I sat beside a short, bald guy at the bus. I glared at him before I closed my eyes.

Start Flashback

Bianca died to save us.


I ran to Percy Jackson and held up the sky for him. "Go and fight - you are more powerful than me here. it`s a lake over there!" I said to him. He looked like he wanted to say no, but I screamed "DO IT!" and he ran towards the fight. I panted hard and used all my strength to avoid being smashed under the heavy burden of the skies. Zoe was running towards me. Atlas was behind her with his spear. He roared and threw the spear straight through Zoe. I screamed and ran towards her, the sky landing on Atlas shoulders. I screamed and cried and kicked my way to Zoe...


Slash, kick, duck, cut, shoot... I was a fighting machine, killing monsters and demigods. I saw a giant statue of Hera land on Thalias leg and screamed. I ran over to her and tried to help her.


"Stellona Andromeda Mare, Hero of Olympus, Bearer of the Sky, Hunter of Artemis, defeater of inhumanly many... Things, and the awsomest of all things she is - My daughter!" Hermes boasted while the other gods sighed. I walked up in to the middle of the gods. "You are given this Hpod for all of your help in the second titan war" He shouted and gave me a device resembling an Ipod. "It`s a Hermes and Hephaitos-pod. It's like an Ipod, but it doesn't need electricity and and it's got internet everywhere. It has all the songs you could wish for and it's demigod-safe. Monsters can`t touch it and it is made outfrom of Celestial Bronze and Stygian Iron." He winked at me before going back to his throne.


"I want to quit the Hunters" I said and ran a finger over the new gray streak in my wavy, dark red hair. "It`s becaused Zoe and the war" Artemis stated. Nodding, I got tears in my very dark, blue eyes. "She was like my big sister, I don`t want to be in the Hunters without Zoe. it`s not the Hunters anymoreWithout her, the Hunters will never be the same... the only reason I stayed was because you needed me in the war".

"I understand Stella, you and Zoe were the closest in the whole pack. If I found one of you I'd be sure to find both of you together. You never got enough time to mourn over her because of the war. You are my lieutenant. You have been one of my Hunters for 68 years. You joined after your family was killed by that terrible dark wizard, Voldemort. Now you have lost the only one who you really cared about - your family. You have nothing left here except me and Thalia." Artemis cared for all her Hunters, and Thalia and I got a sisterly bond almost right after she joined. Artemis gave me a hug and asked,"Are you sure? You won`t be immortal anymore, you would die eventually," she whispered.

My throat was dry as I answered, "Yes, I`m sure". Artemis sighed, "Ok, but you have been a hunter for a long time - you will still have ichor and get a long life if not killed." I swallowed, and said, "I know". Artemis let go of me and called the others for a meeting. "Stellona Andromeda Mare, daughter of Hermes and the pureblooded witch Monica Mare, Descendant of Trivia and Hades, you are now officially not a hunter of Artemis anymore... but the moon, stars, wolves and the Hunters will always be with you. Remember, you can always come back as long as you're a maiden".

End Flashback

The bus stopped and I got out. I looked in front of me and walked straight to the old, dirty bar in front of me. It was The Leaky Cauldron.

My many greats gramma, Trivia, had helped me with getting into Hogwarts and given me all the books I needed and some extras. went to Hogwarts before I became a hunter - now was going to start in the third year.

I got inside and walked straight to the old man that worked there. "Excuse me, could you please help me to Diagon Alley? I have broken my wand." He looked down at me and smiled at me like I was a five year old.

"Of`course. I`m Tom Walt, it`s my bar," he said in an English accent and held out his hand. I shook it and said, "I`m Stella Mare" Tom looked shocked but then suspiciously led me to the backdoor where I knew the way to Diagon Alley was. "You look like a Hogwarts student. How come you're not at school?" "I don`t have a wand, and I have been homeschooled for a while," I answered and walked into the Diagon Alley.

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