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"unhuman, daemonic, inner Sakura"

' unhuman daemonic etc. thoughts '

group task aren't a blast

Sakura sat waiting for the other two to come, they were late Naruto had wondered off somewhere and Jiraiya had to run off to find him. Sakura reflected on the past week; she had been busy with some missions and helping her parents, her father had started to teach her some things.

She had asked her parents about the scroll her father thought it was a joke her mother on the other hand acted really strange, like she had seen a ghost. The topic was dropped quickly after that.

"So what is this group thing anyway, is like the ones that I'm doing? You know where I sat there and listen to a man chant for five straight hours…. Hey Jiraiya, there was a Namikaze clan before right?" Sakura turned her head to see Jiraiya and Naruto enter the camber. Jiraiya wear his usual outfit, which Sakura guessed was a clan thing or a family thing, Naruto was wearing his orange pants with a black t shirt, his jacket had ripped during a spar.

"Why do you want to know about the Namikaze anyway?"

"A lot of the sprits have the surname Namikaze, but they claim that the last one was 300 years ago. Now Dan told me that the fourth had no Surname and got it because of the Nami Kaze trials. So …"

"The clan Namikaze were the scout of the first empire, loyal to the line of the body. They help set up the land of fire. But they died out several hundred years ago. They created the training you are doing now."

"Oh so what is this group thing anyway… oh hey Sakura"

"It about time you two get here… hey Lord Jiraiya what do you knows about a Kizashi Haruno?"

"He was a med Nin that served in my unit during the third war, got a few field promotes, but got a bad injury that prevented him from serving for the rest of the war. A good solider if you could stand his bad jokes, he was one of the 'trio', a three man team that was part of my unit."

"So that why he never talks about it…"

"You know him… on wait you're his second oldest right, I thought you were in the year ahead of Naruto, sorry I didn't connect the pieces."

"No I'm the second youngest; I have a sister about a year younger than me."

Jiraiya looked at Sakura, with a stern face before bursting out laughing. "Oh god the man who once claimed to be never weighed down by a single child or woman has four children. I've to visit him soon"

"Let get started, shall we" Naruto said neutrally but there was still a hint of sadness.

Naruto walked towards a door marked with the kanji for Group engraved on it. He pushed the door open and walked in; following him was Sakura who was mutter something about the other taking their time and Jiraiya who looked bored.

A flash of light blinded them.


Naruto and Sakura floated in midair looking around they found themselves in a void of nothing but gray. Okay floating might be a bit far, they standing on an invisible floor.

Images flashed before Naruto eyes, bad memories from his past. A weird feeling filled his gut; he had sense it before, but never in this quantity and density. 'Is it causing the flashes? But why isn't Sakura affected by it?' Naruto glanced at his teammate, who just seemed to be looking around without a care in the world.

"Whoa this is peaceful, I wonder what your task will be?"

"Sakura, I need you to answer me truthfully," She glanced at him when he spoke "can you see Jiraiya?"

She looked around, and then spun around looking dazed confused and scared. "No but he entered straight after me and I'm sure…."

Naruto eyes darted about, he noticed something strange the weird thing he was sensing, it wasn't consent density, in fact it seem to be denser the further away it was until it reached a point. Naruto closed his eyes and saw an aura. 'Is this what I'm sense? Why can't Sakura sense it? It's everywhere.' The densest area seemed to be in a weird deformed shape. Suddenly it seem to leash out, it hand/claw went straight from Sakura, who didn't seem to notice at all.


"Naruto, what the hell are you doing?" Sakura said as she turned around and saw Naruto with his dragger drawn, held in a guard position. As she watched a slash appeared on Naruto shoulder and he cried out in pain.

"Haaaa, it has been too long since I faced an emotion sensor. Young one our skill must be great to be able to of sensed me" a daemonic voice call from the area where the deformed thing was. Then there was the sound of sniffing. "Haaaa, a body of the sage too, you youngster must be very powerful, unlike these bloody eyes."

"I take it that you were defeated by these eyes then?"

"Don't make me laugh, no son or grandson of the sage of six paths defeated me, it was one of… well if I tell you it will ruin the fun. Sage's body"

"Naruto what is that thing, and how are you able to see it?" Sakura said fear was overtaking her body.

"I am that, that never ends, that conquers all and I'm the chaos that created your race. I'm the god daemon Konton. And you little girl will be my key to my rebirth"


Jiraiya drop to the ground to dodge a flying kick, the kicker quickly recovered by rolling and twisting so that he was facing Jiraiya. Jiraiya watched the man, his was around five eight, his build was hidden, covered by a large baggy cloak, his face was covered by a hood, yet several bangs of light brown hair could be seen. The cloak was white with blue flames on it, mirroring Minato's Hokage cloak, at least that what Jiraiya thought.

