at the video of Kaido. "To accomplish that… we allied with Big Mom!" Big Mom then crashed the wall at that.

"Did you… Call me, Kaido?!"

Olin the Orian, Captain Of The Big Mom Pirates Bounty: 4,380,000,000.

"Big Mom?!"

Robin said as Naruto landed beside her with Nami, Shinobu, and Carrot. "You're finally here, Linlin! What took you so long?!"

"Don't be so stiff, Kaido! I made it in time. Ma-Mama Ma." Big Mom laughed before turning to the crowd. "As Kaido said, we allied for a purpose!"

"A purpose?"

"If we're at each other's throats, it's out of our reach, but if we join hands, it's already within our grasp! Okay, guys?! We'll concentrate on pirating! We're finally…

"Going to go get..."

"The great treasure of the One Piece!/The great treasure of the One Piece!" Kaido and Big Mom yelled together having the crew cheer.

"The One Piece…" Yamato trailed off as Luffy glared.

"That's something I'm gonna have! Those temes. (bastards!)"

"The presence of the Ancient weapons… Will bring about fear and war in the world!" Kaido said resting his weapon on his shoulder. "Prepare yourself! That's the world of violence that we hope for!"

"The Ancient weapon…" Jinbe said as Robin nodded.

"It is said that three of them exist and that they bear the names of gods… Pluton. Uranus. Poseidon. If they seize those powers, the world will lose its balance and hurtle down the path of destruction."

"Isn't that a bit dramatic?"

"No, it's true."

"So listen, Orochi's subordinates!" Kaido continued at that. "You must choose. This country… Is a natural stronghold surrounded by the falls, which the Navy and the World Government can't easily penetrate. If we build more weapon factories and force even the people of the Flower Capital to work, this place will become a lawless land, a paradise for pirates!"

"Kaido-sama... What do you mean?" Fukurokuju asked looking up.

"I'm sure you heard me."

"Oi… (Hey…) Oi! (Hey!) Orochi yelled up at Kaido. "Kaido, you teme! Bastard! What are you blabbing about?! The Flower Capital is my home turf! Just because I'm Kurozumi, do you know... do you know how much pain… the Kozuki Clan has given me over the years?! I was persecuted and despised just for being alive, and they took away everything from me! A grudge against the Kozuki Clan! And against the Land of Wano! An urge for revenge against them all… That is what has driven me all this way!"

"In a sense, the Flower Capital is the symbol of the Kurozumi Clan's retaliation! Their lands and lives… are all mine! Even you… can't mess with it as you, please! Are you listening?!" He asked Kaido who turned. "I'll make the rascals of the Kozuki Clan who tortured the Kurozumi Clan get on their knees, and to keep them from rebelling against me, I'll parade horrors before them!"

"Forever and ever! I'm the one who'll destroy the Land of Wano! This country is mine! Know your place, Kaido! You've been here for only a short time! Who do you think is making it possible for you to procure weapons?! The Land of Wano can only exist with me! I hope you know that!" Kaido placed his weapon down at that as Orochi continued.

"I see you understand. What we've got to do now… is kill that brat right-!"

Kaido turned with a sword and sliced Orochi's head off. "I don't care! We don't need him anymore! What nonsense! To me… both the Kurozumi Clan… and the Kozuki Clan… mean nothing!" He finished as Luffy and Yamato fell and ran off as Kaido continued. "Now the fly that was attracted to pirates is dead. Decide what to do in five seconds, Orochi's men! Do you wanna become pirates and follow me? Or do you wanna challenge us here and die?!"

"To prepare for the upcoming world war, I will turn this country into a pirate empire! We'll go on more expeditions for our primary business. So tonight, we'll relocate this Onigashima to the Flower Capital, and the Land of Wano will fall! Rename the country New Onigashima. The new Shogun is my son… Yamato! I know how you samurai are loyal. I admire even those of you who challenge us! The Land of Wano will change. Along with our new allies, we'll build a new foundation for this world! What are you gonna do?"

"The Land of Wano Ninja Force and Oniwabanshu!, 5,000 strong! We'd like to serve you!" Fukurokuju spoke up after a moment.

"Likewise, the Land of Wano Samurai Force, 5,000 strong! We'll serve you from now on!" A blonde-haired Samurai spoke up as everyone cheered.

"You don't even deserve to be called Samurai!" Hyogoro yelled before a man held him back.

"Hold it in for now, Boss Hyogoro!"

"I can't believe you recruited the worthless shogun's subordinates… You're pretty good!" Big Mom said before laughing. "Now, the forces are well-organized!"

Kaido laughed before raising his weapon. "Now in the Land of Wano, there is no shogun samurai who serve under him! The foolish citizens of the Flower Capital… Must be enjoying the festivities too much to see that this will be their last day."


"Everyone! To avenge our late lord Oden-sama, and… To help Momonosuke-sama, we are aiming at one thing! Taking Kaido's head!" Kin'emon yelled out holding his sword as they got to the door and walked inside. "Let's go!"

Luffy And Yamato.

"Let's hurry! They're here, right? The Akazaya Nine!"

"Let me down, Yamao!" Luffy yelled as he was carried again.

"Yamao? Why are you calling me that?"

"Please stop, Yamato-sama! Stop!" A man yelled as she ran down the halls.

"Young Master Yamato and Straw Hat Luffy are heading to the floor!"

"To the Performance Floor?"

"Hai! (Yes!) We'll catch them!"

After dealing with the men, Luffy got off and they continued to run. "We're almost there, Luffy!"

Luffy stopped and grabbed her shackles. "Let me take these off! I promised you!"

"Please! Just in case... to be safe… throw them far away… Though I don't think they'll explode…" Luffy took a breath and then quickly pulled the shackles off of her wrists. "They came off!"


And exploded shooting them into the main area as Yamato cried. "Damn! That cow-gorilla! He was gonna kill me!" She then composed herself and flipped to land in a crouch having her breasts bounce. "I understand! He's not my father anymore!"

"Y-Y-Y-Young Master!"

"I'll take care of him myself!" She yelled as Kaido looked down as Queen yelled.

"Did you do it, you spoiled gaki?! (brat?!)"

"Wait, Yamao!" Luffy yelled as she tried to attack.

"You damn old man!"

Luffy punched her back at that and grabbed her. "Calm down, Yamao!"

"My name is Yamato! Don't stop me!"

Naruto looked up as Kin'emon broke through with the others where Kaido was and drove him off as Kin'emon stabbed him in the stomach forcing him off and into the floor below creating a crater.

The others started attacking before Ulti attacked Yamato with a gold mace having their weapons clash. "Ulti!"

