"Starr!" cried Ben and Summer's Staraptors as they flew across the skies of Oblivia. "I wonder where we have to go now?" asked Ben.

"Well," Said Summer, looking towards the sky. "We could go on patrol?"

"Yes, but where exactly? Summer, look, over there!" Ben said as he noticed something flying on the horizon.

"Is that?" she said her eyes fixed on the horizon. "No, no, It can't be, could it?"

"I-is that... a... L-Latias?"

"Starrrr!" cried Staraptor as they swooped in for a closer look.

The dragon type seemed to be flying away from two people on strange flying vehicles. "The pinchers are chasing her!"

"We have to stop them!" cried Summer. "We just have to!"

"But my styler's ran out of energy," replied Ben. "And I don't have an electric Pokemon with me."

"Well they don't know that, so let's try to scare them away by chasing them."

"Great idea, Summer! Staraptor, chese the pinchers!"


"Man they are fast, come on Staraptor, " cried Summer urging Starptor to speed up.

"Uh oh, they're catching up to us!" one of the pinchers said as she began to speed up also.

"Let us send some of these worthless Pokemon to fend them off, " cried another.

"Pideotto, take care of them!" commanded the other pincher as lots of Flying types came up through the clouds to mess with the two rangers. "I guess you're going to have to deal with them, Summer," said Ben as he eyed his Capture Styler.

"Hey Ben I'll take care of this cried Summer launching her styler at the bird Pokemon. "Capture on!" she cried making circles with her styler.

"Good luck, Summer."

"Yes," cried Summer as she captured all the Pokemon. "Easy as pie!"

"Give up, pinchers, and leave Latias alone!"

"Wait, this is a LATIAS we're chasing? I thought we were chasing LatiOS!"

"Well this is unfair," came a voice "How about we even the odds?" Through the clouds came a man on a flying thing. He had red eyes and blonde hair.

"Who's that?" asked Ben.


"Me? Well, I'm Red Eyes," the man said.

"Summer, I can't do anything if he sends out a powerful Pokemon..." Ben said sadly.

"Well, I can and I will," Summer said, smiling at Ben.

"Thanks, just be careful, Summer."

"Ok, I will," she said.

"Red Eyes!" said one of the pinchers as her leader came up. "I'm sorry I failed you!"

"Its fine, report to base. I'll deal with these brats!" said Red Eyes. The two pinchers went off, leaving Summer, Ben and Red Eyes in the clouds.

"Ok Red Eyes, what you gonna do?" said Summer, smirking.

"Send a Skarmary after us?" asked Ben sarcastically. "I'd like to see you take down Summer!"

"Thanks, Ben, nice appreciation," said Summer, readying her styler.

Ben noticed Latias was getting away rather quickly, and that Red Eyes was still chasing it. He told Staraptor to go after it to keep it safe. "Hold on Latias!"

"Hey Red Eyes, what about me?" Summer questioned, urging Staraptor to fly faster.

"Starr!" cried Ben's Staraptor as it noticed Red Eyes' flying thing charging up something. Just as Ben looked, a ball of energy was shot towards him. When it collided with Staraptor, he went diving through the clouds.

"Ben! Noooooooo!" cried Summer, tears brimming in her eyes as she could hear his screams. Summer then saw Red Eyes' flying thing's gun thing pointed at her. She closed her eyes and screamed. Summer's Staraptor began to panic and swooped down and shook her off. She screamed and felt a beam of light pushing her down, down, down...

"Could this be it for me?" she thought as the ground seemed to rise to meet her she closed her eyes and prepared for the impact. A faint voice seemed to call her name. "Suummmmmerrrrrrrr?! Ssuuuuuuuuummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr?!"

"Suuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmeerrrrrrrrrrrr?! Suuuuuuumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!" shouted Ben as he began to worry. Summer opened her eyes and saw a new sort of Ben. His hair was ruffled up and his clothes were slightly wrecked and dirty, but it was definately him.

"What?" Summer rubbed her head and looked around. "Where are we?"

"I have no idea, and plus I lost my styler and Staraptor!"

"YOU WHAT?!" she screamed " HOW COULD YOU?!"

"J-just calm down! I'm sure I can have a look to find it!"

Summer took in a deep breath. " I'm sorry it's just that, well, I know how much that styler means to you and what if you don't find it? I'd have to do all the capturing!"

"Well, first we ought to ask Voice Nav. If that doesn't work, we'll have to try to find it by ourselves."

Summer put her styler up and began to question her Voice Nav.

"Where does it say my styler is, Summer?" asked Ben.

"Apparently it's on a live Pokemon!"

"Azurill!" said a small Azurill that popped out of a bush. Wrapped around its body was Ben's Styler!

"My Styler!" said the ranger as he began to chase the small Pokemon.