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game of fire 1

Ichigo was walking to class when he saw his class mate Chisaki. I did want to make some firends here. "Hey Kurosaki where have you been? I heard from some guy that there is a search party looking for you." As they walked to class the only ones who Ichigo could think of was Ganju and Kukaku. They must have gotten worried and assumed the worst.I guess I should apologize to them for worrying them."Well I guess that i'm in trouble when I get home" Chisaki laughed as they slid open the door. On the other side was who seemed to be waiting for them. There is no way she got here before me unless she used flash step. Ichigo stood in the door way and did not bug. "Kurosaki why don't you join the class." "Yes ma'am" Was the only thing he could think to say. He bowed."Im sorry i'm late" "It is okay take your seat"Ichigo took his seat next to Chisaki and was quiet all day. At the end of the day Ganju came to pick Ichigo up.

Today's lessons seemed to be about the noble families of soul society and Ichigo did not find it. That lunch Ichigo was forced to watch his class mates eat since he did not go home last night. Which meant he had not ate since yesterday. So he sat and watched his class mates eat with the constant grumbling of his stomach to keep him company. Ichigo all most made it throw the day with out saying any thing till kido class.A boy in his class walked up to him."Hey I bet I can do better then you can" The boy had dark skin, Short, straight, sea green hair and Dark brown, average-sized was a little taller then Ichigo."Is that a challenge?"Ichigo was certain that he could do better then that kid.

Even thought his ankle was a little twisted Ichigo was confident that he could beat the boy. "Of course it is so what do you say?" "Bring it""All right then we will see who can master todays kido lesson first is the winner" the boy did not mean conned the stacks of their little battle and Ichigo assumed that it will be revealed later."Okay sounds easy" It dose not matter what he will get if he wins cause I will beat him. Ichigo was pulled aside by Chisaki."What is the matter with you do you know who that is" Ichgio scratched the back of his head."Does it matter who he if I win any way?"

"No not really I did not think it mattered" Chsaki face filled with anger and Ichigo could kinda tell that he should know who that boy was. "That boy is 12 year old Toyokazu Toru, who is know for mastering a kido lessons in six tries,he all so likes to be a teachers pet and has a problem if another student is reserving privete lessons from a teacher" Ichigo thought of his after school lesions with Rukia. So thats why he challenged me you think he could handle another student getting some extra lesions."

Ichigo was pretty sure that Toyokazu was jealous that he recieved extra lessons when nobody else did. "You don't need to worry I am pretty sure I can beat him" Ichigo gave his friend a confident smirk. "I can't believe that your so thick headed that you actually think you can bet him!" Chisaki could not believe that a kid Ichigo's age could be so argent. "Honestly what's with him, he thinks that he is invincable" iIhigo scrached the back of his head and sighed."Sheesh you don't have to yell besides I will prove you wrong" "Oh yeah how exactly are you going to do that hmmmm?" Ichigo thought for a minute on what to say.