Mewling was heard as speckles of light dotted a fluorescent darkness as a click of heels on the marble tile struck. Spider like cracks crawled gently through dark sky purple tile as each silver heel tip tapped the floor. Blue-black clouds wafted over cream white ankles, as little golden wings flicked slightly against the straps. "Silence travels fastest when fools speak little watcher." A smoky voice curled around the slim silhouette, wrapping around the open space. Light rose as the horizon slid into the crystal windows splashing the room in color, moonlight hands moved rhythmically dipping across ivory tooth keys. Thin fingers dipped and caressed the ebony bands producing dulcet tones to sing with the light hymns of ivory. "Moonlight Sonata how nostalgic little watcher and ironic as well." The dark chocolate rich voice slithered through the fairy tinged music.

"Lord Charon, what brings you to my twilight domain, here where only my music dwells?" A soft bell like voice inquired, fingers still slipping over the piano keys. The music continued wafting through the cloudy air intertwining with the gentle sparkles of sunlight and bringing brilliance to the room, almost like a veil being slid back. A ghostly haunting breeze ruffled a thin cape undecided between starlight silver and sun struck gold. Slowly the room brightened touching every darken corner turning everything silver, white and gold, a stunning cold luminosity.

"No violin today little watcher, I thought today was the mourning day?" The deep voice questioned, refusing to answer the question put to him. As soon as the whisper left his lips so did a harsh sound clanged across the eerie castle room.

"Charon, know you place!" The soft voice rang harshly, bright light spilling forth in reproach, hands depressed in anger on the old grand piano. Swiftly the fingers retreated and the slim figure spun to glare fiercely from icicle blue eyes. Haunting laughter was the only response as thick hands clapped in amusement.

"He comes little watcher, he cries out little watcher, what shall you do?" Echoed as the figure left as wisp of breath red smoke residue clinging to the area. "The World Eater comes, but he comes not alone, and definitely not unaided." The last caress of warning floating in the stagnant air, moonlight fingers flicked at the residue whisking it away with its warning.

"I know, I've heard him…" The indulgent bell whispered beneath her breath, fingers once again reminiscing age long memories. Starlight bright light silver spilled over blocking the figure once more leaving only a silver staff in its wake.

Several years later…..

"Damn Stark I need those specs and I need them yesterday!" Angry and strict a voice demanded over the vid phone as a man played with a floating metal ball. The man tilted his head up catching the ball in his left hand as he contemplated the celling before sighing and placing the ball down.

"All right Fury, keep the eye patch on." The man acquiescent as he ignores the empty tubes around him little mechanical arms dipping in and out of the tubes. Immediately after his agreeable but none the less dismissive answer the vid phone snapped off, and a black aristocratic eyebrow raised turning slowly to the now blank screen. "Well, good bye to you to Mr. Director." He sniped, hand still resting on the metal ball as he blinked casually at the hardware. "Jarvis, this is why we don't take calls from S.H.I.E.L.D." He scolded before flexing his hand and throwing the metal ball at the wall watching bemusedly as it rebounded spectacularly.

"Sir, they are an important partner of Stark Enterprises, meaning sir they do pay for your little 'experiments,' as it were, sir." A gentlemanly voice responded, while clear windows popped up showing profit margins.

"Bah, that's what we have Pepper for Jarvis." He responded now twirling a screwdriver between his fingers.

"I think Ms. Potts would disagree, sir, she does have other duties." Jarvis pointed out as more windows popped up.

"Indeed I would, and indeed I do." A female voice sounded from behind the dark haired man dubbed Stark.

"Peps, honey, how are you lovely?" Stark asked suavely swiping back his hair while grinning his million dollar smile.

"Certainly not buying the line, Mr. Stark," She responded while handing over a folder which Stark frowned at while moving slightly.

"Still having issues about the whole being handed stuff thing," He mumbled while gazing over the folder caustically. "Really Pepper you too?" Stark asked while seeing the Shield symbol on the upper corner of the cover sheet.

"Tony, we're not having this discussion, it's your fault for coming out as Iron Man." Pepper returned attention still on the files careening in her hands.

"Please don't phrase it like that.." Tony Stark simpered, because he simply does not whine.

"Tony…stop pouting and just look it over." Pepper stated while stamping a few papers in her arms.

"They said I don't play well with others, why are we entertaining this again?" Tony asked, catching the blond haired male whose hammer nearly fried his newest scanners. "I'm the lone gunman, Potts." He stated.

"You're going to be the lone debonair if you don't get into your dinner jacket right now." She reminded before hastily walking away leaving the file with the world famous Iron Man. "Don't forget Rhodes is War Machine." She called back.

"He's a sidekick!" Tony stated to the empty air.

