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Chapter XCIX

Last Time.

"Damn! You guys moved, didn't you?!" Luffy yelled sitting up to stare at the other two who sat up as well.

"I didn't move!" Kid bit back with a glare as Luffy followed.

"No, I saw both of you moving!" Law said looking over at the other two with a glare of his own.

"Don't get in my way, Hitokiri Kamazo!" Zoro said as he put his bandanna on as Thane twirled his scythe and then rests it on his shoulder.

"If I had these Punishers on at that time, you would've died! Zorojuro..."

"I don't think so."

The three then attacked Kaido with their blades at the same time. "The cut is too shallow!" Thane tisked as he saw their attacks barely cut the Yonko.

"I'm impressed with you!" Kaido grinned at them.

"I gotta unleash Enma's power a little more!"

"Kaido! We'll finish you off in one go!" Luffy said getting his attention.

"What did you say? Say that again."

"Gia Fōsu! (Gear Four!)" Luffy went into his form

"Panku Rotton! (Punk Rotten!)" Kid pulled metal to him.

"Rūmu! (Room!)" And Law created his dome.

Kaido laughed at that. "They're… Like monsters!" He grinned as Luffy threw a punch at him.


Kaido VS Alliance.

"Gia Fōsu: Baundoman! (Gear Four: Bounce-Man!)" Luffy glared as he went into Gear Fourth as Kid created large hands and a skull.

"Panku Rotton! (Punk Rotten!)"

"Rūmu! (Room!)" Law created his dome before levitating several rocks to fly. "Takuto! (Takt!)"

All three flew/jumped to attack the laughing Kaido. They're like monsters! Bring it on! Let me see if you guys are strong enough to become… The King of the Pirates!" Luffy punched him in the stomach sending him flying before following up with a kick. Kaido somersaulted back to his feet and grinned. "Ow… That hurts!"

Kid came over with enough metal to create the upper half of a body. "I'm well aware of your thick skin! But I bet you can be crushed to death! As you wish, I'll show you how strong I am!" Punk then slammed both fists into Kaido. "Panku Vaisu! (Punk Vise!)"

"That's not bad, but it needs more mass," Kaido said as he dropped down and held his weapon.

"Then I'm gonna add some."

Several rocks flew up with pointed ends as Law spoke before attacking Kaido with them. "What the?!"

"Takuto! (Takt!)"

"Damn!" Kid got out of the way as the rocks slammed into the Yonko. "You bastard! You were gonna k*ll me too, weren't you?!"

"I followed up your half-assed attack with a stronger one of my own."

"What did you say?!"

"Jaggy! Tra-guy!" Luffy bounced by them, arms crossed. "Jeez, guys… Don't fight here now! You guys are helpless."

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"I won't follow your orders!"

"I could've taken care of them all by myself without you losers."

Naruto sighed as he, Zoro, Thane, and Killer walked up. "Come on, this isn't time for a pissing contest!"

"Stay outta this Naruto!"

"Shut up/Shut up!"

Naruto flipped the two other captains off. "Oh, that hurts!"

Naruto looked to see Kaido walking up while he remembered back to his youth with Rocks. "It kills me! I haven't felt such pain… Since those days!"

"Not bad, you little shits…"

They then turned to see Big Mom holding her sword as Kaido spoke up. "That's what I expected from idiots who aspire to be the King of the Pirates… But… You can't stop me anymore!" He then went into his hybrid form. "It's so sad… I know you guys won't last long either anyway. Once you guys die, I'll take everything! Which includes your crew members who are here on this island!"

"I won't let you do that!" Luffy spoke as he glared up as Big Mom laughed before Kaido went into his dragon form.

"Not just your crew members. We'll take your treasure too! The Poneglyphs. I'm sure you guys have them with you. Can't wait!"

"I'll take your crew members and treasure instead!" Kid grinned as everyone else got ready Kaido looked down

"Whoever wins this battle will be one big step closer… To become the King of the Pirates!"

"I'm the one who'll become… The King of the Pirates!" Luffy glared as he readied his stance as Kaido pulled in a large gust of air before shooting out wind slices at the pirates.

Everyone else ran at him as Naruto opened his seventh gate. He turned to see Enma glow with Haki before Luffy attacked Kaido with a punch. Kid followed as well with a slam using his metal limbs as Law created his dome and switched with Kid for a slash. Law then used his technique to stab Kaido before dodging a swipe.

"How annoying! So you've learned how strong my body is! I guess you guys are not just some ballsy idiots!"

"This hard skin has been a big pain in the ass! I should just cut into the body, right?!" Killer asked spinning his blades on Kaido's neck before being hit by Big Mom.

