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Chapter 2: Friends?

Max's POV

I walk into the relatively empty class room and take a seat in the farthest corner by the widow.

I have about a half hour before class starts so I pull out a note-book and start to sketch. I stare out the window and into the clouds while my hand works with a mind of its own. I can feel my mask slip off and my face relax.

I glance down at my picture and jump is shock.

There was a girl. A beautiful girl with wings flying through the clouds with a relaxed expression and an easy smile. Her skin was perfect but what caught my eyes were the wings. The beautiful wings outstretched and strong. The girl with the wings was me.

The bell rang and I closed my book quickly and felt my mask slide back into place.

"Class this is the new student, Maximum Bachalder-"

"Ride." I interrupted with a blank expression. "Max Ride."

I changed my last name when I had stopped thinking of my Jeb as my father.

"Ride." She corrected herself. "This is our new student, Max Ride." Just then a kid in black walked in. Or more spasificly, the kid who was making out with a girl in the hall. "Mr. Martinez. Nice of you to join us. Take a seat."

He walks to the back of the class and plops into the seat beside me. I roll my eyes and look out the window the rest of class.

"What's that?" I hear a deep voice beside me say as the bell rings.

I jump and my mask slams back down at full force over my face. I look down at my note-book and see that its open again and my hand had been drawing again. It was a picture of a hawk eye that took up the whole page.

I snapped the book closed and looked into the obsidian eyes of the kid in black.

I look down quickly and got up, gathering my things, and am about to slip out the door when his voice stops me. "I'm Fang."

"Max." I say without turning around and then slip into the wave of students.

Fang's POV

Her soft voice rang in my ears.

"Max." I tried it on my tonge as she disappeared into the sea of students.

I don't know what it is but she's different. Shes not like other girls. The way she wears that mask. Then the relaxed expression when she looked out the window. And her drawing. The pencil moved as if it had a mind of its own.

The way she was surprised at what she saw.

Somehow I made it to my next class in a daze. Iggy greeted me and snapped me out of what ever trance I was in and for the moment I forgot about Max.

At lunch time we all rushed to the cafeteria. We sat down in our seats when I noticed Max sitting by herself and with no lunch, drawing.

"hey guys, im going to ask the new kid, Max, to sit with us." I say getting up.

Iggy and Nudge shared a look and smiled.

"That would be so cool because she looks really lonely and that's so not cool and…" She trails off with one look from me.

I walked over to the empty table Max was sitting at and slide in next to her.

She looked up startled from her drawing. "Hey, you wana join me and my friends?"

She looks at me and shakes her head no.

"Come on. It will be cool. They want to meet the new kid." She cringes. "come on. Just come sit with us."

Iggy's POV

"They are perfect for each other." I said with a grin.

"Ya, I know! I think Fang is already falling for her! But shes different. Ooo! I should invite her to come to my house. What do you thin?"

"I think shse has to agree to come over here first." I say watching her shake her head.

Fang says something else and gestures to us. She looks over at us and I wiggle my fingers in a hi gesture.

She scowls and looks back at Fang. He says something else and she sighs standing up and walking over with her note book clutched to her chest.

"Ello mate. You must be Max!" I say with an Australian accent. She nods and slumps into the chair farthest from us. "Im James but you can call me Iggy."

"Hi! Im Monique! But everyone calls me Nudge but I don't know why. They say they have to nudge me to get me to shut up but usually they just slap a hand over my mouth or in Fang's case he just glares at me. He has a really scary glare. Hey you have a scary glare too. Hey do you want to come over to my house after school? Ooo! Then you can meet the rest of the gang. Oh hey, your really pretty! Can I do your hair? Can I-"

I slapped my hand over her mouth and looked at Max. "Sorry, as you can tell she talks a lot- and now she is licking my hand. Gross." I pull my hand away and whip is on my pants. Max just blinks and then goes back to doodling or whatever she is writing.

"Wow, you don't talk much do you? Looks like we got another Fang friend." She opens her mouth like she was going to say something but then closes it, shakes her head, and goes back to drawing.

Just then the Gasman runs into the lunch room and over to our table. "Hey guys-and new kid-we really have to go."

"Ah-oh. Gazzy what did you do?" Nudge asked.

"Doesn't matter. I will explain later but we really really got to get out of here."

Everyone at the table, besides Max, gets up in a hurry. When Gazzy does something you really need to clear the area.

"Come on Max we got to go." I say and grab her wrist. She finches and pulls from my grip. She stands up and follows us out the side doors and into the parking lot.

We hid behind a truck and turn to the building.


The whole building shudders and we hear screaming. Kids and teachers stumble out of the building, followed by a green fog, gasping for air.

"Dude," I say as I turn to him. "That. Was. awesome! No school!" I run around the parking lot with my arms above my head.

We all burst out laughing except for Max who has a blank face and Fang who has a smirk.

When we all stop laughing, Gazzy speaks up. "So who's the new chick?"

Max grinds her teeth together. "This is Max. She doesn't talk." I say.

"I talk."

We all gape at her soft but strong voice. "…She speaks!" I shout after an extent of silence. "So you goin' to Nudge's with us?" She shrugs. "Cool!"

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