"How dare you hit me! It hurt so bad! I'm your ally but you attacked me, and you're running around alongside Straw Hat… What are you doing-arinsu?!"

"There's nothing wrong… The day I become Kozuki Oden has finally come!"

"Kozuki Oden?!" Ulti blinked at that. "What are you talking about?! Are you crazy?!"

"I'm serious!"

"Are you okay?!" Luffy asked running up. Let's kick their asses and move on!"

"Hai! (Yeah!)"

"Young Master Yamato, we have a problem! Your father was just attacked and there are a bunch of enemies on the floor! Stop fooling around!"

They were surrounded by Beast Pirates at that. "I know!"

"Nani? (What?)"

"I'm not your ally anymore, and I don't care if my father dies!" Yamato yelled out shocking the group.

"Gomu Gomu no… Muchi! (Gum-Gum Whip!)"

Luffy attacked them with a Haki-infused kick as Big Mom walked up. "What is it this time? There is too much going on at this banquet…"

"Gomu Gomu no… Erefanto Gan! (Gum Gum Elephant Gun!)"

"That must be…" Big Mom narrowed her eyes at the attack.

"Oh, no!"

"She sees Luffy!" Carrot yelled out as Big Mom gained a red aura and walked to Luffy who saw her,

"Ugh! Big Mom!" Not when I'm so busy!"

"I finally found you. Straw Hat!

In another part of the building, Law and his men walked down a hall before coming across Beast Pirates. "Rūmu! (Room!)"

Law created a dome and attacked.

In another hall, Who's-Who walked with a group of men and women before one woman stopped him as they came to a four-way. "Matte! (Wait!) Yamato's this way! You wanna catch him and win the right to challenge a Lead Performer, right?"

"I have some other business."

In the main room, Yamato glared at Ulti as they attacked each other again. "Get out of my way, Ulti! I'm Kozuki Oden! And I'll take down Kaido!"

"Who's Oden, you ultra-idiot?! You have to cherish your family!"

"Look who's talking!" Yamato bit back. "In that case, be nice to Page One!"

"Nani? (What?)! Don't tell me what to do!" Ulti yelled back at Yamato. "I'm… Nicer to Pay-Pay than anyone else in the world!"


Ulti went into her hybrid form and attacked with a headbutt that Yamato blocked with her kanabo.

"Gomu Gomu no… Erefanto Gan! (Gum Gum Elephant Gun!)"

Luffy punched Big Mom as she ran towards him as countered with her Haki-infused punch. "You kicked sand in the eyes of my pirate group to kill you… I came from the Totto Land! Straw Hat!"

Naruto slashed one man's throat as he looked back when hearing Kin'emon speak to Kaido as the others with him stabbed Kaido as well. "You are the moon unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled… And cast nine shadows on the night woven of years and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn! Our time has come. By taking Kaido's head, we will avenge our lord Kozuki Oden!"

"Straw Hat! Why are you here?! Don't tell me you came to take down Kaido, that's too funny."

Naruto turned to see Big Mom speak to Luffy. "That's not what I'm here for!"


"Straw hat man... What did you say?!"

"That's not, Luffy?!" Yamato stopped by him before Kaido spoke.

"No! I'm… After years, the Akazaya samurai will come to get their revenge… Orochi's prediction that no one believed was connected with all the other dots! I can't believe you joined hands with pirates. The rumor about the shadow sat the ruins of Oden Castle… Punk Hazard. Dressrosa. Zou the Phantom Island. Behind it, all was the Straw Hats! By a curious coincidence, you guys were hiding behind the Straw Hats who I see as my enemies."

"Some of you held out for years while others jumped forward and ran around, and you ended up gathering all your troops. But pirates will stab you in the back! The moment they know you'll lose, they'll abandon you and run. Besides, I've already taken Straw Hat down a peg once!"

"You are insulting him! Luffy-dono is nothing like you guys!" Kin'emon yelled at him.

"You, Kaido, the officers, Orochi, and all your subordinates! I'm here to kick all your asses!" Luffy yelled out shocking the others.

"He is the man who will stand at the pinnacle of the sea someday! Even if we die, he will still be here! The Daybreak will come to the Land of Wano again! Because… That is what we promised our lord!"

"It's gonna be an all-out war!" Luffy yelled out at that.

'Just what I'd expect from Ace's brother! I'm happy to fight alongside him!' Yamato thought with a smile before Hyogoro smirked.

"We held out for years and finally made it this far. We have nothing to be afraid of now! Even if it kills you, cling onto Kaido's head!"

"With Luffy-dono and the other's support, we finally get to face you again. We will not let you get out of here alive!"

"Don't push your luck." Big Mom said to the scabbards. "You only have several hundred troops!"

"She's right. Bakas! (Idiots!) We have, 30,000 soldiers! What can you do with only several hundred?" Queen yelled before being handed a Den Den Mushi. "Nani? (What?")

"It's an emergency! Thousands of intruders are entering from the back!"

"Nani? (What?!) How's that possible?!" Queen asked in shock.

Naruto sliced several men with his sword before looking to see Zoro doing the same. "Alright! If that's what you want… I'll slice you as much as you like."

"Screw you!"

"Yes, you guys are screwed!"

"A samurai..."

"Zorojuro-dono! We'll help you!" Men came up to help Zoro at that.

"I don't need your help."

On the other side, Kid and Killer were slicing men left and right as they ran down the hall. Naruto turned to see he was surrounded before releasing Haki. The men suddenly saw a nine-tailed Kyūbi behind him before Naruto quickly sliced the men and appeared down the hall. He saw Mai taking a staff out and hitting men with it sending them through walls as Emiko had others attack each other with swirls.

And Olive was using brass knuckles on other men while Nojiko attacked with a fire whip. Suddenly, Kaido jumped out of the hole in his dragon form and flew out as the samurai grabbed onto him.

"Kin'emon! I'll catch up to you later!" Luffy yelled as Kaido left.

Thane shot waves of his aura out to hit a group as Tate attacked with a roll and her metal claws. Kitchi jumped around attacking as well before Naruto shot his sword behind him via a stab and killed another man.

Outside Kaido laughed as snow fell while looking at the samurai. "I'm sobered up. If you wanna have a deadly fight, it's better out in the open. "Just like that day… But unlike that day, Oden's already dead."

"Something else is different from that day." Duke bit back.

"We deduced that when you turn into a dragon, you wouldn't be able to fight in the dome." Viper finished as Minks dropped down

"You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this day!"

"I want you to learn how angry we are the hard way!"

"Minks…" Kaido mused before Viper continued.

