Chaos VI

"Yes, Doctor." Shub-Niggurath spoke, Her voice like waves crashing against the shore, "There is definitely more to this than we know."

So, even The Great Old Ones did not trust each other, "Is there any Great Old One in particular whose been acting. . . Strangely." All Great Old Ones were strange to The Doctor, but they might notice differences among themselves. "I mean, besides trying to release Memeovores into the universe."

"When they locked away The Beast, only a small number were told where and how. Perhaps those who know do not trust us with the information."

Probably a wise move, The Doctor thought.

"Do you have any idea who might know where The Beast is?"

"Yog-Sothoth, The Great Intelligence, wisest of us all, doubtless knew, but he is effectively destroyed. He was our strategist, our military genius. Perhaps had he survived, he could have guided us through this tragedy. Azathoth may know, he organized the effort to defeat Nyarlathotep." She paused, "You wonder about my connection with The Beast?" There was a sense of utter loathing in the term, "I have many children by him. . ." She was obviously pained, thinking of Abaddon. "And I love them all. . . As for their sire, I did not recognize him, he disguised himself." She turned a slight mauve, the flashing lights within Her body seemed more frequent, "That is one of the many crimes for which he was imprisoned."

"Was there anything else strange going on?" The Doctor felt it wise to steer away from the subject of The Beast, "Has Azathoth been acting differently?" "I would not know, we have not seen one another in thousands of years." The difficulty dealing with immortals, catching up on 'old times' was not easy when spanning eons. He turned to Mikaboshi, "Have you noticed anything strange?" "Only what has already been said." His voice was tired, strained, "I usually avoid other Great Old Ones, they are so dangerous and unpredictable." The Doctor could not argue with that. "What about Dagon?" Mikaboshi shrugged, "Dagon does what Dagon wants. They all do, Great Old Ones do not feel bound to the laws and concepts of this universe."

He might as well have been banging his head against a wall. It was not that they were intentionally unhelpful, they honestly didn't know anything.

"Talking of dangerous and unpredictable, what is that 'sonic pen' of yours, anyway? A device that can turn an entity of pure energy into flesh and blood, then cause him to implode into a micro-wormhole would require an enormous amount of power. . ." "It's bigger on the inside, Doctor. It's very complicated, involves Quantum Mnemonics, and is unimportant at the moment." "Oh, I'd say it's very important, a device like that in your hands, forgive me, but you are one of the most dangerously reckless beings I have ever met. . . Or anyone else's including mine, could be very, very destructive, even if it's not meant to be a weapon."

"I've never killed anyone until now," Mikaboshi said, "And it hurts. But, God help me, I don't feel any regret. Hastur deserved to die." "You're in shock now, having seen your brother die and killing another sentient being. I assure you, you'll feel regret, you're not evil." Mikaboshi looked down at the pen, then handed it to The Doctor without argument. "How do I know I can trust you with it?" "Such a thing should not exist, and I'm going to destroy it as soon as possible." After examining the pen and its craftsmanship, he looked at Mikaboshi, "Did you design this yourself?" "Yes. It was designed to create matter from energy, a sort of 'magic wand' to create things we needed, literally out of thin air. In a way, it's the opposite of Davros' reality bomb." "You are a genius. I truly mean that. Even Davros would have a hard time even conceiving something like this, much less building it." Mikaboshi gave a slight smile, "Thank you."

Mikaboshi seemed different from the self-righteous, careless youth The Doctor had met before.

"But, you have to admit, I was right about recruiting The Vampires." Mikaboshi grinned.

Or, maybe not. . . Still, he had been right. This time.

"Is this the only one?"


"See that there aren't any more."

He decided to take another route. "Who is the last Great Old One you would suspect of being involved in this conspiracy?"

"Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg."

"Why not?"

"Because he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. He lives in what you call N-space, on the planet Shaggai. The natives, the Shan, revere him. Ghouls on a dozen worlds worship him. The Memeovores would take all of that away." Shub-Niggurath replied, "He was with us when Abaddon. . ." The Bringer of Pestilence had been the only Great Old One to speak with The Doctor. He did seem an unlikely suspect, but not an impossible one.

It suddenly struck him as he examined the pen, he could find the answer, and he was sure he knew where to look. "If you'll excuse me," He started the TARDIS controls, "I have some fishing to do." The blue box faded away.


