Chapter 4 Dan, training, 10 days

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"So what is the first trial, Dan?" Naruto said, as he, for the first time, looked around at their surrounds, a large open valley with green, lush, grass, and countless flowers of colours that rivalled the rainbow. Small animals were also present and could be seen moved about. Naruto for the first time noticed at that he was no long wearing his jacket, yet had all his other clothes, like Sakura he was missing all his equipment.

"This trial is unlike the others that follow after it, here I will judge you're character and see which of the trials you are best suited for, but to that I most look in to your minds." Dan Explained as he raised his hand to Sakura's forehead, causing her to flinch.

"Dan maybe it would be better if you showed it on me first" Naruto said, after seen Sakura reaction. Dan paused for a moment before turning to Naruto and placing both hands on his forehead.

"Let us start child jinchuuriki [1]" was all Dan said before Naruto felt like he was been sucked in to his own mind.

#~#~#~ Naruto's Mind #~#~#

Naruto and Dan were standing a large white empty space. Well white was pushing it, the background seem closer to white overwhelm other colours as it seemed in some place green and blue were still being mixed with white. Naruto stood there slightly confused, he had been in his mind before and it was closer to a sewer, or a boiler room, a flooded boiler room. 'Maybe it is a different layer of my mind or where the fox is just the seal.'

"Hello Naruto, I'm sorry if that was an uneasy feeling, enter one mind forcible for the first time can be an unusual experience" said Dan, he was concerned.

"This isn't the first time I been in the mindscape, I'm more concerned about the fact that it seem different from where I meet the nine tails."

"Nine tails, so you're the third jinchuuriki, I taught maybe… never mind" Dan spoke sadly. "I meet the second jinchuuriki once; she was so young only about seven"

"So there were others … please just get on with the test?" Naruto said just wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible.

"I'm already finished, as we talked I saw your memories, and I'm sorry for how our village treat you." Dan said softly, relying that he had caused the young man heartache. "We should go Sakura is waited for us."


Naruto opened his eyes and looked around confused, he was back in the valley and Sakura seem to be in the exact same spot. "What is something wrong you only touched his head, Dan?" Sakura said.

"Yes but several minutes passed of us there" Dan points to Naruto's head. 'Wait that was only a couple of seconds, but how could he look in to my memories in such a short amount of time.' Naruto taught has he rubbed the back of his head.

"Sakura, it your turn, note you mean feel a little uneasy due to this being your first mind jump." Dan spoke softly as he placed both hands on her fore head. "Okay we're done."

"Wait you this let you see all for our memories, and it was that easy for you to do it?" Sakura said with a confused look on her face.

"Most of our memories are hidden from me, for example, I don't know your mother's face, your father's voice. I do know that you're afraid to lose your friends. I know that Naruto less favourite day is the tenth of October." Dan said as he pointed to Naruto during the last part. "I also now know where our strengths lie. Sakura for you it your control, Chakra reverse are small, but you control the chakra almost perfectly but only when calling forth small amount. Naruto on the hand has terrible small scale chakra control, but actual near excellent large scale Control, as wasted when using the shadow clone jutsu is least that the wasted you, Sakura, make you making the basic clone Jutsu."

"Wait what that doesn't make sense, how could his Control be better …"

"When an individual gather chakra, what they're actual doing is getting a handful of their reverse, now with you, you get a handful but with Naruto he gets the amount roughly the same as your total reserve, whole body worth. Hence why his basic clones where almost solid, which should of meant that he should of being taught an elemental clone technique when he failed the first time."

"Really I was told that there was no point in me learning the water clones jutsu, because the problem was control, when I was nine. So when Iruka mentioned a few months ago, I told him it was fine, but now I really wanted to report Ken sensei." Naruto commented.

"Uzuhiso Ken [2], is he still teaching at the academy, it must be over sixty years old."

"No there no one teaching in the Academy with the family Name Uzuhiso, and this Ken is around 27" Naruto replied.

