Harry Potter and Tenchi Muyo Crossover AU

By: Sayaalv

(A/N: I own nothing and what if Fem!Harry had been blessed by the three goddesses as a baby? She received a present from each goddess when she was born. From Washu she received a great intellect, from Tokimi she received great beauty and from Tsunami she received the Light Hawk Wings. Forced to be taken with her 'relatives' to a large social party in Japan she meets with two strange women who are family. AU! OOC! Femslash! Bashing! Fem!Harry.)

Four year old Sasha Potter looked up at the large Japanese building in front of her and her so called 'relatives' curiously. Her 'relatives' had been invited to a social party all the way in Japan due to a contact Uncle Vernon had met at work, however since the man who sent them the invite knew about Sasha they had been forced to take her with them. Sasha gave a small smirk when she noticed that Uncle Vernon turn purple at her hair and eyes. Sasha had discovered she could change her body however way she wanted when she was three and the only thing she never changed were the birthmarks on her face, one that had two small triangle in between her eyes another with two green marks on the side of her face, and finally a small red gem just above the two triangles. Right now her hair was a normal black color and laid flat against her back while her eyes were a deep wine red and her skin was a light tan.

"Now you listen here you freak. You'll be quiet and stay away from us all evening and no changing your looks understand?" Vernon demanded roughly grabbing Sasha's tiny shoulder and shaking her slightly as he snapped her out of her idle musings. Sasha gave another tiny smirk as she turned her hair long blue and spiky while her eyes were mismatched. One remained its wine red color while the other turned to a warm brown that looked normal.

"Yes sir." Sasha said earning a slap to the back of her head for changing her appearance in public. What the two didn't know was that there were two very important women watching nearby, able to hear everything said.

"Sister." The blue haired woman with red eyes said looking at a black haired woman with brown eyes next to her, both of them wearing regal kimonos made of the finest quality.

"Yes I saw. The child is a metamorphosis and what's more is those markings. The child has blessings from all three goddesses." The black haired woman said narrowing her eyes at the sight of the overweight man shaking the child roughly. These were Queens Misaki and Funaho of the Empire of Jurai and they were holding a social party here on Earth in order to see if Earth was ready for galactic travel yet.

Although there was more to the both of them than meets the eye. For one thing they were both over seven hundred years old but still looked to be in their late twenties to early thirties. For another Misaki was strong enough to break a space ship with her bare hands, and most of all Funaho was a witch. Not just any witch though. She was the hidden daughter of Morgan and Morgana that had been adopted by a nice Japanese pureblood family as a toddler. Even with being out of Solar System she had still kept a few tabs on the magical side of Earth, specifically Magical Britain where both of her parents had usually been sighted. She recognized the child from a report she had gotten from one of her contacts in the Wizarding World of Britain almost four whole years ago.

"I see." Funaho said sighing slightly as she closed her eyes, unable to stand watching the scene any longer without snapping while Misaki looked ready to wring the man's neck for smacking the child.

"Sister?" Misaki asked curious as to what her sister/lover was talking about while Funaho took a deep breath.

"Misaki, that girl is Sasha Potter. She is turning five today and is regarded as the savior of Magical Britain due to surviving a spell that kills everyone else with one hit. Her parents, a Lord James and Lady Lily Potter were murdered by the man that tried to kill young Sasha. Those must be her relatives and it appears that Magical Britain has forsaken their savior." Funaho said her eyes snapping open and watching coldly as Vernon smacked the child around the head again for something she had muttered under her breath.

"Can we throw her a party Funaho-chan? I doubt those things will." Misaki said sneering at Vernon and the other two Dursley's when the fat boy about Sasha's age toddled over and punched Sasha.

"Of course and don't worry Misaki-hime. She won't be staying with those things long." Funaho said her eyes glinting as she began to walk over to the group of four in determination, Misaki looking at her back curiously for a moment before racing after the black haired queen.

"That is quite enough!" Funaho said grabbing Dudley's arm when he went to punch Sasha again, causing the Dursley parents to glare at her while Sasha tilted her head up at the queen curiously. Of course this rather adorable action was too much for Misaki to handle as she proceeded to squish Sasha in a rather large hug, nearly smothering the poor girl in her substantial bosom.

