Chapter 1 - The Breaking Point!

Vegeta couldn't believe his eyes. A feat that has been done time and again throughout his life as of recently, but continues to be amazed none-the-less. While at first, it had been nothing more than denial and pride that blinded him to the truth that astounded him, now it was clear he couldn't deny it any longer: Gohan is the strongest of the Saiyan race.

The boy brimmed with power, so much so that his already golden hair raised up into a sharpened vertical angle, and electricity crackled from his being by assuming this legendary state. An ascended Saiyan, a Super Saiyan 2, whatever the title, he currently claimed the Earth's best hope of defeating the terrifying force standing before all of them.

"Hold still, insolent child!" The voice of the menacing android, Cell, shouted as he would fling his fists with rapid one-two thrusts, aiming to strike the fragile boy just once to claim victory. But it was all in vain, as each fist would only find the air, but his eyes would never leave Gohan's. The righteous-filled anger filled within the piercing emerald eyes, glaring at him, while simultaneously mocking him, "RRRRGH!"

With a overhead smash with both of his fists, Cell struck the ground with a quake-equivalent blow that projected a pressurized gale from the position he intended to hit Gohan at. Even at a good twenty meters distance, winds singed the eyesight of all observers, causing Vegeta in particular to throw his arm up for protection, while hiding a scowl behind his frustrated visage.

"How?! How can a mere child...not even a pure Saiyan at that...attain this level of power?!" Vegeta thought with gritting teeth, wondering how himself and not even Kakarot could master a power that should've been theirs and theirs alone, "is it because that he's the son of Kakarot? it something else...that grants him this amazing potential?!"

As Vegeta continued to be baffled, his son Trunks, couldn't help but express his own thoughts of disbelief, "Incredible! Gohan is stronger...way stronger...than the one that mentored me in the future!"

"Even my son can't deny the gap in power between him and us," Vegeta thought with frustration, balling his fists as he retracted his arm to watch the fight once more, still in awe of what he was witnessing.

"I told you, Cell," Gohan began speaking in a reprimanding tone, filled with bitterness and anger within his voice, "I warned you not to release my power. Yet you did it anyway. You had to push me, didn't you?"

"S-Shut up!" Cell growled out, his body brimming with yellow energy, causing billowing winds in his wake. His face stretched out to comical proportions, and his body began to bulk up, causing him to grow in immense proportions as his overall energy output skyrocketed. No longer a physically fit, camo-colored bio-android, but a hulking monster with brimming power and brimming anger flowing through his mind to crush the boy.

Trunks immediately recognized the form as a similar one to his own Ultra Saiyan form, "He's lost it! He's trading his speed for more physical power."


One strike after another, Cell's arms swung to catch the small pre-teen boy with just one strike and demolish his form. But just as before, no, even with greater ease, Gohan began hopping and side-stepping away from Cell's every move. Each fist would only crack the earth around him with great impact or billow the air with every movement.

Vegeta saw the look within the monster's eyes. It faintly reminded a look of desperation he once held: Confusion, Pride in one's abilities to the point of blinding yourself to your weakness, and Purely Unadulterated Rage harnessed to destroy a force much stronger than yourself. It pained him so, how much alike Cell was to himself...right down to his basest flaws.

"Damn you, Cell! You played me as you played fools!" He gritted his teeth as he lowly growled aloud, his fists crackling audibly under the pressure of the frustration passively ebbing from his being.

It was at this point that Vegeta could also see another point of familiarity between himself and another, but not of Cell. Gohan, the supposed pacifist, now overflowing with the power of his Super Saiyan 2 had a sadism to him. Ever since he gained the power, he had been playing with him, as he did when he assumed the Ascended Saiyan form. Vegeta for once couldn't help but now understand the risk of letting his own power go to his head...letting his pride get the better of him. He could only hope that the boy would finish the job before the monster could recollect himself for another potent strategy.

But then, something else happened...


"URK!" Cell gurgled, as a mighty kick from Gohan directly into his solarplex caused him to keel over and fall to his knees. Backing up a few feet, Gohan observed the once mighty and conceited being gasp in pain, holding its gut as if its entire being was on fire. The next event that followed was even more bizarre to everyone's eyes.

"Ugh! Blgh! BL! BLAAAAAARGH!" Cell heaved, with great effort and strain, but finally he couldn't hold it back and regurgitated something out of his mouth. Within a pool of sickly transparent fluids, a blonde teenaged girl was dumped upon the rocky earth, with barely any form of her chosen attire still attached to her physical tissue.

