Chapter 3

"Thanks for the note," Draco mumbled in her ear, so low that only she could hear him. "And don't worry about Pansy. You were right, she does like me." he muttered.

"What do you mean?" asked Eva, her lips barely moving.

"I woke up in the Common Room this morning, and there she was right beside me, stroking my hair. Stroking it!" he whisper-screamed.

Eva choked on her toast.

"And, well, she just started talking to me about random things, lessons, Quidditch...and somehow, she ended up asking me to be her boyfriend." he continued.

"WHAT?!" Eva threw her fork behind her in shock, narrowly missing a fourth year Ravenclaw.

"And I said no, thanks...I'm perfectly happy without a girlfriend." finished Draco.

Eva hid her shock - well, she tried to. She glanced nervously at Pansy, who was glaring at Eva, mouthing the words, ""

Eva's heart sank. "That's great, Dray, good for you..." she sounded supportive enough to convince him. He looked rather pleased with himself. Evangaline, however, was under so much stress between Harry and Pansy, she couldn't take it anymore.

"Need some air," Evangaline muttered blankly, and stood up from the table.

'What have I done?!' Eva thought as she walked blindly to wherever her feet were taking her. A minute later, she realized she was at the Owlery. She stopped walking and glanced around at the place she hadn't been in a while.

'Why did I come here' She wondered. Suddenly, her own owl, Izzy, appeared out of nowhere. Eva smiled faintly, smoothing her feathers.


She dug some parchment out of her bag, dipped a quill in her pot of ink, & began to write:

Dear Harry, Ron, and Hermione,

Well, I told you I'd explain later, and later is now. I'm going to make this friendship work, whatever it takes. But for now, I'm keeping it a secret, and I'd appriciate if you did the same. Unfortunately, one of Draco's friends already knows. Meet me in the Astronomy Tower at 2:00.


She added a smiley face for good effect. Then, she took out another piece of parchment and began writing again.


Wait. Please. This is part of my plan. Just don't tell Draco...yet. Trust me. I promise I'll sort everything out. You'll see. And remember, whatever you do, it's not over yet.


She did not draw a smiley face on this letter. "Izzy, here!" She called, and a small grey owl waddled over.

"The first one is for Harry Potter, okay? Don't give me that look, he's a cool guy."

Izzy blinked apologetically.

"And this one is for Pansy Parkinson, got it? Give her a good peck for me...only joking." Eva conjured up a dead mouse for her owl.

Izzy gulped the mouse and nipped Eva's finger playfully, took the letters in her beak, and she was off.

Eva paused, wanting a moment of relaxation, but something was eating at the corner of her mind.

"Oh, Snape." she said. She was almost late for Potions.

She ran there in relief, she was only 3 minutes late (but assigned a paragraph on the consequences of tardiness nonetheless).

Pansy was trying to catch her eye, but Eva cleverly avoided her attempts at eye contact, doodling in her notebook instead, trying to come up with a plan. Pansy and Draco clearly weren't meant to be. She bit her lip. What to do?

Just as Professor Snape dismissed the class and swept from the room, it hit her. 'Why didn't I think of it before?!' She mentally scolded herself. Everyone was gathering their things and fleeing the room, until Eva was alone in the classroom.

With Pansy.

Eva noticed the short-haired girl standing awkwardly a couple feet away from her.

"Did you get my owl?" She asked nervously.

Pansy nodded. "I didn't think you'd be so worried. Not that I care. I was going to wait until you were at my side to tell him you're now all buddy-buddy with his enemies, anyways." The pug-faced Slytherin admitted casually.

Eva sighed in relief. "Thanks, Pans. I owe you big time." Eva said, even though she knew she had no debt to pay.

"But listen. Eva." Pansy said seriously, "I'm adding another condition. Well, you're kind of the coolest girl in school. It would really help if you and I start hanging out. Suppose you were my friend, or fake-friend in this occasion, Draco would probably like me more, right? It would save you a job, so I'm helping both of us, really." Pansy finished her speech.

Eva remained silent, trying to think of how to get herself out of being Pansy's relationship advisor.

"I'm not the coolest girl in school, you are." She declared. Unfortunately, flattery would get her nowhere.

"Oh, please, Eva. It's obvious why Potter, Hermudblood, and Weaslebee wanted to be your friend-"


"You've got all these good qualities, you're nice to first years and people from other houses, and it doesn't hurt that you're pretty." Pansy ended her second speech leaving Eva dumbfounded.

"Ok, let's hang out later, then?" Eva asked slowly. She couldn't just blow her off; she knew her secret.

Pansy nodded happily and skipped from the room, humming to herself.

Eva left the room silently. She passed the Clock Tower on the way back to the Slytherin Common Room. It was 1:00. Eva kept a close eye on the time, but took a quick nap once she got to her dormitory. She dreamt of nothing.

When she woke, it was almost 2:00. Evangaline jumped out of bed excitedly, her mind racing. She gathered her thoughts and power-walked all the way to the Astronomy Tower. They were already there and waiting for her.

"Hi, Eva," Ron and Hermione smiled. "Tell us what this is all about!" Harry demanded.

Eva had expected them to be angry with her about the way she acted that morning. Leave it to Harry to give her what she wants.

"Alright, Harry, calm down. Ok, first, I'm terribly sorry about this morning, but Draco and his friends were coming. I panicked." She paused, thinking they would say something, but when all remained silent, she continued,

"Second, remember the other day? The day Draco was in the Hospital Wing, the day we became friends?" It suddenly occurred to her that it was just yesterday.

Time really does fly when one's having fun.

"Yes, well. Yesterday, we were seen by none other than Pansy Parkinson. Are you familiar?" She asked.

They nodded grudgingly.

"She's threatened to tell Draco about our friendship if I don't get him to be her boyfriend. Oh, and she wants me to be her friend, too." She explained.

They looked shocked.

Finally, it was Ron who spoke. "She's blackmailing you?"

"You can't let her do this!" Hermione argued. "Honestly, Eva, you do have the power to go to a teacher for help in a situation like this." She reassured.

"But where's the adventure in that?" Ron muttered.

"I don't want an adventure, I just want a way out of this mess!" Eva said exasperatedly, sounding like she was about to cry.

They tried to argue again, but Harry, who had been lost in his thoughts, came out of his daze, and yelled, "Hey! Let her talk! She obviously has a plan if she called us here."

Eva blinked. "Yeah, I do, thanks, but listen, guys. My idea is very dangerous and we could get in a lot of trouble if we're caught, so walk away right now if you might be tempted to tell someone other than us four."

No one moved. What was wrong with them?

"Okay. I need you guys to help me brew a love potion."

They stared at her for a moment.

Eva did not break the silence. She predicted that their reactions wouldn't be pretty. Suddenly, Harry unexpectedly sighed with resignment. Eva looked at him in shock.

"Well, what else are friends for?" He held out his hand, and as though signing a deal, Eva shook it. Hermione and Ron watched in Harry planted a small kiss on Eva's cheek.

She walked back to the common room blushing that night, with a smile she hadn't worn in a long time.