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Chapter XCVII.

Last Time.

Yamato, holing Shinobu, and Momo turned to see they were in the air as the floor crumbled. "The floor crumbled… Oh yeah! There's a floor underneath! Momonosuke-kun! Shinobu-san! Let's make our way down like this!"

"Momo! Shinobu! Are you OK?!" Franky asked as they started falling. "Did you get caught?!"

"No! He's helping us!" Momo replied to the cyborg.

"That's good!" Franky said as he fell on the ledge Yamato fell into the hole that was created.

"Cyborg Franky! I'll leave them to you!"

"Who are you?!"

"Luffy entrusted these two to me!" She yelled as Franky stood.

"I don't know who you are… But I got it! Super count on me!"

Yamato tossed the two to him and turned as she grabbed her club and added Haki to her arm, and it. "Narikabura! (Narikabura Arrow!)" She hit the giant with an energy projectile knocking him out before putting the club on her back. "Alright!" Yamato jumps up and grabs the two before they escape while Sasaki sends a pursuit unit after them, the armored division prepares to battle Franky.

As Yamato runs through the halls, she looks down. 'The one who'll lead the world to the new dawn… Is you! Kozuki Momonosuke!'



Law walked down a flight of stairs and came across Kaido's Poneglyph. He puts his hand on it as he remembers Corazon's sacrifice as well as the mysterious initial D in his name, he wonders why he lives the checkered life he lives.

Chopper And The Others.

Back inside the castle, Chopper, having contracted the Ice Oni virus, attempts to nullify the symptoms by slowing the freezing while he checks on the antidote. Brook uses a torch to keep Chopper's body warm, and this prevents the virus from spreading to the rest of his body. Just then, Big Mom appears riding on both Prometheus and Zeus.

In the hallways, Kid runs through the halls but encounters rattlesnake SMILE user Poker. Kid decides not to finish Poker off and get past him.

Kaido vs. The Nine Scabbards.

On the rooftop, the Nine Red Scabbards leap at Kaido and stab him, but Kaido unleashes a lightning bolt knocking them all back. Although the samurai prepare a counterattack, Kaido brutally beats all of them with his club, leaving them gravely injured on the ground.

Down below, Zoro and Thane dodged out of the way of Big Mom who flew up to the hole to Kaido. Up ahead, Sanji skids to a stop as he hears a woman's cry before running off from Luffy and Jinbe. "You guys, go ahead! I'll catch up as soon as I finish it!"

"Hey, Sanji!" Luffy yelled looking over as they got to the top of the stairs before Jinbe spoke.

"That's what I expected of Luffy's crew. He might've detected a strong enemy…"

"Oh well!" Luffy sighed as he and the Fishman started running the other way to the roof.

"Sanji must have something in mind. Let's just go!"


"Each of them seems to be doing their own thing, but they all do exactly what they need to do. The Straw Hats… I need to learn their ways!" Jinbe said smiling before running after Luffy.

Up with Sanji, he heard the woman again. "I hear it! A hot woman..."

"That's naughty!"

"Is calling for help!" He slid to a stop to see a shadow of a man undoing the sash of a woman several feet in front of him.

"That's naughty!"

"Yes, come closer!"

"Oh, please stop doing this!"

"You cute little thing, whaddya say?" The man said to the woman who spun.

"You shouldn't do that!"

"Whaddya say?"

"You must not do that!"

"Whaddya say?"

"Please stop! That's naughty!"

Sanji clenched his fists at that. 'That old familiar sexual harassment line! Someone in a position of power is untying a helpless woman's kimono. What the spinning woman loses with each turn… Isn't just her dress! It's her dignity!' He thought before jumping. "Hold on! I'm gonna come help! His leg lit up as he kicked the door and wall down. "Stop it!" Only to get caught in a large web. "What?! What's this?! A spider's web?!"

The man and woman suddenly jumped to attack Sanji. "Naughty Trap!"

They kicked him having him fly out and back in now tied up.

"Another pervy man of justice came..."

"Damn... It's a trap… But I'm glad… That a lovely woman like you didn't have to lose your dignity…" Sanji looked up at the tanned-skinned woman who walked over to the pink one that attacked him.

"Black-Leg Sanji of the Straw Hats. His bounty is 330 million berries!" She said holding his poster.

"I'm sure he was competing with his crewmate Zoro. I think this one's bounty is higher." The other woman said as she stomped on Sanji.

"Wow! We got some big game!"

"That stupid mosshead is no match for me!" Sanji grinned glancing up.

"Just like you're no match for us!" The pink-haired woman grinned as well.

"Untie me! I'll let it slide for now!" Sanji yelled before seeing smoke as he looked up to see Black Maria.

"Oh, how scary! You're blackmailing us!"

"I gotta go somewhere!"

"If you go, the battlefield will only spill over. I don't want this banquet hall to be caught up in it."

"I'm not willing to fight you guys! I don't want to." Sanji said as she picked up a shamisen.

"Why don't you stay and have fun?" She strung some chords and tuned it. "This place is supposed to be fun.