"I-I-Its 18!" Krillin shouted aloud, his eyes going wide with awe and shock, thinking for sure she had been killed through the absorbtion process. And yet, she was whole, seemingly unharmed save for her garments being partially dissolved. This sight briefly caused Krilling to blush, before shaking his head, focusing on the perpetrator behind her condition to continue convulsing.

"Look! He's changing!" Piccolo called out, sweating bullets as he recognized the form he was reverting to.

It was a form Vegeta knew all too well. The form that he dominated with ease within the Ascended Saiyan form, his Super Form, as he called it. It was the Semi-Perfect form, much to the monster that was Cell's chagrin!

"N-No!" Reaching up to his face, the bio-android sweated with fear as he realized his perfect form had just been lost to him. Reaching out with a coughing mouth, his hands barely hovered over 18's fragile frame, as if somehow believing he could absorb her again to make her whole.

"Don't you touch her!" Krillin shouted out, despite it being a futile gesture, it conveyed his unwillingness to allow such a beautiful woman to be used so callously again.

However, Cell wouldn't have a chance, as the monster looked over at Gohan, still brimming with energy stood in his way from preforming the delicate procedure. All was lost for him. Stepping back, he began to fumble backwards as the Saiyan-Human hybrid marched slowly towards him, reveling inwardly at the fear and hopelessness that Cell held deep within his heart that he was completely outmatched. Not only by Gohan, but by nearly every fighter assembled before him. It would be suicide to try and run. His purpose, his plan, his future...was now lost to him.

"GOHAN! FINISH HIM! YOU HAVE TO DO IT NOW!" Goku finally renewed his pleas to his son, knowing he couldn't physically stop him after much verbally imploring.

Vegeta looked over at his rival's look of desperation. The shouts, he knew bitterly, wouldn't reach the boy. Retracting his gaze to the boy's back, the boy had no intention of halting his advance nor keep from using the most painful and humiliating methods to debase Cell further. His pride and his anger had clouded his mind from all thoughts of finishing it quickly.

But...something else happened to keep it from dragging it out...

"NO!" Cell finally had enough. His body began steaming, and his skin began to bulge, as veins protruded from all sides from around him. Throwing his arms out, Cell's body began to comically bulge and a crazed look crossed his degenerated face, his voice now deeper and more debased familiar to his Semi-Perfect form, but gargled from the damage he took, "IF I'M GOING DOWN...I'M TAKING THE WHOLE PLANET WITH ME! IN JUST THIRTY SECONDS, MY WHOLE BODY WILL TURN INTO A BOMB THAT WILL KILL YOU ALL!"

Gohan, and those behind him, heard the android's insane cries, and realized by the sudden shift in mass and energy output, that Cell was not bluffing.

Taking a step forward, the half Saiyan cried out, "Not if I can help it!"

"NOT SO FAST! ONE SMALL TOUCH COULD CAUSE ME TO POP, AND BOOM! THERE GOES YOUR PLANET! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Cell inflated even further, becoming astronomically larger as energy swelled beneath his skin, making his interior more and more volatile as he prepared to take everyone down who ever opposed him.

"T-This cannot be!" Vegeta cried out, realizing how futile it really was to escape death now. No physical force could move the creature in time, and killing it with energy would be impossible without setting the bomb within its body off early, "we're die?!"


"Not if I can help it," a voice declared bravely that only his friends and arch rival would know. This voice would haunt Vegeta, as he saw him dash forward with deft speed and arrive just before Cell with a assured expression before turning to face Gohan. Vegeta, barely making out the words over the billowing energy perspiring from Cell, heard, "I'm proud of you, son. Take care of Earth while I'm gone..."




And within a simple touch to the surface of Cell's bulbous body and a whizzing motion, Goku preformed Instant Transmission, taking them far away, to die together on a distant planet far away from Earth.

"K-Kakarot?!" Vegeta, having hardly believed it just now, selflessly sacrificed himself just now, to take the blast, Cell, and himself with him so the rest could be spared. While the others more proximate to him, including his son, could only spare faint gasps and shouts of shock and horror, Gohan had a more reasonable outburst to the traumatic experience.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" With a ringing shout that pierced the air, the boy lost himself to his grief and regained his senses. Falling to his knees, Gohan reverted to a simple Super Saiyan state, as his aura of rage and sadism dimmed as the electricity projected from his being had. With tears running down his face, Gohan felt guilt clench at his chest. He could have stopped Cell, and he let him kill his father. It was all his fault!

