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Kazehiko's POV

I was walking back home from the dojo. We had a competition today and we came in first. I was taking my usual route back home when I suddenly heard a strange female voice coming from the dark alleys. I walked closer and closer to the voice, every time I stepped forward the voice seemed to become louder. When I was halfway to the source, I could make up the words it was saying, " help…. help…help me…." I ran towards the voice knowing that someone needed my help.

When I finally reached the source of the voice, I was shocked to see an injured girl lying there in a pool of blood with ears at the top of her head. I quickly helped her, ignoring the fact that she had inhuman features. I took her to my house knowing that the hospital would not be able to help her.

I took her to my secret room where I used to hide from my troubles. I layed her onto the bed and took some medical supplies from the first aid kit I kept in the room. I rushed over to her but then I realized one thing, she was a girl! How could I help her without removing her clothes? As I was panicking, she made a sound and I turned back…


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