As Miss. Sarah Brown of the Save a Soul Mission, I was never very spontaneous. Mind you, I dedicated my whole life to the Mission, and had never learned otherwise.

Sky Masterson, on the contrary, is quite used to living very _. I've always had a secret desire to live more freely as he does.

"Ready to go, Miss. Sarah?" He asked as he entered the Mission the morning we left for Havana.

"Yes. But, Mr. Masterson, please remember that I am only doing this for the Mission. This is not at all a source of frivolous activity."

He opened the door for me, "And why would it be? I can assure you that this is simply a…" He thought for a moment, "…simply a business matter."

"Right. When will we be returning?" Sky looked puzzled, as if he never thought about this before. I restated the question, "When will we arrive back here?"

"I hadn't really thought of that matter-"

"Obviously not!" I was becoming fairly frustrated. "Mr. Masterson, I am appalled that you would-"

"-however, I never said I would do any harm to a lovely doll like you!"

I was very taken aback by this, "Excuse me, but I will not be referred to as a child's toy!"

Sky ignored this, "Come on, Miss. Sarah, the jet is waiting."

"The jet?"

I awoke to the sound of Sky humming in delight. We were on a jet. I must have fallen asleep in the car due to lack of sleep. I barely got an hour of sleep in last night because I was so worried about this trip. Yes, I wanted the Mission to thrive again, but what would it matter if I was sinning in the process?

Anyhow, I decided that I wanted to get out of my Mission clothes and into something more comfortable. Of course, I didn't bring anything with me. When Sky found out, I knew he was going to put me in some tiny, silky number- one very much alike those worn at the Hot Box nightclub. My implications often suit my needs well.

Thankfully, there was another dress on the plane that I could wear. It was a layered, pale pink, billowy dress with scarlet marigolds printed on it. It wasn't much different from things I'd worn in the past, before I became a Missionary. In fact, I'd wear dresses like this to sing in my church's choir. That was before Grandfather told me I should join the Save a Soul Mission that he was a Missionary at.

He had almost my whole life laid out for me. I'd come join the Mission, marry a man whom, mind you, was simply not a gambler. Nothing like Sky, that is.

"Miss. Sarah? We're here," Sky interrupted my thoughts.

As soon as we got off the plane, I knew this was going to be a very long day.