"Right let's move on, Sakura I believe you should do the Heart of Iron trials, Naruto you should do the Nami Kaze training."

"Wait Namikaze, that a trial, I thought it was a name." said Sakura, doing her smarter then you prose

"First off its two words secondly Namikaze isn't a name…"

"Namikaze was the family name of the fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato." Naruto add thoughtfully

"Tell this Minato can you tell me what he looks like." Dan asked.

"Blonde hair, blue eyes and …" both the Younger Ninja say at roughly the same time.

"Does he look like this?" Dan said pointing to a figure behind the two, they both turned around and standing there was an almost invisible, image of a small boy, aged around six or seven. The child was smiling, teeth showing, and his hair messy and spiked.

"Yeah that child looks him, though a bit younger." Sakura said, as Naruto just watched the child. 'How is that possible, I …'

"Naruto are you okay, I look a little dazed?" asked Dan watching the younger man careful

"Well I just had seen my Hero as a child. It a lot to take in."

"So Minato took the name Namikaze and made it his own. Well suppose one would grow tired of being just called Minato, or boy." Dan said thoughtful. "And he became Hokage, so people must of looking up to him … um so how about I teach you two an attack." Dan said proudly till he remembered the other two in the valley.

"Wait, we're not in our own bodies, so how can we learn an attack? It would be waste, unless you're teaching us the theory behind it. " Said Sakura, looking at Dan like he grown a second head. 'Why change the subject like that, he seemed proud and upset at the same time, why?'

"Actual you're something like a shadow clone so everything expects physical conditioning will be carried over." Both Naruto and Sakura's eyes bulged out when Dan said this. "Hm the technique is called a chakra push, or chakra palm. The technique dates back the first empire, so there are no hand signs."

"If there no hand signs how do we perform it?" Asked Sakura

"You can draw out our chakra without Hand signs right, you can walk on water without making hand signs." To this Naruto nodded Sakura didn't and just looked at Naruto like he had grown a second and third head.

"Wait Naruto since when can you water walk? How long did it take you to stop falling in?" She asked quickly.

"I learned it in a day, right after the second exam, took me about three days to master it."

"What I started learning it two weeks before Chuunin exam and I still can't master it… " Sakura relied back sadly.

"you run out of chakra and fall in right?, while my teacher the one before Jiraiya took me to the hot springs and made me walk on boiling runoff water, it only take me about five attempts because of that, then it turned out that woman we run in to at the forest out some seal on me that messing my chakra control up worst than usual. That the main reason why I was to learn it so quickly. Well that how Jiraiya explained to me."

"… right oh my Kami, I'm never told you that was put on you, there was so much going that it slipped my mind and then when you were still able to fight and make Shadow clones …" her voice was highly pitch with fear and sadness as she relive these moments again

"It fine, I heard from Team 10 what happened, it … but I'm guessing they made some it up, like Sasuke in the weird purple Chakra, you know Ino making the last Uchiha look better, since Kakashi never mentioned it." He cut across hoping to calm her down, she chuckled inside that fact the purple Chakra was real and not made up. 'Kakashi better tell him after the exam.'

"The technique … if it okay with you two" Dan said, slightly laughing at the two. "So Naruto knows what I'm on about and I guess you both have done the tree walking as well. It built upon that, the different is that you gather your chakra to your palm and slam it in opponent's body. It used to winded or stun them, leaving them open for another attack."

"Jiraiya we are so testing this out on Jiraiya." Naruto said, grinning like a child on a sugar rush.

"Right anyway Naruto you used the doors marked with the Kaze and Sakura you used the doors with the dawn symbol of them."


Jiraiya sat in the empty room humming as he read a sealing scroll; he ignored the white flash of light and the two young ninja that appeared out of thin air, along with two small scrolls. "Oh good you two are back, had I known how long you would be I would of gone and done some research." Jiraiya said while looking indifferent at the other two trying to untangle themselves from each other. 'How do they even end up like that?'

