Dear Readers,

Greetings once again! I know you're probably pretty annoyed with me putting up ANOTHER note for you guys to read. I don't blame you.

I've been having major issues with both 'Lost for Love' and 'In The End'. I feel utterly horrible, and I almost finished a few chapters before I found them to be complete trash and deleted them. The only good writing I'm getting out of myself are for things I shouldn't be focusing on. I have a lot more priorities with these stories, ya know?

I'm beginning to consider discontinuing both. I hate knowing that I'll be killing my babies and letting so many of my readers down, but I also know I can't force myself to do something when I know it isn't going to be good. I considered putting them up for adoption, but then I'd feel horrible for passing my babies off to someone else. I hate that feeling.

If I can't come up with at least ONE acceptable chapter by August this year, I'm going to discontinue. I feel utterly terrible and I hardly want to contact my beta's to let them know because I feel like I'm pretty much tearing up their hard work but doing this. It'll probably be days from now when I gather the courage to even WRITE the email telling them this information.

This probably horrible information to hear, and I'm sorry. I honestly am. I know some of you may feel like I'm horrible for waiting so loud to let this information out, but I honestly thought I could continue them. I thought I would write it all out wonderfully. I hate knowing that they just won't be continued and it is SO hard.

At the least I will try to make a chapter explaining everything I had wanted to put into the story in a giant jumble. I should be able to do that much, even though it'll suck and it's a horrible thing to do to my loyal readers.

Hoping you will forgive me,

Your Horrible Friend and Author,

Queen MiMi