Ghosts and Demons

Richard lunged forward, piercing a hologram with the naginata before turning on his heel and cutting through another. Regaining his footing he turned to five more standing there with an array of weaponry in their hands. He hadn't seen combat in the couple of weeks so now he was practising in his dreams, staying alert in his own subconscious.

One charged sword first as he parried the attack and tripped his opponent. Another lunged with a bo staff as he backed up before stabbing forward, shattering one of the holograms. The sword bearer from before, now teamed up with a katana user, lunged as Richard spun his weapon around parrying the first blade as he avoided the second. Grasping the hologram's arm, he pulled him closer kneeing him in the crotch as he used his other to shield him from another stab. As the blade went through the other, Richard threw his naginata into the sword user shattering both of them. As he turned to face the other two, they bowed and disappeared into the floor.

"What were those?"

Richard smiled his weapon disappearing as he turned around, "Our conversation last time wasn't enough Princess?" Celestia stood a few feet from him, her horn glowing as it allowed her presence here. "I'm not here about that, now what were those!" She bellowed as Richard materialized a chair to sit on. "Old enemies' Richard said looking at where they disappeared 'I still see them here in my dreams. Shadows of a past I wish I was still part of but time has moved on and so have they, yet I remain." She scowled, "Don't talk in riddles, why are you here?" "This is my head Princess I'll be wherever I please or perhaps you mean in your country. In that case, time will tell but so will the corpses if you ever meet them, high on your throne away from the dangers of life." "That didn't answer my question-" "Ah but dear Celestia it did, you are just too ignorant to understand the answer. Unlike dear Luna I presume."

"The dead will rise is what I understand sister" Luna said appearing in human form. Celestia had a look of shock on her face, "Sister what?" "Any who enter here appear in human form, mine was already established that night a few weeks back, but it seems he hasn't made yours." "I don't like her enough to make one" Richard said as a table and two other chairs appeared, one beside him the other across from him. Luna sat beside him, giving him a smile while Celestia stayed standing beside her chair.

"Now saying will rise is incorrect for they already have; long before I came here. That is why I'm here." "To watch my country burn?" Richard turned his head, "Here that Luna MY country' she nodded as she glared at her sister 'but no I came to defend it if possible. Why do you think I said mercenary? I'll do it whether you like it or not." "Then stop breaking the laws of the land." "The laws are my own to follow, this country needs to change if you want to stand a chance at its destruction but that doesn't concern me if you change or not. Just don't get in my way." Richard waved his hand at Celestia who disappeared leaving the two of them alone. "And why did you come dear Luna?"

She stood up and waved one of her hands, a door appearing from the ground. "To talk" she said walking through into a library with massive bookshelves lining the room. The ground was carpeted with red and gold trimmings as several desks sat in the middle. The chairs were made of leather, a design Luna didn't find as disturbing as she first thought, and the desks looked like the ones found in the castle. Richard closed the door behind him as he strolled next to Luna, "So first time here and you already know how to get doors to appear." "This is better furnished then what I expected" Luna commented as she felt the desk with her hand. "So Luna what do you wish to talk about?"

"Your offer' she began looking nervous as she stood near a bookshelf 'would you really let me be a part of this?" "This?" Richard asked a look of curiosity on his face as he sat on one of the desks. "The rough life, mercenary work. I'm a princess but before I was a darkness, pure hatred, could you really trust me after knowing that?" He smiled getting off the desk and walking up to Luna, "Your darkness was one entity you lived with for a thousand years." Richard stretched his arms causing the books to vanish and the shelves to become bars, revealing behind them a mass of red and orange glowing eyes and black tendrils pressed against them. "I hold hundreds of darkness creatures, taken from others willingly or by force." She looked in terror at the creatures, their shrieking turning to whispers of promises of power, wealth and fame in exchange for freedom. "This collar doesn't just repress me' Richard said walking out in between Luna and the bars, his stone collar and locks visible to her 'it represses the darkness as well."

Light came back to the room as they appeared in the library again both of them standing where they were before. "So if you are asking me to trust a pony that has had darkness claim you once, I ask the same of you. Do you trust someone who holds hundreds in his?" Luna felt stunned 'This man has been living hundreds of hell for…' "Richard how old are you truly?" Richard looked up, the ceiling becoming a blue sky, as he answered "Let me put it this way: I still remember how the sky looked before the empire disappeared."

The sounds of crackling echoed throughout the room, backing Luna into Richard "What is that?" "I don't know actually. Someone or something is attempting to invade my head' Richard left Luna's side 'let me see if I can stop whatever this is." Multiple screens appeared along with a keyboard as Richard began typing and looking from screen to screen. "Nothing there's nothing invading the walls… which means." He couldn't finish the sentence as the ground shattered underneath him, leaving Luna with a look of horror as he fell.

"…ard … Richard get up." A voice called out causing him to stir. Above him stood Damian looking just a perplexed as he was. "Damian how the?" "Hell are we sharing a dream, I don't know but I believe they are the ones who summoned us." Richard looked over to see two people but that doesn't feel like the right word. They stood like humans but every distinguishing feature was covered, they had no irises, no freckles, nothing. One was all purple the robes it wore a darker shade of purple as the other was all orange, its shorts and tank top a darker shade.