"Naruto this is your fault if you…" Sakura said as she tried to push Naruto one way while Naruto was moving the opposite direction, result in no results either way. 'Idiot now were stuck, well if this was Sasuke it wouldn't too bad '

"Hey you grubbed on to me not the other way … Ouch that hurt, didn't put your foot there" retorted Naruto, as he managed to release one of his arms.

"You two know if ye where older this would be great material for my series of books." Jiraiya smile grew as spoke; he turned away as small amounts of Blood come from his Nose as he pictured them as older, more mature and…



"Shut up, you pervert" both Naruto and Sakura shouted, as they glared at Jiraiya. Naruto pointed at him for added effort.

"What I'm saying that both of you are attractive and one …"

"WE'RE Twelve you perv." Shouted Naruto as he managed to untangled himself from Sakura, he moved to the opposite side of the room, assuming that Sakura would strike him for the awkward position they were in. "Don't use us as Research materials for your book or else …."

"I'm kidding why I would use the two of you when I can use an entire hot spring, word of advice Sakura I do civilian ones on Monday and Wednesday and the ninja ones Tuesday and Thursday."


In a deep dark room where no light could be seen, a dangerous creature slept, but it sensed something and it eyes shot open, revealing blood red eyes, Pupils non-existed. "He blood is here, MINION come to me" it voice was dark and twisted, eras old but lacking the enlightenment that with it.

Another voice broke through the darkness "I will take care of it, but remember you own me and I'm not your minion" it was human. Young and yet carried deep sadness. 'Do this job and then I have my family back, all of them.' the human thought as he walked away.


"Ooo thank for the information, Jiraiya… is I okay if a try a thing I just learned." Sakura said smiling 'cheerful'.

"Okay I don't have a problem with that…"Jiraiya said before he felt all the air rush out of his lungs and pain took its place.

"So Dan was right it works. Oh Jiraiya my mother and aunt would like to see you peeking on them next Wednesday, because they'll be on the lookout for you"

"Damn it I wanted to do that to him."

"Thank you Sakura for planning on doing that, if I'm beating half to death by a group of civilians it would make me look like a bigger fool" Jiraiya said with a straight face as soon as he was able to talk.

"Wait what"

"Oh right you two don't know about false persona, my is the peeking tom, the fact I used because woman always know what happen in an area and are more like to talk to their friends about it in the local hot spring. When I heard what I need to hear, I let myself be seen. Do you two really think that I man of my fame and skill would have to peek to do research, it already here" he points to his head.

"The First three day of training you spent 95% of the time watching a group of girls that were barely in the 20s jotting down notes." Naruto said as he sweatdropped.

"Old habits die hard Also it keeps me in character." Jiraiya replied back quickly

"… Unf##k believable…" both the others say.

One and half weeks later

Neji went through his tai-jutsu, he quickly relies that his second match would be the one which decided the outcome of the whole thing, both Gaara and Sasuke will be tough opponents but he doubt that even Gaara sand armour will be able to complete defeat his blows.

Neji smirked as he remembered what one of the other branch members had asked him.


"So I heard you got a bad draw, Uzumaki will be a different opponent, and do you why?"

"Please if you're going to mess with my training with your pointless comments…"

"You don't see it do you" the man walked away a frown appeared on his face

End Flashback

'What a fool, but why would he do that, Naruto can't stand chance against me, for I'm stronger and fated, rookie of the year and the strongest Genin of my generation.'

"Hello Neji" called a loud voice, it was his sensei, who as always seem to give off an aura of 'youthfulness' that was inhumanly impossible, yet it seemed less strong since what happen to lee, shame Neji actual thought lee was a powerful opponent, not like Naruto. "Yes My Youthful student is training in a very youthful manner, but I have some very youthfully news"

"What crazy thing has lee trying to do now or when he gets out of the hospital?"

"Unfortunately it not that Youthful, the Youthful ninja of the land of Whirlpool have sent their six finalists to fight here in the chuunin exams as a youthful event to show the shared youthfulness of the two nations."