"We brought the warriors from our kingdom. There's a snow flurry in a clear sky. You can see the full moon."

"Oh, yeah… You, Minks, turn into berserkers called Sulongs by the full moon." Kaido said as electricity sparked on the Minks before Jack walked out.


"I can't believe you did this, you damn samurai! It's our fault we let so many of you in. You'll never come near Kaido-san again!

"Hold on, you-gara guys!" Viper said to the others who got ready before Duke spoke.

"Jack is our sworn enemy who devastated our thousand-year-old kingdom. We told him countless times the samurai wasn't there..."

"The warrior who they said wasn't there is me, Jack!" Raizo yelled out gaining Jack's attention.

"It's you..."

"They saved my life! I'll pay you back many times over!"

"Give it your best shot!" Jack yelled out clenching his fist. "I have a score to settle with you, too! I want you to pay for it with your lives!"

"Bring it on!"

"Do your worst!" Duke yelled as their eyes turned red before the Musketeer Squad dropped down.

"No, Master and your fellow samurai... Must prepare for Kaido."

"You too, Duke-sama!"

"Then, I'll leave them to you," Viper said before his eyes turned normal as the Squad looked up at the moon having electricity spark around them and their eyes turned red.

"Arigato. (Thank you.) In that case, I'll use every bit of my strength to take down Kaido!" Duke finished as he took a step back.

"Don't be afraid! A Sulong's lifespan is short!" Jack yelled out before his men started yelling.

"Bring it on! We're beasts, too!"

The Minks quickly dashed forward attacking the men shocking Jack.

Inside, Yamato blocked another strike from Ulti. "Ulti! I don't have time for you!

"Yamato! Are you trying to turn your back on me?!"

"I'm Kozuki Oden, and I've got things to do!" Yamato bit back before pushing Ulti back and swung her weapon hitting Ulti back to the hallway.

Naruto jumped through a wall and saw Big Mom on Prometheus land in front of Luffy. "I won't let you get away Straw Hat! Even if the others escape, I'll never let you get away! Guys! Let's ill all the samurai who came to attack us, and start the banquet over! You've ruined… The wedding, the tea party, and this big banquet… You always spoil other people's fun! I won't forget! I'll kill you in a most befitting manner! Your final breath will be pathetic!"

She attacked with her sword before Naruto in his Gate form grabbed Luffy and dashed away from the blast that killed multiple Beast Pirates. "Is that old bag a monster?!"

"I heard she's a pirate captain who is as infamous as Kaido overseas!"

"Nani?! (What?!) Then it's like we're facing two Kaidos?!"

"Straw Hat, I can't believe you dodged that!" She said to him. "Come on, Zeus!" Big Mom held her hand up only for nothing to happen. "Zeus, what's the matter?! You're…" She looked to see Nami running holding Zeus.

"She noticed!"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, it's impossible! Nami! She'll kill us!" Zeus yelled out.

"Zeus! I look away for one moment and now you're with her? Bad boy! Now, come back!"

"Okay, Mama…"

"Zeus!" Nami pulled him up to face her. "Me or Big Mom, who do you choose?!"

"I can't stand up to Mama!"

"If you choose me, you can eat delicious things like you did earlier."

"Nani? (What?) Is it true?!"

"I've never lied in my life." She said as Naruto in the background snorted. "So believe me. Okay?"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh! I believe you! Let me eat as much as I like!"

"Enough already!" Big Mom reached out to grab Zeus.

She then had him turn black with lightning before she pulled her fist back. Only to have Franky on his motorcycle with Brook ram into her and Brook slice Zeus with his sword. "Franky!"

"Okay, you've been cut!"

"Oops! I think I ran over something!" Franky said as Big Mom fell on her back. "Who cares! As long as I didn't run over a flower."

"Aniki! (Big Bro!) Arigato, (Thank you, Franky!)"

"Nami! Are you okay?!" Carrot yelled out as she ran up.

"Hai! Hai! (Yes! Yes!) I'm fine! If Aniki's (Big Bro's) here, it'll be a tremendous help!" Nami replied as she was standing beside Franky.

"Go! Samurai warriors!"

Hyogoro yelled out as the men attacked and raised their swords.

"It's already started!"

"It's a huge messy fight… Since we're late, we should work harder than everyone." Brook stated as he walked over.

"Oh, boy... Look what they ran into. Help me a bit, Nico Robin." Jinbe said to Robin who nodded.

"Sure, I'm happy to."

"Great! That's what I expected from Franky and Brook! Then I'm gonna… Go help Kin'emon… Now!" Luffy looked up just as Chopper and Usopp got in and fired on the giants.

"Now you see how strong Usopp, Brachio, and I are!" Chopper yelled as Usopp got up missing the dust and smoke clearing. "You did an excellent job, Gunner Usopp!"

"And your orders were superb, Commander Chopper!"

"This is what we're capable of!"

"Big Mom, Giants, or whatever, just bring it on!" Usopp yelled out before seeing the giants were left unscathed. "High-explosive…"



"Work!/Work!" The two yelled out together as they saw the Giants look around.

They jumped back in as one giant grabbed them and shook the legs."Th-The tank is unbreakable…"

"But we can't take it if you shake it so hard..."

"Please stop!"

Up ahead, Yamato ran down a hall looking for Momonosuke with Ulti chasing her. "Y-Yamato, stop Damn you!" Ulti attacked having Yamato duck and had Ulti hit a wall. "Yamato! I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life, and take you to Kaido-sama!"

"I don't have time for you! And I won't go back to Kaido! I have my mission! Leave me alone!"

"How annoying! I'll kick your ass!" Ulti attacked having Yamato dodge it by jumping on a bridge walkway. "Stop dodging, you little..."

"Ulti!" Yamato attacked having them clash weapons. "I'll force my way through!" She sent Ulti away as she landed in a crouch. "Now if you'll excuse me. Wait for me. I'm on my way!"

She then ran out to see Shinobu and Momo on a walkway. "There you are! I'm glad that you're okay! Kozuki Momonosuke!"

"Who are you?!"

"Hey, Shinobu!"

Shinobu turned to see Luffy dropping down. "He's our ally! You can trust him!"

"What? Our ally?!"

"It's safer to be with him than to be by yourselves. See you!" Luffy stretched his arms out and shot off.

"Are you our ally?"

"Hai! (Yeah!)" Yamato nodded hands on her hips.

"Okay. I believe you. What's your name?"

"What?! I'm… I'm Kozuki Oden! I'll protect you!" Yamato yelled out jumping over.