"He would disagree with that Sir." The gentleman voice responded.

"Jarvis….just focus on recalibrating seven's turbine boosters." Stark remarked

"Of course sir, calculating now, and sir, you're late." He chimed.

"Ah…Tony Stark is never late, the world waits for him." Tony commented but none the less briskly started to exit his 'chambers,' as it were. "As you were Jarvis." He added and then was out the door, his half smirk crawling quickly over his lips.

"This is Channel 9 news reporting live from the opening gala of New York's latest and greatest charity event via Stark Enterprise." An overly excited reporter chirped while gazing at the line of limos lining the sidewalk. However, right as her gaze reached the last limo and she moved her face to realign with a camera, the sleekest silver body gold trim limo pulled up. "Oh…my…god…" The reporter whispered eyes trailing over the opening car door. "It's Tony Stark!" She practically yelled while straightening her blouse. Sure enough 'Iron Man,' had arrived.

"Aren't they precious my dear ones?" The fairy voice asked while watching the event though a red crystal ball. There was a small hum before she tilted her head to overlook the gathering. The little Earth dwellers running to and fro as they surrounded the man who made the charity event possible chirping and clamoring for pictures and autographs. "Remember that my precious ones, when we were heroes?" She asked to the brisk air, turning the orb to rotate to another face. "The Man of Iron, he's sort of funny isn't he?" She murmured before rotating the orb once more the image shining on a clear white star.

"How are you feeling Captain?" A nervous gentleman asked brushing back his brown hair as he laid down a warm compress on the human torso. Watching as the ice blue skin slowly melt into flesh tone showing blood pumping through fingers and toes beginning to wiggle.

"Any change Coulsen?" A voice asked, as the nervous gentleman jumped slightly from his mothering.

"Well there is movement in the extremities Director." Coulsen stated, while flicking a glance at the E.K.G machine watching the line bounce slightly.

"Keep an eye on him Agent, we're going to need him." The Director, reported one eye dark with knowledge.

" Will do Director Fury Sir." Coulsen responded.

"And Coulsen, don't fan boy to hard when he wakes." Director Fury reminded and walked out to the sputtering of one of his most devoted agents. A slight smile on his face as he recalled a fresh face agent gushing about wanting to be like Captain America as he entered the academy to protect the world.

"Would you be proud of your descendants My love?" The lady watcher asked once again gazing enchanted into the ruby orb. "I think you would, especially with their great capacity for truth and justice, just like us." She murmured fingers tracing the red and silver shield in the orb. Grinning slightly she put the orb on a thin silver staff which flashed as the orb turned back to gold. "They're doing well everyone, the world we fought so hard to save is doing well, it makes me happy." She whispered leaning against her silver throne that was crowned by nine different colored stars. Bemused a smiled slipped over her cool tipped face, eyes still shinning like the star upon her brow.

"Lady Watcher," HELP ME! A voice echoed and screeched both through the silent air and the calm mind. Surprise she sat up glancing around frantically and scanning for the invasion in her hollow home. Settling slightly she popped her staff in front of her and concentrated on her golden orb, the star on her brow glowing wildly.

"Show me." She whispered and a gold light triangle snapped out and bathed her form. Her world went sideways before she found her consciousness before a man. His whitewash light blue hair fluttering briefly over his masked face, the gold star on his chest and head glowing dimly. Passes of energy glanced over her consciousness as she gazed at the masked man. "You called galaxy fighter and to you I have come." Her voice carried out gazing at one of her many stars. "Why have you called out to me, I see no trouble surrounding you?" She asked.

"Balance keeper, he's coming ever so close to this galaxy's borders, my guard is heading to the blue life planet to help but we will not reach them in time." He informed her, pausing briefly after to cast his power out.

"Are you asking me to teleport you closer or am I needed?" She pried tilting her silver crowned head. Her cape gently swaying as she crossed her legs to relax her stance, a shadow of her staff resting in her right hand.

"It's HIM , they will need you my liege."

"Him?" She chimed back.

"HIM." He spoke the fear crawling over his tongue.

Though in space sound has no loud projection, even the mind will fill it with white noise. However, in that moment even the static of the mind stopped, even with Chaos being her biggest opposite, there are those whom are just pure evil. Her icicle eyes widened and her lips parted in a silent o of shock. The world eater was on the way, and he brought help, and it was this name that ghosted off her tongue in shock.

"Thanos….." Her voice iced over. "The Death Titan." The plea echoed through space.

Elsewhere glowing eyes snapped open and a wicked tinged smirk speared across a chiseled face. "Cosmos, little light…." Was ground out and pure delight lit up the face. "Earth…." He continued and turned to a scrawny creature ordering it with his eyes.