Goodbye Kim

16 year old Kim Crawford who's real last name was Fukanaga was in the living room staring at her older brother's picture.

I miss you Mike! Yelled Kim

There was a knock on the door.

Coming. Said Kim

Kim opened the too see.

Jack? asked Kim

Hey Kim why didn't you come to practice today? Asked Jack

I've been busy. Whispered Kim

With what? Asked Jack

Grieving. Kim said in a very upset tone

Grieving about? Asked Jack

Losing my grandfather, the divorce, but mainly I'm missing someone. Said Kim

Just then phone rang

hello. Said Kim

Is this Kimberly Ann Fukanaga? Asked someone

Yes that's me. Said Kim

Kimberly this is Dr. Jones form the sea ford hospital. I'm sorry to say but, your mother was killed by a drunk driver. Said Dr. Jones

No. this can't be happening. said Kim with tears in her eyes

I'm sorry. Please pack your stuff your mothers last words were for you to go live with your father. You leave tomorrow Said Dr. jones

Alright. Thank you. Said Kim then she hung up.

Jack can you walk with me to the dojo please? Asked Kim

Sure. Said Jack

At the dojo

Rudy was in his office when there was a knock on his door.

Come in. Said Rudy

Hey Rudy I need to tell you something. Said Kim as she walked in.

What is it Kim? Asked Rudy

My mom's dead so I have to go live with my dad. So I have to quit the dojo. Said Kim

WHAT! Said Rudy

I'm sorry. Said Kim

It's ok Kim I don't blame you. Go clean out your locker. Said Rudy

Thanks Rudy. Said Kim

Kim then went and cleaned out her locker when the guys walked in. (A/N Jack went to them when Kim was in Rudy's office)

Kim why are you cleaning out your locker? Asked Eddie

The guys then looked at Kim.

Can't stay here without an adult to take care of me. Said Kim

What do you mean? asked Jack

My mom's dead and I'm going to live with my dad and older brother. I'm actually glad I get to see my brother again. Oh I almost forgot to tell you my real last name is Fukanaga

Why didn't you tell us! Yelled Jerry

Because my mom made me use her last name. said Kim as she finished cleaning out her locker.

I'll never forget you guys. Said Kim as she hugged Jerry, Eddie, and Miltion. When she came to Jack she gave him a kiss on the cheek. And then Kim ran out of the dojo never to be seen by the guys again.