Fate of the Staples

part 3

I didn't want to stop playing. I didn't want the song to end. However, it had, and I turned around to see everyone looking at me. I felt all five pairs of eyes watching me, staring at me as if I weren't real.

"...Impressive, right...?" I asked. They seemed at a loss of words to answer me. My eyes flitted across the group of four turtles and teenage girl to the doorway where a pale figure stood, with the same glassy sapphire eyes and long platinum blonde hair as Melody. I gasped and stood up as the person ran back down the hallway.

"Melody!" I cried out. We all turned around and ran out the door. To my surprise, there was no one in the hallway.

"We have to find her!" I exclaimed.

"What if she tells everyone? We'll get discovered!" Leo realized.

"We have to find her." Jen murmured. We ran from room to room as swiftly as we could. When I turned away from the second door and I saw a flash of platinum blonde hair and light blue through the doorway at the end if the hall.

"Guys, over here!" I ordered. We silently sprinted down the hall, putting our ninjutsu skills to use. We reached the main room again and saw the girl in the elevator as the doors closed.

"Get her!" Leo yelled. We ran towards her as the doors closed. On instinct, we ran for the elevator next to it. We stood in there for a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity of not knowing what to do until Jen pressed the top floor.

"What was THAT for?" Leo asked.

"If I were running from ugly, gross, green mutant turtles that were hiding in my giant office building, then that's where I'd go." Jen explained.

"Have you ever thought that Melody might be a LOT smarter than you? She runs a giant company, and all." Donnie stated. Jennifer shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well, we'll find out when we get there." I stated. The elevator seemed like a pressure cooker as we slowly climbed the floors. As the elevator slowed and the doors slid open, we burst out of the elevator and into some sort of office. The office was open and airy, skylights covering the ceiling and large glass windows lined along the wall. The walls were painted a pale green, pleasant to my eyes. The floor was a sea blue and there was a neat mahogany desk with a large stack of papers and files on it and a modern looking computer. However, the office wasn't the main focus, it was what was standing there. Melody was standing in the middle of the room, hiding behind the burlier butler. All I could see was her sapphire blue eyes peeking back at mine, but I knew it was her. We were in a lot of trouble.


"Uh oh," I mumbled as I looked towards the back of the elevator where the turtles were standing a few moments ago. However, they were gone, hiding out of sight.

"Cameryn? Jennifer?" Melody asked, her voice soft and weak.

"Yeah, yeah. That's us." Jen told her.

"Where are the giant reptiles?" Melody asked.

"The giant what now?" I asked, confused. I then realized that Melody accidentally saw the turtles.

"Are you sure? I've seen a lot of fake Staple children that were just greedy for the Staple fortune." The butler said.

"Nah, we just saw our memorials and almost had a heart attack because we didn't know that everyone thought we were dead." Jen announced stupidly. I smacked her upside her head.

"I'm sorry," I replied, "You probably know she's really stupid." I told her.

"Mind if I ask you some questions?" The butler asked.

"Sure." Jen and I agreed.

"Where did we go for Melody and your seventh birthday?" He asked.

"No where, Melody was sick." I answered.

"And how did you escape the fire?" He asked Jen.

"I jumped out a window and landed in a dumpster." Jen told him.

"Is that how you really ended up living in a dumpster?" I asked Jen.

"No, I ended up in center city." She told us.

"And you?" The butler asked.

"I ran. And then I ended up in the sewers." I told him dully.

"Sounds like the typical brainless Cammy," Melody awkwardly chuckled.

"Let's talk about this over some tea." Melody said, regaining her composure and acting like a typical noble.


"And through all of this, you two found the old lot?" Melody questioned.

"Well, with the help of our friends." I told her.

"And who would they be?" She asked.

"Their names are Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, and they live underground with their father, Hamato Yoshi." I told her.

"Ah, Yoshi is one of the famous names of ninja in frugal Japan!" The leaner butler noted.

"Why would they all have the names of renaissance artists?" Melody asked.

"And how did you meet them?" She added.

"Well that's a VERY long story." I told her.

"We have time," Melody replied.

"Well... They live in the sewers." I started. No one commented, so I went on. "A long time ago a ninjutsu master was put in the care of four children, as you know who they are. I met them as I was running from the fire, and I've lived with them ever since."

"And for me," Jen started. "A few months ago, I was spending a typical boring night in my cozy dumpster while my homies were sleeping in the city park." Jen was confronted with several looks of confusion. "Homies are my fellow hobos." Jen explained. Everyone seemed to understand now. "And one of them pushed Mikey into my dumpster." Jen added comically. We all laughed.


After hours of talking and catching up on the years we've been apart, we finally came to a problem: where would we live? I liked living in the sewers, it was cozy and more of a home than a lifeless, metal and glass fused skyscraper, despite Melody's demands.

"Do you and Jen want to stay at the staple skyscraper?" Mel finally asked.

"We'd love to, but we live at our friends house right now." I said before Jen got any... Whacky ideas.

"So how about in a month, you can move into the staple skyscraper." Melody concluded.

"Only on one condition!" Jen butted in. "We get to be on a floor with a great view!" She added.

"It's settled, then." Melody concluded. "Would you like us to escort you out?" She asked politely.

"No thanks, our friends are with us." Jen announced stupidly.

"Oh, can I meet them?" Melody asked. Why did Jen just do that? She literally just gave away the turtles! I swear, sometimes she can be absolutely whacko. I had to keep from face palming myself because of her stupidity. I glared at Jen and she suddenly realized what she said and looked embarrassed.

"Ummmm, some people get a bit scared when they see them..." My voice trailed off.

"Why would I be scared?" Melody asked.

"I'd like to meet your friends," the taller butler, Clifton added.

"Promise you won't freak out or anything?" Jen glared at

"Of course not!" Melody promised.

"Okay, then." I led her over to the elevator, and opened the elevator door.

"Guys, come out!" I yelled. In a flash of green, four man-sized turtles appeared in front of us. Melody and her two butlers, Clifton and Trevor gawked.

"Melody, meet Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo." I told her. Instead of freaking out like everyone else, melody turned to Trevor and grinned smugly.

"Told you I wasn't hallucinating!" She announced. Trevor and Clifton were still gawking.

"So, this is Melody and her two man-servants!" Jen awkwardly introduced them.

"Assistant and Bodyguard, Jennifer." Melody corrected her. "Anyway, I expect we all have MUCH more catching up to do."