"Goku sacrificed himself in the end...he really is a true hero," Trunks spoke in a sage tone, staring up into the sky, despite his own fists being balled up with pent-up frustration, "in the end, none of us could do anything. Not even I, who tried to save this past, so I could find a way to save my future."

"Don't blame yourself, Trunks," Vegeta growled out, though partially in empathy, as he glared at the spot his goal of surpassing had just disappeared from, "it was Kakarot's foolhardiness that caused him to die, and it was his son's arrogance that Cell was able to come up with one last trick up his sleeve. Not like I could've done better..."

"Father," Trunks turned to place a hand on his father's shoulder, speaking to him softly, "I am-"



It was at this point, Vegeta's already pent-up emotional state dropped to a flat line. With a sudden flashing movement from above in the sky, a vibrant scarlet-whtie colored beam discharged from the heavens and blasted downwards. Only, it met flesh and armor before meeting the ground behind its chosen target.

"T-T-Trunks?!" Vegeta turned around to see his son's chest pierced and his body already falling to the ground heavily. His eyes faded to whites, and it appeared as if he was struck at a vital spot, much like how he was struck by Freeza. All Vegeta could do was gasp, and drop to his knees, barely making out out the periphery of Cell's glistening form.

"Oh, so I got someone? Yes, it was Trunks, wasn't it? Ha! The foolish boy should have stayed in the future where he belonged, instead of butting in where he doesn't belong," the voice of Cell, more matching his Perfect Form's appearance, with only a touch of manic sadism as his body projected a thick aura of crackling lightning around his body.

"B-But how?!" Krillin shouted out, having reached 18's form and cradled her in his arms limply, realizing that Cell was back to his full power, and much more, from appearances of his aura.

"Surprised?! I was too, until I realized that a fraction of my being remained intact from my explosion. My Saiyan Cells apparently remembered my Perfect Form, and transcended beyond that! I am now as powerful, no, much more powerful than you are," smiling with a toothy grin, his eyes widened a fraction with clear anger-filled madness behind it, "Gohan!"

Gohan got back up to his feet, his eyes glaring heatedly, even through the tears that burned his eyes. How many more was this monster going to take?! With a lung-filled scream, Gohan ascends back into his Super Saiyan 2 form, his body crackling with energy once more, readying himself into a ready stance.

"Things won't be the same, Gohan. Just you wait-"


"," Vegeta tried to hold his son's lifeless body, even as the blood coughed up from his throat, he could hear the heartbeat of his child slowly fade to nothing. His mind went numb, and his skin lit aflame, "GRRR! NGH! HRRRRR!" Vegeta's eyes went blank with rage, as his consciousness seemed to blank out, while on the outside, his teeth ground with audible ferocity and his voice garbled out inaudible rage-filled mutterings.


"I can't stand this...any longer...!"


"This is the end of the line! I will end this!"


"Not just for myself any longer...but...but for...!"


"But for my son's sake! For Kakarot's child's sake! For this damned planet's sake!"



"RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Vegeta howled out, as his body contorted and shifted in power yield dramatically, even as his knees buckled from lying next to his son's body, holding him close as he shouted with unadulterated rage. Those who were once near him backed away slowly, and both Gohan and Cell drew their eyes with wonder and astonishment.

"N-No way!" Gohan breathed out, gasping as he saw what he knew everyone was seeing.

"V-Vegeta?!" Cell gasped aloud as well, not realizing that Vegeta had any will or strength left to raise his power. And it kept growing!

Vegeta's body began to heighten to pass its previous limitations, but without changing his physique. His muscles projected spasms that contorted into electrical currents that sparked the air, his hair standing upright and a bit more on edge, and his visage hardened into a focused, assured glare. As he set his son's body down, Vegeta's mind came to the present, and allowed him to face the oppressor of his and everybody's lives: Cell.

"Cell," he spoke out in a level growl, as his body contorted with the aura similar to Gohan and the Android's aura, but had a tinge more focus and anger behind it, "we're going to settle what was once started between us. You, and me, right now."

Cell momentarily paused. At first, when he arrived, he was confident in his newfound powers as the perfect killing machine. He knew he had raised his powers up to match Gohan's, and possibly surpass them. But Vegeta? He hadn't anticipated the proud, selfish Saiyan to break his limited forms and transcend into Gohan's state.

