It had been a long and tough day for the Winchester's kids. They were at Bobby's house where Ellen and her daughter Jo had then arrived.

"Ellen thanks for coming." Bobby told her as she gave him a look of what is going on.

"I got a call from another hunter telling me that in the next few towns over there is no one. It's like they disappeared. " Bobby was saying as they were all taking it in.

"Disappeared? How?" Ellen was asking him as she was trying to understand. As she stood next to him as she gave him a look.

"Like if the town was invisible or sumthin. " Bobby was saying as Dean and Sam gave each other a look.

"So what can we do?" Jo asked as she looked confused.

"We need to get into this warehouse and find what is in there and kill it. He said that's where it all had started." Bobby said as he was telling them all.

"We can trust these hunter's?" Ellen was asking Bobby as she stood next to him.

"Its Mike and Tony. They seem nice." Bobby told her as he was filling them in about these two hunters.

Lexi had then gotten up as she was wondering about something.

"How do we know this is not a trap?" She was asking them all as she stood there with a look.

"Well that's the chance were gonna have to take." Dean told his sister as she shook her head to ok.

Ellen and Bobby and Dean were looking at the map of where they needed to go. Sam saw the look on Lexi's face.

"Hey you ok?" He asked her as he grabbed her arm.

"She looked up to Sam as he stood 6'4 as she was only 5'2. Sam I have a bad feeling about this." She told her brother as she whispered to him as she looked back towards the others.

"Like what?" He asked her as he was wondering what kind of bad feeling she was having.

"I don't know. Honestly Sam. I'm scared." She told her brother as he brought her into his arms.

"It will be ok." He told her softly as he kissed her on her head and held her tightly.

"Everything ok here, girls?" Dean asked as he was coming by them.

"Yeah fine." Lexi told her brother as she gave her brother a smile as she walked away.

"Why don't I believe her?" Dean said as he was asking Sam as they stood there giving each other a look as they were watching Lexi chat with Jo.

"Maybe whatever it is that is bothering her, she will talk to Jo or she will tell us when she is ready." Sam told Dean as it was killing Dean, not knowing what was wrong.

"Still. This is not good for her." Dean told Sam as Dean was just worried about her.

"I know. When we get back from this hunt, we will sit and talk with her." Sam told Dean as he agreed with his brother.

Dean gave Sam a look as Sam shrugged his shoulders to his brother.

"Well let's head out." Ellen said as they were all getting what they needed.

"You all be careful. Dean." Bobby said as Dean and Sam stopped.

"Watch your sister real good." Bobby told them as they were heading out the door.

"You know we will be Bobby." Sam told him as he was then heading out the door.