The kicker, Jiraiya had yet to make up a call sign for him, entered in to a stance, Jiraiya felt was eerily familiar. 'That stance I seen it before, and only a few times too, Minato's maybe but it seem closer to the original and anyone with a basic understanding of Begina [1] would be able to use it. Good thing I've been teaching Naruto the basics of it.'

A second figure appeared beside 'kicker' the figure was wearing roughly the same thing as 'kicker' but was taller and the cloak was tighter shown off his build, the new man looked to be build for speed not power, also Jiraiya's limited Chakra sensor abilities noticed the new man was gathering chakra to his eyes.

"Kaze, it not like you to rush in with a plan, wasn't you who said never, to underestimate a Sannin?" The new man said to 'Kicker'.

"Shut up Tera [2] I was testing him, his skills haven't dulled, they improved since the last time I seen him fight." Kaze looked that his partner, his voice was level and sound like it was from Konoha, in fact both of them sound like they were from Konoha.

"Kaze, I'll deal with him, my skills are up to the …"

"No he is a kage level, the strongest of the Sannin. Just because he act like a simple minded pervert doesn't mean we should underestimate him, we work together it's the only way"

"So Kaze, you're the smart one here, mind explain what going now here?"

"We are in the land between live and death, a limbo, a dumping ground for the unwanted children of the gods, their mistakes." Kaze said sadly. "This place is my self-exile, my punishment for failing them."

"Who did you fail? The gods"

"It doesn't matter because I'm getting them all back when he who is trapped here is freed and takes his rightful place as the god of live and death." Kaze said, though his eyes where hidden by his hood Jiraiya felt sadness for him.

"What, you're going to revive a bastard god that … waits why was a god sealed here?"

"During the great war between the sage and Ten-tails, a young god thrown his lot in with the ten-tails believing the beast would win. When the mortal defeated the beast the god, in a rage attacked the sage and nearly killed him, but for one of his companions managed to seal the young god in limbo." Kaze said, in the manner of a school teacher explaining an ancient story to a class.

"Kaze who are you going to get him to revive? Do you think that they would want you to risk you life on something that tried to destroy our race last hope?" Jiraiya reasoned, although he don't know why he was trying to reasoning with them, he could quite easily kill the other two.


The entire area shock and a flash of a large amount of charka be released was felted. A ball of light appeared behind Kaze and a scream of pain and angry pierced every ones' ears. All three tried to block the noise from their ears

"Tera, I think that Konton underestimated the children" shouted Kaze as he removed his hands from his ears. 'That chakra, I sensed it before, but… was I …'

"Great I can un-wined and killing these punks…"

"I want them both living, Tera. Or you will be joining them. Am I clear? Your great plans need me to work, and I only helping you because it would only slightly speed my own up, I can wait a few extra week if you fuck up." Kaze tilted his head to his 'teammate' and Jiraiya felt the killer intent blasting toward Tera, even with Kaze standing between the two men.

"… fine no deaths, I'll this use my clan trademark."

### A few moments earlier ####

'Damn this daemon god or what it is… it's really powerful, I blocked it attack and it was still able to arc its power to indirectly attack me. That attack...' Naruto replayed the action in his mind. 'First it clashed with my dragger, slip in several different, what the word I guess I called them bolts, the dragger managed to prevent all but one of the bolts but how? Maybe the material it made of… well it always stays with me when I training here… Damn what would Dan do?'

#### Flashback ###

Naruto stood in a large open space, his clothes looked a little stained and thorn, he was panting. In front of him stood, an older man, Dan, who was in a relaxed fighting stance that seemed to be more defensive than anything.

"Naruto, sometimes you can't win a fight by charging head first, you to use your head, now you improved, using shadow clones to gauge how I would react and to calculate an approximate of my skill level. However I saw you creating the shadow clones."

"You're a lot more watchful that everyone else I fought against, Jiraiya would have fallen for it."

"Fallen for what? You make the clones and sent them charging, sure you had some of them fighting as a group and some as individuals, but I knew that you were gauging my skills so I had back."

"Hey Dan, what if you couldn't see me when I made the clones?"

"I would have to fight assuming that your were among the clones. Naruto, I want to test something, gather as much chakra as possible and then release it all at once, but evenly throughout your body."

Naruto do as he was told, after a few second, Dan witnessed a large flash of light, he wasn't blinded by it but he had been expecting it, but Naruto release far more than what he was expecting. "A Chakra pulse, that have the ability to blind anyone." He muttered, quietly enough that Naruto couldn't hear.

#### end Flashback ####

'Right I try that; maybe I can use a chakra blast [3] and blind him, long enough for Sakura and me to get away. But I need to draw on more chakra than I ever draw on before.'

