7 years later

Twenty one year old Nicole Morgan sat at the wheel, and losing patience fast. The traffic was horrendous and her groceries sat in the back seat. She pretty much got all she could afford at the moment.

"Ugh, come on." she said, even though it would do nothing.

Suddenly she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She quickly took it out and looked. It was her boyfriend, probably calling to see where she was.

She had been dating the man, Ryan turner, for a few years now. They were far into the relationship, maybe far enough for engagement. Nicole was waiting for it.

"Hey" Nicole answered, a little bit of frustration in her tone.

"Hey what's wrong? Where are you?"

"Stuck in traffic" Nicole sighed. "I won't be there in time to make dinner. Just get fast food."

She really hated to do that, it wasn't really that healthy.

"Will do" Ryan said. "I'll have the food ready when you get home. Love ya babe. Bye!"

He hung up and she put the phone back in her pocket. After a few minutes the cars finally started to move forward.

She placed her hands on the wheel and drove by, what seemed to be, the problem that caused the traffic. She squinted her eyes, trying to get a good look. She saw a couple of ambulances and police cars.

She would have guessed a car accident but there weren't even any wrecked cars that she could see. What was going on?

Oh well.

She drove past and took the road that headed towards the city. Then for the second time, her phone vibrated. It was Ryan again.

"Well hello again." She answered.

"Nicole, its all over the news." He said, sounding kind of distressed.

"Uh, what is it?"

"Someone was attacked by some kind of animal. I'm guessing thats what was causing the traffic." he told her.

She remembered. It wasn't a car crash…but an animal? Seriously? That attack must have been horrible as hell for all of that traffic.

"Okay then sooo,..do they know what kind of animal it was?" Nicole said, being sure to keep her eyes on the road.

"No. But we need to be careful." he said.

"Alrighty I'll be careful. Love you!" Nicole said, hanging up.

It was getting dark and she was halfway to the city. She was surrounded trees, making her kind of nervous.

"Seriously. An animal." she mumbled to herself.

Suddenly up ahead and she something in the road. She thought it was a deer, but looked closer. She couldn't even describe in her head what it looked like. All she could see was the silhouette.

Remembering the animal attack, she got scared. She placed her hand on the horn and the loud noise made the creature disappear into the woods.

What the heck was that?

"Come on now Nicole. Don't lose it." She said to herself. She just wanted to get home. After a few more minutes, she made it into new york city. She sighed in relief. She drove past the flashing lights and tall buildings. It was nice to Iive there, but she kinda missed the house she lived in when she was younger. The one with the beautiful woods and…

She remember what had happened there. An experience she hadn't forgotten.

"Not something to think about right now, Nicole" she mumbled to herself.

She finally arrived at her apartment. She parked in her usual place and got out of the car. A little bit scared, she hurried to the apartment. Now she just felt dumb.

Nicole walked inside and into the elevator. She pressed the fourth floor button and waited. The elevator door shut.

Waiting she took out her phone. Suddenly there was a huge crash and the elevator shook. The lights went out so it was pitch black.

"Oh crap no" she said, terrified.

She backed up against the elevator wall and fumbled with her phone. There was no signal. Suddenly she heard a scream but.. it was so inhuman. Terrified, she backed up against the corner.

What was happening?

"Vix'na come forward" the Leader of the yautja said. He also motioned for three others.

These four were the best warriors of the clan. Vix'na, of course, was one of them.

"A bad blood has let lose the kainde amedha onto the planet of the Oomans" the leader said.

All of the yautja's mandibles widened in disbelief. Vix'na was even more shocked than the others, having visited that planet before.

He had grown a lot. No longer was he a reckless, young mess. He was a true warrior and feared nothing. This however, shocked him. He came forward and bowed his head in respect. Was he going to tell them to…

"You four must bring this bad blood back and get rid of the infestation before it grows. The name of this dishonorable Yautja is Jev'ne.

The four yautja nodded.

"You will leave before the night is over. Be prepared."

The leader let them go and the yautja hurried to get prepared. Vix'na was deep in thought. He thought about that Ooman female. He wondered if she was even still alive. How long do ooman's live?

He put on his armor and prepared his weapons. If they didn't do something soon, it would be disastrous. He was a little nervous but the adrenaline pushed it away. He must be brave, but careful. This bad blood Jev'ne is dangerous and is probably carrying even more dangerous weapons.

Vix'na was ready and he walked down the hall of the ship. He walked outside into his own world. His comrades were already there. Mha'da, ko'tah, and dur'ma. Vix'na nodded at them.

"Get into these ships. I expect you to succeed. Be brave." The leader said.

Vix'na climbed into the ship.

Off to the Ooman planet.


Nicole was backed into the corner. Tears ran down her face as she listened to the screams. Ryan was out there, but there was nothing she could do. She had no idea what was happening.

Suddenly the shaking stopped and everything was silent. The elevator door opened , and there was the hallway. However, what she saw was horrifying. It was dark but she would see weird gooey stuff everywhere. She slowly got up and stepped into the hallway.

Nicole walked through the hallway, scared to death. She had to get to ryan though.

Suddenly she heard the scream behind her, and wasn't a human scream.

Terrified, she started running. She made it to her room and saw that the door was open. She ran into the room but stopped and looked up. She screamed in horror at what she saw.

Ryan was up against the wall, and the sticky stuff was holding him into place. He had something wrapped around his face.

"Oh god" she said, backing away.

Suddenly the screams behind her came closer and she ran to the door and shut it. She turned the lock and then ran over to Ryan.

She tried to pull the thing off his face but it was no use.

The screams came closer and she knew that she was going to die.


Jev'ne, the bad blood, looked down from the Ooman building. He was pleased with what he had done. The foolish oomans did not know what to do and he would get many trophies.

He chuckled as he sat on the roof. He knew they would come for him, however, he had stolen their most dangerous weapons. He would kill them all!

He had always been the one that was teased. He always lost at sparring and was kicked out of the hunt he had waited for since he was a suckling. He was tired of all of it and now they would pay dearly.

He wanted their skulls and he would get as many as he could.

It will be a fun night, indeed.