Where the child was a pacifist that could stand toe-to-toe with him, he could barely match him in his previous form. With a battle-hardend genius like Vegeta, could he possibly?


Cell briefly heard Vegeta's voice ring out again, but with the same impatience as before. As he returned his glare with a haughty smile, he countered, "I don't think you're in a position to make demands, Vegeta. I'll get to you in due time, as soon as I finish things here with Gohan-"



Cell had tried to continue, but found his gut being thoroughly slammed inwards by a familiar fist. Looking downwards, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of deja vu, as Vegeta's eyes flashed upwards to the taller being that the Android was. Despite his newfound powers...he could definitely feel that punch!

"That was for the humiliation you put me through before, and defiling my pride as a Saiyan warrior," Vegeta growled out with satisfaction, retracting his fist, but standing back long enough for Cell to recover.

"Why you-!"

Cell snarled, as he hastily swung out one fist for a right hook, nicking Vegeta across the cheek before following up with another to strike his left jaw, causing Vegeta to stumble back a step. Continuing upon his rampage, Cell swung around a roundhouse kick to Vegeta's gut, causing him to slide across the earthen ground, leaving a considerable trench behind. Seeing the spasms from the strikes visibly, Cell flew confidently to throw a third punch aiming to strike his skull.


"What?!" But Cell would find his punch stopped dead in its tracks, despite the crackling aura wrapped around the extended forearm.

Vegeta clenched tightly upon Cell's fist, his aura blazing to almost blinding levels, as his face returned to glare back at Cell's outraged and surprised face. As bones could be heard snapping under the force Vegeta placed against the knuckles of the Android's hand, he could hear muffled grunts of pain, before Vegeta stated aloud, "And this..."


"Was for taking away Kakarot's life!" Vegeta followed up with a powerful left punch directly into Cell's face, hearing bone snap as blood would spurt from the contact, even as the full force of Vegeta's punch would send him flying across the air, spinning like a corkscrew before slamming into a distant series of boulders with a mighty crash.

"Taking away my aspiration of proving to everyone that I, Vegeta, was the most powerful warrior, especially to the likes of that foolish hero...destroying that dream...was not yours to take, Cell!" Vegeta lifted his left blood-soaked glove in emphasis, even as his own blood dripped from his battered face from Cell's strikes.

Gohan and the others could only watch in amazement, not realizing how much of an impact Trunks death had upon Vegeta. The passion, the vigor, and most importantly...the rage was filled with sincerity that wouldn't have been spoken at any other time beforehand. At this moment, for the first time, Gohan felt admiration towards the usually rude and violent Saiyan.

"And this..."

Raising his arms to either side, his body screamed with energy, as a powerful yellow aura lit aflame and lightning cracked and kicked up slabs of the landscapes for dozens of meters around, causing all those behind him to get back with nervous compulsion to take cover. Knowing all too well the signature technique, Krillin rushed with Android 18 in his arms, to get behind the nearest set of boulders for cover from the billowing winds.

"...most importantly..."

Cell began to get up, grabbing his face as he felt burning pain blind his vision, and barely make out the sparking and rage-projecting form that was Vegeta. Once again, he felt an inherent sense of fear. His hand reached up with a sign of two forefingers to touch his forehead, despite sweating bullets in the face of this familiar force that was preparing to be unleashed. But with all the maddened fury that had previously burned within him, as well as the contrasting fear rising to the surface...he couldn't find the will to focus...focus to escape death...


And within that moment, Cell's eyes were blinded, and his life would flash, literally, before them.



Even as he struggled to maintain his form, the yellow streak of energy engulfed him much faster and with far more potency than before. His scream would be deafened by the sheer roar of force as the yellow beam of destructive energy careened across the landscape, kicking up thick slabs of landscape for miles on end. His plating, his skin, his bones, all began to be disassembled at a painful rate, causing him garble out in a desperate yell of promise,


And within a few moments of being exposed to the powered up death beam, the Android's remains were reduced to nothing, with not a single cell among the waste for him to regenerate from. As Vegeta breathed out, he couldn't help but drop to his knees, completely drained from expending his energy into the last attack.

As Vegeta's frame was about to hit the ground, Gohan's form raced to catch him, stopping the de-powering black haired Saiyan from hitting the earth outright. Out of respect and honor of Vegeta's testament of saving the world, rather than showing off his power like he had only minutes ago, he would make sure when he would wake up, that he would be reunited with his son once more.

To be continued...!


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