"Hey" - Normal talking

'Hey' - Normal thinking

"Hey" - Demon/Higher being talking

'Hey' - Demon/Higher being thinking

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Story Start-"Hey! Hold on a second!"

A dark figue stands by a moutain of corpes.


By his feet a scarced blond boy.

"-to the readers."

The figure lifts up his hand showing a sword once shining now blood red.

"-the time."

"Forgive me brother, but I must end your pain now."



"-I'm sorry okay. Happy?"


"For now..."


{Dream end}

"I hope this was important Lee." The boy said to the one on the ground as twisted his arm and put pressure on it.

"It is. Today is the everyouthful mission day." Right. Thursday. When he finally had time to sleep it had to be on a mission day. The one day he always has to be with the team.

"Well lets not keep Tenten and Sensei waiting then." Lee gained a determined look.


Already seeing where this will end "A race?" He always asked when the two of them had to get to a destination.

"Of course!"

"At least try to keep up." he said as he caught Lee's weights.

(5 minutes later)

"Sensei, Tenten good morning."


"Its noon."


"I MADE IT!" Lee looked around to see Terry standing, Tenten sighing, and Guy doing a pose."NEXT TIME I WILL WIN!"




Turning his head away from the two 'youthful' people Terry asked, "Did you get the mission?" She sadly nodded "Speed Demon?"*another nod*

Speed Demon is a term they used for a mission that required they finish the objective or get to a certain location as fast as possible. Unfortunetly for the aspiring weapon user she was not as fast as her squad and had to ride the back of their sensei while going the fastest and yelling at the top of his lungs about 'youth'.

Poor, poor girl...

(10 minutes later)

{On the road while running}

Terry and Lee got close to their sensei and the first asked "So what's the mission?"

Guy, in a serious tone, replied,"A recently graduated Genin team was sent on a C-ranked mission. Later on it was discovered to be on A- or B-ranked level. We are reach the Genin team and assist them with the mission."

A flash of anger showed in Terry's eyes,"Are they nuts! Why didn't they pull out!?"

Tenten was the one to explain,"This matter that affects the client's whole country and we will get full trading rights as payment."

Something came to, surprisingly, Lee's mind,"Who's team is it?"

Tenten gave a grin,"Rookie squad 7."

Terry sighed when he heard that,"Great...The 'Golden' team. It makes sense now."

The Golden Team. The Second Sanin. The Next Big Thing. There were many names and expectations of the new team.

Tenten looked at Terry,"It isn't a prodigy squad without Mr. Second Coming Namikaze."

Not that he didn't have those things too. Why did people call him the coming of Minato Namikaze when he's still alive?

'Well this is going to akward.' With two members in mind.

{With squad 7}

It couldn't get much worse. Zabuza Momochi, a jonin on the same level of their sensei, appeared and captured Kakashi. He then made ten water clones to finish the job.

'I have no choice I have to... to...' A memory surfaced'I can't. I'm sorry Kakashi-sensei. Sorry Sasuke. Goodbye . Why couldn't I-'

While she said her good-byes, a water clone was about to end her.


Only to get her wet.


Everyone else was wondering that when Zabuza suddenly moved his head a little to side and a yell has heard.


Releasing Kakashi to block the kick that would have decaputated him, Zabuza slid across the water. Moving his arms he saw another jonin and all his clones gone he decided to do a quick review.

'Two high calibur jonin, a fresh genin with clan heirs, and one more genin with expirence enough to hide once they saved their comrade. I don't have a choice.' Putting up a seal,"It seems that you get to live a while longer Konoha Shinobi." The mist becoming so thick that they couldn't even see their hands, Zabuza disappered.

Guy turned to his 'eternal rival' and asked,"Are you okay, Kakashi?"

"Besides my pride, I'm fine." Putting his headband down, Kakashi looked over his team to see if they're alright.

Guy looked toward the trees once the mist cleared,"Come out now."

And three people did. Terry walks over to Natomi and gives her a towel he got from somewhere," Sorry about that."

Natomi accepted the gift happily,"It's my fault for freezing heh..." She said with a sheepish grin.

"It happens to best of us on our real first mission."


Turning his head towards the glaring Hyuuga genious."Good to see you to Negi." His reply was a eager 'hmph'.

Natomi looked between the two remembering a part of Negi's introduction.

'-I dislike a certain mutt that stole something from me.'

'I wonder what happened to these two.'

Terry turned to the returning jonin,"Do we continou the mission?"

Guy answered his student,"Yes. We're near the client's house and the situation is more dire than orginally thought."

Kakashi looked at everyone, more specificly ones that he arrived with,"Is everyone?"

"I'm fine."

"I need a drink."

"I'll live."


Rubbing her nose,"Great!"

