SUMMERIER: a chilling wind warned them of what was to come. The smell of blood filled the air and death comes unexpected to an ally. Guilt shall grow and sorrow shall fill the land.

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chapter 1 an ominous wind

It was a cold morning that day and a foul stench filled the air. The sky was gray but it was not raining nor did the forecast call for clouded cover this morning. Something was up and Tatsuki could just feel it. "I think I should be careful today something not quite right". Thinking out loud again she heard footsteps behind her looking back she saw Orihime waving at her.

"Hey Tatsuki wait up." She stopped and waited for her friend to catch up to her. "Sure is cloudy I hope it doesn't rain I forgot my umbrella". Sounding bright and happy as usual Orihime seems to always forget her umbrella. But not even Orihime bright mode can shake the felling something bad is going to happen real soon.

"Maybe I should talk with Orihime to get it off my mind." She thought to herself. "Hey Orihime." Her voice trailed off. "Yes Tatsuki is the something a matter?" Orihime thought something must be bothering her friend. "Have ever felt like something real terrible is going to happen?" The odd look she was receiving for Orihime meant that she didn't quite get the question.

"Maybe we should ask Kurosaki Kun he would know a lot about bad feelings." Orihime said trying to cheer Tatsuki up, but instead Tatsuki shook her head and replied. "Why do you keep calling Ichigo that…..OH crap I get it." She eagerly ran ahead more aware than ever. "Get what?" Orihime now getting caught up in the commotion ran right in to Chad. "I'm sorry Chad I didn't see you there." Chad took a moment to think. "It does okay just be careful." Orihime was already half way done the street turned around and waved at him. "I WILL."

"I wonder what Tatsuki was so worried about, what does a bad felling have to do with Kurosaki Kun. Whatever it is I am going to find out I should talk to Rukia she might now what is going on."


A woman was sitting at her desk reading a book on sorcery. This book is ten and a half inches long, eight inches wide, and an inch and a half thick. It is bound in lilac canvas and is in poor shape. The cover has a small illustration. It contains a few black and white illustrations. The woman has olive skin, Short, curly, graying bright purple hair, her eyes are Crimson, somewhat small, and she is tall somewhat thin.

She got up and started towards the door and left the room book in hand. She open the door turned right and walk 30 minutes to the door of the lab and watched the footage of Tasuki and Orihime's conversation."so that Tasuki girl figgered out what is going on to bad it won't make much of a difference my plan is almost complete, soon Ichigo Kurosaki you will be dead and all of your little friends with tear each other apart."she thought with an evil smirk.

Miss. Wakatsuki smirked at the very fact that Orihime girl had not caught on like her friend did. What she was planning to do in six day's is twisted and evil. She turned her silver hair shine under the lights and her ice cold blue eyes gave the man chills. "What is the status of project blue bird?" The severeness of her tone shook the man to his core. "Our plan to execution Ichigo Kurosaki is 50 no complication's mama." He gulped what twist freak would do something that harsh. "What about the shards of our execution tool the Sokyoku?" She asked with a general self-control. "We only have two shard of it left Ma'am." He tried not to give her the wrong information cause giving her the wrong info would only result in the deaf of his entire family.

"Good now I want all fifty of you to make sure nothing goes wrong and Akira." The girl she talked to was named Akira Hirota. Akira has pale skin, Short, wavy, bright rose hair, her eyes are Dusty rose, large and she is short and average weight. "Yes ." The shudder in response, as if she fears the women. "Try not to be soft hearted." Mana Wakatsuki look at the girl as if she was nothing but dead weight. "Yes mama." The girl replied but she did not mean it. "Good now go complete the mission with the others." Heading back to the automatic opening door she turn back to see all the little people working at their computers.