Chapter 1: easing in to it

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The next day Jiraiya and Naruto left for a training ground outside the village proper, they had ran in to Sakura who managed to convince Jiraiya to let her come along, her mind-set been that if Sasuke doesn't see her he might think something have happen to her and worry. Jiraiya agreed thinking that added pressure might make Naruto work better, surprisingly Naruto didn't care mostly because he had overheard that Sakura had already placed a bet on him to lose in the first round, well that was wrong she had placed a bet that Sasuke would beat Neji in the second however she did go beet red when Ino shout that out at the trio.

'So these she got her money back if I win or what, or is it that she wins if Sasuke wins his second match? I wonder if anyone will bet on me, properly not, unless I'm the dark horse '

"So pervy sage, how do you know about this temple, is it some important Sannin training place?" Naruto asked earning him a punch from Sakura. "Ow what was that for?"

"You can't go around calling lord Jiraiya, pervy sage." Sakura said cracking her knuckles

"At least one of your gakis is polite, but, no Minato and I were told about this place by another ninja, Kushina." Jiraiya answered sadly, he thought 'she would only be 34, if she was alive today.'

"What, that was the heir to the whirlpool, how she knows about this place?" Sakura Asked. [1]

"You know I never asked her, anyway I would had more important to ask her if she was alive now." Jiraiya quickly answered regaining his emotions

"How did she die anyway Jiraiya?" it was Naruto, his voice was quiet as if he had something on his mind. Jiraiya knew it was the fact that a large number of whirlpool citizen blamed Naruto for her death, at least that what the leaf villager told Naruto, truth was the Whirlpool knew how she die, protecting the next container of the nine tails, which was more than most villagers living the leaf knew.

"The truth gaki, no one knows, her body like Minato was never found, in some place of the land of fire stories are told of her ghost crying for her unborn child." Jiraiya said, deciding he wouldn't tell them any of these stories if they ran late and had to camp out at the temple that night. "We're here, now I feel like I'm forgetting something, well I'm sure I'll remember it when we need it." After a few more minutes of walking the reached it, a large building with was sunk in to the ground, the first Naruto thought was how such a place survived for so long. The style was older than anything he had seen before, yet there were hint of modern styles in it. It make Naruto think of a different culture, which wasn't too far some the truth.

"Welcome to the template of the Uzu, one of the four great temples of the earliest days of the Begine Empire." Jiraiya said to break the silence that had linger for five minutes as the two young ninja stood open mouths starring that the temple. "… Oh yeah I think I remember what I forgot, how to get to the lower levels"

"So what is in the lower levels, An Alter or something?" Naruto asked wonder for the first time where his going to mediate.

"The lower level holds the trials, a series of test, each with their own rewards for completion them, someone who complete the final and hardest one is said to be rewarded with the blade of Uzu. But that not why we're here, we're here for the rooms of mind."

"Can we please try the trials, please?" Naruto asked to the older man.

"If you can summon a full formed toad by tonight, maybe tomorrow we can do a few of them." Jiraiya asked after waiting a few moments to think about, might as well of use it to force him to press harder. "Naruto what are you doing?" the older man turn and looked at the twelve year old sitting in the locus position, he eyes closed and body not moving.

"You said yesterday that in order to deal with my large then normal reverses I need to reach inner peace, I want to see you this helps at all."

"Is he been serious?" Sakura said, slightly confused by the event before her, most that Naruto would even think about achieve inner peace and that Jiraiya saying he had a large reserve of Charka when the instructors said he had normal Charka reserves.

"Yes Naruto sometime just needs to stand back and think before he jumps in, that what this exercise is for. I am going to look for an entry point to the lower levels." Jiraiya answered the question, with really looking at Sakura. Sakura first thought after hearing this was 'Why would all the instructors lie about his reserves?'

Several hours later#~#~

Sakura watched Naruto, who remained still for the pass two hours, his breathing was relaxed, Naruto had only moved once and that was to take off his jacket. Sakura eyes had been playing trick on her at several times, first time was a half an hour ago when Naruto took on an orange aura and there fifteen minutes later he took on a golden one. [2] 'Maybe I should back to working on that Jutsu Jiraiya give me.' After a half hour, Jiraiya who had return to the room where Naruto was mediation in and found Sakura just sitting there bored out of her mind, so Jiraiya feeling somewhat generous give he a scroll with two basic Gen-jutsu in it. They weren't all that powerful, one just made you see sheep bouncing around the place, and the other was one Jiraiya created himself, it was the cloak of invisible, which does what it name implies.