*Sigh*"Lets go."

(5 minutes later)

{By Tazuna's house}

"WELCOME to my SUPER DUPER HOUSE OF fridge building."

Sasuke just stared at him,"Did he get drunk in 5 minutes? I think that might be a new world record."

"Lees got him beat by about 5 minutes." Terry replied with a grin.



Taking the attenion of those around them was Tazuna's daughter Tsunami,*Sigh*"He got drunk again. Alright bring him. Put him in the room upstairs on the farthest right."

Terry looked at the drunken man rolling on the floor screaming 'WEEEEEEE' and said,"Well, you heard her Lee. Upstairs on the farthest right."

"YOSH! Great idea to build muscule Naruto." Lee said as he atempted to lift the drunk man in the 'baby phase'.

As everyone was going into Natomi gave Terry a sly look,"Did you train him to do that?"

Terry gave an innecent look,"I have no idea what your talking about."

Kakashi interrupted the conversation,"Since we're going to be working to be working togther lets atleast know each other's names. I'm Kakashi Hatake."


"Sasuke Uchiha, pleased to meet you."

"Negi Hyuuga."

"Just call me TenTen."

"Terry Inuzuka and mini-me of Sensei is Rock Lee."


Tenten blinked a few times,"I thought you were Namikaze?"

Natomi was about to respond but *ACHOO* Terry decided to do it for her,"When a clan heir becomes a genin but their last name is not that of the clan's its automaticlly changed to the clan's name."

Natomi grinned at them,"Yeah pretty much." then started looking around the house with her eyes.

Terry noticed Tsunami's worried look,"Is something wrong?"

Tsunami gave a quick reply,"No, no...It's just that I don't know how we'll feed so many people." Terry gave a nod remembering the ancient world's philosphy.

Getting an idea Tenten spoke,"Hey, Terry why don't you give them one of your food seals."

"It's only a snack but okay." Terry walked over to the kitchen table and released his 'snack'.

Everyone, but team Guy, gained a shocked look as the entire table was filled with food. It was so big some food fell off the was all different types of food that would make the food prymaid into every different shades of a single character,"Like I said only a snack."

"Only a snack!? Choji couldn't eat this much food in week!" Sasuke practically yelled.

"What? Don't compare me to that light weight."

"Ha! I told you it's not healthy to eat so much." Tenten said to the Inuzuka.

"Since when was it a crime to have a heathly appetite."

Kakashi gave a look to the other jonin and said,"She is right, Guy. Don't you think you should tell him to eat a little less?"

While that convrtsation was going on Natomi noticed a calender on the other side of the room and gained a knot in the back of her throat that chocked her breath.

Tsunami saw the sad look in her eyes and asked,"Is there something wrong...Natomi?"

Natomi gave a forced smile and said,"No I'm alright, just a bit tired." Looking at her Jonin Sensei she called out to him,"Sensei, I'm going to bed early today."

Everyone stopped what they were doing to take a look at the girl. What could make the nearly unlimited energy of the girl run out? Kakashi decided to just play it safe," 'll come up with a plan tomorrow when we're all good."

Natomi smiled gratefully, said a quick,"Thanks.", and went to find a room upstairs. Tsunami had a worried look on her face. The girl's eyes looked just like Inari's.

Terry spotted the calender,"I see so thats why."All the residents of Konoha instantly knew why. Tsunami put some of the pieces together and got an idea of what was wrong.

"Someone close to her died this month awhile ago, didn't they?" Tsunami guessed with a sad voice.

Some nodded, some didn't.

Today was the death of Naruto Namikaze.

-Story End-

-Omake Start-

Drunk Tazuna and Lee

"Tazuna it's time to go to bed." Lee said to the drunken man.

"NO! I don't want to!" Tazuna sceamed.

"Rest will make-" Lee tried to explain to him before the man grabbed hold of his head.

"What are thes-*HIC*-these things?"

"What are what?"

"These things above your eyes? They're so bushy." Tazuna said as brushed his hands against them.

"Why thank you. Those are my eyebrows." Lee said with a smile.

"They need to come off." Tazuna said as he put into a headlock and took out a knife.

"WHAT! NO THEY DON'T!" Lee yelled as he franticly tried to get out.

"If your head is too constricted you'll die." Tazuna spoke as he put the knife closer to the eyebrows.

"NO! THEY'RE APART OF MY HEAD!" Lee continoued to try and break of the hold. He rejoiced when Tazuna stopped-"Thank you Kami."- only to grow more concerned when he started burbing.

{In Tazuna's house -Top floor by window-}

Terry looked at two,'Is he really just drunk? Lees been at it for hours. Maybe I should help...Nah. Great payback for the nightmares.' He grinned an evil grin.


Great payback indeed.

-Omake end-

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