"Oden-sama…" Shinobu trailed off as Momo looked at Yamato.

"Fath... er? Breasts… Horns?! You can't be my father!"

"You're too suspicious! Our enemy!"

"Nani?! (What?!)" Yamato yelled as Shinobu jumped back and dropped a smoke bomb.

Naruto went into his gates and attacked several men as Than ran around slicing men as well with Tate and Kitchi attacking the throats of nearby men. Franky looked at the knocked-out Big Mom and smiled. "Now… I don't think she'll keep sleeping like a baby forever."

Big Mom then exhaled at that and woke up eyes red. "Gee... I didn't see that coming..."

"Big Mom is about to lose control!"


"Finally…" She turned to walk towards Franky who spoke before Brook looked up.

"You're up."

"You're popping up one after another… You Straw Hats! Soul King! It's been a while. Your group is made up of such rare creatures. I can't wait to add you to my collection."

"You have good taste!"

"You like my iron body?! You old bag! My name is… Franky! I'm a cyborg! I'm so rare and strong!" Franky smiled at that and posed.

"No, you two! Let's run! She's a Yonko (Emperor) of the Sea!

"A Yonko (Emperor) of the Sea? So we run?" Franky smiled as he pushed his glasses up. "Oi, (Hey,) Nami. Don't you want… Our captain… To become the King of the Pirates?! Franky…" Franky trailed off as the giants holding his tank walked in,

"Nani… (What...) What are those giant things?!"

"Oi! (Hey!) You were assigned another banquet hall! Numbers!" A man yelled out before Nami and Carrot screamed.

"No! They're as big as Oars! What are they?!"

"They remind me of Thriller Bark…" Franky trailed off as Big Mom laughed.

"Are they the failed recreations of the ancient Giants… That Kaido bought from Punk Hazard?! Nice…"

"It took all of us to finally defeat Oars alone…" Nami said as Carrot looked up in surprise.

"Look at that!"

"What that monster has in his hand is… Brachio Tank!" Franky spoke after Carrot did pointing. "That's Usopp's team! Let go of it! You big mole!" Franky attacked with his beam at that before hitting the giant forcing him to let go of the tank. "My laser beam… Is unstoppable now!

"Didn't you wanna shoot this way?" Big Mom asked having Franky look back as she raised her arm.

"Lend me your arm!" Jinbe grabbed the arm and flipped her on her back onto a bunch of hands created by Robin. "Gyojin Jūjutsu! (Fish-Man Jiu-Jitsu!)"

"Mil Fleurs! (Thousand Flowers!)"

"Uzushio Ipponzeoi (Whirlpool Shoulder Throw!)"

She then rolled down the building as Robin yelled out. "Delphinium! (Large Rocket Larkspur)"

"Damn you, Jinbe! I remember what you did to our fleet! I'll kill you, too!"

"Bring it on!" Jinbe yelled as she rolled away.

"How did it go?" Robin asked the Fishman who laughed.

"Better than I expected! She'll be back angrier! You're a remarkable woman."

"Sorry! Arigato (Thanks!) Jinbe! Robin!" Franky yelled out as the duo walked over.

"Mm-hm. I'm glad that you're okay!"

"Now… It's the moment you've been waiting for…" Franky pulled a Den-Den Mushi out and called the tank to combine.

Big Mom rolls out of the castle and down the entrance steps, being spotted by Perospero. Meanwhile, Sasaki's chains are broken off by his subordinates. Sasaki swears revenge on Denjiro for betraying him.

Atop the Skull Dome, Kaido and Jack's forces battle against the Minks. Although Jack fights off the Minks, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi take over, transforming into their Sulong forms to face him.

Inside Luffy dodged attacks before jumping on one of the roofs and looking up at the hole Kaido created.

"How fast!"

"Catch him!"

"Oh, I see the sky," Luffy said before rolling his shoulder. "Okay, I think I can get up there from here."

"Don't move!"

Luffy looked down to see a man pointing a rifle at him as Queen back turned and smoked his cigar. "Queen-sama!"

"Uresai. (Shut up.) I'm on a break."

"It's Straw Hat!"

"Nani?! (What?!) Straw Hat?! And he isn't alone?!"

Naruto, Thane, and Zoro burst through a paper wall and looked up at Queen.

"Oi, (Hey,) Zoro, Naruto, Thane!"

"Oh, Luffy! Where are you going?" Zoro asked as Luffy kicked the man away.

"Up where Kaido is."

"We'll come with you," Naruto said sheathing his sword.

"I won't let you guys go!"

Zoro and Thane sliced the men that Queen had attacked before they ran to Luffy. Luffy shot him and Zoro out as Naruto used Sukai Wōku (Sky Walk) and had Kitchi ride on his shoulder as he held a rope for Thane and Tate to pull them up.

But they are caught by Queen who's in his Brachiosaurus form and bit them in his mouth and King also appears. They are flung off the balcony, where they are faced by Jaki, one of the Numbers, on the ground below. However, Franky combines the two vehicles into the Iron Pirate, a giant robot. Operating the robot, Franky shoots down Jaki with his cannon.

Sanji emerges from the rubble and removes his raid suit. Although he is attacked by enemy units, Naruto, Thane, Luffy, and Zoro fight at his aid.

The Straw Hats battle against the enemy Beasts Pirates, remembering their past adventures as a crew. Despite being far stronger than most of the Beasts Pirates, the Straw Hats are still greatly outnumbered. Still, they gather and prepare to battle against the All-Stars and the Tobiroppo.

After fighting the men, Luffy looked up at the hole. "I thought I could just get there by jumping. Damn. It's not that easy."

"We'll come with you."

He looked to see Naruto, Zoro, and Thane walking up. "Let's just get to the top!"

"What a pain."

Sanji blew smoke out walking up as he looked at the Gifters in the air with wings. "Are they all capable of flying?"

"If we tear off their wings, they're just caterpillars," Robin commented walking up.

"The way you put it creeps me out as always!" Usopp yelled holding his slingshot.

"So they're the Lead Performers that everyone's talking about." Brook walked up fixing his hat.

"They look strong, but our captain's stronger!" Chopper dropped down in his Kanfū Pointo. (Kung Fu Point.)"

"I'm sure we can handle them." Nojiko walked up and pulled her fire whip back into her handle as Olive, Mai, and Emiko dropped down.

"Hai! (Yeah!) As a navigator, I must help the captain get where he wants to go!" Nami smiled walking up.

"Super count on me! This General Franky'll clear the way for you!" Franky in General Franky said walking up before Jinbe dropped down.

"Let's go, Captain!"