The Special Weapons Dalek glided forward across the obsidian floor, its thick cannon aimed directly at Mikaboshi's chest. Rhodney jumped onto the casing, and let out a large croak. "Rhodney wants a ride." Sargon laughed and pulled the pitbullfrog off of the Dalek. Mikaboshi opened the small upper dome, revealing a tiny computer hot-wired into the Dalek controls. "I think I need to adjust the axis of the cannon, it still jerks a little." "Why bother, it's just a toy?" Mikaboshi shook his head, "It's a display piece." He had recovered the shell of a dead Special Weapons Dalek, the heavy duty 'tanks' of the Imperial Daleks, in the ruins of Karn, a planet that had the misfortune of being located near Gallifrey. Between an invasion by an insane Time Lord named Morbius and the ravages of The Last Great Time War, Karn had been utterly destroyed. He had decided to take it aboard, (after draining it of all radiation), deactivate its weaponry and turn the shell into a macabre toy. "These are the big guns, the Daleks call them 'Abominations' because the radiation output of the cannon drives the operator insane." Sargon shook his head, leave it to the Daleks to create a device that drives it's operator insane, then blame the operator. He wondered what a Dalek had to do to get punished by being put in one of these things. "Couldn't they shield it from the radiation?" Sargon asked, picking up Rhodney. "Yes. If they cared. Which they don't." Sargon shook his head, scratching under Rhodney's massive jaws, "Not very efficient of them. How do they see without an eye-stalk?" Mikaboshi pointed to a line of tiny cubes arranged around the small dome, "These are the sensors. Eye-stalks are pretty primitive really. I don't see why the Daleks continue to use them." "For the same reason every time a 'Skaro' is blown up they name a new world 'Skaro.' Because they're sentimentalists at heart. They like the original design, even if it is flawed." Mikaboshi laughed, "I doubt they'd admit it, but I think you're right." Rhodney hopped down from Sargon's arms and the young Jagaroth walked over to another 'display piece', a Spider Dalek. As it's name implied, it crouched upon eight multi-jointed legs. Mikaboshi was very proud oft this particular display piece, anyone could get a Dalek casing, but a Special Weapons Dalek was rare, and the amount of Spider Daleks produced numbered in the low hundreds.

To Sargon, however, no weapon was rare enough.

"It's hard to believe that these were originally created as travel machines, life-support systems. . ."

"That's the problem with technology, in the wrong hands, anything can be a weapon."

"And Davros' hands were certainly the wrong ones." Sargon mused.

Mikaboshi looked up from the casing, he knew Sargon hated weapons, display pieces or not, "Sargon, is there something you want to say?" Sargon sighed, "Do you want to talk about Abaddon? About what happened?" He knew Mikaboshi tended to hide his pain from him, so he asked directly. Mikaboshi replaced the Dalek's dome, "I. . . I honestly didn't know him that well. That's what makes it so hard. Our paths never crossed, I only met him once or twice. He was pretty single-minded about fighting Pwccm and The Dark. There was also the fact that his shadow sucked the life out of other beings. That made it hard to spend time with him." Mikaboshi ran a sonic pen, an ordinary one, around the base of the Dalek's massive weapon, "When he killed thousands of people in Cardiff, most people thought he was evil, a mindless, rampaging monster. They didn't understand, he couldn't control his power. Everything died wherever he went, he didn't intentionally slaughter people." "I saw how it affected Moloch." Sargon said, "I can see how dangerous such a power would be."

"You have a large family, a Thousand Young. You can't be close to all of them, especially when they have their own agendas." Sargon pointed out. Mikaboshi shook his head, "I can travel anywhere in time and space. . . Well, almost anywhere. Now I don't think I could see Abaddon, I'm literally unable to. I'd do something, say something. . ." "That's only natural," Sargon put his hand on Mikaboshi's shoulder, "We all would. I remember thinking that. . . That maybe I could have. . ." His duel voices quivered, "Saved my parents." His clear green eye glimmered sadly, "Sometimes, I still hate myself for not going back, helping them. But I know that if I did, it would damage The Web of Time. I would never have existed to save them, and then we'd be stuck in an eternal temporal paradox. The universe doesn't work that way. Life isn't fair. . ."

"I wish to God I could save your parents, Sargon." Mikaboshi's voice cracked a little.

"I know. So do I. But we can't. I don't blame you for that." Sargon shrugged, "But they would be happy to know that I've survived, despite everything that happened to me. And that I have such a friend as you."

