Harry Potter and Tenchi Muyo Crossover AU

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and read last chapter.)

"Sister? What are you doing?" Funaho asked raising an eyebrow as she and Washu made it down to the docks, only to see Misaki beating the crap out of Ryoko who was trying, and failing, to throw the woman off.

"Mama!" Harmony exclaimed happily running over to hug her mama's legs while Sasami rushed to hug her while yelling 'Auntie!'.

"Oh sister it's horrible! Ryoko was corrupting poor little Harmony-chan!" Misaki wailed as she launched forward to hug her sister/lover, causing the black haired woman to eye Ryoko warily and slightly amused. She knew that Misaki's version of 'corrupting' one of her children could mean anything from letting them watch a violent cartoon to letting them shoot a gun.

"What did she do?" Funaho asked enduring her sister's hug thanks to her body's enhancements.

"She was cursing in front of little Harmony-chan and then Harmony-chan said the curses right back! It's terrible!" Misaki wailed while Harmony ignored this and tugged on Funaho's robe.

"It was so cool mama! Mommy beat up Ryo-nee big time. Mommy's badass!" Harmony said innocently causing Sasami and Tenchi to snicker slightly while Washu face-planted and Funaho's jaw dropped at the curse.

"Sister?" Funaho asked causing Misaki to stop wailing and pull away in order to give Funaho a curious look.

"You have my permission to continue pulverizing Ryoko if she had taught our child such words." Funaho said seriously and causing Ayeka's jaw to hit the ground while Ryoko looked about ready to faint. Luckily this was the time where Azusa had teleported down to the edge of the docks and Sasami ran to hug her father.

"Go on little Harmony. He won't bite." Misaki encouraged causing Harmony to shyly stepped forward and give a curious looking Azusa a hug.

"Hi daddy."