Hai! (Yeah!) Let's do it one more time! Ready?! Everyone! I'll leave the rest to you! Back us up! I'm gonna go… Take down Kaido!" Luffy grinned as he crouched.

X Drake and Basil Hawkins watch the battle from above. Secretly fearing Kaido and Big Mom's alliance, Drake is happy that Luffy has come to stop them. He prepares to betray the Beasts Pirates, but Hawkins refuses to join him.

King and Queen also meet on the balcony, with Queen still questioning how the Udon prisoners escaped. King tells the Tobiroppo to stop all enemy invaders from climbing onto the Skull Dome to battle Kaido.

After hearing that Drake was attempting to betray the Beasts Pirates, Who's-Who decides to carry out his own plot against the traitor. He claims that he is plotting to kill Queen, so Drake joins him to confront Queen together. However, Who's-Who instead turns on Drake, shooting him in the arm. Queen reveals that they were aware of Drake's betrayal all along; he was spotted letting Law out of prison, so they deduced that he was a traitor.

Queen prepares to torture Drake for information regarding his true allegiances.

Back with the Crew, Jinbe threw one of the giant's clubs away from an attack having it land on more men.

"The straw hat man's friends are all strong!"

"Damn monster…" Luffy dashed forward at that and ran to a giant.

"Straw Hat-san!"

"Just watch us! We once fought… Against one just as large as that! Back then, it took all of us to finally bring down something that massive! But things have changed!" Luffy yelled before running up the giant's arm as he tried to attack.


"Gia Fōsu (Gear Fourth!)" Luffy went into his Gear Fourth form and smiled. "Baundoman! (Bounce-Man!)"

"Oh, he did it again!" Hyogoro yelled out looking up. "That form... He's like the god of fire himself!" He finished as Luffy punched the giant as another fell from an attack by Drake in his hybrid form.

"He's so impressive!"

"That's…" Usopp trailed as Naruto looked up to see Drake falling.

"Drake from the Tobi Roppo!"

"Why did he attack the Giant?!" Zoro asked looking up as well.

'There's still… hope.' Drake thought before speaking out loud to Luffy. "Damn! Straw Hat Luffy! I'm fighting alone for a reason! Please! Let me fight alongside you guys!"

"X. Drake!" Chopper said as Usopp gripped his weapon.

"Did he change sides?!"

"That teme! (bastard!)" Sanji cursed as Naruto jumped to grab Luffy before landing and looked "He's that perv who saw… Nami-san, Nojiko-san, Olive-san, Mai-san and Robin-chan taking a bath the other day in the Flower Capital!"

"Nani (What?!) That's unforgivable, Drake!" Brook yelled out at that.

"How would you know unless you perved on the girls as well Sanji?!" Naruto looked over at that

"He's so despicable!"

"No, you are!" Nami yelled out at the cook before Robin sighed.

"I'm glad that you didn't drown in the pool of blood that shot from your nose..."

"That's right, Robin-chan! I have hot blood running through my veins! I don't mind losing everything for you!"

"Cut it out! Don't try to pass your nosebleed off as cool!" Nami hit him with her staff as Franky stared at Drake.

"What's with that guy?! He wants to fight alongside us?!"

"How could he say that after slicing his ally?!" Jinbe asked arms crossed before Thane looked at him.

"Wouldn't that mean he is on our side?"

"Oi, (Hey, Drake!) Why did you attack one of the Numbers?!" Page One asked as Ulti looked over as well.

"I know you! You wanna take down Kaido too?!" Luffy panted as he looked p.

"I can't tell you why, but we have the same goal!"

Zoro attacked having Drake block with his axe. "Don't try to use a shitty trick at this stage! Luffy! Just like Hawkins, he became Kaido's subordinate!"

"But now I got kicked out!"

"That's why you wanna side with us?!"

"How can we trust such a shallow teme?! (bastard?!)"

"Stay away from Luffy, X. Drake!" Franky yelled out as Naruto looked down.

"You can become my ally."

"You sure?!" He asked having Luffy nod.

"Hai. (Yeah.)"


"Stay out of it, Captain! You moron!" Zoro yelled out with Franky and Jinbe.

"Either way, I'm just gonna take down Kaido! You can do as you like too!" Luffy turned to see more men running towards them before Franky and Jinbe stepped by him. "Franky! Jinbe!"

"They say rearguards are the true heroes of the battlefield!"

"Hurry to the castle, Luffy!"

"Okay! I'll leave them to you!" Luffy ran off at that followed by Naruto and Thane.

"Once a traitor… Always a traitor! I can't let you get close to Luffy!" Zoro said looking at Drake.

"I don't blame you!"

"Sanji! Let's go inside the castle!" Luffy said as Sanji ran to him.

"Hai! (Yeah!) Okiku-chan is waiting for my help!"

Usopp and Nami are chased by Page One and Ulti, and Luffy and Sanji are attacked by Apoo's sound attacks. They cover their ears to evade the attacks. Apoo summons Hatcha to defeat the Straw Hats. Hatcha is then enticed by General Franky and attempts to chase it. Franky decides to run away, chased by Hatcha, to prevent him from further rampaging on the live floor.

Zoro and Drake battle, with Zoro untrusting of Drake, because he refuses to reveal his true identity. However, their battle is interrupted by Apoo, who attempts to summon more Numbers. United by a mutual hatred for Apoo, Zoro accepts Drake into the alliance and they battle him together.

Queen fires a machine gun into the crowd, striking several samurai fighters with bullets. Although their wounds are shallow, the bullets immediately begin taking effect, freezing the victims' skin and coating it with ice. Drake finds that the bullets fired were Excite Bullets, and the samurai were affected by another one of Queen's viruses.

The virus in the Excite Bullets causes a transformation in its targets, freezing them and covering their skin with ice, as well as making them grow horns and fangs like an oni. The victims became hostile, attacking their allies and biting them, infecting them as well. Queen fires another round into the crowd, striking more samurai.

In the hall, Yamato was chasing Shinobu and Momonosuke. "My dear son! Momonosuke!"

"He's here!"

"I'm Kozuki Oden! Listen to your father!"

"Shinobu… He looks so desperate...Why can't we just listen to what he has to say? Luffy said he's our ally…" Momo asked Shinobu who looked down.

"Momonosuke-sama, we're in the enemy's stronghold! We shouldn't trust someone who identifies himself as Oden-sama!"

"I'm Oden! I wanna protect you!"

"Father… Can't we just listen to him…

"Momonosuke-sama! Don't fall for it!" Shinobu yelled out as she continued running. "He can't be Oden-sama!"

"I'm Oden!"