"It looks like he's up brother" the orange one said the voice indicating it was female. "Indeed sister I welcome you both Dumar brothers" the purple one said bowing to the pair. "Ok so we're here, what do you want?" Richard said crossing his arms as the orange woman turned to the other. "You sure you want him, he's a bit… rude." "Says the one who took the country girl" he quipped back. He walked forward, "the both of you have been chosen to" "Be the saviour of the universe?" Damian interrupted. "Damian don't be rude, let the man finish his sentence." "I said it but it looks like you couldn't hear, perhaps it's too early to say." "Those collars aren't helping either."

Damian looked surprised, "Wait do you know how to take these off?" The purple one looked at Damian, "Yours is simple but your brother's is a bit trickier, but there is a way to take it off. But I believe your brother has figured out how to do that." Damian turned to look at Richard cupping his chin, "So it would work then?" "Yes" was all it said causing him to smile. "That makes things interesting… and difficult. We would need something truly threatening to bring the big guns. I will give it some thought; see if I can come up with anything."

"Now for the second piece of business' the woman said 'your enemy isn't what he says he is." The sentence threw both of them in a loop. "You'll have lots of questions but please save them till the end; Prusheen is not the creature you think he is." "What" Damian tried to ask but Richard covered his mouth and shook his head. "The planes of existence and the dimensional rifts that have been happening for decades are starting to appear more willingly than they used to. Originally interdimensional teleportation occurred when casted by powerful mages or as a result of ancient artifacts." "That is no longer so' the purple one started 'now people and creatures are crossing the universes more often, the Prusheen you sentenced centuries ago is not the same as the one you face now. He is an advisor to the dark Goddess Mortis from the land of Nevendaar. He has been summoning the dead for centuries in the name of his goddess rather than the revenge you thought it was all about."

They both stared at them thinking about this new information, "Then how does he know us?" Richard asked. "Most likely, he met your Prusheen and he either told him his story or he devoured his memories to become more accustomed to this world." "You said other beings have been crossing more often not all of them are evil right?" Damian asked. "No they could be powerful allies if you can find them."

"Damian' Richard started, 'I think it's time to have a council of humanity soon." "Yes the council along with all our allies will need to be informed of this development." "But will they believe that it comes from us?" The orange one asked. Richard looked at them, "You two know more than you let on so do you think they won't believe us, knowing all we've down separate and together." The orange one looked at the purple one, "I retract my earlier statement he's perfect." "Thank you sister" he had as they started fading. "Wait who are you two?" "That would be spoilers' good lord Dumar."

Richard opened his eyes, still in the kneeling position he was in when he went to sleep. Taking out a small scrap of paper he wrote a communication rune on it before pressing his magic into it. "Luna… come in Luna." "Richard thank goodness you are alright. I was about to have the night guard assemble to see if you were safe." Richard smiled, "I'm fine Prin" "Please keep calling me Luna, other than the guard you're the only one that does so. Not even my sister does." "… As you wish Luna" he said in a more seductive tone to her. "So what happened?" "I was called by two beings, they looked human but they seemed more… I can't quite phrase it perhaps god like is the best way of putting it. They told me and Damian" "Your brother was there? Then they connected both dreams that's some powerful magic." "Agreed we were told about how the dimensions of the universe are coming apart and that the current enemy we have is from one of those universes." "That's… troubling, people and creatures entering another dimension is risky to begin with but if it's happening without a mage's support then anything could get through." "Including a mad undead creature raising the dead in the name of his dark goddess." "What will you do?" "I plan to call on all humans on the surface to discuss our findings and discuss what can be done. While that's happening the Company will keep taking jobs until we can afford a proper residence to base ourselves out of and see where that takes us." "You don't sound concerned." "Luna I am never concerned unless children are involved."

Richard exited the cave and overlooked the forest his mind in frenzy at all he learned tonight. 'Villainy is what I need to become; a savior and a villain.' He drew one of his daggers and cut his hand, blood dropping slowly onto the ground as he crouched. Using his blood he drew a pentagram in the ground before it started glowing. "I call upon the creatures in the planes of hell, my lust, greed and sloth. Rise up before and do my bidding once more. Come forth my Right Hand!" The circle turned into a column of flames as the sound of cackling emitted from the glow.

As the flames died down, in front of Richard stood a demoness standing nearly as tall as he was; her skin was pale yet scaled into dark red in some of the more vital areas, her hair glowed a dark purple as she calmed down revealing a toothy grin. "My my' her yellow eyes opening to look at Richard 'is my liege so lonely that he calls upon me for company?" "Valeria" Richard spoke as she touched his chest with her fingertips. "Mmm it's been so long since I last saw you when they tried to imprison me and that barbarian. They didn't know demons can't be captured so easily… unless someone is worth being captured for." "I know a way to get these off' Richard said getting a flicker of hope in her eyes 'but I need your help." Valeria smiled as she pressed her nude body against Richard wrapping her arms and her black wings around him, "Of course I'll help if it gets me back with you permanently." "Then I need you to cause as much chaos as possible; spread your lust, greed and sloth upon the masses. You might like to know that this land has a larger female to male ratio." "Of course my liege I'll get right EEK!" She cut off her sentence as she felt a hand rub the base of her tail. Richard whispered into her ear, "I know you have some fires to set in the people but as you said we haven't seen each other in so long. So before you go there's a fire you need to cool first." She pulled away smirking as her hands traced down his body, "Of course my liege."