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Chapter 1

Alaina was out and about with her dog. Well, he was really a dog, but a brilliant white wolf that she had found in the wood behind her house as a pup. She still remembered the carnage from that day many years ago. Her father had been walking with her that day as they hadn't liked letting her walk alone and she had been ten at the time. Now with her parents gone the wolf and the house was all she had left.

She lived on the edge a small town called White Haven located on the Lehigh River. It was a quiet place surrounded by woods and far off the beaten track. It was also a place where strange things happened to those that didn't pay attention to what was going on. You also could end up dead if you pissed off something powerful. That was what had happened to her parents, though they hadn't know that the person hadn't been had only found out after they had attacked them, and something had stopped it from killing her.

Alaina smiled as Mikey brought the ball back to her. She threw it and watched as he went after it. The woods was bewitching this time of year with the leaves vividly colored with the season. They fell as the wind blew and one could smell that rain was coming. As much as she would have liked to keep walking and playing with Mikey, she didn't want to be caught in the rain as it was cold this time of year.

" Come on, boy." She smiled at her wolf as she started to walk back toward the house. It was early fall with meant that the leaves were starting to change and drop from the trees. when driving it looked like god had taken a paintbrush and painted the trees. Bright reds and mellow yellows dot with orange and even purple made this time of year more colorful than any other.

Mikey walked beside her with his tongue hanging from his mouth. Suddenly Mikey stopped and began to growl at something to the right. Alaina could hear the bushes rustle and turned to see who or what it was. A figure appearing to be human stepped out and smiled at her. He glanced at her wolf who was still growling at him.

" That is interesting dog you have there." The tall male commented as he knelt in front of Mikey. Holding his hand out palm up the wolf soon stopped growling and went to investigate as another much shorter male appeared.

" Sam, I see you are making friends." He chuckled before looking at her. " I'm dean and I see you have already met my brother."

Dean wasn't sure what to make of the picture before him. One certainly didn't see a girl with a white wolf everyday. There was also her hair; so red that it looked like fresh blood spilling over her shoulders. Her eyes were an intense green that seemed to see into his very core as she regarded him. It also seemed as though she had seen things that a beauty like her should never see, never know.

" What's his name?" The tall one, Sam, asked as he stood. The wolf made his way over to Dean and the men offered his hand for Mikey to sniff.

" Michael, but I call him Mikey." Alaina replied not moving from where she was. They were human, that much she knew from Mikey not attacking. Humans however were harder to read than many a monster.

" May I inquire as to how you got him?" Dean asked as he scratched the wolf's ear. The animal proceeded to lick his face.

" My dad and I found him as a pup when I was ten." she answered as she walked over to where the pair were. Mikey came over to her and sat in front of her, but facing the men.

" So, you live around here?" The short one asked tilting his head to the side. Alaina could tell from his voice that he was leery of her. He didn't trust easily and she certainly couldn't blame him. She was the outcast of the town.

" I live on the edge of town." Alaina nodded as she pointed in the direction of her home. " I lived with my parents until they were killed by something."

" By something?" Sam asked looking at her with kind brown-hazel eyes. She could tell that he was the one that related to people. Alaina also knew about the varis hunters that killed the monsters that roamed this earth. They were outnumbered, but she had helped a few of them as they passed through town.

" Yes, to this day I still don't know what it was." She nodded as the two brothers shared a look that told her they were indeed hunters. " I assume you're looking for Alaina Oiche?" Alaina smirked as both suddenly turned to look at her.

" How did you know that?" Dean asked in a stern voice that told her a lot about him. He was used to being the alpha male that most female listened to and feared. She however wasn't a normal girl.

" I am she." Alaina chuckled as released a breathe. Neither was used to being identified as hunters as they usually tried to pass themselves off as something and someone else. " I assume you are the Winchester's, Bobby called."

Sam nodded and smirked a bit. " Not gonna lie, I was expecting someone older. Your what, eighteen?"

" Twenty five actually." She told him with a half smile. " Most mistake me of being fourteen."

" You do look to be very young, but that isn't surprising if one knows your history." Another male voice sounded behind her as Dean threw his arms up in exasperation.

" Cas, you gotta stop doing that." Sam stated as she turned around to look at the new man. Well, he wasn't a man that much was clear.

" Your an angel." She stated flatly as she took in his aura. It was an ability she had had since that man had found her hidden in the attic with Mikey. She wasn't sure why she had it, but she had known that man was an angel as well. Though she could not for the life of her remember his name even though his wings were painted into her mind's eye.

" I'd be surprised if I didn't know you, Alaina." Castiel responded ignoring Dean and Sam. The brother were confused as to how Cas could know her. Bu he was an angel and could know many people that they didn't.

" Know me?" Alaina asked as she walked toward him. All her life she had been looking for a person that had made her feel at home. This angel did just that though the feeling wasn't complete.

" To be more accurate I know who you used to be." The angel replied as he looked around. " But I can say no more than that. I know an archangel that would smite me for saying anymore."

" And if I figure it out on my own?" She asked smirking at him. " Which archangel would smite you?"

" If you figure it out then there is nothing I can do." Castiel nodded already seeing the smart angel that had once been Michael second in command. " As for the angel that would smite me?" He chuckled and pointed at her wolf.

" Oh, than I must be important." Alaina smiled widely wondering if it had been he to save her when she was eighteen. " Though that does explain why an angel saved me from a hoard of demons nine years ago."

" Hoard of demons?" Both brother asked clearly concerned. Demons didn't often band together like that unless the person was a real threat to them. It made them wonder who she had once been.

" Yes, they stormed the house right after I had locked myself and Mikey in the attic." Alaina explained turning to face the boys. " For some reason they couldn't get in there. I don't know how long they banged on the entrance, but eventually it stopped and a man entered. I had a knife and he told me to put it down. I demanded proof that he wasn't one of them and he showed me his wings. They were white and speckled with silver."

" We should get to her house." Castiel stated a little nervous now. There was only one angel with wings like that. The lesser angel wondered what happened to the vessel Michael had used as without the right vessel something like that would kill the person.