"You can't be Oden-sama!"

'But I… Want to talk to my father again!'

Samurai & Minks Vs Kaido.

"Take this! I'll go all out!"

The Samurai looked as one of the Minks hit a giant knocking him out. "It took all I've got to take him down. He was quite strong."

He turned to see Jack in his elephant form. "Bring it on! I'll slice through you with all my strength! One of the Lead Performers of the Animal Kingdom Pirates… Jack the Drought!"

"All the resentment and bitterness from the past… Let's settle it once and for all…" Duke said walking up. "Jack!"

"Duke-sama!" The Mink exclaimed as Duck and Viper walked up.

"You should let us settle the score with him-meow!"

"He-gara is truly like a disaster… We, Minks, will never forget! The awful poisonous-gas-filled vision is burned in all Minks' memories! You don't know how many people writhed in agony and gave way to despair!" Duke glared before Viper spoke.

"Since I saw you-gara earlier, my severed left arm has been tingling!"

"This leg that you-gara cut… Is itching… To chop you up, too!"

"You damn little Minks… Will be destroyed this time!" Jack exclaimed raising his trunk.

Over with Wanda, and more Minks, she's wearing a hat and blue cape with a purple top that exposed her cleavage and white short shorts.

"Don't let anyone go up! Don't let them get in Luffy and the others' way! Stop them all here!"

The Minks attacked at that before one yelled out. "Wanda! No matter how many of them we cut, they keep coming! We'll get run down!"

"Don't stop! Keep moving!" She yelled back as several men ran past her to the stairs. Only for Carrot to hit them. "Carrot!"

"I'll fight, too!"

"Carrot, arigato! (thank you!)"

"Count on me! Let's stop them here!" Carrot replied as she jumped over to Wanda.


Carrot's ears twitched as she looked back and clenched her fists. "Oi, (Hey,) what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry, Wanda. I gotta go." She glared and jumped up.


"I need to check something!"

Just outside the castle, Big Mom gets up from falling down the stairs and speaks with Perospero and Marco. Perospero initially protests her alliance with Kaido but decides to trust her, but this places him at odds with Marco. Marco battles Big Mom fiercely just as Carrot shows up and recognizes Perospero.

"I knew it was him!" She teared up remembering Pedro before wiping her tears. "Pedro!"

"Carrot! Where are you going?!" Wanda asked as she dropped.

"I found Pedro's foe!" Carrot replied before dashing down the stairs towards Pedro as Wanda followed.

She then stopped as she noticed the full moon.

Inside, as Luffy and Sanji run through the hallways, Kaido fires a fireball at the samurai. Kin'emon slashes the fireball, cutting Kaido in the process. "You thought we were gonna run? That's funny!" Denjiro smiled as Kaido looked down at the samurai.

"We're sick of running!" Raizo yelled up at that. "Sick of hiding!"

"Let us die as Oden-sama's samurai!" Ashura said from his spot.

Inside, Naruto sliced a man before dropping down beside Luffy. "Kaido! Get out of my way!" Luffy yelled as he and Sanji kicked a group away.

"Nani's (What's) going on?! No!"

Naruto saw more men get infected as they kept going.

On the other side, Yamato kept chasing Shinobu. "Why are you running?! I told you I'm Kozuki Oden!"

"I don't know what you're talking about! So fishy! Incomprehensible!"

"Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!" Yamato asked as she continued to run before Shinobu dropped a smoke bomb having Yamato stop. "Oh? Momonosuke-kun, are you okay?! Momonosuke-kun!"

"It seems like he is really worried about me," Momo asked as Shinobu hid them in the rafters.

"Momonosuke-sama, don't be fooled." She said as Yamato looked around as the smoke cleared.

"Momonosuke-kun! I've always been waiting to see you! Let me protect you!"

'It does not look to me like he is lying…' Momo thought as he looked down. 'Who is that man? Why does he care about me so much?'

"You're there, right, Momonosuke-kun?! I'm glad that you're okay!" Yamato turned at that. "I'm Kozuki Oden, so I know… What my son Momonosuke-kun smells like!"

"What?! Do I smell that bad?"

"I like your smell," Shinobu said looking at him. "You smell very good…" She trailed off as they fell having Yamato turn around. "Are you hurt, Momonosuke-sama?!"

"No, I am okay!"

"That's good! Come jump into my arms!"

They looked up at Yamato scaring them as they thought her eyes glowed before they took off running. "Nani's (What's) the matter?! Are you going through a rebellious phase?!" Yamato asked running as well.

All missing a black cat watching them with a paper on its face with a yellow eye on it.

Outside, the Nine Red Scabbards work together to battle Kaido. Raizo and Denjiro strike Kaido's underbelly, Kin'emon climbs onto his body and pierces his head, and Inuarashi and Nekomamushi strike him with Electro. Kaido is still unharmed, flinging them to the ground before blasting them with fire.

Still, just like Oden twenty years ago, the samurai rise in the flames. They remember when Oden offered to teach his retainers Oden Two Sword Style, but they all refused. So, using their fighting styles, they each take turns attacking Kaido, each managing to pierce his body.

Kaido is still unharmed. So, the Nine Red Scabbards decide to mimic Oden's Two Sword Style in honor of Oden. Kaido shoots several fireballs at them, but they evade them. Kin'emon clashes against Kaido's Bolo Breath, then they all perform a move, "Togen Totsuka," slashing Kaido's underbelly just like Oden did twenty years ago. The slash that the Nine Red Scabbards inflicted on Kaido reopens the scars that Oden made. Kaido collapses from the injury.

Inside, Zoro blocked an attack from one of the infected. "I remember you! Stop! Come to your senses! You're a samurai!"

"Don't touch him, Zoro!" Chopper yelled out as Zoro tried to grab the man.

Zoro used his sword to push the man back at that. "Don't, Zoro! If you touch him, you'll become an oni, too! "

"You'll turn into an oni just by touching them. It's incredibly infectious…" Robin said as Olive and Mai walked up with her before Brook nodded.

"Hai…(Yeah…) And they'll attack anyone! But we can't fight back since they're our allies! We don't wanna fight!"

"It'll alter not just your appearance, but also your soul… By that I mean, it'll rip it out!" Robin glared as did Chopper.

"Just like that time...When they turned into mummies in Udon… How could he spread such a virus!? He is an oni!" Chopper said looking up at Queen who pulled out a Den-Den Mushi and spoke into it.

"Seal off the exits to the other floors! This floor is doomed! This is my masterpiece! Ekisaito Dan: Kōrioni! Plague Rounds: Ice Oni!)" He picked out a purple bullet and laughed.

