Greg Willson couldn't believe what he was seeing. He knelt quietly in the bushes watching the humanoid creatures stand around a large, what it seemed to be, a spaceship. They seemed to be communicating with each other! The photographer stared in Awe. After a while they left, leaving one standing there. He quietly raised is camera and took a picture. He could be famous for this discovery!

He suddenly felt something on his leg. He looked down at the spider inching up his leg. He reacted quickly and made a huge mistake. The camera fell to the ground and the humanoid creature looked at him. It then raised a spear, and with a roar, came at him.


The young Yautja (predator) Vix'na stood at the ship's side, bored and eager for excitement. He was left to guard the ship, which was not the most exciting job. He wanted to be a warrior like no other and this was not getting him no where!

He leaned against the ship and sighed. Suddenly he heard a noise come from the left side of the ship, in the bushes. He then saw an Ooman (human)!

He wasn't properly equipped, in fact, only carried a spear. He would get in trouble for this, but with an Ooman skull as a trophy, they would bow in respect

He let out a challenging roar for the Ooman to hear. He then charged at it. Thoughts of him being a great warrior ran through his young mind. He was catching up and excitement surged through him. Suddenly there was a snap and he felt a sudden pain in his ankle. His spear flew forward, out of reach, as he fell. He tried to pick himself up from the ground but his ankle was bleeding and trapped in some kind of Ooman weapon. It was a bear trap.


Fourteen year old Nicole Morgan stared at her new house. She wasn't too thrilled about the big move. She hadn't had many friends because of her shyness and it would be hard to start all over again.

Nicole walked around, examining the area. The backyard was nothing but woods.

"Nicole!" her mom called.

"Yes mom?!" Nicole said back.

"Why don't you take a walk in the nature trail. A walk will be good for you" Her mom said, smiling at her daughter.

Nicole could tell that her mom as trying to help. Nothing could help her though. "Alright mom." Nicole said softly.

She started on the path of the nature trail. It was actually really pretty. A little bit of light shined through the trees, making the walk rather enjoyable.

She thought of her life as she walked. Maybe starting over would be good. She could actually make friends and be like everyone else. However, she knew in her heart that she did not want to be like everyone else.

She stopped when she heard a strange noise. It sounded like purring but there was a whimper to it. An animal in pain? She rushed forward and out of the nature trail. Being an animal lover, she had to see what it was and help it. It was closer than ever and she then parted some bushes and gasped in shock and fear at what she saw.