"So several new fighters have entered the exam, that will mean that there will be a reshuffle, and I might be fated to fight an opponent I know nothing about."

"It good youth that my youthful student have already started to plan against the Orange ghost [1], but one more thing the fight have been pushed back for an extra two weeks. Now to go and find my hip rival."

Neji sweatdroped as his Sensei run off like a manic.


Kakashi stood in front of Sasuke and smirked "so you finally hit the clone, it took you longer than I expected, but now I feel you're ready to learn how to control your chakra Nature. Here catch." Kakashi thrown an object through the air, Sasuke catch it and stared blankly at it.

"It's a battery"

"Right and you have to charge it, there a gauge on the side that will tell you when it full."

"Wait I thought you were going to teach me some justu not to charge batteries" Sasuke said confused

"you know that the final are being push back two weeks, it give me time to help you master your chakra natures, fire and lighting, your fire jutsu are terrible given the amount of chakra is made up of it " Kakashi commented

"…" Sasuke looked slightly confused.

"Right a person chakra is made of elements, in your case it lighting and fire. Your fire nature makeup about 45% of your chakra and the rest is lighting. It a interesting mix up but the power behind your fire justu would imply a lower percentage, around 30%, now this mostly due to your main nature lighting and your clan training scroll assume you primary would be fire or earth." Kakashi tone wasn't belittling or making it seem very odd, it was neutral. "In order to maximise your fire you need to master your primary first."

"…Fair enough." Sasuke said as started to channel his chakra in to the battery.

'I let Sasuke try this for two weeks and then start teaching him the Chidori'

"Hey Kakashi, how are you supposed to do this anyway?"

"Now that part of the training, I know that in the academy that you were drop feed information, but this is a good learning experience for you" Kakashi said as he sat and started to read his book. 'I really should Ask Jiraiya to sign this for me.'


Naruto sat mediating; he had just been told that Jiraiya had to go off for some mission in a couple of days, add to the fact that six new fighter had enter the finals, he knew very little about them, only that the whirlpool regent's grandson was fighting and the son of the Uzukage, both of whom were slightly older than him. Naruto reflected on his own improvements since he started, he Tai-jutsu was now at the same speed as it was before he was giving the weighted gear, he have yet to fight without it on so he can't compare properly, he was learning to new Jutsus, wind release gale palm, because it was based on the Nami Kaze training he was doing, and the shadow clone Shuriken jutsu, which make copies of a shuriken he throw, he had yet to master them, even with five shadow clones work and each of them, the most he could make was ten Shuriken and a strong breeze with gale palm.

Naruto had also found a scroll with a dagger and sheath sealed in it, the Scroll had just appeared in the room when Sakura and he had returned the first time. There was another scroll but no one but Sakura could open and when she did she closed it again and ask Jiraiya to take or destroy it, but the scroll away appeared back on Sakura person. So after a few days she has just left it in one of her bags.

"Naruto we're only doing one more trial before I leave okay" Jiraiya voice broke through his thoughts.

"Right is there a group one or something?" he asked.

Author notes

[1] in canon Tsunade father or uncle would have being born after Mito seal Kurama inside herself, therefore Dan would notices the whisker marks on Naruto and guessed that his mother was the jinchuuriki after Mito. However once he learns that Naruto was the current Jinchuuriki he dropped it.

[2] Uzuhiso Ken is just a teacher in the academy.

[3] A reference to the fact that Naruto wears orange and is able to get away from several trained Ninja.

Sorry for the delay I wanted to make sure I didn't mess anything, there is a reason why I have time skip, it too with the fact that I don't want to bore your readers, all of the trials are chakra control, similar to the chakra push, only using larger amount of chakra

Also there would a few till the next chapter, as I want to make it longer and cover a lot of details, the daemon and his 'minion' mentioned will be explained and I want to show a flashback of Naruto childhood.

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