On the other side, Thane spun his scythe hitting men as Luffy yelled."Outta my way! I gotta make it there! Don't get in my way!"

"You teme! (bastard!)"

"I said 'Outta my way'!"

"Matte, (Wait,) Luffy!" Sanji stopped him and walked up.

"Nani (What) are you doing?!"

"You're gonna fight Kaido, right? Save your energy for now!"

He, Naruto, and Thane walked up and each took out men before there was none left. "Arigato! (Thanks!)"

"No problem!"

Suddenly, a man with a gorilla for a fist attacked. He is a muscular man with bright yellow hair and thick sideburns. His hair groups are arranged in a triangular shape. He has a tattoo on his right pectoral that says "Bris" and a scar over his right temple, across his forehead to his right eye.

He's wearing dark-colored pants, a cape with a furred collar, and frilled shoulder pads with single spikes on each side, and then a belt with a chain attach and hung on the right side of the leg, and he has knee pads, a glove, and dark boots.

"A gorilla?!"

"I won't let you through here! Prepare yourselves!"

Briscola, Headliner Of The Animal Kingdom Pirates With The Gorilla SMILE Fruit.

"Why's the gorilla growing out of there?!"

"You think so?! Then why don't you teach meow a gorilla should be...Growing out of you?!" Briscola asked as the gorilla beats his chest

"How would I know?!"

"Ore no Kobushi in Gorira Panch! (Gorilla Punch Punch!)"

Sanji stepped back as the gorilla destroyed the floor with a punch. "Wow! He's not that weak!"

"The Gorilla Punch is a killer!"

"I won't let you go even one step farther!"

"Uchimizu! (Water shot!)"

Water hit Briscola at that as Jinbe appeared in the hall and smiled. "Oh! Jinbe!"

"I thought I'd find you around here. I was right..."

"Briscola-san! Are you okay?!" A man asked while Jinbe walked up to the others.

"Ow, ow, ow…" Briscola grunted before looking at his gorilla. "Oi! (Hey!) Are you okay?! Stay with me!" The gorilla shook his head and yelled at that. "Oi, (Hey,) you!" Briscola pointed at Jinbe as he got up. "How dare you attack us!"

"Yosh! (Okay!) I'm gonna fight you this time!" Luffy said before Sanji once again, stopped him.

"How many times do I have to tell you to save your energy?!"

"It'll take a while for you to beat this many enemies!" Luffy bit back as he looked at the cook.

"Uresai! (Shut up!) I'll polish them off in 10 seconds! Do you have any problem with that?!" Sanji yelled as he glared at his captain.

"Hai! (Yeah!) It'll only take three seconds if I help!"

"Only a seven-second difference! Why can't you wait?!"

Naruto sighed at that as he looked at the men as they continued. "I'm going to go ahead."

Naruto dashed off at that as the two kept arguing. "Seven seconds is a big difference!"

"You're so impatient!"

"You're too slow!"

"Oi, (Hey,) don't ignore me! Prepare yourselves!" Briscola jumped to attack at that. "Ore no Kobushi in Gorira Panch! (Gorilla Punch Punch!)"

"Gyojin Karate: Samegawara Seiken! (Fish-Man Karate: Shark Brick Fist!)"

Jinbe attacked with a punch and had Briscola fly into the ceiling and fall back down, knocked out. "Briscola-san!"

"Oh, good job!"

"You're great, Jinbe!" Luffy cheered as he smiled.

"Luffy! I'll escort you to the rooftop! You need to save your energy for now!" Jinbe said to Luffy.

"Why are you taking control?! I helped Luffy get this far!"

"Okay. I'm sorry! Luffy! Our allied samurai must have reached by now! Let's meet up with them!" Jinbe said to Sanji before directing the last to his captain.

"Alright! Got it!"

"You grasped the situation perfectly!"

"How could you take down Briscola-san?! Get them!"

Luffy attacked his kick before Thane spoke. "Listen. Luffy'll fight whenever he sees a chance."

"Let's keep an eye out!"

The group then dashed down the halls as they attacked men that tried to attack them.

The people in the Flower Capital celebrate, but they secretly long for the return of the Kozuki Family. Minatomo the carpenter sits down for a drink and remembers the old days when the country was run by Sukiyaki and Oden. The townspeople pray that the Nine Red Scabbards are battling against Orochi and Kaido.

Atop the Skull Dome, the Nine Red Scabbards decide to decapitate Kaido to finish him off, but he gets up before they could do so. "I saw Kozuki Oden's shadow in the spirit you all displayed! I wouldn't mind if I got killed… Every time this scar tingles, I remember that fateful day… If only no one got in our way at that moment… But you guys are not Oden after all… I'll never see another monstrous samurai like him!" He growled at that as he looked down at the samurai.

"Too shallow! You guys aren't strong enough to reopen the scar from that day! You guys can't do it!" He breathed and created a tornado before breathing out with wind blades.

"Invisible slashes?!" Denjiro yelled out before one went to Kiku.


She disappeared as Naruto landed in another spot holding her before blocking a slash. "I guess I can hold you off until Luffy gets here."

Back inside, Yamato was still chasing after Shinobu. "Matte! (Wait!)

"No! You're so persistent! Stop following us!"

"You can't tell me that! I have to protect Kozuki Momonosuke!"

"Why?!" Shinobu asked as she continued running.

"Because I'm Oden!"

"You're talking nonsense again!"

Shinobu sped forward having Yamato Tsk and follow. Both again missing a cat watching from the rafters before it jumped away. Yamato came to another hallway before walking and came past another on her left. "Oi! (Hey!) Where did you go?"

As she passed the other hallway, a piece of paper the same color fell off having Yamato turn and run down the hall. "Kozuki Momonosuke! Kozuki Momonosuke!"

Another peeled off in the original hall having Shinobu peek out. "I guess he's gone now."

"Mm... Mm-hm… Do you think he is serious? He claimed he is my father and would protect me…" Momo said before they ran.

And had the cat follow above. "Luffytaro told us to trust him, but we don't have time to check up on him! Let's just run for now!"


Over in the main room, King looked to see a relatively short young woman with short, light blonde hair. She has two long horns at the top of her head that point upward and a large squirrel's tail protruding from her back hanging upside down from the rafters.

She's wearing a thin mask over her face with a single eye drawn on it and four turret-shaped bumps at the bottom. Additionally, she has a low-cut red furisode with flower patterns on it that leaves most of her legs exposed, a large bow on her back, and geta sandals on her feet. She carries around a large Uchiwa fan with a long handle and the kanji for wind written on it.