Konton's hand withdraw, after it had scratched Naruto top, the millisecond it left Naruto began to draw his chakra. Naruto hadn't mastered this move; usually he undercharged it but this time 'Damn it I gather too much, if I used a chakra blast now I might end up hurting Sakura. There no other choice, I can at least use 'it' to vent the extra chakra and it might actual damage him. Well here goes nothing, Sorry Kenshin'

###Flash back###

Naruto sat in a field of flowers on the stump of a felled tree. He was mediated; he had gotten good at it since training here had started. A young man watched over him, he looked to be in his mid twenties, was medium height and strong looking. He was dressed in simple clothes that Naruto guessed where the clothes warriors wear before the standard militaries of the present were established.

"Naruto what do you know about your chakra?" the man said as he turned around to inspected a stream that flowed pass the stump.

"It's blue and there a lot of it and I don't know anything else about, I kind of missed the class were they explained how one person chakra was different to other person's, Kenshin"

"Your chakra is dense, but flows well; however it overflows, just like the Wind surge"

"The wind surge, what is the Wind surge?"

"It's a jutsu. A very powerful jutsu few have the reserve to use it, but it quite easily to learn but near impossible to master, the last person to master it was Minato and he lacked the reserves to use it in battle."

"Wow so how do you do the jutsu?"

"I was getting to that but your own chakra would prevent you from complete it."

"Wait wait my own chakra would prevent me from complete it, how?"

"Your chakra is like your name; it's wild and churns… Naruto have you ever felt complete at peace with yourself, the world?"

"Once maybe twice and I was able to summon toads properly then."

"Right because your Chakra was tamed for a short period, it was controlled and you where controlling it not the other way around. If you can master your chakra you can master the wind surge"

"So maybe you could explain it to me or show it to me."

"…you're not going to let this go, are you?"

Naruto shock his head. "Fine, but first thing a warning, this jutsu will used a huge amount of chakra and I mean a huge amount of chakra, the largest number of shadows clones you made are nothing to this." Kenshin formed a simple a simple hand sign, with the two largest fingers on each hand interlocked and moved to about 5 cm in front of his nose. In less than second a massive blue aura surrounded him. He releases the hand sign and stretched his arms outright; the blue aura began to collect in to a ball in-between his two hands, after a few seconds a beam shot out from his hands.

"Wow, that so looked like something I read in Manga once, expect you're not some old pervert and I was raised in the mountains. So … what do you actual do?"

"… I gathered my chakra and then channelled it in the space in-between my hands, when it was about to overload, I started to unleash it as beam, but I could of just stopped channelling, but that would of wasted the chakra. The first part is similar to the blast technique you were working on. "

### end flash back ###

Naruto stretched his hand out in front of him a ball began to form in between his hands, unlike the aura, which was a dark blue; it was a whitey blue but was slowly darken. 'Stay calm, don't overload it remember it your chakra and it's a part of you, it will tell you when about it overload.' The ball grows bigger and Konton finally decided that it might be a threat to him and charged his two hands forwards through Naruto.

'Come on hurry up'

"Naruto …" Sakura began to spoke but Naruto ignored it something else was calling him, it wasn't speaking, more a feeling the same feeling he gets when he over ate.

"Uh… Wind Surge" the ball of chakra shot out of his hand and strikes both of Konton hands as they race towards him, his hands are pushed back and the attack actual stuck his face, at least it were Naruto pictured his face been. The daemon let out a loud scream, and Naruto without thinking released all of the chakra he had gathered. Covering the area is blinding bright light.

Naruto turned and grabbed Sakura before running off.

### back with Jiraiya ###

Tera had rushed off towards the massive light and scream, Kaze stood facing the old toad sage. He wasn't in a stance yet looked very relaxed. "Now Jiraiya why are you here? Why are you back in Konoha after so many years?"

"I don't really see how that any of our business, but I been working and doing missions that keep me away from Konoha." Jiraiya said as he locked eyes with Kaze.

"Do you care about these two kids? If you do it would be best if you just let me do what I need to do, neither of them would be too badly hurt, but if we fight I can't control Tera." Kaze said in a neutral tone

"You're trying to revive a cursed god and you're saying that you won't hurt two kids. Why are you even trying to revive or is free him?"

"He offered to bring back my girlfriend, my nephew, my brother and his wife. Then my brother and I will kill Konton, sadly it the only way to destroy him complete, he needs to be released." Kaze said sadly

Jiraiya looked at the man trying to study him for hint of lying and falsehoods, but found none. "So I'm guessing the 'Tera' also have his own deal?"