Naruto then saw Kaido about to breathe fire at Luffy before grabbing Zoro went up with Geppo and threw him in the way. He then sliced the fire before Naruto pulled him up higher as Enma had purpler flames cover it before Zoro dropped down and had a dragon form in the flame to cut Kaido's cheek. Naruto then grabbed Zoro as he saw Big Mom was going to attack via Haki before the captains were attacked with lightning. Luffy, being the only one not affected jumped over.

"Straw Hat! Why didn't you get hurt by the lightning?!" She asked as he pulled his fist back.

"Because I'm rubber! How dare you hurt the others!"

Kaido attacked with fire, only for nothing to happen when the smoke cleared. "Fire doesn't work either?! Why?!"

"My guts!" Luffy yelled before flying over with a flurry of Haki-infused punches. "Gomu Gomu no… Kongu Gatoringu! (Gum-Gum Kong Gatling!)"

Luffy yelled as the attacks connected before ending as Kaido's head hit the ground. "He did it?!" Killer asked as the others stared.

"Kaido!" Big Mom yelled out as the ground shook.

"This will finish you, Kaido!" Luffy brought his fist back before he started to shrink.

Naruto dashed up before grabbing Luffy then came back down.

"Straw Hat?! When did you get hit?!"

"He didn't get hit! It's a by-product of that iron-ball-like technique! He can't use Haki for minutes or so!"

"I see. Power with a risk." Kid said before looking at Kaido. "But if all of those attacks worked on him, it's our chance to finish him off!"

"Don't push your luck!" Big Mom said as lightning cracked.

"I'll watch Luffy til he gets back on his feet!" Naruto yelled out before picking Luffy over his shoulder and jumped out of the way of a swipe from Big Mom.

Thane then jumped up as Law attacked Big Mom and spun around creating a large aura saw blade and hit Big Mom as Law jumped back. Kaido then got up and created twisters that shot everyone back.

"This is practically a natural disaster!" Zoro yelled as he was picked up.

Naruto, thanks…"

"No problem," Naruto said before being hit by Kaido's tail and having Luffy shoot up and be swallowed by the Yonko.

"You bastard! Don't chomp on our captain!" Zoro yelled as he landed and put Wado in his mouth before having a gold aura cover him.

It then turned into a purple dragon that came up to face Kaido. It then covered Enma before Zoro yelled. "Santoryu: Kokujō Ō Tatsu Maki! Three-Sword Style: Black Rope Dragon Twister!"

He twists and creates a tornado as Thane drops down and throws aura waves around the twister having them cut Kaido and having him spit out Luffy with little blood.

"He cut his scales!"

"That punk! He cut Kaido!"

"Oh, that hurts!" Kaido yelled out as he had a gash on his side. "I see… Just as I thought, that sword… Is Oden's sword, isn't it?! He competes against me using Dragon Twister… He doesn't know his place!"

"Hey! Luffy!" Zoro yelled as Luffy looked at him.

"Oh, Zoro?" He said as Kaido yelled out and flew up to gather air.

"Look out for the big attack!" Thane yelled out as Kaido then shot airwaves at them. "Tatsumaki Kaifū! (Dragon Twister Demolition Gust!"

They all dodged or deflected the attacks as Kaido roared. Smoke covered the area as the pirates panted Big Mom floated down laughing with Kaido now in his hybrid form coming through the smoke as he laughed as well.

Inside, CP-0 agents who have entered the party sit away from the conflict, using a Go board to depict the battle status. There are far more black pieces than white, indicating that Kaido has a strong advantage. They lament that their supplier was killed, but note that this battle was inevitable since Luffy took down Doflamingo. They predict with certainty that the Beasts Pirates will triumph, but encourage battle hoping that the pirates will destroy each other.

Inside, after uniting with Nami's group, Gazelleman and Daifugo forcefully feed the Gifters in the corridors. Usopp shoots a dango into Hamlet's mouth, taming him.

On the live floor, enemy Beasts Pirates attempt to take the antidote from Chopper, but he is guarded by Hyogoro's forces. However, one of the infected fighters loses their stamina. The flames given by Marco die, and he transforms back into an ice oni. He charges at Hyogoro and infects him.

Franky gets the upper hand against Sasaki and throws him into several walls, but the Beasts Pirates restrain him and prevent him from moving. Just then, Nami's group, along with Tama and the tamed Beasts Pirates, enter to aid Franky. Usopp fires kibi dangos at Sasaki's forces, taming the Armored Division as Franky takes out a sword and slashes Sasaki's abdomen.

