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4-Nefarious Perception

" i'm sorry i completely forgot."Judith said with a smile."well then it a good thing i remained you now isn't it ."Shea said blocking on of masamoto'a attack's." their both very interesting and strong i should be able to bet them both no problem but it seem's that I have to fight them one on one , they must be really strong i guess i should use my release form in order to gain an advantage against them."Masamoto decided to wight for them to split up to use her release attacked masamoto from the right while Shea attacked on her left. Masamoto was only able to dodged Shea attack and took some damage from Judith." how many time do i have to tell you to use your release from." Shea yelled with anger and aragent's in her voice."i'm sorry i forgot again."Judith smiled and seemed to fool Shea." well don't forget again."Shea sighed and surged her shoulder's."okay." Judith replied.

"I did not forget i think that this is a waste of my time Shea can fight this one her own."Judith went off in western direction."i'm going over hear you should be able to handle her own your own."she left her friend to defeat Masamoto on her own."it a simple task and how hard can it be to keep one shingami bussy."Judith thought as she left."you go do that i can finish this job on my own."Shea seemed to be on the same page as Judith." Judith has a great idea we should divide and concur after all she would have held me back."" sorry about that there seems to be a change in plan Look like it's just you and me."Shea had sword in hand and had the lust for blood in her eye's as she spoke this."they seem so confident that they will win that they split up they could have measly bet me if they stayed together but i guess my life got easier by them making a stupid mistake."

"that all right with me but i think you should give up and go home so you don't get hurt."Masamoto Said trying to fool Shea into thinking that they where going to just get a couple of scraks but really they could die."you should not be so confident you will win I have many trick's up my sleeve."Shea was filled with confidence as she said this." you should not be so sure of your self."Masamoto saw that some of the invader's where in group's of four around Shea." their must be at least six teen of them now is the time to strict.""Hado 58 Tenran."A wide tornado like blast hit the invader' six teen people in the vanity of the attack lad on the ground defeated but Shea was still standing a little bit bloody panting.

Shea griped her bloody shoulder looking at her fallen comrades."How can she still standing"Masamoto was shuck that she was still standing." your going to pay for that." Shea muttered gritting her stirked Masamoto six time's each time Masamoto blocked her attack's."she is fast also very strong if i time my attack i might win but i have to wight for an opening then i will stirck."Masamoto was thinking of a battle plan to defeat slashed Masamoto check causing a small cut to appear on her face." what is goal why are you doing this?"Masamoto wanted some answer's."Wouldn't you like to know." Shea shouted in and argent tone.