Emergence Day

Two heavily armed guards stood at the doorway as their prisoner gathered his belongings. Stepping out the doorway was a tall, medium built human securing his bags and cloak.

"Are you ready sir?"

He looked at the guard, "Sir? I'm just a prisoner and soon to be exiled human that you'll never have to hear from again." The guard seemed dejected at the response. It made the prisoner smile and put a hand on his shoulder, "You can always come along, I won't mind. Laguun might but I won't." The guard looked like he was giving it thought when the other one slapped him behind the head and reminded him of 'duty' and 'honor' and other nonsense, then lead their prisoner out of the halls.

Exiting from the castle, the guards brought him to the stables where Laguun had been waiting. "Laguun!" he yelled as he wrapped his arms around his drake, nuzzling his neck as Laguun lowered his head to nuzzle his. "Prisoner" shouted the guard that had escorted him, "Prisoner 20349 also known as Durin Witcheart you are charged with public exposer, unlawful acts of honor, abandoning your duty, and insulting the crown in a public area without a license. For these and other charges you will be exiled the kingdom and sent to the surface. Do you have any last words to say?"

Durin scratched his beard in mock thought, "Thank my dad for letting Laguun come along, and tell Prince Keiran that he will never be a better shot then myself." "That's it?" the first guard asked. "Hmm yeah I guess… oh wait and goodbye." Durin said as he turned around, "Lead me out boys."

Four black-armored guards came out forming a square around Durin and Laguun as they were lead out. As he was lead out citizens watched from the windows, some showing disdain others watched in sadness and waved goodbye. Durin returned the gesture to those who waved giving them a small smile and a wink to those who scowled at him.

As they neared the edge of the city, a young, pale-skinned priest waited for them. He held his holy book tightly as he walked up to the group; "Brother" was all he said when they stopped. "Ah Devon, here to read me my final rights or is this personal?" Durin asked, getting a slap in response from the teary-eyed priest. "Damn it Brother why didn't you just apologize?" Durin just smiled at his brother, "Because I asked for this, honor and responsibility isn't me. As such I'm leaving before I bring 'great shame' on everyone." Durin said. Devon sighed before moving aside, "May the Gods watch over you brother." "May they watch over us all" Durin responded and they left the city.

After a few hours of walking, the tunnels lead to a single passage that showed a light slowly fading. The leader of the blackguards faced Durin, "I assume I don't have to tell you what not to say on the surface?" "The location or tunnel system of the empire, geez Conroy I'm not spiteful of leaving." Conroy took off his helm showing a grin that always made Durin laugh. "It has been an honor sir." Conroy saluted as well as the other guards. Durin smiled and saluted him back, "It's been fun Conroy, keep the boys in line will you?" "I'll do everything in my power sir." He said before putting on his helmet. "Alright Laguun, let's go." During spoke waking up the passage, his drake right beside him.

They walked up to a sunset, being partly blocked by the mountain side the ground around the rough and desert-like. "So this is the surface. Seems cheery eh Laguun?" Laguun made a few growls in response. "Agreed, let me pull out the map I snatched last night… ok there should be a settlement called Dodge City nearby." Durin looked around with his map out. Of course this map was five hundred years old so he couldn't be sure if it was still there. Laguun barked. "It should be that way" Durin said pointing north. Laguun bent over allowing Durin to mount him, "You good?" Laguun nodded in response, "Then let's see what this surface has for us."