Bobby was then chanting some words " Gnitnuh nomed og yawa, tel reh emoc kcab ot su. " As Bobby was saying those words, Lexi was getting squirming a bit.

"Bobby what is going on?" Dean asked as he was scared and worried of what is going on.

"Dean I need you to hold her arms. Sam held her legs. Real tight boys. " Bobby was telling them while they were helping Bobby out.

"Lexi hang on. You will NOT die on me, you hear me!" Dean was yelling as he was worried about his sister.

Bobby was then finishing up the exercise to make Lexi better.

" Nomed em u ton emoclew ereh og rof. Bobby was chanting as Lexi was starting to come out of her spell.

She was jolting. Dean and Sam were holding her down. Dean hated to see her going through this. Bobby turned around and had a fiery stick in his hand.

"Whooa. You didn't say anything about burning her." Dean told Bobby when he looked up at him with a worry look in his eyes.

"Dean, trust me. I don't like this but it has to." Bobby was telling him as he was going to burn her shoulder.

Dean and Sam stood there holding their sister and watching her be burned. They knew why it had to be done, but just the thought was killing them both. They hated to see their sister looking and feeling like the way she was. Sam was starting to feel some of her pain. Dean saw the look on Sam.

"Sammy, what?" Dean was asking his brother. Sam had his eyes closed and his face scrunched up.

Bobby looked over to where Sam was. He knew it was a twin bond.

"Its because they are twins. They could feel each other's pain." Bobby was telling Dean. He couldn't believe what was going on. Both siblings were now in pain.

All of a sudden, Lexi shot out a scream as Bobby burned her. He was marking her shoulder.

"Dean hold her real tight. You might wanna talk to her." Bobby was telling Dean.

"Lexi, hang on there. Its gonna be ok." Dean told her as he was still holding her arms down.

"Almost done boys. Hang onto her." Bobby told them, as he marked her again she screamed out and her body lifted a few inches off the bed and it was released down onto the bed.

Lexi laid there quietly. The three of them stood there waiting for her to awake. Dean saw Sam sitting there, panting.

Dean got up and ran over to Sam. He had then grabbed his arms.

"Sammy talk to me. You ok?" Dean asked his brother as he grabbed his arms to make sure he was ok as well.

"Yeah fine." Sam told his brother as they looked down to Lexi who was still lying there.

"I am going to get her some water. Just watch her good." Bobby said while he was running back up for some water.

"Am I dead?" Lexi was asking her brothers while a tear ran down her face.

Dean and Sam were happy to hear she was talking.

"No, I told you wouldn't die." Dean was telling his sister, while sitting her up in his arms.

She was leaning up against Dean's chest. Dean was moving her hair from her face.

"What happened?" She then asking her brother's while wondering what had happened.

"That's not important." Sam told her given her a smile.

Bobby was then coming back with a bucket of water, a bottle of Jack and rag.

"Take a shot of this for the pain." Bobby told her as he was giving her the bottle of Jack.

While trying to take a shot her hands were shaking. The taste of Jack was really numbing her body as she took the shot. Bobby was then wiping her face down with a cool rag.

"How ya feel?" While Bobby was checking on her he sat there and asked her.

"Besides my body hurting. Great. "She told them all. Bobby and the boys were glad to have heard that.

"Lexi, what do you remember?" While Sam was wondering, he had then asked her.

"Not much really." She told her brother while trying to take another shot of Jack.

"Whooa little one, that's enough Jack for you." Dean said as he then took the bottle from her.

"Um, you and Sammy drink it." She told her brother.

"Yeah well you went through some crap and I don't need a hurting drunken sister." Dean told his sister, while they both sat there smiling.

"Jerk." She called Dean with a smile.

"Brat." Dean stood there smiling before calling her a name.

"Can you walk to go upstairs?" Bobby asked her as Dean was helping her sit up.

She was going to try and stand up. When she did Sam had to grab her, since he was sitting next to her.

"Whooa . Don't think so." Sam told his sister as he picked her up in a bridal style and was then carrying upstairs.

"Thanks Sammy." She told her brother while she leaned her head on his shoulder. Her arm was around his neck as well.

Sam was taking her back up. When he brought her up, he was looking to see where to let her lay.

"Place her on the couch for now." Bobby told Sam as Sam was putting her down.

"Thanks Sammy." She told her brother.

"You can be dizzy from not eating. Its been like 2 days with no food for you." Bobby was telling her. He was going to start making dinner for everyone.

"Hungry?" Sam was asking his sister.

"A little." She told him softly as she then fell asleep.

"Hey its good she's sleeping. Poor kid." Bobby said when he was heading into the kitchen to make some hot dogs.

Dean stood in the door way holding his beer and watching her sleep.

"She'll be fine, Dean." Bobby said as he turned around. Bobby saw how worried Dean looked.

"I know. It's just I can't help it." Dean said as Sam was coming by his brother.

"Dean look. We did everything to keep her safe. She even knows that." Sam was telling his brother as Bobby handed him a beer.

"Trying to keep you and her safe and look what good that did." Dean said taking a sip of his beer.

"Dean, come on. You know you have been, we have been doing great keeping her safe. Don't do this to yourself." Sam was telling his brother while coming by him.

Dean still couldn't shake the feeling about his sister and what they done to her, but he knew it had to be done. When dinner was almost ready they wondering if they should wake her.

"Dean. Sam." She called out to her brother's as they ran inside to her.

"Hey Lex. How ya feeling?" Sam was asking her as he was sitting across from her.

"Like I was hit by something." She told them all as Dean made a face as he mumbled.

"More like burning." He said to himself.

"But really kiddo, how are ya?" Bobby asked her as he was wondering and worried.

"Pretty good." She said as she was smiling.

"What are you all smiles about?" Dean asked his sister as he was glad she was smiling.

"Just that I am here with 2 awesome brother's and 1 great father figure who are in my life." She told them as she was all smiles.

"Oh god, she is heading in a chick-flick moment." Dean said as they all stood there laughing.

She sat there and stuck her tongue out to him as she was kidding.

"Yeah well, your not half bad either kiddo." Dean told her as he got up and kissed her on her head.

"So what next?" Lexi sat there asking her brother's.

"Find a next a hunt." Sam told his sister while sitting next to her.

"That's right. We do another Winchester hunt." Lexi said giving her brothers and Bobby a smile.

"You up for it?" Dean sat there asking his sister.

"Heck yeah." She told her brother with a big smile.

"Try and stay out of trouble." Dean gave his sister a look and then smiled at her.

I always do." She told her brother while giving him a smirk.

"Kidding. I am always either saving your ass or wonder boy's ass." Dean was telling Lexi and Sam while giving them a smirk.

"Tomorrow we can head out." Sam told her giving her a kiss on her head. He was glad that she was back to herself again.

Lexi was heading up to take a quick shower. Dean followed her up to her room.

"Hey punk butt. Glad your ok. " Dean was telling her while he stood in then doorway.

"Is Dean Winchester turning soft?" Lexi chuckled when she asked her brother.

"Shhh. I have reputation to protect. "He was telling her before heading back down.

Lexi picked up the pillow and threw it at Dean. "Get out of here." She told him.