Chapter 1: A Different Path

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Naruto was having a bad couple of days, first his Sensei abandoned he in order to train Sasuke for Chuunin exams finals in month's time, it's unfair Kakashi always puts Sasuke first, helping him learn stuff, and teaching him stuff well Sakura and Naruto and just left to do their own things. Naruto was hoping maybe knowing that every other jonin would offer Sasuke Training over the month would have caused Kakashi to maybe focus on him for a few weeks. Granted Kakashi's reasoning was valid, Sasuke was fighting an opponent that almost brutally murdered Lee during the premiles. The problem was the fact the teacher his sensei had got to help him… the man was useless, he complete underestimated Naruto and then got himself knocked out by a pervert on a giant Toad. Said Pervert, Jiraiya, was current doing research while Naruto preformed the same bloody jutsu, which he was only shown once or twice, over and over again.

Unknown to Naruto despite the fact that he was only summoning tadpoles; he was actual far further along than someone who had only been doing it for three days. Jiraiya had he actually being watching the boy would of noticed that Naruto really only needed a small little tip to move to the next level but Jiraiya wasn't teaching Naruto jutsu to master it he was teaching him it for him to use the Nine-Tails power.

'Come on this time for sure.' Naruto performed the jutsu, there was a proof of smoke, and unusual sound, thought it had became somewhat common in their training ground. Naruto hopes rises as he watched the thick smoke slowly disappear. 'Maybe if it's a toad this time Jiraiya will be proud and if he proud maybe he'll talk highly of me.[1]' The smoke disappeared and for a second Naruto taught he had done it, but the toad only had it two back feet and this tail was still longer then its body.

"Hey Jiraiya…" Naruto at least wanted to show him it, then ask if he should try using less charka or more, despite feeling somewhat faint headed.

"What Naruto I'm busy?"

"I was able to summon one with back legs." Naruto said hoping the older man would at least show some interest. But Jiraiya just looked neutral, not please but not pissed off.

"Keep working at it."

"Should I …"

"Busy Naruto ask me later." Jiraiya said before turning back to his spyglass giggling like a pervert.

"Fine I going to get lunch, want anything?"

"No I'm good, anyway you could afford to get what I want, and I doubt they'll even sell it to you." Naruto sweatdroped at the idea that entered his head as the man brushed him off.

Naruto walked away dishearten, this was just like training under Kakashi during individual training, maybe Jiraiya just saw him as the Nine-tails like so many other people in the village. As Walked down the street to got some ramen Naruto checked his frog wallet to see if he had enough money to buy a ball of ramen, he swore internally when he saw he didn't. Lunch at home then. Naruto changed from going to Ichiraku to his apartment. Not watching were he going Naruto still skillful avoids everyone on the crowded street expect one.

"Ow Sorry …. Sakura" Naruto looks to his teammate sitting on the ground. "I really sorry Sakura I should of being watching where I was going."

"Ye you should of …." Sakura looks at Naruto and notices for a second Naruto didn't seem himself. But she brushes it off. "So what are you doing so I'm guessing that Kakashi working with Sasuke today, so what the training like…"

"The training Sasuke doing? No idea, Kakashi training him solely." Naruto answers as he offered her a hand.

"Wait what do you mean solely, how can he train the two of you if Sasuke always there. [2]"

"He not training me, he set me up with some closet prev who got knocked by an open pervert or as he calls himself a super pervert." 'I just the fox brat, not worthy of being the same room as the sensei teach the prince of Konoha.' The Prince of Konoha was a title giving to the son of the current Hokage, however several people believing that one day that Sasuke would be Hokage or the fact that his father was second place for the fourth position, started calling the Uchiha that a few years ago. It had since then it became to the higher ranking ninja term to refer to a person who got more training offers, pity then was required.

"A pervert, you're being trained by a pervert. How …"

"I give Jiraiya something he wanted and he really isn't training he just showed a jutsu and said do that. The lazy perv then …. Never mind it not important, it not like if a fail this final stage I wouldn't be able to complete again for four year and despite being laughable overpowered I never get a field promotion."

"Where did that come from?"

"a recurring bad dream, a very bad dream."

"Okay so was this jutsu, it properly some small little thing that wrong."

