To those who have read, reviewed, favourited, or followed Un Cœur pour la Révolution:

I'm sorry I can never finish this story. I just really can't because I never was able to see it through before for personal reasons that left me at quite a loss, and my drafts for the following chapters of this fic got lost, as well, since my old laptop has ceased functioning properly. I'm sure a lot of you didn't expect me to, anyway, since it has been years since you last heard from me. I do sincerely apologise.

However, I have made another attempt at re-writing this, but it has set a different path for itself. Well, it starts a little similarly with Un Cœur, but you'll find the difference in how I am slowly shaping that world. I have titled it Shake The Stars Into Birth after a poem I made for a class. It's still largely Enjonine, but now there's a lot more at stake with assassins (if you know Assassin's Creed, well ;)), LGBTQIA issues, coterie squabbles, and whatnot. If I have piqued your interest, then just go over my profile, and there's seven chapters already waiting. I've outlined it more thoroughly, and the eigthth is already drafted. I need only edit it before it's good to go.

So yeah, if you check it out, cheers and thank you so much. If not, cheers to you all, nonetheless. You have all been a part of my life, and I am thankful for all your support for this story, even if I can no longer find the will to see through this.

My heart is grateful for all of you.


Leara Bribage