Naruto eyes flashed open as he jumped up and run through a series of hand sign before slamming his hand on to the ground. He spoke only "Summoning jutsu"

The area around him was covered in smoke, Jiraiya, had felt the charka build up and returned from searching to see what had happened. Jiraiya was originally confused, the amount of smoke created was conditional on the size of the creature being summoned, for a moment Jiraiya taught that Naruto had summoned a full sized battle toad, but quickly relied at the confined space of the temple was prevent the disperse of the smoke; Naruto properly summoned a tadpole again.

"Right who's bright idea was it, to summon me in a dark room, Jiraiya." A young voice said, as the smoke disappeared. The voice come from a toad that currently sat on Naruto's head with his arms crossed and eyes closed. Said toad was orange with purple markings and was wearing a blue sleeveless jacket.

"Oh my Kami he summoned Gamakichi" Jiraiya said, his tone was a max of pride and awe.

"Is that good?" Sakura asked, slightly confused that Naruto actually summoned something other than tadpole and the fact that the toad could speak.

"Gamakichi is the son of the current boss toad, and the grandson of the one before his old man. Add to that his great grandparents are the elder sages, it would be like the son of the fourth Hokage and the great, great, great grandchild of the first was your teammate." Jiraiya said trying to explain the complete confusion at Naruto first summoning, Gamakichi was a future battle toad, and even in his current state it would costly in charka to summon him. "Then again someone taught Naruto the shadow clone jutsu before he was even a genin."

"Yeah I actually wondered who taught him that, I mean one day he failed the final exam for the third time and the next he can create solid clones." Sakura comments

"Wait he failed three times, how?" the reply back was quick, almost gulped

"The clone jutsu I think even time."

"That an E-rank jutsu, no Uzumaki can control that small amount of charka till they're at least full grown." Jiraiya said slightly confused

"… What…" Sakura raised her voice slightly shocked at the statement. Naruto in the background flinched before return to the toad on his head, which was demanding food.

"The seal masters of the whirlpool, the people of longevity, those you have near endless charka." Jiraiya listing off the common titles the clan was giving, heck they still had them.

"…. The Uzumaki clan never heard of them." Sakura was deep in thought trying to remember anything on the Uzumaki that they covered in class, nothing came to her mind.

"What! The clan half the reason village was able to survive in the first place, the seals defending the village are Uzumaki design, the wife of the first Hokage was one, Kushina the heir to the whirlpool was one." Jiraiya sweated dropped 'I'm going to have to talk to Hokage, damn that means having to deal with Danzo about turning Naruto in to a weapon, maybe in hindsight I should bring Naruto with me eleven years ago.'

"Yep, but we never covered anything about them." the girl looked confused, 'If they were at important why are they forgotten, if Naruto is named after them then why didn't he mention anything about.'

Jiraiya taught for a moment "You do learn about the battle of horn hill right?" 'There must be some mention of them there, if not its pissing on the grave of all those that died there.'

"The land of fire army was encircled, but managed to win a great victory which crushed the land of lighting army. Why do you ask? Wait is there a part that missing or something?"

"That battle was almost a massacre for us, my father fought there, I fought there, it was my first real battle, I was eleven, and I would be dead, in fact everyone there would be dead there if was for a Uzu taskforce that attacked the Kumo army from behind. The man that led the Uzu that day was Uzumaki kenshin, the grandfather of Uzumaki Kushina."

"… How large a clan are they if they still exist?"

"There around, in the land of fire, fifty people that hold the name Uzumaki and seven clans are offshoots of the main one. There around six thousand people who are Uzumaki descent living in the land of fire, though most don't used the name Uzumaki or a related name, compared to Senji, which is 40,000 it not a lot, but in the land of whirlpools it around 45,000" the toad sage answered, Naruto who has finished talking to Kichi walked to them and almost fell with shock on hearing the number of members the clan had.

"That a lot of Uzumaki." The girl sweated dropped imaging 51,000 Naruto running around the place.

"A lot of small families, that aren't large enough too classed as clan exists, and unlike the Uchiha and the Hyuuga, the Uzumaki believe in, spreading there seeds to other fields."

