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I took another sip of the wine I had just filled my glass with and relaxed against the couch. About an hour ago I'd pulled out some old photographs and was still thumbing through the pictures and recalling every memory, every detail of the time we spent together; memories of our life together flashing before my eyes. There were pictures of beach trips, weekend picnics and family gatherings. We were so happy in these pictures, both of us smiling at the camera or laughing with our friends. Where did it all go wrong?

I picked up my cell phone, as I had many times over the past few months, and found his name in the contacts. I thought of deleting it many times but the 10 digit number was burned to my memory. Looking at his name on the phone for a few moments longer, I finally decided to make the call I couldn't bring myself to do in the past eight months.

Hitting send before I could change my mind, I put the phone to my ear, listening to each ring with baited breath, waiting for him to pick up. When his voice mail greeting came on, I reached over, grabbing my glass of wine and gulped it down, trying to calm my nerves. It's now or never.

"Hi. It's like..." I trailed off, looking at the clock on the wall and cringed, "really early or really late depending on how you wanna look at it. I'm sitting here all alone on the living room floor looking at pictures of us. I know I said I wouldn't call, but I can't take it any longer. I don't think I can do this without you anymore. Edward, I need you."

I disconnected the call and wondered if I had just done the best thing or the worst thing possible.

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