"On the snowy night The two… who missed each other But they didn't get a chance To see each other for so long Finally… Seeing each other."

"Oh, how mesmerizing!"

Sanji glanced back and saw a group of men hanging by webbing

"This isn't heaven! This is hell!"

"Now you see them… They stayed and had fun. The women here treated them nice and sweet. And they fell into decay." Maria said as she glanced back.

'Being flirted with by women...That's the forbidden fruit… Hell or heaven… Heaven or hell… Oh, will I end up like them?! It's a new gate… Heaven's gate opens!' He thought before yelling. "My allies are waiting for me! Untie the damn rope already!"

"When I see a boy with a dirty mouth, I get the tingles." Maria smiles down at him.

"'Boy'?! Stop messing with me!"

"Hey, how about you? Do you… Like me?"

"Cut it out! I don't… I don't like… I love you!"

Luffy And Jinbe.

Luffy and Jinbe are watched by Bao Huang's cat. Huang reports to King that Luffy has reached the third floor. King positions two Shinuchi, Poker, and a gorilla SMILE fruit named Mizerka, at the stairs to the fourth floor. However, Luffy meets with the Udon prisoners, who have built him a ladder to the next floor. Luffy climbs up, avoiding Mizerka and Poker.

Down below Chopper was standing on a pole as Brook kept a torch by him. "Everyone, listen! Use fire against the Ice Oni! This virus is fused with the gas that chills our bodies! Look at me! If you stop the chill, the virus won't multiply! I'll make enough antibodies for everyone! I'm a doctor! I'll save everyone, both allies and enemies!"


"Everyone?! Meaning Ohmasa, too?!" Hyogoro asked glancing back.

"So survive! Don't let that nefarious man kill you!" Chopper yelled out again.

"How nice, raccoon!" Queen smiled before looking down. And you're pathetic, Apoo! My version of tag… How dare you ruin the fun game! You two are annoying!"

An aura wave mixed with an airwave hit Queen suddenly at that. "What?!


"What? Whaaat?!"

"Screw the game!" Zoro said holding Wado as Thane rested his scythe on his shoulder


"I didn't come to this island to play this boring game! I came to chop up Kaido… Who is said to be the world's strongest!" Zoro finished as Queen got up as the building shook.


"His anger provoked an earthquake?!"

"Is it Haki?!"

"Hang on! Everyone, hold up!" Hyogoro yelled as Brook walked over.

"Zoro-san, what did you do?! I can't believe you did this!"

"There's no way it's me."

Suddenly blue flames covered the floor as Marco flew in. "Straw Hats!"

"Marco the Phoenix!"

"Yeah, that's who I am-yoi! You guys are the main force, why are you still here on this floor?!"

"It's not like we wanted to be," Thane spoke looking p as Kitchi and Tate sopped down.

"Is there anything I can do?"


Yamato carried Shinobu and Momo to a shore.

"What's wrong?!" Momo asked as they stopped at an empty shore and dock.

"The Animal Kingdom Pirates' ship... is gone!"


"So is the sea!" Yamato replied seeing no water under the dock and instead saw purple clouds.

"What?! What do you mean by that?!" Momo asked looking up.

"It's too late! We can't run to the sea anymore!"

"Isn't this a port?!" Momo asked as Yamato turned to look back at the building.

"That quake before… I get it now!"

"What is going on, Yamato?!"

"Dragons fly through the air by creating Flame Clouds! That means now… Kaido is lifting up Onigashima! He's gonna relocate the island to the Flower Capital!"

"Th-That cannot be true..."

Kaido vs. Nine Scabbards

Naruto panted as he knelt while holding onto his sword.

"Not yet… Not yet!"

He looked to see Kin'emon standing. "The Land of Wano will definitely… See the dawn…"

Kaido stared at the Samurai as he readied his sword. "Are you satisfied now? Kozuki is finished. The Land of Wano, I mean, New Onigashima… Will become a stronghold for pirates. Let's usher in a world of violence!"

Back inside, Queen stared at the flying Marco. "What?! Why?! How come?! Marco the Phoenix?!"

"Everyone, listen up! Use fire against Ice Oni! Warming up your bodies will halt the progress of the virus!" Chopper yelled out again.

"Oh, thanks! Only Raccoon-san could figure it out!"

"But since the virus has already been widely spread, it's hard to get sources of fire for everyone…" Robin mused looking around.

"It takes time to produce many antibodies! Meanwhile, the virus will keep spreading and more people will get infected! So please find some! Fire! Flame! Sufficient time for survival!"

"Then let's do this-yoi!" Marco smiled, landed, and hit Chopper with his flame.

"Ouch! Ow, ow, ow!"


"It's hot! It's really hot! It's burning hot! Burn, burn, burn, burn...I'm gonna be burned to death!"

"I got what you asked for, fire and flame-yoi..."

"Hey! You're burning him!"

"I thought you were on the same side!"

Zoro and Brook shouted before dashing having Marco fly back up. "They're short-tempered-yoi..."

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow..."