Up a floor, Black Maria's women play a game where they roll Sanji to each other. Sanji is knocked out during this game and wakes up to see Black Maria has crucified him with webs. Maria orders Sanji to call for Robin using a surveillance unit.

Bao Huang attempts to locate the Nine Red Scabbards. She determines they are in the Treasure Repository and there is an unknown person in the room helping them.

Carrot and Wanda turn into their Sulong form and confront Perospero, but he covers them with candy, turning them into Candymen. Carrot frees herself and Wanda, using Electro to melt the candy. However, Perospero crushes Wanda with a Candy Maiden.

On the live floor of Skull Dome, Marco battles King as Chopper continues to try to make an antidote for the Ice Onis. Hyogoro, who was infected, decides to fight as much as he can. He transforms into a younger version of himself.

Before she goes to pursue the wounded samurai, Black Maria carries out her plan. She tortures Sanji into calling for Robin's help by punching him with brass knuckles. Sanji calls out for help at the top of his lungs, and the Marys announce the message throughout the live floor. Black Maria prepares to deliver one final blow to finish Sanji, but Robin sprouts a giant arm, striking Black Maria.


"Black Maria-sama!"

"How did you get in here?!"

"I can sprout anywhere," Robin said as she stepped into the room.

"How dare you hit my face..."

"You thought you could catch me easily if you just lured me?" Robin asked walking up.


"I was part of an evil organization for a long time," Robin said remembering her time in Baroque Works. "If you mess with my friends, I can't… stop myself… from showing my devilish side!" She said as ice covered the walls before Brook freed Sanji

"Oh, excuse me! I cut you up gathering the chill of the underworld!"


"Ma'am, the tranquilizer gun unit has been taken down!"

"The spider thread traps…"

".. Are all frozen and broken, too!"

"It seems like the spider thread and the chill of the underworld go well together!" Brook said before seeing the women as Sanji stood. "Ghosts!"

"Look who's talking!"

"Thank you! You saved me..."

"No problem," Brook said as Sanji walked out.

"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna go help Kin'emon and the others! I don't know why, but I see no chance of winning here!

"No wonder."

"Wait, Black-Leg! You'll be my pet! I won't let you go!" Maria said as Robin turned and had an energy roll off her and crossed her arms.

"Is that it? That's your last words?"

"You wanna die for that bastard who sells out his friend?"

"No, Black Maria… You don't understand. Friends are wonderful. Sanji! Thank you for relying on me! It made me happy!"

Sanji smiled and slid on the ice at that.

Bao Huang announces Yamato's location on the live floor. Yamato locates and strikes down the mouse. Yamato explains that it is a cyborg, known as a Mary, that serves as Kaido's surveillance unit by broadcasting their findings to human Marys. Now that Yamato's location has been revealed, enemy Beasts Pirates approach the storehouse. With Momonosuke hiding in his robe, Yamato battles the pirates to escape.

Outside, Carrot becomes furious after Wanda is defeated by Perospero. She charges Perospero, melting his candy and breaking through his armor. However, as clouds block the moon, she loses her Sulong form. This allows Perospero to defeat her as well. After taunting Pedro and Carrot, he leaves to join the others in battle.

With the captains, they looked at Kaido before Law spoke. "Are you scared?"

"Of that ugly bastard?" Naruto asked cracking his neck. "Absolutely not!"

"Naruto… I need one minute."

"Yeah, leave it to me," Naruto replied to his captain.

"How could he sleep in this situation?" Kid asked with a grin as Killer looked to the others.

"He's a funny man! Maelstrom, Shinigami, Pirate Hunter, and Surgeon of Death, don't you think so?" (1.)

"I just allied with him and that's it..."

"When are you gonna stop chatting?" Big Mom asked as Kaido laughed.

"You damn brats, don't disappoint me."

"Let's see how strong that Man-Beast Form is!" Kid grinned as Killer dashed forward.

"I'll go!"

"Don't ruin my fun!"

"I told you. I'm gonna have some fun, too." Big Mom grinned after Kaido as Killer attacked striking Kaido in the chest.

"Cutting into his flesh isn't working!"

"His skin must've become even harder..."

"Killer!" Kid yelled as Killer was hit back.

Back inside, Black Maria now focuses on battling Robin. She removes her robe to reveal a tattoo reading 'Girl Trouble'.

"He's underestimating us…" She said picking up a staff with a flaming wheel and a man's face inside it.

"But… This works out well for me… I'd appreciate it if he did it."

"What is that?" Brook asked looking at the weapon.

"Hey, Nico Robin… You will belong to… Kaido-sama."

"No way. I'd rather die!"She smiled at that as Brook blushed.

"That's so cool!"

To Be Continued.

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