"I-I'm not going to give up being a ranger! Oblivia needs me and Summer!" Ben protested.

"But Ben, what about Pichu?" asked Summer.

Ben stared at the metal grated floor they were standing on. He really had a dilemma. Summer raised her hand and stuttered.

"I-i-if y-you giv-ve me-e Pi-chuu... I'll s-stop b-b-being a ranger."


"Ben, promise that you'll look after Pichu?" said Summer, looking at Ben


"I have to, he can't have my pichu!" and with that, Summer removed her styler and let it drop to the floor where it fell with a loud crack.

"Summer, no, don't!"

"I'm sorry Ben, but I have to do this..." Summer removed her googles and dropped them to the floor. "Bye..." she muttered.

"Ouch!" Ben suddenly shouted as he was grabbed by Red Eyes and thrown on the ZZ Flyer. Summer turned around an gasped as she saw Red Eyes fly off with Ben and Pichu.

"Azu Azu!" Azurill shouted as it hopped as high as it could. "Azu..."

"It's ok Azurill, I'll get ya to him!

"Azurill..." the Pokemon whispered. "AZU! AZU!" Summer looked up at the now distant Z.Z flyer. She picked up her broken styler and attached it to her arm.

"Azu..." Azurill hopped over to Summer, and leapt onto her shoulder.

"Hey Azurill, we need to get my styler fixed and then we go and take down Red Eyes!"

"Azurill!" it said with a tone of sadness in its voice.

"Come on, turn that frown upside down, azurill, cuz when the time comes Red Eyes won't know what hit him!"

"Zu? Rill Rill!" Azurill quickly cheered up and snuggled Summer a bit

At Nema's house, Summer was waiting for Nema to finish with her styler.

"Zu? Azuuuu!" Summer had clearly upset Azurill again by sometimes giving it a stare.

"Azurill, it's not my fault! Nema needs to hurry up... Hey, I wonder what they're doing with Ben...?"

"W-where are we even going?!" Ben asked. "And why did you take Pichu before?"

One of the pinchers holding Ben captive squezed tightly on his arm.

"Oi, stop with the yapping ya lil ranger! Wait 'till the boss comes!"


The pincher pulled Ben into a cold dark room and closed the door. "Now sleep, lil' ranger! hahahah!"

"H-huh? What are you talking about?!"

A scuttle of pokemon feet could be heard.


That was all that Ben remembered as a purple powder scattered all over him as he closed his eyes...

Summer had been searching for a Staraptor all day as she needed a rest, but no matter how hard she looked, she couldnt find any. So that was it, she would have to go by foot.

Azurill was beginning to get tired, and it didn't even have enough energy to hop on its tail. Just, then, its stomach growled wildly. "Zu..."

"You hungry?" asked Summer, a deep growl rumbled around. "Oh, I must be too haaahaaa! Ok, let's go food hunting!"


Summer started looking around for something to eat, but was unable to find anything, not even any berries.

"Azu?" Azurill asked as it went over to a large wooden shed. "Azu! Azurill!"

"Hey Azurill, what's wrong?" asked the ranger as she walked over to the shed too.

Azurill put its small, round ears to the door and began hopping slightly. "ZUU!"

"Azurill hey come back listen to me now! Come on back here right now!"

Azurill quickly slammed into Summer. It then got enough momentum to bounce into a high tree. "Zuu?!"

"Urrg, you wait till I tell Ben!" the ranger shouted as she rubbed her head. However, Azurill wasn't listening because it was eating a round, blue berry. "zuzu" it said calmly.

"Grrrrr, that's it! You stay there, I'm going to find a more co-operative pokemon!"

And with that, Summer went off, styler ready for action.

"Bulbasaur?" asked a small Bulbasaur as it followed. "BULBASAUR!"

"Hey, a Bulbasaur! Nice! Ok, capture on!" with 2 swift turns of her wrist, her feeling of friendship were conveyed.

"Bulba! Saur!" the Pokemon quickly used its vine whip to grab Azurill from the tall tree.

"Thanks a lot, buddy!"


"Now let's get some more pokemon on our team!" in the next 25 minutes, Summer had a team of 6. She had a Skarmory, a Pikachu, a Palpitoad, the Bulbasaur that followed her, Ben's Azurill and a torchic.

"Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur as it said hi to everyone. Azurill wasn't looking too good. It looked terrified, and was snuggling Summer's leg in fear.


"Azurill, what's wrong? say hi to everyone!"

Azurill looked at the ground and began shivering. "aaaa... zuuuuu..."

"Now Azurill, my friends are kind as can be! They wouldn't even hurt a zubat!"

It shook its head and looked up at the sky. Some things whizzed past. "AZU!"

"Hey, what's that?" asked Summer, looking up/

"Zurill... Zurill!" Azurill began hopping over to the shed. Before it could go any further, there was a loud explosion followed by what sounded like loud splashes. "aaaa zuu!"

"Azurill!" shouted Summer, running in with her team. They all ran over to a large bridge to see most of it had broken! "What's going on? Azurill, where are you?!"

"help azu..." came a little voice. Summer walked over to the bridge. Azurill was hanging off one of the holes in the bridge with its tail! "help azu..." said the voice again

"Azurill, I'm gonna get you out!" she said, pulling Azurill up.

"Thank azu!" for some reason, Azurill's mouth seemed to be moving in sync with the words. It was as if it was talking english!

"Hey, you ok, Azurill?" asked Summer.


"Ok, that's... wait, WHAT?! Did you just talk?!"

"Yes, i talk to you all the time but you never seem to listen to me!"

"No, you say 'azu azu', but now you're talking human!"

"Am... i? oh gosh, i am!"

Suddenly a deep growl rang around their ears. They spun around to see...