"Chopper-san! I'm gonna put it out!" Brook ran over and touched the flame, only to have his arm set on fire as well. "My arm! It's burning! I'm gonna be burned to… Or not?! This flame is… Chopper-san, relax!"

"I'm on fire but I'm not getting burned... It's not too hot or cold… This flame is comfortably… Warm..."

Suddenly, Miyagi and Tristan ran in. "Dr. Chopper! We're ready to produce the antibodies! Come here quickly! A swarm of Ice Oni!"

"Miyagi! Tristan! Run, you two!"

"Everyone needs the warmth anyway!" Marco dropped and spun around. "Nashi no Tsubute! (Phoenix Pyreapple!)"

The fire covered everyone on the floor. "It's not that hot..."

"The chill is going away!"

"I can feel Marco-san's warm-heartedness from this flame!" Brook said looking at his hand. "But I don't have skin to feel warmth though!"

"Thank you, Marco! Your flames are halting the progress of the virus!" Chopper said as Marco flew over.

"Well, I'm not doing much-yoi. Like you said, it's raising your body heat. Once your physical stamina runs out, you'll turn back into an oni again! I just bought you a little time-yoi."

"Thanks! That little time is what I needed! Miyagi! Tristan! Are you guys okay?!" Chopper asked the two.

"Y-Yes! We're fine! Let's get down to it!"

"We're gonna help you!" Tristan yelled as they ran back to the room.

"Thank you! In that tower, I can focus on producing them! Everyone! I'll produce antibodies for both my allies and enemies ASAP! So stop fighting for now! I promise… I promise… I'll save every single one of you!"

"Marco!" Queen yelled biting through his cigar That bastard and the damn raccoon are a pain in the ass! Hey, guys! Catch the raccoon already! Don't tell me you fell for the raccoon's words saying that he'll save everyone! That was a lie! Why would he wanna save you guys?! That shitty raccoon is trying to deceive us and bring us all down!"

"But that raccoon…" One man spoke before Queen continued.

"Don't waver! If you don't wanna die, get rid of the raccoon and take back the antibody! As soon as! Hurry up! Otherwise… I'll kill you all!"

Luffy And Jinbe.

"Sanji! Sanji! Where is he and what is he doing?!"

Luffy asked as the two ran. "Sanji might have sensed a powerful enemy and is holding them on the third floor!"

"You're right! My Kenbunshoku no Haki (Color Of Observation Haki) isn't good enough yet! I can't even sense Sanji's presence anywhere!"

"If he really did sense a powerful enemy's presence, then maybe he's mastering the Kenbunshoku no Haki (Color Of Observation Haki)!" Jinbe replied before they stopped in a large area with trees.

"Do you sense anything, Jinbe?!"

"Yeah… There are so many of them… And… They're all strong!"

"You're right…" Luffy trailed as they were surrounded by Kaido's men.

"Seems like one of us should remain on this floor! I'm gonna draw their attention so go ahead!"

"I'll fight, too!"

"Gyojin Karate: Karakusa-gawara Seiken! (Fish-Man Karate: Arabesque Brick Fist!)" The force sent the men back, knocking some out. "Just go!"

"Okay!" Luffy started running again. "Remember we still have to make that toast! Jinbe!"

"Yeah, that's an important promise… I'll fight you guys as much as you want!" Jinbe glared at the men who were still standing.

"How scary! Don't get so fired up!"

Jinbe looked up at a large cat. "As a former Shichibukai (Warlord,) you sure are strong! 'First Son of the Sea' Jinbe!"

In the right brain tower, Franky battles the Armored Division with General Franky, but Sasaki intervenes and transforms into a triceratops. They both clash. Meanwhile, Ulti and Page One rampage in their beast forms. Page One cuts down Hihimaru with his claw. Although he perseveres and gets up, he is beaten a second time. Page One and Ulti then pursue Nami, Nojiko, Mai, Olive, Komachiyo, and Tama.

Forbidden Storehouse, Inside The Dome.

Yamato put Shinobu and Momo down on the floor. "Here we go! It's safe in here..."

"Where are we?"

"It's a storehouse. I'm afraid we can't get off of this island anymore. We can hide out here for a while since we won't be seen by anyone." Yamato replied

"Shinobu! Are your wounds okay?!" Momo asked Shinobu who started to wake up.

"Momonosuke-sama! I'm sorry I let you down."

"What are you saying?! I am grateful to you! I am still alive thanks to you!"

"No... It's more than I deserve!" Shinobu started to stand, only to fall into Yamato's arms.

"You shouldn't move yet!"

"He is right! You should be resting!"

"Then please allow me to accept your kind offer and get some rest…" Shinobu closed her eyes at that.


"Call me Oden or Father," Yamato replied as the moon's light shined revealing a large dragon statue that's broken in places.

"What is this?"

"A statue of a dragon. It used to be at the entrance of the island, but my friend broke it, so it was abandoned here!"

"Your friend?!" Momo blinked at that.

"Yes… Several years ago, he came to kill my father!"

To Be Continued.

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