"She can't breathe sister." Funaho said sighing slightly with a slight sweat drop on the back of her head while Misaki immediately released the poor child and apologized rapidly. Both of the Dursley adults blinked slightly when they noticed that Sasha looked a lot like the woman that nearly killed her via hug.

"Now go back to your parents little one." Funaho gently ordered as she released Dudley's arm from her grasp and gave him a small push towards his parents while Misaki was checking Sasha over for wounds. The normally kind and exuberant blue haired woman growled slightly when she noticed some old and not so old bruises, cuts, and scars on Sasha's arms and legs.

"Come along tiny one. You are far too small and skinny. Why don't we get you some food?" Misaki gently asked when she noticed Sasha flinch slightly at the growl.

"Not supposed to break the rule." Sasha said blinking up at Misaki innocently with her head tilted to the side slightly.

"What rule?" Misaki asked curiously with her own head tilted to the side as well now. Funaho looked at them and smiled slightly at how the two could be mistaken for mother and daughter.

"Only 'llowed to eat once a week. I ate yesterday." Sasha explained calmly to the now shocked older woman while Funaho's smile fell. The child was abused and malnourished. There was no way in hell she would leave the child in her current home now, not that she would have anyways.

"You both will sign this paper or else I will call and turn you into the authorities for child abuse, neglect, endangerment, and any other charges I can tack on. Let me assure you that I can tack on quite a few charges." Funaho said withdrawing a paper she had discreetly gotten from a sub space hole in one of her hidden pockets and thrusting it at the Dursleys, who immediately signed it without bothering to read it. They did not want to risk ruining their perfect normal reputation over the freak.

"Good." Funaho said taking the signed form back and nodding once as she walked over to Misaki who was gently assuring the child that the 'rule' didn't apply here.

"They're all yours coppers!" Misaki cheerfully stated to the cops behind Vernon and Petunia, the cops having been called by some of the members in the crowd that had slowly gathered around the commotion.

"You said you wouldn't turn us in!" Vernon shouted at Funaho who merely smirked cruelly at him while Misaki gave a wide grin that had the Dursley's paling.

"I said that I would not turn you in, that is true. I did not say anything about Misaki though!" Funaho said cheerfully as the two adults were dragged off while one burly cop just picked up Dudley and carried him away to be put with any living family members.

"It's okay little one. Me and Misaki will be looking after you now and whatever 'rules' those three gave you don't apply. Now let's go get you something to eat okay?" Funaho gently asked Sasha who merely tilted her head up and stared at Funaho's eyes for a moment. After a moment of the two staring into each other's eyes Sasha relaxed and smiled.

"Mama?" Sasha asked tilting her head to the side as she smiled hopefully up at Funaho who looked shocked for a full moment while Misaki took several pictures, it was the first time she had seen her sister/lover shocked in over four hundred years!

"Mommy?" Sasha asked again as she looked at Misaki this time, causing her to take on the 'gaping like a fish out of water' look as the two queens merely stared down at the hopeful looking Sasha in shock. The two queens shared silent looks that made it seem as if they were talking without saying a word, Funaho sighing slightly and smiling when Misaki gave her a puppy dog pout.

"Sure little one. We'll be your new mama's. Now why don't we pick a new name for you before we go eat, hmm?" Funaho asked smiling down at the girl that she and her sister had just adopted, she could feel her and her sisters magic wind around the child and bind them to her. Sasha smiled and nodded silently, she would love a new name from her new mamas!

"I got one I got one!" Misaki said beaming and bouncing around excitedly after a second.

"What is it?" Funaho asked warily as she eyed the excited Misaki who grinned at her for a second before turning towards Sasha.

"What do you think of Hermosa Prinsesa Masaki Jurai? Harmony for short." Misaki asked causing her sister to sweat drop again.

"Beautiful Princess? Really sister?" Funaho asked raising an eyebrow at Misaki who stuck her tongue out playfully while Sasha smiled, that sounded like a good name to her.

"Do you like it Harmony-chan?" Misaki asked looking at Sasha curiously and causing the child to nod happily, which caused Misaki to smirk triumphantly at her sister.

No one could guess how radically this had shifted the future of the entire galaxy.