"Azu! Azu!" said the Azurill as it hopped around on its tail.

"Dawwwwwwww, that's so cute!" said Summer, smiling.

Carefully Ben picked the Azurill up. He slowly pulled his Capture Styler off its body. Once he did so, he put it back on his wrist.

"I guess we can go now then, Summer!"

"Yes but how? I mean, we have no idea where we are, and all the Pokemon are really timid!" said Summer, looking up at the sky.

"And we need to find Staraptor," Ben said, remembering. "Well, let's go fi-" his sentance was cut off as he noticed the Azurill snuggling his leg.

"Hey, Ben, I think you have a a new buddy there!" said Summer, giggling.

"You want to come with us?" asked Ben.

"Azu! Azu!"

"Ok then, you have a partner, but what about me?"

"Hunh..." he said as he began to think.

"Wait, can you hear that?!" asked Summer, tilting her head to the side.

"It sounds like... music!"

"Come on!" said Summer, pulling Ben towards the sound. "Hurry!"

"Mkay!" he said. "I can move by myself, you know!"

"Hurry then!" said Summer letting go of Ben.

The two walked onto a sandy beach that was crowded by Pokemon. "Wow look at all these Pokemon, Ben!" said Summer excitedly.

"And the music's really loud here!" Azurill went closer to listen.

"Where is it coming from?"

"It's seems to be coming from over there!" Summer took a step closer to see a young Pichu strumming a crudely made instrument.

"Aww, that's so cute," said Ben as all the other Pokemon were dancing to its music.

"Hey, don't stop!" said Summer as the Pichu stopped to look up.

Suddenly all the other Pokemon noticed the rangers and, in fear, ran off. Summer looked up at Ben and sighed. "See what I mean, they're all timid!" The Pichu looked up at Summer and started to play. "Wow, that's one relaxing song!"

"Picchu! Pichu!" cried more Pichu as they ran towards the rangers. They were scared of something! A small, shiny Spiky Earred Pichu with a three parted fringe jumped up in fright on Summer's shoulders and buried its head in her hair.

"Come on, Ben! We have to see what's scaring them!" said Summer. Suddenly there was various whirring noises coming from behind them. Ben knew that the noise was of the Z.Z. Flyers the pinchers used.

"Ben, hurry!" urged Summer, running off torwands the noise. Moments later there was a scream. "Hhhhhheellppppppp!"

"Summer, help the Pichu! I'll go see who was screaming!"

"Ok... hurry!" Summer ran off to help the Pichu as best she could.

Ben ran off to find the screaming person. An old man was cornered by the two pinchers that were chasing Latias earlier. "Summer, quick!"

"Ben, help! The Pichu won't calm down!" she cried.

Ben ran back to Summer. "Let's capture them, them!"

"Ok!" said Summer, readying her styler.

"Capture..." he began, readying his styler also.

"ON!" cried Summer, moving her wrist in an attempt to calm the Pichu. Ben let his styler shoot off. It circled three Pichu, then he captured them easily."Ben, we have to stop them!" she said, looking up at him.

"Pinchers, leave the man alone!"

"Azu! Azu!"

"Yeah!" said Summer.

"Pichu Pichu!" 'stum strum'

"It's the rangers again!" said one of the pinchers. "Let's make these stupid pokemon fight them!"

"Wait!" came a voice. "I'll finish these brats this time!"

"Not again..." said Ben as he put his hand to his head.

"Yes, again, my little brats," said the now seeable Red Eyes. "And this time I will win!"

"Well this time we'll both beat your butt!"

"Oh, will you? Well what if I..." said Red Eyes.

"...steal your stlylers!"


"Starrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" came a cry as a Staraptor came and stole both of their stylers!

"Aww come on! I just got that back!"

"Pichu pi!" cried Pichu as it began to aim bolts of lightning at Staraptor.

"Azu!" Azurill shouted as it surrounded itself in a heart-like shield and rammed into Staraptor.

"That's it!" cried Summer. "Get our stylers back!"


"Azuuuu! RILLLL!"

"Go Pichu!"



The two pokemon continued to bash Staraptor until it fell, defeated, on the ground.

"Great work, Azurill!"

"Yeah, nice one Pichu!" said Summer, giving a thumbs up.

"Face it Red Eyes, even without our stylers we can beat you!"

"Grrr, no you will fall, brats! Even if it's not by my own hands!" With that, he flew off.

"He's still got out Stylers, though..." Ben said sadly.

"Well... pichu go get them back!" said Summer, smiling and patting Pichu.

"Thank you, you two for saving me," said the old man.

"Oh, it's fine," said Summer, rubbing the back of her head.

"Yeah, it's fine."

"Well, we have to be off now !" said Summer, turning to leave.

"Yeah, be careful!" said Ben as he went over to a Staraptor.

"Hey Ben," said Summer looking at him. "Do you think that Red Eyes is just toying with us?"

"I think he is toying with us. But why?"

"Well I think he's up to something big, and I think he knows that we know!" said Summer, trying to hide the fear in her voice.

"Well, for one thing, he might do something to our stylers..." Ben noticed that Staraptor seemed happy to let Ben ride it. "H-hey, is this my Staraptor?"

"I think so. But do you know what? I think this is getting dangerous."

"Mhm. Pinchers chasing Latias, Red Eyes taking our stylers... Something fishy is going on here..."

"So, I was thinking that I should hang fire for a bit, you know..."

"I wonder what were to happen if we found another Legendary and it was dangerous? What would we do without our stylers?"

"Ben, I just... Well, I... I'M SCARED, OK... what would happen if we met Red Eyes and he stopped toying with us?!"

"Let's chase Red Eyes down!"

"But... but... what..." Summer sighed. "...ok."

The two hopped onto the Staraptor and swept up into the sky.

"Ok Ben, but where do you think Red Eyes went, and how do we find him? It's dark already!"

"Good point... Let's just just ask the people in the island over there if we can stay in their house...?"

"Erm... ok, seems fair."

"Ok, Summer, you can knock on the door, I'll just be in the bush here..." said Ben as he disappeared into the bush.

"Oh come on!" said Summer, knocking on the door. The door opened slowly, revealing a young girl in a lab coat.

"Yes?" she asked, looking Summer up and down.

"Err, can we maybe stay at your house for a bit? We're Pokemon Rangers, and we kind of need a place to sleep..."

Ben said as he hopped out the bush

"Yeah, I'm Summer, and this is Ben."

"Mhmm," He said as he nodded.

The girl looked at Ben, then Summer, then nodded. "Ok. And my name's Nema."

"Thanks, Nema."

"Just don't disturb me, I'm trying to work out something," said Nema.

"Well maybe I could help?" asked Summer.



"Ask Summer a question and I bet she'll answer it," said Ben as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. "She's a maths wizzarrd."


"Fine," said Nema. "Here's the thing I'm doing. I need to charge my invention but a Pikachu has a power of 5.2 and a Raichu has 6.9, but I need 5.5. What do I do?"

"That's easy," Said Summer. "A Pikachu and Pichu, duhhhhhhhhh!"

"See, what did I tell you?"

"But... but... but..." stuttered Nema. "That's-that's- how did you do that?!"

"I... I... I hate you!" said Nema, running off.

"Wow, what a temper!"

"Err, what did I say?"

"Don't mind her," said a woman with teal coloured hair. "She hates it when someone else is more smart than her."