A tear rolled down Mikaboshi's cheek, and turned slightly. Sargon knew Mikaboshi would die himself if it would bring his parents back.

"Thank you. I don't know if I could survive without you, Sargon." It was true, Sargon was Mikaboshi's closest, dearest friend, and he would do anything for him.

Sargon knew that he was hurting, he was just barely healing from the wounds of Vecna's betrayal, and now he had watched his half-brother die to save their lives, and he had killed someone. He needed encouragement, support and just plain friendship right now

"Abaddon died a hero," Sargon offered, "And with The Doctor's help, everyone's going to know what he did, that he wasn't just an evil, soul-sucking demon." Mikaboshi smiled, stepped away from the Dalek, "He's already contacted Torchwood, UNIT and The Shadow Proclamation. The Shadow Proclamation pardoned him posthumously. Several races, including the Jagaroth, already hold him as a hero." He crouched down to pet Rhodney, "I wonder what Bilis Manger thinks about this. . ."

"Who's Bilis Manger?"

"He was a human who was empowered by Abaddon and The Light. He worshiped Abaddon as a god, and served him without question. Manger woke him before the incident in Cardiff, and helped bring him back after his first death." "If you can't talk to, can't see Abaddon again, why don't you visit his servant? Mr. Manger could probably tell you a lot about Abaddon." "Let's just say Torchwood and UNIT have no desire to see either me or Mr. Manger again." He smiled, "unless, of course, we're wearing handcuffs. Besides, Mr. Manger is a time traveler himself, he can travel freely through time, without a ship. He could try to alter events himself, no, he would , he's too crazy to care about the consequences. . ." He patted Rhodney's warty head, "It's a pity, though. No one, except perhaps Mother, knew Abaddon better."

Sargon considered for a moment, "Bilis, that's an anagram of Iblis, isn't it?" Iblis, a name of The Devil in Islam. "Yes, but it's probably just a coincidence. Either that or he renamed himself, or was renamed, by Abaddon or The Light."

"But The Beast was Iblis, right?"

"Yes, or so he said. Every two-bit evil entity in the universe wants people to think it's the Devil. Not to mention creatures like Daemons, who bear an unfortunate resemblance to other races conceptions of Him."

"What do you think about him? I mean, he's, in a way, your step-father." Mikaboshi laughed, "My step-father is the Devil! Seriously, though, he's a force of pure evil. It is how he was made, he's not like Satan The Fallen. He didn't choose to be evil, he is evil itself. I don't blame him for being created out of pure evil."

"Do you think he knows about Abaddon?"

"I don't know. I have no way of knowing. Is it possible for such a being to feel grief?" He pondered the question for a moment, "Abaddon turned on him, helped imprison him at Krop Tor. But he was still his son. I honestly don't know. . ."

"Why did Abaddon help imprison his own father?" Sargon asked.

"Because he was his father." Mikaboshi said vaguely, "The union was made in falsehood. He had disguised himself as another, and. . ." "I think I see," Sargon shook his head, "Do his other children feel the same?"
"Probably. Hopefully." Mikaboshi pressed on his pen and the cannon moved in a smooth, even manner. "That should do it." He turned to Sargon, "I just had an idea. How would you like to meet The Face of Boe?"

"Dagon." The squirming, crawling mass of tentacles and spider's legs was impossible to read, he could have been nervous or amused. The Doctor folded his arms and glared at him, "You and Moloch were of the same pantheon, you were allies, and you called for the release of the Memeovores as soon as we met. Someone didn't want us to. . ." A five-hundred foot long, barbed spider's leg slashed down, striking inches from The Doctor. "To lock the Memeovores away." The Time Lord was unfazed by the Great Old One's obvious threat, "So they sent Moloch to stop us." After a long moment, Dagon finally growled out a response, "We did not know that Moloch was an agent of Nyarlathotep. We didn't know." "But you did try to stop us closing the time lock." "Yes," Dagon's admission expressed no remorse, "We wanted them freed, and Moloch volunteered to stop you locking them away. Your death was not the object, and we certainly did not intend harm to Mikaboshi or Abaddon. We just wanted to release the Memeovores. Moloch went rogue." The Doctor shook his head, "Who exactly are 'we'?" "Azathoth, Cthulhu, Gog, Magog, Y'Golonac. . . " "Why did you want them released?" "There are things you cannot understand. It was part of a larger plan, a plan which has to be modified now." "You wanted to wipe out all life in the universe," The Doctor accused him directly, "So you could remake the universe in your image." Dagon laughed harshly, "Do you think we would be so petty? We have many realms, many universes. Yours is unimportant. We needed to destroy Nyarlathotep. He intended to unleash the Memeovores upon us, and we wanted them on our side. So we chose to free them before he could." Could it truly have been fear, not betrayal, that had motivated the conspiracy? Regardless, The Doctor was shocked by their foolishness, "You actually thought you could control the Memeovores? Did none of you see what happened when the Time Lords traveled to Planet 5 to unleash the Fendahl? They discovered the Memeovores, and they could not be reasoned with, or controlled. They are the penultimate predators in the universe, and you thought you could control them?" "We are far more powerful than mere Time Lords, we control forces you cannot comprehend. Moloch was able to disable your TARDIS simply by clutching it in his arms. You did not survive due to any of your Time Lord powers, you only live because Abaddon forced Moloch to free you." "And Abaddon is dead!" The Doctor shouted angrily, "They killed both of them because of your stupidity! Do you think you could control those creatures now?"