"He would be free from a curse and then he will murder half his own clan as a blood price for himself. But I will kill him the moment he leaves this temple; I don't anymore bodies on my mind. It has been nine years since I last saw her; she died two years later protecting my nephew." Kaze said almost in a 'to oneself' rant. "They wouldn't even let me see the bodies, said that they were too messed up after the attack. The sad thing was I knew the people that did it, but had I getting revenge I would have been as bad as they were. Some of my friend, the kind that say they'll always be there for you it always the worst when they're the ones the stab you in the back."

"I'm sorry for your family, but why not return to your home and try and work our way through one of the system that is in place."

"Because I hate Danzo, he sent me on the mission which was supposed to only a few months and he keep adding time too it, at first I thought that he was just behind on the paperwork, but now I think he order their deaths, to create the perfect shinobi, no emotions and undying loyal to the village or him."

"So you don't trust Danzo. So a Danzo hater and a crazy branch member of the Hyuuga clan plan on freeing a powerful daemon or god for two separated reasons. Also the fact that you weren't allowed to see the bodies raised questions"

"Yeah but Konton confirmed that both their souls have passed on."

"I still wouldn't let you do it Kaze"

"I would expect nothing least from the Sannin of the toads, but allow one thing," Kaze hand reached up to his hood. "Let me face you face to face, one last time" Kaze thrown off his cloak.

Jiraiya face was set in steel as he saw Kaze's face. He spoke calmly yet had a hint of surpassed rage present. "You're supposed to be dead."


Tera rushed to the site his 'master' had choosing to get the girl, Konton had unwittingly also brought that brat of a boy, that Kaze had ordered not to be killed. Tera almost attack Kaze when he made that order. 'Stupid Kaze think he better than me, I should have been known as the greatest and most powerful Hyuuga to ever walk the earth, I stronger than most of the main branch even with this cursed seal on me.' Kaze was natural leader, but Tera hated him, as he was more passive them him and often stopped him from killing lesser people.

Tera was so deep in his thoughts of hatred toward his 'commander' that he failed to notices the speeding blob of black, orange and red or pink rushing towards him until it was on top of him, literal, he was forced to the ground by it, as it left a shoe print on his forehead.

Tera jumped up and relied that it was actual the blond haired brat and Konton's target. He followed after them, hoping to snatch the girl. 'Like she can fight back and maybe I can have a little fun with the brat and her. Kaze said that they have be left alive, but not in perfect or mint condition'


Naruto had literal just ran over someone, well ran over is a little loose, more like jumped while running at full speed and kicked the guy in the head and then running over his downed body. Sakura had given out to him for that and then demanded to be let down. He didn't really care because the man had the same thing that Konton had only not as much. But the fact that said man was now chasing them, so Sakura had decided to be quite.

"Sakura don't you have a gen-jutsu or something to get this guy off us, because that would be very handy now"

"I have one that might work but not that this speed"

"How long do you need?"

"A few second maybe but no more than 15 seconds" Naruto stopped and placed Sakura on the ground before turning around and charging the man following, who eyed him evilly

'Great I don't know if I can last fifteen seconds, I never released that much Chakra before' Naruto thought. The young ninja blitzed Tera, only for the older, more experience fighter to effortlessly dodge everything. The man smirked. Out of boredom he started to dodge the attack, but after the fight lasted less than ten seconds he blitzed past Naruto and smack Sakura in the stomach, knocking her out, just as the gen-jutsu was about to be casted.

"You lose boy. It sickens me to think that I was forced to hold so much back and you couldn't even hit me. It this is what the current generation has to offer. My plans will be truly easy to complete." The man smirk, his tone neutral but superior as though everyone was beneath him.

"Don't count me out yet, I was hold back too." Naruto lied, he really had his Shadow clone card to play, and something told him that even attacking from multiple angles won't help.

"Unh… well you do have the chakra level to perform several high level jutsu, however what if you can't use our Chakra." a slight smile appeared on his face.

"… Wait what…?" was all Naruto could say before all he saw was a blurred image of the man moving over him; it lasted all of a second. For a moment Naruto thought he been seeing thing but then the pain came, pain was at random points on his body, not what Naruto was expecting from a blitz like attack. He fall to his knee, every part of his body was unresponsive to his commands. He looked at the man before he walked away, not even taking a glance at him, it was like Naruto was nothing but a bug to him, a bug that wasn't even worth swashing. As Naruto watched the man carry away his friend, his lost thoughts before losing concussion was 'I'll save…'

[1] The spoken langue of the first empire

[2] Tera as both the Latin (Terra) and Greek; earth and monster but it's usually used about size i.e. a terabyte

[3] A short blast of chakra from every part of the human body used to blind temporary eye based bloodline limits. With a person with a large chakra reserve it can be used to blind temporary anyone. It can also make the Hyuuga gentle fist less effective. It doesn't have a ranked as it should as easy as call one's own chakra.