"What does that mean?" Sakura asked with a confused look on her face. 'What does farming have to with population, especially if they just throw their seed in to someone else field?'

Naruto facepalmed 'How can someone so smart, not see a play on word like that, it like beating a dead horse.' "Jiraiya meant that they don't marry with the clan, or is they do it, it with distinct branch of the clan." Naruto paused for a moment to see if Sakura got it; it seems she did but then gives a confused look again. "The Hyuuga and Uchiha, though not as much, believe that their bloodline would be corrupt if impure blood was added to their gene pool, but all it really done is nearly wiped them both out."

"The Uchiha numbers were increasing before the…" Sakura argued.

"Yes because, individual that never have the Sharingan could marry anyone they choose and something the 'hybrid children' even developed the Sharingan, so the inbreeding stopped. The Hyuuga continue the belief and their numbers are dropping, within five generation defects will occur again" Jiraiya said, he watched as Naruto nodded his head, in understanding till the defects part, Sakura looked slightly pale.

"Defect already, like what?" Naruto and Sakura said that the same time, it almost freaky way.

"Their bloodline is a defect, the same with the Uchiha, they just bad copies of the original." Jiraiya said.

"They were the same before, man image how powerful that one bloodline would be?" yeah you can guess who this is.

"The whirlpool or spiral eye is the collected name due the original. And yes the original one was powerful, it was said to rival the eyes of the Sage, only two people over had it though."

"Wait but Kakashi sensei said the Sharingan was a mutation of the Byakugan." Naruto said as Sakura thought the same thing.

"The Sharingan is a mutation of the Byakugan, if anything it the other way around, since the older son of the sage of six paths had an ancestor Sharingan or the original, and the first Byakugan was held by the man youngest son." [3]

"How do you know so much about the two of them?" asked Sakura

"I have interest in all the four clans of the great sage." The man replied

"Right, so we can do the trails, right, because you were quiet surprised that I summoned Kichi" Naruto said jesting to the orange toad still perched on his head eating a chocolate bar, that Naruto had giving to him, payment of the toad agreeing to let Naruto practice summon him for the day.

"Fine brat we do the trails tomorrow, but now I want you to summon as many toads as you can."


Neji sat reading everything his clan had on the Uchiha clan and the Kazekage's son, since these two would be his toughest opponents during the final exam, one would think that Neji must have already spent hours planning his fight with Naruto and was taking a break to plan ahead, no Neji know the he would defeat Naruto easily, the child was a no name orphan, deadlast and a failure, the fool actually taught he could defeat Neji. It not like the boy was deadlast because of years of neglect and the reason he failed was due to a biased system.

Neji figured that the fight with Naruto would last less than a minute and only one attack will be made. Naruto only jutsu was the shadow clones jutsu, Neji completely ignoring that Naruto had make around six clone during his match with Kiba, a number which most ninja would black out from, Neji was blinded by the eyes that saw all.


As Naruto summoned more toads, Jiraiya asked Sakura a question. "Naruto failed three times, how I knew that his Charka reserves are too high to do an E-rank gen—jutsu, why wasn't he giving a higher rank jutsu?"

"I don't know, but I heard that his Charka Reserves weren't that large, yet Iruka sensei ask for a test to be do on him but it was always rejected, as it was done earlier. Wait why would his reserve factor in anyway?"

"Naruto reserve are massive, they rival the Hokage's currently so E-ranks would be to him like only taken a drop of water from a lake, it's impossible, with the charka control techniques he was taught that the time. I know for a fact that Naruto can do the basic clone now but only in large numbers, plus the fact that the technique is pointless after the academy." Jiraiya asked the girls question as Naruto swore following a dozen toads of varying size all jumped on him. This causing the other two ninja to sweatdrop

Sakura sighed before performing one of the jutsu Jiraiya give her.


Kakashi watched as Sasuke tried to land a single hit on his Shadow clone, he mentally noted that the boys speed had increased, but not yet to the level he wanted. Kakashi was forced to teach Sasuke a jutsu which he didn't want to teach any of his students, because the jutsu was in fact his sensei's, or more correctly it was copy of his sensei jutsu, it was only superior in one way, piercing power, if it was to face the original, its blade would be ground to noting, unless the user was far superior to his attacker or the opponent was trying to kill Sasuke, lucky for Sasuke only two people knew the original.

