This is a diary written by the person in the name of the story. FYI Cammy is a girl, for all of you confused ones. If you like action, romance (I'm working on it), and drama with a dark side, then this here's a story for you!

Without further annoyances, here's the intro/part one:

You can always change your fate;
But your Destiny has been decided since the dawn of time.

Forstatement/First entry in diary:

All I remember is fire. The fire that burnt my house down, along with my family, and everything I had. The fire that forced me to run, run for my life, from everything I knew, everything I had, and into my new life.

I remember running away from the malicious fire as clearly as the night sky was above me. I tripped and slipped countless times before I found refuge in a place that New Yorkers never dared to go.

The sewers. The masses of old, grimy pipes stretching across the endless walls twisted and distorted over time. Long stretches of winding hallways reaching into the unknown darkness and the grimy sewage river, it's flow staggered by denounced waste. In addition, there was the stench, worsened by the dank darkness. Instead of dulling my other senses, it heightened them.

Why was I here? Who sent me here? Was I sent here on purpose? How did I get down here? It all was a blur in my mind now. I wandered aimlessly and wearily down the halls petrified by time, dragging my hand against the wall and scraping it against the pipes that strayed from its path, broken and sagged. I didn't care how scraped my hand was; I didn't want to walk too close to the sewage river.

The only sounds I could hear were frequent sobs that escaped my mouth and the scraping sound of my hand against the rough brick walls that enclosed me in an endless place rejected by man.

I could hear the rumbling and bustling of the life above me, so close, yet so distant that it seemed as if I were five miles underwater, the pressure making me burst with urge to rise to the surface, yet forcing myself to stay down with the knowledge that I have been rejected.

It was traumatic, for me only being seven at the time. I remember it as clear as day, yet day was the farthest thing I was from at the time. I was wandering this place for over three days now. I curled up in a ball and sobbed.

I would have died down there, but I heard footsteps. It was dusk because the light streaming through the sewer grate was almost gone. After hearing nothing but my own sobbing for three days, I thought I was finally breaching my sanity. I kept my face in my hands as I heard the footsteps come closer, each step louder and clearer until they stopped in front of me. Then I heard a voice. A voice reaching through the darkness, directed at me. Just to me.

"It does no good to cry when destiny has a future for you." A voice said. It was calm and deep yet so startling that I shot my head up, looking for the source of this mystical sound.

"But destiny brought me here, so why not stay?" I retorted.

However, then the figure told me, ''Ah, but destiny has brought me here too.''

I smiled and looked at him directly in the face. I could see his eyes gleaming through the, dark, the stench, the cold, the muffled noises from above, and all of my worries disintegrated like a clump of sand thrown into moving water.

When my eyes finally adjusted and the figure took shape, I gasped and put my face back in my hands. I had just seen something no normal or mentally sane person would see in their entire life. Then he, or it, said something next that stuck with me forever.

''Even though I may look different, I am the same as you at heart.'' the figure, which was a giant rat, said. I lifted my head out of my hands and looked at him directly in the face, this time no fear in my eyes. I saw the same eyes as before, and it was that moment when I realized that all creatures have a heart inside. No matter size, shape, color, age, we all shared one coincident destiny. With a genuinely sincere gleam in his eyes, he outstretched his hand and helped me up.

''Come, destiny has a lot in store for you yet.'' He said as he led me down the hall, into my new life. That was seven years ago. As odd as my life was then, it's just gotten even weirder. So much has changed. Even I've changed since then…


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