"How was it, Bao Huang?"

"Well, Yamato and Momonosuke are running through the Right-Brain Tower heading outdoors! Yamato went slightly off course, but he'll meet up with them again soon!"

"That's good enough," King spoke before bringing a Den-Den Mushi up. "This is King. We now know the identities of those fools who crashed the banquet. The enemy group has about, 5,400 soldiers. Most of them are samurai with Oden's retainers in the lead. So this… Is a plot to revive the family… Staking the Kozuki Clan's prestige. They want to make Oden's son… Kozuki Momonosuke the Shogun of the Land of Wano."

"For all Gifters and Tobi Roppo members that are free… Here's my order! Kill Kozuki Momonosuke who is now running through the Right-Brain Tower, and bring his head to me! That'll take all the fight out of the samurai. Although I know the pirates are another matter."

In another hall, Ulti rode on top of Page One's dinosaur form before a fire whip pulled her off. She looked up to see Nojiko pulling the fire in with Emiko holding a brush. "I don't like others messing with my sister!"

In another hall, Shinobu ran down the hall. "Shinobu, what we just heard…"

"Don't worry! I promise I'll protect you!" She said as they came to a four-way intersection.

"Shoot!" Sasaki said from the dark.


A cannon was shot at Shinobu from the shadows of one hall having her drop a smoke bomb as more men fired at her via rifles.

"That's so quick. Collect his dead body!"

"Yes, sir!" One man walked up and saw the barrel riddled with holes.

"Here it is. Oh? What's this? A barrel?" Another walked up and looked at the barrel as well before Sasaki gasped, looked p, and saw Shinobu jump down from the rafters.

A man with a turtle for a lower body attacked her and she fell before he attacked her with an axe. "We, of the Armored Division's defense, can't be broken down with a weapon like that!"

Shinobu tried to counter, only to get hit by a bunch of barrels.


Momo looked up from one as she looked back. "No! Please hide!"

"Nice try! The members of this team all have armored bodies. There's no way out! Aim at the brat!" Sasaki said as they attacked with arrows.

"Momonosuke-sama!" Shinobu turned and had several hit her back before getting up and grabbed her sword

"Please... Run..."


"Don't worry… It's nothing." She replied as she stopped.


"You're a future Shogun… Don't get upset over a little thing like this!"

"Your master's life is more important than yours?" Sasaki said from his seat. "You're so loyal, kunoichi. But the future with him as Shogun… Will never come!"

The turtle man attacked wit his axe at that. "I'll kill you… Along with the brat!" She blocked the attack with her sword before he continued. "You can't even shield him!"

He sent her into the wall having Momo look up. "Shinobu!"

"Run, Momonosuke-sama!"

"Run? Because I am the man who will become the Shogun? Is that… What a Shogun is supposed to do?" He ducked under a swipe and ran off. "Shinobu! Shinobu!"

"I'll get you!"

Yamato dropped down and hit the man through a wall screaming. "Well, well… Do you wanna interfere? Young Master Yamato." Sasaki said as she turned.

"It's not interference. I'm gonna fight for the Kozuki. Because I'm Oden!"

In the main room, Queen continued to shoot his gun before laughing. "This is what my Plague Rounds can do! But it's still not exciting enough… Oh, yeah! I've got an idea! Get ready to be attacked!" He fired again laughing hitting his men.

"Queen-sama... Why did you shoot us, too?"

"All you can do is laugh! Come through for me just once, Pleasures!"

"Oh, I feel cold… Somebody, help…"

"There was some humanity left in him."

The uninfected samurai battle the ice oni to avoid getting infected. However, one of the yakuza, Omasa, is scratched by an oni's nail and is infected. Chopper swears revenge on Queen for his gross misuse of man-made viruses. "I won't forgive him! If he creates a virus and makes people suffer… I'll save everyone at any cost!

On the other side, Jinbe, Luffy, Thane, and Sanji continued to fight the men. "It's Straw Hat and Jinbe!"

"They're incredibly strong! Watch out!"

"Why didn't they mention "Black Leg"?!" Sanji sighed as he kicked another man as Thane sliced another.

"Just keep running Sanji!"

"I know!"

"I wanna kick Kaido's ass!" Luffy yelled out as he punched a man away.


"We won't let you through!"

Thane sliced another as Jinbe hot another one as well. "You guys are so weak!"

"I'm sorry... Hamlet-sama, Fourtricks-sama… We couldn't stop them!"

"We're gonna show you what true strength looks like." A man said from the shadows getting them to stop before a light shined on two SMILEs users.

The first has an entire giraffe's body growing from his backside starting from the neck, thus leaving his main body hanging several meters in the air. He has long, shaggy bright green hair and possesses the ears and ossicones of a giraffe. He's wearing a regal-looking cloak that leaves his chest exposed and has pronounced shoulder pads, and dark gloves, and also wears giraffe-printed pants and boots with spurs.

Hamlet. A Headliner Of The Animal Kingdom Pirates With The Giraffe SMILE Fruit.

The other man's body is transformed into a large rooster, although his head is at the chicken's rear end. He's wearing sunglasses over his eyes and has pronounced lips, and his hair is a massive pompadour resembling a chicken's tail. He has a tattoo of the number 4 on both his left cheek and on the left side of his chicken's head, as well as a tattoo of the word "Tricks" on his forehead over his left eye.

He has normal arms stretching down from the top of the chicken's backside, but his legs seem to have transformed into those of a chicken

Fourtricks A Headliner Of The Animal Kingdom Pirates With The Chicken SMILE Fruit

"Hamlet-sama! Fourtricks-sama!"

"'Common'? That's the word for you guys!" Hamlet said with a grin. "'Expectation'? That's something we… Will surpass!"

"Be quiet, Hamlet! The truly powerful are silent."

"The way they grow!" Jinbe and Sanji knocked the two out as two women ran over as the Straw Hats ran down the hall.

"Hamlet-sama! Fourtricks-sama!"

"Matte (Wait) for me, Kaido!"

Outside, Naruto stood, arm resting on his sword as the wind blew while he looked up. "You all ready?"

"You guys are always determined," Kaido said as fire swirled around him. "I… Like samurai. Roger… Whitebeard… They did it well! They did it well! This may be an outdated concept…" He said before returning to his human form and resting his weapon on his shoulder. "But death brings humans completion! Don't you think so? Let's finish it up!"

"Do not be so arrogant, Kaido! Getting killed by you is not honorable for us… At all!" Kin'emon said as Naruto cracked his neck.

"Until Kohien gets his ass here, you'll do!" He grinned before opening his gates.

To Be Continued.

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