Sasuke groaned as the clone baited him, Kakashi noted that Naruto by now would of actual ready hit him, but not because of speed, but by Tactics, thinking of his 'deadlast' Student Kakashi was reminding of Naruto reaction to Kakashi only training Sasuke, Kakashi had original planned on training Naruto during the month long training period giving for the finals, he wanted to teach two jutsu, but when the second exam came and finished, and he was told that one of his students was in danger he had to put his plans on the backburner, maybe after the exams. 'Maybe after the exam I can put in some one on one training with Naruto, Sasuke just have to win one match to get promoted, I highly doubt Naruto will be promoted, but I sure he win his match, then he have to fight Sasuke and with the Jutsu I have to teach Sasuke, there no way Naruto can win… I'm sorry Minato sensei; I'll make it up to him.' He thought sadly

"Sasuke is this really the best the Uchiha has to offer?" Kakashi said after Sasuke was sent flying by a double faint attack. The look Sasuke give was pure murder, the child then just charged the clone only to be sent flying again. 'The kid can't think straight when angry, I really should fix that hopefully no one will piss him of that badly in the exam.'


After several hours of summons and an hour off to eat lunch, Naruto just fell asleep in the temple, much to the humour of Jiraiya and Sakura. Despite this Sakura also fell asleep within five minutes of Naruto, lay next to Naruto, yet thankful for her didn't move closer to him during sleep.

Jiraiya as he watch the two sleeps, Naruto hands glowed softly with charka as they healed. A smile grows on Jiraiya until one thought come to him. "How I'm I going to get the two of them home?" after a few minutes he just unsealed a blanket and thrown it over the two of them. "Now let see if I can get that door open?"

[1]Kushina in mythology was the child of a lesser Kami who married one of sons of the creator of Japan or his son's son, I'm not 100 percent which one, but I think his brother and sister are the god of the moon and the goddess of the sun. So she would be the daughter in law or the granddaughter in law of the first gods. For this sorry Kushina Uzumaki is the niece of the current ruler of the whirlpool.

[2] The golden aura wasn't Sakura see things it will be important later.

[3] This part of my theory, I call the four grandsons. The theory is that four clans are created by the four grandsons of the Sage of sixth paths. It should pretty clear what the four clans are.

Story notes

That Chapter two done and dusted, hopefully I won't miss any errors during the proof reading, right in this chapter we had a snapshot of Neji, who is ignoring is opponent, and Sasuke, who being baited by Kakashi. I added the Kakashi scene because I'm convicted that Kakashi request Naruto to be on his team, I don't really see Naruto working well in any of the teams shown and the other Ninja seem to think Naruto is unless until after the wave arc and for some even up to the Tsunade retrieval arc.

So I actually think Sakura and Sasuke were giving to Kakashi because he wanted Naruto. But this does ask the question as why didn't he teach Naruto anything? Well think about all the other Rookie Nine uses there Clans Techniques, add to the fact that Kakashi only had he students for less than year, Maybe Kakashi wanted to work on their teamwork before move on to individuals skills, the reason never developed his own Individuals skill, other jutsu, is because when he was training with Jiraiya they just forced on the nine tails, I could see if there is another time skip Naruto having a big Jutsu collection and hopefully at least one promotion, unless in the current arc they outright say he is a chuunin, than I didn't care, but hey that just me.

Yes I'm convince that Neji is a glass cannon, but without the overpowered attack, note he does have an overpowered attack but it useless against Naruto and any who his faster than him. if Naruto was taught more than one jutsu, wait he wasn't taught any jutsu under Kakashi before the chuunin exam, Naruto would have winning easy not because Neji had a glaring defect in his defence, the fact that Naruto can attack him from Multiple angle with shadow clones. (Yes he has a defence for that but I highly doubt he could keep doing it for extend periods of time).

Now some of you might wonder with his the glaring Defect in his defence, it was dismissal of Naruto as a threat, and not learning anything from Naruto last battle, in which Naruto can use the Shadow Clones to great affect on a battlefield, Naruto was also weaken at this point but no one really know about this point.

I know it seem as though I dislike Neji, the truth is a third favourite Character, after Minato and Naruto, but it because he learns from his mistakes in underestimating Naruto, whereas Sasuke still doesn't relies the reason he still alive is for plot development and the fact that Naruto didn't want to kill him at the battle the final valley, or valley at the end.

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