In a second Sakura view was clouded by smoke 'dope, what the hell is this jutsu, known Naruto it something stupid' Sakura looked down to see Naruto crouching down with his hand on the ground and some weird Seal Spreading out of his hand across the ground, then she saw it, movement. The smoke cleared Sakura looked shocked at what she saw. 'A Stage three tadpole, Naruto summoned it. Someone taught Naruto a Summoning jutsu, why? '

"Brat what do you think you're doing…" A large man said as he walked up to the pair, he completely ignored Sakura, but glared hateful at Naruto. "What are you doing what that jutsu, is some joke to you that Jutsu belong to the fourth Hokage and Jiraiya and you think you can use a bastardised version." The man cracked his knuckles. 'Fuck I can't fought him, if he a civilian I could kill him and that just what I need.' The man swung a punch which hit Naruto in the chin, the action floored. 'Okay not a civilian, I had to act fast…' too late the Man was on top of him striking him and cursing him. Until a powerful blow sent Naruto's attacker flying. "Who dare help this daemon …. Lord Jiraiya" the man shuddered

"Naruto you okay?" Naruto just nodded, his left hand trying to stop the bleeding for one of the cuts he got. "And you, you're lucky Naruto didn't fight back ..." Jiraiya turned and looked at Naruto had a couple of cuts on his face, nothing to major. "Naruto let's get you cleaned up." The attacker still in shock just stood there, as Naruto and Jiraiya walked off with Sakura following behind.


"I saw your summoning earlier the one you did for that pink haired girl. It was good..., maybe I'm trying to teach you wrong, Naruto do you know about the mindscape?"

Naruto shook his head as he wolfed down noodles, Thankful Sakura had left as soon as Naruto had cleaned himself up, she was mostly confused by the attack but Jiraiya promised it would be explained to her later. "Good you need to mediate, but not here, there a special place I want you to do it"

"A special place? Why does it have to be in that special place?"

"That place is the fourth private training ground but it was also the site of a temple of the old empire."

"So it's a building, maybe there something cool hidden there, a jutsu or a weapon. Hey if I found anything like that can I keep or does the village keep it?"

"That not important at the moment," Jiraiya face palmed."but what is I can't remember how to enter the training area. Well maybe it will come to me when we're there. So let's go Naruto."


[1] A teacher will sometimes talk about their students, and compare them to other teachers. Naruto is reflecting that he is never mentioned in a good way, going on past experience. However Kakashi in canon think quite highly of Naruto.

The reason Naruto wants to be 'Talked highly of' is he feels it shown his growth and that his sensei is acknowledging his growth.

[2] teachers are very protective of their students, they would at least want to have some input in their training for the finals, so I really can't see them wilily handed them off to someone else to training them, unless it a clan member or a parent.

The reason Kakashi is only training Sasuke is pressure. The chuunin exam are used to show the might of the village, it wouldn't be a efficient way of promotion, for several reason, which if you need to explain then you have a problem, but didn't worry I will be covering these reasons in the story. Now where was I? Oh yeah pressure.

Why would Kakashi be under pressure? Well Sasuke is fighting Gaara, a person who only a high ranked Ninja or a tailed beast container like himself can defeat him. Next the fact that Sasuke's victory would be a great boon to the leaf; because his is an Uchiha, it would show that their 'dead' clan is in fact up and fighting.

Story Note:

The layout of the final exam will be different, Sasuke and Gaara will not meet in the first round, but Naruto and Neji will. The reason being that the Hokage thinks it a funny idea to mess with the line up just before its starts, and Kakashi will have to been on time, it also mean that there will be more than two fights and then Gaara playing I am piñata. I haven't done the final lineout yet, but the only way for Gaara and Sasuke to meet is in the finals. Also the Fight between Naruto and Neji will not be like it is in canon, why? Well let's just say that Naruto will have a few new tricks and Neji, Well Neji properly didn't train to fight Naruto, as he said Fate have chosen him to win. Well that backfired on him, he currently, if alive, one tenth of Naruto power when Naruto is in his base form.

Author's Rant

Kishimoto Fucking promote Naruto already, it doesn't make sense to have someone who can one shot a Kage, could be a genin, Granted his leadership skills are lacking (Because he still a genin and never get mission with less experienced Genin), but you make Neji a special Jonin. Naruto should of being promoted after the invasion of pain. It not evens the jacket, which I think when Naruto is promoted he should be forced to wear it instead of his own jacket, I just want him to be a chuunin because it shows how he developed from this loud mouth kid to be one of the most powerful warriors of his home land. The village was totalled and the way it thanks the guy who saved them all, oh sorry convinced a Overpowered Uzumaki he beat in to the ground to revive everyone he killed, was 'here a brush now get to work'

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