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Chapter 1: New Kid

Fang's POV

I trudge through the rain and up the steps to the school. I walk through the doors and shake out my shaggy black hair that falls in front of my eyes.

I reach my locker and glance around. I sigh in relief and relax a little.

"Fangy!" it squeals. (I can never get away from her!)

I tense up and without turning around I say in a frustrated voice, "Hi Lissa."

"So I was wondering if you would like to go out this weekend since you couldn't go last weekend." She pauses for a second. "…or the weekend before that…or the weekend before that…" she says twirling her hair with one finger and the other one trailing down my chest and the the waist band of my black jeans.

I shiver in disgust but I guess she took it as anticipation because she shoved her body against mine and pushed her lipstick covered lips over mine and forced her tongue into my mouth.

I tried to gently push her off at first but she wouldn't budge. She shoved me against the lockers and her hand slipped under my black shirt. From the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of blondish colored hair. I finally had enough and I shoved Lissa away from me.

She landed smack on her butt and l most burst out laughing. Except I'm Fang. So I kept an emotionless face.

"Busy." I say answering her first question.

She stands up pouting. "But your always busy."

"That's because he doesn't like you." I here a voice say behind me. "If you had half a brain you would have figured that out the first hundred times you asked him out. I didn't think it would take him actually shoving you for you to understand that." I smirk and turn to my best friend, Iggy.

Lissa looks at him in disgust before huffing and twitching away on six inch heels, swaying her hips way to much.

"Uhg. She has a bunch of make up coating her face in like layers or something. And those cloths! Where does she think she is?! A strip club? I mean we are in school last time I checked. And the worst part is that she wont leave you alone! I mean how can you stand it?! I mean, no offence, but what does she see in you? I mean ya your tall, dark, and handsome, okay maybe I can see what she sees in you but still! Your like a brick wall! Hey have you heard about the new kid yet? I bet she will like you. Oh! Maybe we can have sleep overs, and go to the mall. Oh! There is a new mall opening and I want to go. Oh! Maybe we all ca-"

"Hi Nudge." I say cutting off her rambling.

"Whats this about a new kid?" Iggy asks.

"Oh! There is a new kid coming to school today."

I nod as I slam my locker door shut and we walk to class together and splitting ways to our separate rooms.

As I walk into my homeroom classroom and the bell rings, I cant help but think, I hope shes not like Lissa.

Max's POV

I groan as I roll out of bed in the morning.

So sore. But I should be used to it be now. I glance at the clock. 4:30am.

Perfect. It gives me enough time to get up, dressed and out the door to the new school before Jeb, my 'father', even wakes up. I walk to my closet with a slight limp and pull out some cloths for my first day at the new school.

New school. Wow.

That's just perfect. New school and new people. Not like I had any friends at my old house anyway… Except…no. Don't think about it. Him. Hes fine. He can survive without you… I hope. I shake my head as if to clear my thoughts of the only person I care about in my life. I still have to go through all of the whispering of a new school.


I pull on my black skinny jeans and a smokey grey tank top in my bathroom after I showered. I stare at myself in the mirror and cringe.

I see a seventeen year old girl with dirty blond hair with natural brown streaks in it.

I see a girl with bruises up and down her arms, face, and neck.

I see a girl with dark circles under dull chocolate brow eyes.

I turn my arms over and see the long and short white scars and pink newer ones that are sure to.

I look back into my eyes and see a girl who is fed up with life.

I yank on my black sweat shirt over my bruised and scarred arms, applied concealer to visible bruises and cuts and ran out the door.

Nope. No breakfast for me.

I slowed to a walk and took the hour journey to school. Fun.

I got to school at 6:04 and walked through the doors.

I looked around at the white and blue walls and the red lockers. I caught a glimpse of a girl with six inch heels, fire red hair, and cloths that look like they belong in a strip club, making out with a guy in all black and jet black hair that falls in front of his eyes that would make almost any girl swoon. Almost.

I shook my head in disgust then walked into the office. "Are you the new kid?" the school secretary asks. I immediately pull on my unbreakable mask I had been wearing for nine years.

I nod. Yup. New kid. Awesome.

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