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Chapter 1: Alternatives

The man stepped out of the shadows where he had been sitting while Dumbledore and crew had their little discussion about the small child now resting on the doorstep.

"Didn't those books mention why blood wards and blood magic were banned?" He exclaimed looking intently at the unpowered shields surrounding the home of the Dursley family.

"Damn Dumbledore," the epithet escaping his lips as he glanced down at the small bundle concealed from view, "when you slip into the dark arts you sure fall hard."

Blood based magics were banned by Merlin due to their corruptive nature, without a proper cleansing ritual for before and after casting the magic would twist and warp the mind and soul of the mage that called upon them. Even with the cleansing ritual blood-path magic still twisted the mind lowering the resistance to future use.

Gently he moved forward to touch the fresh scar in the shape of ihwaz the rune of defense charged by the final strike magic of the child's mother's sacrifice. He saw the darkness within it battling against that ancient magic and frowned for a second. He pulled out a phial from his pocket with a silvery white liquid within and allowed two drops to fall on the fresh scar.

After a few seconds the liquid spread out covering the scar before sinking in. A black ichor oozed from the scar a few moments later completely severing the connection to a certain disembodied spirit that was currently being forced to the other side of the world. Being no longer in a living body and the connection to the living soul of the small child its power began to rapidly dissipate.

It would live yet a while longer but without possessing a willing vessel or being contained in an artificial soul construct like the horcruxes that had split riddle's power shaving off piece after piece. It would completely dissipate and become less than a ghost, powerless to affect the living in any way.

"I hope this doesn't blow up in your face old man." He said softly before pulling the hood of his cloak over his shoulders and disappearing from privet drive. He decided he would give the Dursleys a chance at being decent people.

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