"Your evil is my good, Doctor!"

Sutekh - The Pyramids of Mars

"Ah, the sounds of dying. . . When it comes to death, quantity is so much better than quality. . . "

Fenric - The Curse of Fenric

And He looked down upon the chaos and destruction He had wrought, and it was Good.

Sargon had yet to fully master humanoid facial expressions, but he was certain that the look upon Mikaboshi's face was one of fear. The young Jagaroth had never seen fear in his companion, and it frightened him, too.

He had seen Her before, She was not the source of the fear. After all, She was, for all intents and purposes, Mikaboshi's mother. She sprawled before them, vast, translucent, amorphous, a being from The Time Before Time.


Aboard the Maedar.

She almost never left the safety of Her amniotic realm, and the company of Her children. In the past they had come to Her, now She had come to them. And, if he didn't know better, he'd have sworn She was afraid.

Nor did Sargon understand the mental imagery, Quantum Mnemonics, Mikaboshi called it, that She was so urgently transmitting. Numbers and formula that made no sense in any way, the laws and language of the universe that had existed before his own.

But he knew it was bad.

The translucent flesh rippled, then vanished into Her realm beyond Space and Time. Mikaboshi turned, pale and wide-eyed, "We must find The Doctor, now."

Aboard The TARDIS, The Doctor was fiddling with The HADS. They (and many other of The TARDIS' functions) had been on the blink since getting caught in a particularly nasty temporal rift. Repairs would take weeks. He looked up in confusion when the lights began to flicker, and The TARDIS' view-screen came alive with static. Lights on the console began to flash in random patterns, and he sensed a chill to the core of his very being.

Then, a sound reached his ears, a sound he had learned to fear far more than even the familiar Dalek battle cry.

The Cloister Bell was ringing.

A few feet from the main console, a statue appeared. A tall, elegant Gorgon atop a high base, carved of gleaming obsidian. "That can't happen!" He shouted as two figures hurriedly emerged from the base of the statue.

Mikaboshi and Sargon.

"Doctor, we need your help." Mikaboshi said solemnly.

The Doctor grabbed him by the shirt, "What did you do?"

"He didn't do anything!" Sargon shouted. "Let him explain!"

He reached out with his power and crushed Ruta III, putting an end to the millennial war between the Rutan Host and the Sontaran Empire with a figurative flick of His finger, killing billions. Perhaps He would destroy the Sontarans as well, if it pleased Him. Death always pleased Him.

The Cloister Bell grew louder.

"No. . . It can't be. . ." The Doctor silently prayed that it was a mistake. . .

"Even The Great Old Ones are in shock that he escaped. But he has, and he is virtually all-powerful. Now that he is awake, even the combined might of The Great Old Ones is insufficient to hold him."

The Doctor collapsed into a chair and looked at the pair blankly, "Nyarlathotep. The most powerful, most evil of all The Great Old Ones. I had hoped this day would never come."

"As had we all, Doctor."

Even Fenric, the very embodiment of evil, was but a pale shadow of Nyarlathotep. Evil matched with Chaos, Hatred and Indifference. A being with the power of a god and the soul of a demon. A killer who slew for the mere pleasure of killing, with no rhyme or reason to his attacks.

Mikaboshi looked down at a PADD device he was carrying, and when he looked up again, his face was sickly pale. "Ruta III, New Rome and Argolis have already been destroyed."

The Doctor looked up hopelessly, and noticed, for the first time, that the Gorgon depicted in the statue was Male. Odd, he'd not noticed that the last time. Its right hand was at a sword sheathed against its side. He looked into it's eyes, slit pupiled serpent's eyes, and wished it were that easy. But even were a real Gorgon here, it's power could not affect a Great Old One.

"What about Gorgos?" He asked absently.

"It's still here, for now." Mikaboshi replied.

"How did he wake up? Did Shub-Niggurath tell you that?"

"Apparently Nyarlathotep was able to awaken when his avatar gained enough power to free him." Mikaboshi shrugged "That's all I know."

"His avatar?"

"The Trickster." The Trickster, the faceless being that fed upon chaos and destruction. Somehow, it was no surprise that he was linked to Nyarlathotep. "I was actually offered membership in The Pantheon of Discord, as a force of Creative Chaos. They were impressed by my actions with The Great Vampires, The Racnoss, the Futurekind, the Gastropods. . ."

"Dear God. . ." The Doctor could not conceive of the damage a child who brought immortal predators to helpless, populated worlds could accomplish with god-like powers.

"I turned it down. I knew I wasn't mature enough, responsible enough, for such a position." He frowned, "I wish I had taken the offer, now. Perhaps I would have been able to prevent this. . ."

"Let's worry about that later," Sargon broke in, "We have an insane death god to stop, remember?"

"I rather like the Futurekind, they are so wonderfully. . . Brutal." A tall, black shrouded figure appeared in the TARDIS, his face featureless save for a vicious, tooth-filled mouth, "It's amazing what a being can be reduced to by hunger and desperation. I may allow them to survive." The Trickster smiled, "As for stopping me, it's too late for that." He turned to face Mikaboshi, "The universe is in Chaos, just as it should be. I would have expected you to appreciate that."

"You expect me to appreciate mass genocide! The deaths of billions!"

"So judgmental." He shook his head.

The Doctor pointed a thin finger in The Trickster's direction, "You haven't won yet, I've beat you before, and I'll beat you again!"

"Really, Doctor, you can't stop me," He grinned, displaying shark-like teeth, "Though I invite you to try."

To be Continued. . .


How could Shub-Niggurath fit aboard the Maedar? Well, like the TARDIS, the Maedar has infinite space inside. She also could have been an Avatar, instead of Her full form.

HADS - Hostile Action Displacement System. It was shown in action The 11th Doctor serial 'Cold War', when it shunted The TARDIS from a Russian Submarine near the North Pole to Antarctica.

Gorgos - Home planet of the Gorgon race.

Gastropods in this context refer to an intelligent race of ravenous slug-like beings who can devour the food supply of an entire planet, leaving it a barren wasteland. Mestor from The 6th Doctor serial 'The Twin Dilemma' was the leader of the gastropods on the planet Jaconda. How was Mikaboshi involved with the species? He has a history of getting involved with incredibly dangerous creatures.

The Pantheon of Discord is a group of transcendental beings who exist to cause chaos. Known members include The Trickster and Krampus.

Paul Marc Davies, who played The Trickster, also portrayed the Futurekind Chieftain in 'Utopia' and 'The Sound of Drums'.