Dagon slithered, squirmed and writhed silently for a moment. "We had no chance to contact them or attempt to exert power over them, both of The Great Old Ones present were locked in battle, distracted. With a proper opportunity, we could control them."

The Doctor was infuriated, and Dagon did not care. He truly believed that they could control the Memeovores, even after seeing them consume Abaddon and Moloch. He believed himself truly immortal. He was wrong. The Doctor pulled out Mikaboshi's sonic pen, "This device was designed by a child, yet it killed Hastur, a Great Old One." He pointed it at Dagon, "Do you wish to see how?" Dagon squirmed and skittered, he knew what had become of Hastur, "No! Put it away!" The Doctor held the pen steady, his voice was cold, merciless, "Tell your 'friends' that if they ever attempt to free the Memeovores, if they ever even come within two million light years of Planet 5, I will destroy them." "Yes. Of course," Dagon had composed himself somewhat, "We will comply, for now. But you will not live forever, Doctor. And one day the Great Old Ones shall have their way." "But not today." The Doctor's voice was cold as ice.

Dagon vanished into the Spaces Between.

The Doctor looked down at the sonic pen. Should he keep it, to ensure The Great Old Ones never attempted to unleash the Memeovores? Or should he destroy it, to ensure that no one, including himself, would ever use it for evil?

He slipped the pen into his pocket, and closed the TARDIS' doors.

He would have to decide.

But not today.

The End.


The Beast wanted to create an army of lesser demons, capable of helping conquer the universe, but unable to challenge his power. Where he is imprisoned doesn't matter, he's hidden from all and should remain that way.

Satan the Fallen refers to the fallen angel who rebelled against God. He is not The Beast, and if he appeared to someone, he would probably look like the angel he once was, unless he just wanted to appear as a horned beast. He chose to be evil, The Beast was created from pure evil.

I don't know if Abaddon intended to drain the life from people, (Bilis Manger implied he wanted to devour all life, but he could have misunderstood his master.), but in my story, he is merely a victim of nature, his shadow kills, whether intentional or not.

Dagon and Moloch were worshiped together by many ancient peoples. Moloch had many names, Marduk, Molech, Melech, Miloch, Milcolm, just to name a few. Dagon was also known as Dagan and possibly Enki. Neptune and Poseidon were likely based on Dagon as well. Both were also called 'Baal' which means lord or master, and was a general term for a god or person in authority.

The Special Weapons Dalek appeared in The 7th Doctor serial 'Remembrance of The Daleks'. One was also seen in the background in the Dalek asylum in The 11th Doctor serial 'Asylum of The Daleks'. Spider Daleks appear in some fiction and were going to be used in the Doctor Who movie, but they never developed.

Karn and Morbius appear in The 4th Doctor serial 'The Brain of Morbius.'

The Time Lords wanted to free the Fendahl to help them in their war against an unnamed force known only as 'The Enemy'. They found the Fendahl extinct and the Memeovores waiting. This occured in the book 'The Taking of Planet 5' by Simon Bucher-Jones and Mark Clapham. I won't go into detail so as not to spoil the book's plot, but the book is far different from my story. Of course, my story is fan-fiction, from my own warped imagination, and therefore events occured very differently in this universe.

Y'Golonac is a deity created by Ramsey Campbell, and is his property. He is a horrible, evil creature who represents perversion in all its forms. Shaggai and the Shan also belong to Ramsey Campbell.

Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg belongs to Chaosium